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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #7: Rares bring out the true colors in Everyone

There WAS a video to go with this post, but the author removed it.

A few days ago, my friend, RjKingBeast published a video on YouTube titled:
Big "Rare" Jammers bully Smaller "Unrare" Jammers
She told me to watch it, so I did.

I was heartbroken to see five of my good friends BEATING another non member, small, innocent jammer!
Now, I'm not going to be mentioning any names, because the video was removed for false accusation in the description.

The story goes:

Two of my friends were bickering in the Lost Temple of Zios.
A few other friends were there, but they just watched.
Another small jammer who wasn't their friend came along and asked them to stop fighting.
She told them it was mean, and not right and politely begged them to stop.

My so-called 'friends' thought this was hilarious and made fun of her for having no rares, or top hats or anything.
They started saying things like:
"Haha I have tops hats"
And so and and so forth.

-Virtual Jaw Drop-
MY FRIENDS. Who I thought were nice, considerate, and didn't think so highly of their rares. 
The jammer just stood their and told them to stop. This went on for another 5 minutes, While RjKingBeast yelled at them, then went to her den to wrap up the video, having the bullying continue back at Zios.

Once I was done watching the video, I deleted my friends immediately!
Right then, I was at a party they were at, too.
They right away questioned why I deleted them, I explained and more people got involved.

Everyone started watching the video, and was frustrated with them, too.
They posted mean comments on RJ's blog, about how she betrayed them about posting the video.

RJ had put the usernames of the jammers who were bullying the innocent girl in the description, and one of my friends was getting a lot of hate for doing nothing.
(I eventually re-added him)

Sorry that I don't have the video, but..

Lesson Learned: Rares bring out the true colors in EVERYONE

(There was a new signature here but something went wrong)

Legends of Jamaa #4: Sir Gilbert's Legendary Visit

Before Sir Gilbert's Visit, there was not a stripe pattern on tigers.
Why you ask?
Well, keep reading. ;)

Everyone knows Sir Gilbert's personality, in case you don't know, here it is:
Sir Gilbert

Sir Gilbert, the regal tiger Shaman, is a proud warrior. He takes his ancestry very seriously and always makes it a point to honor those that came before him when going into battle. Even though he has a rough appearance, Sir Gilbert is a very thoughtful, spiritual animal with a caring nature. His personality is serious, reverential, and soft-spoken. He has a deep, low voice that can be as soothing as it is menacing. As a mentor to new tigers, Sir Gilbert can be a tough teacher, but he possesses great wisdom and knows a lot about the history of Jamaa and its ongoing struggle with the phantoms that inhabit the Animal Jam world. ~Ancient AJ Legend

(From Jamaa Culture Page)

After all the shamans had left Jamaa, (except Liza) after the phantoms attacked Canyon pathways, and so on and so forth, Sir Gilbert realized there was no fighters in Jamaa.  He worried around for a weeks, months, then finally stepped up to the Game. He is the warrior shaman after all, and was meant to be in Jamaa for a reason. 

He traveled from Mira's hidden land for days, clawing through all the rough patches of soil, the mysterious mushrooms and woodlands. Eventually he reached the edge of Jamaa.
He came across the wonderous river, and was beaten down by high phantom forces in this unhabited area.  He collapsed on a log, and started floating down the river. He drifted off to sleep, and had wild dreams..

Phantoms, Phantoms, Phantoms were everywhere. Swirling around, flying down like rockets on my piece of wood serving as my boat. Zapping me with pink poison, I felt weak, not living up to my warrior reputation. The skies turned black and purple, like a strong rainstorm was coming on. Lightning flew across the sky like dragons breath in a tornado. Windy palm trees were blowing in the breeze, trying to keep their roots planted to not end up on shore. The rapids got stronger as my boat shaked back and forth. With my best strength I rolled onto my stomach trying to see what was going on. A waterfall after many rocks, was ahead. I stuggled, not knowing what was going to happen. The skies parted, and the great Zios was looking down on me. "SIR GILBERT!!!... Jamaa Needs you.." He spoke. I looked up, wondering how he could still be alive.. and without paying attention to my surroundings, I began falling rapidly and a moment of shock was in my head, as lightning came down and zapped me while saving my fall.

Ahh! As I awoke, I noticed I was landed in some sort of forest. I stood up, dusted myself off, and saw in the distance a Mira statue, shining and glimmering in the dusk sunrise.
I strolled over to the statue, and hopped over a stone wall.
I knew with one look that it was Mira. I confirmed that finally I had made it to Jamaa again! The world had changed so much.. star striped banners and more. As I strolled down the pathway to the center of the township, I noticed many, many more jammers. Jammers had different clothes, were screaming at eachother, and girls asking for men to marry them. This was not how I had remembered it.. my fellow tigers seemed to not care a thing about protecting jamaa from the phantoms dark forces. A summer carnival was here, and I shook my head in disappointment. This city needed a teacher. This city needed protection, as the day of the phantoms was only ten months away.

I found a tiger dancing in the middle of the township, screaming something about whatever 'rares' are.
"Excuse me, fellow tiger." I asked.
"WHAT" He screamed back.
"Would you like to join me in training other tigers for protecting jamaa and all the citizens from the dark spirits of the phantoms when they come to take over jamaa in october?" I questioned.
He laughed in my face.
"XD What are you talking about dude."
I walked away, offended.
How am I going to get Jamaa to listen, to look beyond items and care about their own well being?

To be continued.. ;)

A Scammer and Bully by brimad8

Hey Jammers! Brimad8 here! I am going to post about a real event that happened to me. One day I was in my den along with my friend, madbri7 and another Jammer, not posting his name. This Jammer was talking to me saying, "Every week I take someone like you and make a trust video. It's where you send me a rare and then I send your rare back along with 7 spike collars." Right away I was thinking, "No way!" So, I told the Jammer no and he got really mad at me. He started saying this, "Hello Youtubers! I am at an insane person's den. This is the insane person's den." We knew he was faking the Youtube part but he was trying to bully me. So, this Jammer tried scamming me and bullied me. What has Animal Jam come to? Be a Jammer not a Scammer! By the way, check out my blog, Animal Jam Epicly! Have an EPICLY EPIC day Jammers!

Glitches, Glitches, and more Glitches!

Hey Jammers!
These are just some random glitches me and my friends discovered around Jamaa.
If you have one, please send me a jamagram.

I was in falling phantoms, and looked at the girl next to me, and she was wearing unreleased black mech angel wings that you only see in best dressed! :o These same kind of glitches happened when the Jamaa Derby was first released. 

In these pictures above, I saw three of the same panda doing the same, impossible motion! I clicked on each of them, and every time it showed this user of a BUNNY! Wierd, huh?

When I clicked from my inventory to my trade list, it showed that this blank space was a Rare Heart Locket, and I'm almost positive it's not! :)

The switched up my animals back item! Usually my seal is wearing wings, and my bunny is wearing the black worn! :/

Mikey12093 showed me that one of his spikes is detached! I highlighted the floating spike for y'all c:

Largemuddydog Discovered when you wear a witch hat on a lion, you can see a tidbit of your mane through the rim! o.o

Mikey12093 also discovered that his bunny hat has dots/pixels around the edge, see it?

When Mikey goes underwater, and you click on his nametag, it shows an nonexistent red necklace that it claims he's wearing, but he's not! Strange..

Our final glitch shows that Mikey's necklace is only half existing! It doesn't go all the way around his neck!

Man, these glitches are just confuzzling as when you're dolphin on land!
Only if I saw some of those today..

If you have glitches, send me a jamagram our send pictures to animaljamfreedom@aol.com!
(I still need to make a new blog email.. e.e)


Monday, July 30, 2012


Today I logged onto my old MisterArcticClaw account and found this..
I received this, and the gift was imprisoned phantoms..

Did anyone else ever get this? I don't know since I hadn't been on that account in ages.. But when did they give this out? When AJHQ had gone all out whack? I never got one on Goldfishypuppy, yet had the account for awhile..

This is puzzling, I'd really like to hear what you guys think! :)

Also, I had a party at my den today! A few people requested a photo posted, so here yah go! c:


P.s. Please leave comments of what you would like to see on AJG in the Post Requests page! :3

How-to #5: Categories List

Hi Guys!
This was a request from Trickertreee.
Here is my Categories gadget you see on the left sidebar:
Now, to get this gadget is kinda confusing, but simple at the same time..
When you post, you have the top bar and right sidebar. Many don't notice or use the right sidebar but on it there is a 'Labels' section. Click it.
(Click to enlarge)
Now, you can type labels for every post. Like all posts that have Foxes involved in them label 'Foxes', all posts with Monkeys label 'Monkeys's, and so on and so forth. 
Make sure to label every post. It also helps organize your blog :)
When you're done, click done. (Go figure? :P)

Now, go back to your blogger blog's homepage and into layout.
Click 'Add gadget'.
In the pop-up window, scroll down the list of gadgets to 'Labels' and hit the '+' sign. (Fourth one from the bottom)
You can make special settings like how it will appear, in a list or cloud, select only a few labels, and how it's organize.

Hope this made sense! I tried to explain as clear as possible.. :P

How-to #4: Scrolling Text (Updates Bar)

Hi Guys!
This was a request from Hayes848.

'Daily Updates' Bar

I got this gadget from quackit.com. (Click Here)
There are many other versions of this gadget, if you click the link ^

Step one, go to 'Layout' in your blogger dashboard once you click your blog, and then hit 'Add Gadget'.

Step two: Scroll down in window that pops up too HTML/JavaScript and hit the '+' sign.

Enter the code in the box: 
<!-- HTML codes by Quackit.com -->
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"> INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee>

Except where it says 'Insert your text here' type the text that you want readers to see.

Next drag the gadget where you want it, I put it directly under my pages.

Trickertreee's request will be coming soon! :P

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #6: All Yah Haters Don't Get Me

Hey guys.
I've always had haters.
No matter what.
I'll put random hater quotes in this article.

"Haters don't hate you, they hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they want to be.." ~Unknown

I don't have a story to go with this, because they are too many.
But that doesn't mean I didn't learn it, and you aren't gonna read about it.

"You can talk your **** you're only making me famous.." ~B.o.t.d.f.

Haters hate for any reason. Wether they way you dress, the 'rares' you have, your gender, style, the way you speak, anything. Everyone has haters, because not everyone is perfect. Wether you know them or not, or they know you, you have haters. But the only difference is if the haters pair an action with their hate.

"Don't care about what you heard, recognize what you see, LOVE your haters, they're your BIGGEST FANS..." ~Unknown 

In Newton's Third Law of Motion it reads: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, say you hated me for making this post. Your hating is the reaction, and the equal and opposite reaction has to do with wether you post a mean comment, or mentally store in your head that you hate this post. It depends on really your personality, and how much you hate _____.

"I've never met a hater who is successful in life, have you?" ~Anonymous

Funny thing about me is, every action of hate for me is like 1,000 compliments. And every compliment to me is like a 1,000 compliments. I just can't take things as an insult. It may sound like i'm just posting this to gain self-esteem, but i'm not. I'm already fully loaded on that stuff ;). Anyways, I just don't get offended by people that easily. I don't get offended by when people intentionally are mean to me, I get offended seldom when people unintentionally offend me. Such as an example, (this issue has already been covered, and apologies have been made) when Puppy99NMS pretended that she didn't have a red top hat, I got offended by that, and I don't even know why! 

"I don't get bitter, I just get better!" ~Anonymous

This quote above describes me perfectly. I don't get rotten back, I just feel better about myself. Haters to me are like bouncy balls on a cement floor: They just go back to whoever threw it.  So pardon my swag, hate all you want, it just reassures me that I'm a better person, jammer, whatever you want to call it, and makes me feel better about myself. If I do hate on you, It's because I want you to know that I like you, you're amazing, and I think we would be cool friends.

"My life is mine and no haters, or immature jammers can mess it up any longer. I'm the real deal, and if you want to, I'd love to see you try and break that." ~Anonymous Jammer

I can't be broken. I have in the past, and it took a lot to mend. I've learned from the past AJ hater expierences, and no one can longer affect me. Be my friend or not,
You Hatin' on me = I'm Flyin'
You Flyin' = I'm Flyin' with you
That's a little ol' saying where I come from. I just know that it's fun to be flyin' with others, then hatin' lonely all by yourself. I know that when I hate on people, I just really think It'd be cool to be their friend. That's one of the only things that saddens me, is if were arguing, not what you said, but the fact that we can't get over this stupid drama and be friends. c:


"They're not actually haters, they're people who can be just like you, walk, talk, and act like you. They just choose not to because you already have that role." ~RjKingBeast

 "Haters are like crickets. They chirp all effing day and you walk but them and they shut the eff up." ~Drita D'Avanzo

These are just some quotes I liked<3 Credit to Google Images.
Just because I didn't say them, doesn't mean they don't mean something. (;
Hope this helps anyone who's been going through anything, and this doesn't go out to anyone in particular, just know that.


P.s. The Two Requested how-tos will be up by tomorrow!

How-to #3: Rainbow Links

Hi Guys!
This was a request by OrcaLvr.

This how-to tells you how to have rainbow links as seen on Animal Jam Fiery!
If you already know how to install an HTML/gadget, the code is:

<script src='http://yourjavascript.com/512719721/rainbow-links.js'>
Rainbow Links Script- TAKANASHI Mizuki
For full source code, 100's more DHTML scripts, and TOS,
Visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com
Via http://www.spiceupyourblog.com
</script>By <a href="http://www.spiceupyourblog.com/" target="_blank">Blog Gadgets</a>

How I quickly-installed them is by going to spiceupyourblog.com (CLICK HERE),
and scroll down and click on 'Add to Blogger'
Then you will come to a different screen..
Make sure to select the right blog that you want your rainbow links on, and then click 'add widget'.
The 'Rainbow links' Gadget will be at the top of your left or first column, drag it down to the bottom and then hit 'save arrangement' at the top.

Sorry I couldn't make this easier, it's all I have time for.
(Credit to Animal Jam Insiders / Sheesh4 for the picture)
We Love Rainbow! :)

New Video - Milshake for RjKingBeast

Hi Guys!
I made a new video for my friend RjKingBeast.
This vid refers back to the Lessons of Jamaa #5 : Rares Ruin Everything if you don't handle them right.
I made this last night. Thanks a lot to those who helped me!
Today's how-to posts will be published soon ;)


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Legends of Jamaa #3: How Phantoms were created

*ACTUAL Legend*
Hi guys!
I thought I'd inform you on how the phantoms were made. 
This story is an 100% real Jamaa Legend, taken from October 28th 2010's Jamaa Journal.
(Credit to AJS for the picture)
I tried to make it big as possible, but if you can't read it it says:

"As the day of the phantoms approaches (Halloween), many jammers have had one big question on their minds: "What exactly are phantoms?" The answer to this question lies long ago.
Mira, the Sky Mother, was sad that she had lost her companion Zios, the Sky Father. Her feelings of sadness and anger fell to the ground, mixed with elements of Jamaa, and formed the dark and mysterious phantoms.
Now, the phantoms' only goal is to being chaos and destruction to Jamaa. That's why we celebrate the Day of the Phantoms: to trick them and tease them, preventing them from doing their dark deeds!"

Well, if that isn't ever an intense story! This is where I got my inspiration for the time in Legends of Jamaa #2!
But, I have a few questions from this story..
  • They only talk about Mira, being the Sky Mother, and Zios, being the Sky Father, so is their Earth Mother and fathers?
  • If their was Earth Mother and Fathers, would they be good or bad?
  • How did Zios die?
  • What will happen if the phantoms find out that we don't really mean the Day of the Phantoms, were just tricking them?
  • What other Elements of Jamaa mixed with Mira's tears and sadness? 
What do you guys think?
What other questions do you guys have?
Jamaa Culture is sure a mystery!


I'm a Spirit Jammer now! :)

Hi Guys! Many of you know of my great friend, Snowyclaw's, blog!
Well, I'm now a Spirit Jammer on there!
If you don't know what that means, it means I help answer questions and comments of other Jammers on Snowyclaw's blog!
Sorry if you don't really care, or don't read Snowy's blog, but I just thought I'd let y'all know! :)
By the way, if You don't read her blog I suggest you do! c;

Also, I didn't know everyone enjoyed the 'Lessons of Jamaa' series so much, I'll be sure to post more of those soon. I also need more Legends of Jamaa, and Role Models! I also was surprised so many of you liked 'Rarity Scans'! I was nervous because I was afraid to show my personal opinion on the items.. I guess not! :3

~ The Very Happy, Goldfishypuppy

Top 100 Pet Peeves

These are just random pet peeves that I want to get off my ... fur? :P
Even though I can admit to doing half of these things.
(In no particular order)

  1. When people call me 'Free'. I'm not on XxFreeSpiritxX anymore. I'm not free. I'm Goldfishypuppy. I'd rather be called Goldy.
  2. When people refer to others as 'famous' 'popular' or 'super rare'. Yes, I know in certain circumstances it's kinda necessarily to use them, but please don't if you don't have to.
  3. When you ask people what for a certain item, and they just say 'idk'.
  4. When people ask you what for an item, when you can just offer using the trade system. Sure, if they decline five times, you can ask them, but first make an attempt to offer..
  5. When people trade items that are gifts. 
  6. When people 'hide' their rares even though it's really unneeded..
  7. When people act COMPLETELY different around more known jammers.
  8. When your friends only beg to add your 'famous' friends, instead of hanging out with you.
  9. When people keep talking when you're OBVIOUSLY trying to make a music video.
  10. wen ppl tlk lik dis
  11. When people call themselves super rare.
  12. When people are stubborn about trading, even if it's not a fair trade.
  13. When people sit on the right bridge in Jamaa Township, and act like their better then everyone else. 
  14. When people act super slutty.
  15. When people act like gloves, legends, worns, and headdresses are the most important thing in the whole wide world.
  16. When people are on AJ, but on 'brb' 99% of the time.
  17. When people spam you with buddy requests.
  18. When people won't give you back an item that's yours.
  19. When people ask to get into your locked den, because their friend is there, but your having a serious conversation with their friend, and they spam you.
  20. When people can't make up their mind if they like you or hate you.
  21. When people complain and suddenly hate you for deleting you.
  22. When people say stuff like, "Omg I have this super huge drama secret with _____, don't ask" It's like, okay.. why did you even tell me?
  23. When people want you out of their den, or to go away and won't tell you the reason.
  24. When people won't trade back, yet you never said no trade backs.
  25. When people go mentally insane about rares, and only care about them and will do whatever it takes to hunt that item down.
  26. When people only complain how about how bad your life sucks. It's like, be appreciative that you even HAVE a computer, wifi assess, and can play animal jam.
  27. When people accuse you of stuff you didn't do.
  28. WHEN PEOPLE SHOUT AT YOU TO DO STUFF AND WON'T STOP SHOUTING UNTIL YOU DO IT AND USE A LOT OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. When people use the 'socially awkward' o3o face.
  30. When people do: <_< >_> >.> <.< faces.
  31. When people come up to you and go, "omg... your soooooooooooooo rare."
  32. When people follow you everywhere.
  33. When Jammers annoy you about stuff that's not for trade, and keep begging what for it.
  34. When people yell at you for declining your trades.
  35. When it takes forever for people to decide on something.
  36. When people keep offering you the same trade, that you already declined a kabillion times. 
  37. When people don't say brb when they go on brb.
  38. When I find out that one of my friends is a scammer.
  39. When I have a full buddy list, and suddenly one buddy is missing.
  40. When people won't tell you why they deleted you.
  41. When people only talk in caps.
  42. When people say "It's my birthday, send me rares!" all day long. And the next day. And the next.
  43. Imposters.
  44. When someone is like, "Haha, I blocked you! >:D" but then one second later they comment on what you just said..
  45. When people say 'chu'. It's not funny, or cute. Just say 'you' or if that's too much work, 'u'.
  46. When people keep requesting you to buddy them, then keep spamming you, and annoy you, and then automatically think you hate them because you won't buddy them.
  47. When people leave false accusations on the Scammer Page.
  48. When people argue about if someone is a scammer or not.
  49. When people just say 'shut op' in a comeback.
  50. When people have no better comebacks then 'Your just jelly of me' or 'Your outfit is terrible'
  51. When someone random will come up to you and say 'I'm waaayyyyyy prettier then you' it's like, umm.. like I give a phantom.
  52. When people swear on AJ, I've had my fair share, and it's not cool. >.<
  53. When people act like they don't have an item, yet they do.
  54. When people are like, "OMG COME SEE MY RARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  55. Scammers.
  56. Scammers. 
  57. Scammers.
  58. When people say you're a scammer, even though you're clearly not, just because they don't like you.
  59. When people are obsessive over someone with rares.
  60. When people keep asking what's the rarity of their item, even though I've already told them.
  61. When people steal your trades.
  62. When people brag about their new boyfriend/girlfriend.
  63. When people say their quitting, yet their not.
  64. When people make a big deal out of the smallest issues.
  65. When people hate on you, for telling the truth.
  66. When people think I care about if they don't like me or not.
  67. When people act like their the coolest person in the world for getting a ______ item. Items don't make you any more specialer then you already are. Were all equal.
  68. When people think they're better then another person.
  69. When a person uses another persons IQ against them.
  70. When people think they're better then everyone else because they have rares.
  71. When people obsess over an item.
  72. When people think that their blog is the best out of all the other AJ blogs.
  73. When people only post comments advertising their blog.
  74. When a jammer obesses over another Jammer. Their just a person.
  75. When jammers share personal information.
  76. When Members pick on non members.
  77. When Jammers advertise in public places to trade them things.
  78. When people lock their dens ALL THE TIME.
  79. When people put things on trade that they really don't want to trade, but just to show off.
  80. When people actually ADMIT to just wanting to show off their rares.
  81. When people make pointless posts like these.
  82. When rares come out.
  83. Skyways on AJ. (Glitches that you can walk in the sky.)
  84. When people charge rares for teaching them a glitch.
  85. Scammers.
  86. Scammers.
  87. Scammers.
  88. When the Jamaa Journal has the same news four weeks in a row.
  89. When new animals are always member.
  90. When people automatically think you're stupid for having a strange pattern.
  91. How beta testers are looked upon as 'cheaters.'
  92. How people upload videos about 'scammers' even though they aren't actually scamming.
  93. When people act fake.
  94. When people act as plushies are the best, rarest thing in the entire world.
  95. When people lie.
  96. When people lie about rares to get a better trade.
  97. When friends betray you for rares.
  98. When friends fight, and you're caught in the middle of it.
  99. When people complain about how lame AJ is, even though It's their choice to play this game.
  100. The fact that I'm going to publish this post, even though I feel like I'm complaining, and that's one of my pet peeves >.<
That's about it!
Sorry if you read this whole, long, boring, pointless, annoying, complaining, post.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #5: What's Love Got to Do with It?

Many Jammers date on AJ. I do sometimes, but hardly ever.
Sometimes Love comes between rares and friendships on AJ, and I would know.
But My question is..
Yes, I know cheesy that I picked this song but their are some lyrics in here that I think can relate to AJ.

First, the story.

Way back when, all the way in November 2011 when I had a few worn blankets and stuff on MisterArcticClaw, my best friend in the whole wide world was Crystal82. Together we were both very much AJ sl--- and we were the best of friends. I could talk to her about anything, everything, and more. We would both date around a lot, and talk about boys together with each other. I also had a few flags and stuff, which guys liked me better for, since I was a member. I remember after a few fights between us, we were stronger then ever. My best guy friend for a long time, iamfrosted was hanging out with me and crystal82. They started to like each other, and were very flirty. Eventually they went out, and crystal was acting kind of stuck up about this. For some reason, them together raged me. Me and crystal, same with me and frosted didn't hang out as much alone. It kind of ruined our friendships.

 Crystal was a known cheater. I hardly EVER cheated. She was married to two other guys, one of whom was allyworld who was a sweet little guy and wished so bad that I could tell him that he was being cheated on. She was cheating on three guys, awful, right? Eventually crystal started cheating on more guys, and doing nasty things (which will not be typed) with them and I barely got any time to hangout with her! (At the time I was married to cubanboy so I was happy) I NEVER got a chance to speak with her, either! Eventually I went and told all her boyfriends that they were being cheated on, and I deleted her! She got really mad, and turns out she blocked me! I regret being so harsh with her, at the time I thought it would just be a little fight, and we would be fine but it got more serious.
We didn't talk EVER for about three months.

I was on XxFreeSpiritxX, and came across iamfrosted.
He told me he still knew her, and eventually she came to his den and couldn't stand the sight of me! I offered to give her my worn, since it was her dream item, but she wouldn't accept it.
I was saddened that I lost a friend to this, because I hadn't dated anyone in a long, long time.

(I have another story that relates, but I'll save that for volume 2 ;))

Now, the lyrics.

"Oh what's love, got to do, got to do with it,
What's love, but a second hand emotion
What's love got to do, got to do with it,
Who needs a heart,
When a heart can be broken"

Now what I take away from that verse is that, Love has NOTHING to do with AJ, AJ was for learning about animals, and the only reason their is the 'Lovesick' emote is to celebrate friendship day during February. You shouldn't love someone for how much rares they have, but more for their personality. Some people I found out only dated me for rares, seeing that I would give them some >.<. Love should be kept in reality, not with strangers online. Who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken teaches me that if you just don't date on AJ, their will be less drama and save your self a heartbreak that will eventually happen.

"I been taking on a new direction,
But I have to say,
I've been thinking about my own protection,
And it scares me to feel this way"

This reminds me of how I mentally chose to not focus on dating, but rather be myself and not have to act all fancy and girly around someone. It also reminds me of how you need to think of your protection, some couples I know on AJ exchange phone numbers and video call each other and more.

"What's Love, but a sweet old fashion notion"

Yes, many people think of Love as a cute, cuddling thing that's like "Young Love" and many couples intend to be like that, but it doesn't turn out like that. It turns awkward, nasty, and sometimes hardly ever talking. Don't be in a relationship if you're gonna act single, is all I have to say.

Hope this makes sense!

Rarity Scan #4: Gloves [Rewritten RS 5/24/15]

Hello there, it's Despare on! Today's rarity scan will be about gloves. Take note I will be talking about the rarity back then and the rarity today [5/24/15].
Gloves. First, let's take a look at the past, because...well, just because.
2010-2011: GLOVES
Rarity: High in demand, incredibly rare.
Jammers back then wanted this above everything. Having one considered you cool. It's like having a rare black long spiked collar these days. At one point, no one really liked these, I've once wanted a blue wreath and would trade a purple glove for it and a lot of people didn't like it. So this other time when I came back, they were like 'bROo GiV mEEE GLUUVVVEEE!!!11! I giv AlL WriThs!!!' (Okay, they didn't say that. I wanted to make you laugh.) And well, I'd say they were worth scary bat wings or a worn back then. In our terms, most probably a spike.

2015: GLOVES
Rarity: Average demand, average rarity.
What would I trade for it?

  • A small den beta or two
  • Pirate swords (two or three)
  • Green worn (for black glove)
That's all it, have fun trading and see you in Jamaa, Jammers!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #5: Rares ruin everything if you don't handle them right

What do I mean by this title? Well I'll tell you.

When I quit and gave all my rares away on Free, I gave my red top to RJKingBeast. She loves red so much, and that's her dream item. I Loved my red top A LOT, and never traded it nor was it ever put for trade. I was offered the biggest overtrades for it, but never accepted. She cried tears of joy when I gave it to her, wore it on all her animals, and promised NEVER to trade it. I knew I found the right person until today..

She came up to me and told me that she traded it for a brown pilgrim hat to lvaderZim. Zim wouldn't trade back. Now I don't know WHY should would even do this, but she said that a lot of people were pushing her too. I left and went offline immediately. 

I guess it wasn't that special.I literally shed a few tears, not about the virtual item, but about being somewhat betrayed. Once I came back on I deleted her. I have this sickening feeling in my stomach. People kept questioning about it.

I eventually went and talked to her. She said she was sorry, and trying to get it back. She wants me to yell at Zim, but I don't think that will help. She wouldn't even give me the pilgrim hat back. Not that I want for it's rarity, I just don't want her to have it from my red top, and I wanted to use it to get her red top back. After arguing about the pilgrim hat, I thought: Whatever, I'll use my own items to get the red top back for her. I don't know why I want to get her another red top. I guess I feel bad, even though I'm not mad, just disappointed, as my friend once told me. 

I set out to get another red top. I went to Ace97, who wouldn't accept TWO TAN CARPETS for it.
Neither would Puppy99NMS, who rudely put up an act that she didn't have a red top, which got me very flustered even after I told her my situation. Those were the only two people with red top hats online. I just went to my den, where a party was kind of going on. I asked everyone to leave, and everyone kept saying sorry what was going on.

Funny thing is, I've been in the same situation.

Once IIIIIIIIL traded me his precious, favorite brown and red tip beard and stuff for my Solid Blue Top. We both agreed to not trade these items, since they were very special too each of us. I'm not a big fan of beards, and totally forgot about our promise and traded it to Ace97 for a very big overtrade. I was super happy, until IIIIIIL found out. Gingerpawz and L were very disappointed. I felt very bad, and got some dirty looks. I went through a lot of trouble trading back with Ace, and then just traded the beard for cheap to L. I felt better, fixing the problem. Until I found out that L was very mad, so he gave away my Solid blue top to Lovelost. Oh well, I guess I deserved it..

Anyways, back to our story. I don't even care right now. All the rares I have are my two tan carpets, which no one wants or will trade for since they aren't glitched anymore. I traded my non member wings and black worn for one tan carpet today, which I regret. Sure, I'd be OVERJOYED to get my wings and worn back, but I just want to resolved this issue and get RJ a red top, which I don't even know how it will, help but I guess it will.

Lesson Learned: Respect people's items, and don't mess with rares, or they will ruin a lot of friendships.

I can see why I intended to quit now. All this drama, yah know.


Lessons of Jamaa #4: I scammed

I scammed once.
Yep, you read me right.
It seems as though everyone has scammed once, I'm not saying It's okay though.
Here's how it came about.
It was in the time I got back together (When I was an AJ sl--) with cubanboy. He was in his scam clan, and would scam all the time. He had recently scammed pool54321, of his founder's hat which later I befriended. Cuban would scam anything. He didn't care. I kind of wanted to be that way. (Sickening, I know.) I would follow him and infinitymagicheroisback and observe them scamming. I think I had got a pretty good sense of it. Recently, I had been collecting dragon gloves. I had the whole collection of them except for the white one with black toes, the rarest color.
And guess what I saw in the Jamaa Township.
A jammer with one!
Oh, the joy!
I was a non member then, with two worns. I invited her to my den, she came. She was extremely nice and wanted my worns badly. Right when she came in, she asked "What for worn? :P" and I knew how I was going to scam her.
I told her that I would trade BOTH my worn blankets for her dragon glove and she was excited! I asked her to trade it for my santa hat and wreath necklace (this was just after Christmas) so I could have my 'sister' who was a 'member' to try it on. My plan was to say that I was trying to get it for my sister. She eagerly accepted the trade, and I ran off with the white dragon glove.
My 'cat' at the time aprettylad saw the whole thing and 'meowed' at me angerly for the whole thing. She convinced me to give it back, and I went back to my den, but she was gone.
I'm sorry you guys had to read this, disappointing I know.
I hate to admit that I ever had done it, but it's the truth and I know that I learned from it so that's why I'm sharing it with you.

Lesson #1: Don't give into peer pressure
Lesson #2: Don't Scam. Just don't.

If I ever come across that girl that I scammed again, and I positively know it's her, I would give her everything I own. EVERYTHING. Both tan carpets, beta stuff, all my clothes, everything in storage. 
Once you scam.. you just... feel awful.


Rarity Scan #3: Top hats

Hey Everyone! Goldy Here!
Yes, almost everyone wants one.
Yes, they are very rare.
Yes, they come in many, many colors.
Yes, each color is a different rarity.
Yes, their is a certain order.
Yes, I have owned them all and are here to tell you about each and every one.
Beta: Yes
Sold in: Jam Mart Clothing
For: 150 gems
(Sorry I had to use some old pictures, Credit to Animal Jam Flash!)
Order is from 8 - 1 8 being least rare, 1 being rarest.
8. Pink top hat
Being the least rare top hat, and pink, it was the default color sold.
They used to be worth a little more then a founders, but now they go for around red gazelles and a couple rares. Not many people want them.

7. Purple/Pink/Brown "Purple" Top Hat
This is the 2nd least rare top hat, and the strangest color scheme out of them all!
Many people consider this the "Purple" top hat, though the nickname is quite new.
They are worth a little less then a founders, so a purple top hat and some black gazelles and a rare would be good for a Founder's.

6. Striped Black Top Hat
Now I've had this top hat just about a kabillion times. Many, Many People have these top hats and people keep saying it's dropping in rarity, yet it hasn't been confirmed. These are worth founder's and a couple rares, scary bat wings, or pink gazelles. I think this one looks the coolest, yet I've had it too many times to appreciate it.

5. Solid Black Top hat
These top Hats are very high in demand, many people's favorites because they look pretty epic, and match anything. They used to be worth scary bat wings, but scary bat wings have dropped so now scary bat wings and three good rares would be a fair trade for it.

4. Striped blue top hat
These aren't very high in demand, a lot of people have them and their value may drop.. I don't have much to say about this one except that it's worth purple top hat and scary bat wings and a couple good rares.

3. Red Top Hat
Ahh, one of my all time favorites. These are VERY high in demand, and everyone wants them. This is probably the funnest top hat to wear, if that makes sense.  I gave mine to RJKingBeast. These are worth striped blue and rares, 3.5 scary bat wings, and the rest you can figure out from the earlier list ^ :) 

2. Solid Blue Top Hat
My all-time favorite(: These used to be the rarest top hat, and are VERY rare and high in demand. They have become more common recently, I have no clue how.. You Can figure the rest out from the list ^ But I have nothing to say except that I LOVE THIS TOP :D

1. Tan Top hat
Ehh, the rarest top hat. It's not that fun to wear, personally. Most of them are traded for Solid Blue Top and rares, because people want solid blue more then tan. Eventually Solid blue will most likely be rarer than Tan Top Hat again. Again, nothing much to say.

Hope this helped! Sorry for some dull explanations..

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