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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peck Party!

Yes, It's finally that time!
Our polls are over, and the results are in!
It's official, we're going to have a PECK PARTY!

Here are the Details:
  • When? August 26th, 2012 at 1:00pm Central Time
  • Where? Goldfishypuppy's Den (Treehouse den)
  • What? Peck party! Everyone is going to dress like Peck, Wear a bunny hat (I'll be giving some out) Be a bunny, and were going to have fun, hoping for Peck to come back!
  • Why?  Our poll results said we should!
  • Who? Everyone is invited!
Hopefully I can get enough gems for a lot of bunny hats and a treehouse den before then ^.^
Are you going to come? I'll make a poll to see.

Here is what Infinitymagicheroisback and I decided the official Peck look should be:
Pretty close, eh?
I hope Peck would approve. 
All the items are available for sale:

Purple Bunny Hat in Jam Mart Clothling

Purple-ish Leaf in Jam Mart Clothling

Purple Elf Bracelets in Horses Only Party

Purple and tan-ish Old Blanket in Hot Cocoa Hut

I Hope We See a lot of Little Pecks at the Peck Party!
If you need any help with your animal, one of my bunnies is sportin' the look. :)

It's also the last day of the Round 1 contest, Make sure to enter it, Click here!

I hope everyone can come!
Scroll down to see the finally posted LONG lessons of Jamaa post I promised. :D

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. I'll try to come! (Sometimes I can horrible at remembering dates XD) But I have a suggestion, I think you should make your contest rounds shorter.
    Otherwise it takes way to long for one contest. (Two days would be good in my opinion.)


    1. Yes, I just wanted the first round to be long since that's the only round EVERYONE can enter. Next rounds will be around 1.5 days, and if you snooze, you lose!

  2. As long as there is no drama i'll be there!

  3. Hey Goldy! This is so wierd! About a month ago I dressed up EVERY SINGLE one of my animals like the shamans! I thinknI might do it again... ya think so?


  4. I think I might change my style into that XD i'm thinking about it,

  5. I'll try to come!

    In the mean time, accept this work in progress as a party gift. http://sta.sh/0gmjeui1gxb

  6. http://sta.sh/01606zuon7yn
    I decided to make it a little GIF. ;3

  7. OMG It looks like Peck.. :D Goldy can you please do another one on how to look like greely. :D Thanks


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