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Sunday, August 5, 2012


So guys, this is not-so good for me, but I bet some of y'all are happy.
I, Goldfishypuppy am not going camping anymore.
Due to some stuff /;
Anywho, so, what should I do with the authors?
Well, if they have anything more they need to post, they have until tonight to do so.
Sorry for sending you guys kinda pushy jamagrams, for me not going anymore..
So, yeah. That's the whole post. Goldfishypuppy is NOT camping. Hehe. Bye now.

P.s. Like my new banner? :D


  1. you must be disapointed...
    i know i am...about a diffrent subject. I just need to let my feelings out somewhere. my friend cant come to my slumber party, her mom said no and she's sad too... =(
    i know this is random but, i feel kinda miserable.

  2. I thought u quit did u change you mind *hopeful face*


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