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Friday, August 10, 2012

Stop comparing, Start appreciating!

Okay, I hear everyone talking about the differences between Club Penguin and Animal Jam.
Some are good, some are bad.
Well, news flash, I started Club Penguin when it very began, (My Username was Decihe56), I was a member, and then I quit a little while after Disney bought it.
When someone starts complaining about how sucky non-members lives are, (Even though that's not true), someone always automatically brings up Club Penguin non-members to make you feel better.
Club penguin sells no clothes for non-members in it's Monthly Catalog. (That's their central store, like our own Jam Mart Clothing.)
Yes, this is kind of cruel. The only way non-members get clothes on CP is they give out 1 to each Penguin who picks one up out of a 'Free Pile' at some holiday times. They used to do this way more often then they do now.
They only thing is, Club Penguin honestly has more Activities! They have the Dojo, The Agency, Tour Guides, and lots more mini games. Their is no trade system on CP, so not many people want cloth ling as bad as on AJ, unless you want to look good for a 'date' which isn't as common on CP as it is on AJ.

Their is no real purpose of Club Penguin. The only reason it was created was to Join with your friends, hangout online, and meet new people, and make a few extra bucks for Disney. That's why their motto is, Waddle around and Meet new Friends. They just want you to have fun! Animal Jam was made at first for educational use, and their still striving to meet that, but their focuses in the HQ have been driven to work on preventing scamming, cleaning up all the trade list glitches, and meeting the demand of bringing back rares while not crushing some people's hearts that have worked hard to get them.

I'm not going to say one is better then the other, I've had great memories on each game, and seen each game grow as I have. They are completely different games, and sure, some may out beat each other in some tiny things. Such as AJ has better graphics, but Club Penguin has some cooler games. Jammers and Penguins really need to stop comparing the two, and wake up and actually have fun on the games. 
I remember Snowyclaw was reading me her newest Jamaasian Movement's post as a rough draft, and where it states: Do we want any other ordinary game? She originally had written: Do we want another Club Penguin? But I told her to change that, because it may offend some Jammers that play both games, and they are completely different. 

I'm sorry I didn't post earlier today, I was quite tired and lazy, while playing falling phantoms and listening to Skrillex to get gems towards my new Fantasy Castle :D 
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  1. Do a rarity scan for pilgrim hats please.

  2. Actually I used cutmypic.com and photobucket to edit photos. But the banner looks great! It's a real improvement :D

  3. Each Jammer has their own opinions, as you said. Oh Gosh, There's so many posts I want to read on the side.... x3 ---->

  4. Honestly, not to hurt anyones feelings, i play both aj and club penguin but i like aj better. It just has so many more worlds choices, and you can become more than one animal! Really i like both though, and i won't pick sides because both have pros and cons.

  5. Replies
    1. Club Penguin. It has celebrated its 10th anniversary.

  6. I honestly think that maybe you should compare club penguin and animal jam, because, you can decide which online game you want to play, but I really like animal jam better.
    The reason I like AJ better is because, your gaming experience is WAY better than in club penguin.
    Also, the log-in process takes a SUPER long time (the first time) in club penguin.
    I <3 AJ!!!!! (: (; ('-')


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