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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peck Party Pictures!

Hi Everyone!
I don't know if you came to the Peck Party today, but a lot of others did and we had a full house! Check out these pictures!

First, the party started out about 30 minutes before planned.

We started Chanting Peck, Excited for the shamans return!

More and More hopping.

Later we went upstairs..

Icy36 turned it into a gaming party, too!

The party was so full! Many people jamagrammed me about how they were trying to get in!

Later the party died down, and I won 600+ gems in a tough Four gem tourney.

I want to say thank you to everyone who attended! I've never had a blog party before, even on Animal Jam Freedom that had twice as many views as AJG. I've always been so afraid that no one would show up, and I'd look like a fool but clearly that's not the case anymore.  I might have another party in a few months or too, maybe once we get to 30,000 views. :)

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. First comment! I attended, it was so fun.

  2. Party was awesome!


  3. I had a lot of fun. =)

  4. It looks like an AWESOME party, I wish I could've come. XD


  5. I'm so sorry I couldn't come!!! I got stuck babysitting for 9 hours and had no computer :'( sorry I didn't make it!!

  6. I wish I would have been able to come. I had to do yard work. I always miss parties.

  7. Aww... I wish I was there! But to bad it's a Sunday, I'm not allowed to Play computers in Sunday :(

  8. Dang, I missed it. D: Sorry, I wasn't home!

  9. Hi! I was there. It was a lot of fun ^^

  10. Hi! Sorry this isn't about the party, I was just reading your old posts in AJF and stumbled upon your 15 fast facts post. After I read that candycrazy got you to join my jaw dropped!!! She was my FIRST friend on AJ, she came online about 2 months ago! I miss her a lot :( we are aj sisters!! If you are still friends with her in RL, could you tell her horselips/little says hi and she misses you?? Thanks, it would mean a lot to me ;)

  11. I couldn't come... D: :C

  12. it was the best party!!!!!!! i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am on vacation so I couldn´t go. I am writing this from a computer that isn´t mine.

  14. Would've been there for the whole party but had to go to piano class D:


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