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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey, Look, Listen! [Lessons of Jamaa No. Whatever]

*Rolling around Hyrule Field* "Hey!"
*Climbing up Death Mountain* "Look!"
*Diving in Zora's Fountain* "Listen!"
Every Ocarina of Time player: OH JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!

If you've played Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you know what I mean. She's your annoying companion that tells you the most useless things. Especially in boss battles. (Navi: "I'll help you this time, Link!" *Z-Targets Ganon* *C-Up* Navi: "I really don't know his weakness...") I realized lately that Navi is that annoying feeling you get a lot. Those cringe attacks you really don't want. That annoying feeling of guilt that you had since forever. Those things.

So hey, it's me Despare back on, and I have been playing Zelda and watching Doctor Who, neglecting the fact that I still have like two seasons of Code Geass to watch and fourteen days left of summer 'til school starts. This post is just gonna be a short little Lessons of Jamaa because I haven't written them in a while, and due to the fact that I really need to write something to tell you guys I'm still alive. So yeah, hi, I'm still alive but I quit Animal Jam. Woohoo *enter confetti thrower thingamabobs here*

Let's say you've just scammed someone, or did a bad thing to a group. Maybe even just teased a little boy from your street. Right now, you feel fine, doing whatever you're doing, then suddenly a thought appears in your mind making you reminisce a sense of guilt unwanted. It's that irrational bubble of scenes that you think might happen because of what you did. Someone would turn their back against you, accuse you of scamming or doing a bad thing to someone, and you would have to cower behind your computer screen or just simply gulp and panic inside while an adult intently stares at you, asking what you've done. And that's Navi--because heaven knows that you are not comfortable with doing whatever you did. Navi is your irrational thought bubble that conjures up things unwanted--let's say an embarrassing moment from your childhood or a feeling of guilt and/or cringe--and you want nothing more than for it to shut up. Because let's face it--whether you be just doing your normal routine of your day or making history, a memory is going to erupt out of Navi and haunt you like crazy, making you flinch and act differently and you might even want to slam your head against the wall because of how irrational and insensible you were back then. And I know that from first-hand experience.

Let me just say, hey, look, listen.
Because Navi is not just that irrational thought bubble--it's your gut. And you should trust your gut. (Although if you're in a life and death situation don't trust your gut because that's the leading reason for fatalities. It never works. So if you're stuck in a life or death situation, just relax and think it through. Unless you have five seconds or less to make your choice, if that happens just trust your gut.) I know this might not make any sense or any connection to Animal Jam whatsoever, but if you think about it, it does. When you scam someone, there's always that small voice regretting and thinking, you shouldn't have done that (IT'S NOT BEN_DROWNED IF THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE THINKING) and you just feel so guilty, and you just wave that guilt off because you scammed, and cheaters in movies and novels never feel guilty, they only feel victorious.
But look, be guilty, because instead of giving someone a happy day, you just ruined it for them, and that's not cool. I know you've been scammed or hacked or tricked or teased/bullied, and I know that's not a good feeling, but being the one to scam/hack/trick/tease/bully isn't a good feeling either, because it's bad and Navi will not continue to shut up about it. It will be guilt now, and three years it will be a cringe attack. You do not want that. So if you want that guilt off your chest, listen to Navi and do something. If you can't remember who you scammed, give whatever you scammed to someone who deserves it, like a friend, or maybe just a random jammer you want to help. If you've teased or bullied someone, go straight up to them and say sorry, because I tell you, three years from now you're gonna look back and smile, because you know you've looked and listened, and you're gonna pat your own shoulder and say, thanks Navi, because once in a while, Navi does sprout good, nice information that does help you. And then you will look out your window with a warm cup of chocolate or tea or coffee or whatever you like to drink on your hand and say thank you to me and your subconsciousness.

So if you ever do have that feeling of guilt or cringe, you better look and listen, because you never know when Navi's gonna save your life; whether it be in Zelda: OoT or in reality.

//on a side note, here's a picture of my Doctor Who OTP, TenRose. If you ship them/watch Doctor Who as well, please say so down in the comments and maybe we can probably fangirl together, but NO SPOILERS I'M JUST IN SERIES THREE EPISODE TEN

//Also if you have good tenrose fanfictions please link them down below, I really need fanfics right now. It doesn't matter what site, whether it be tumblr, wattpad, fanfic.net, or archive of our own/ao3, just link it down below because I really really really am in desperate need of some nice fanfics and a warm cup of chocolate.

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