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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Scammer and Bully by brimad8

Hey Jammers! Brimad8 here! I am going to post about a real event that happened to me. One day I was in my den along with my friend, madbri7 and another Jammer, not posting his name. This Jammer was talking to me saying, "Every week I take someone like you and make a trust video. It's where you send me a rare and then I send your rare back along with 7 spike collars." Right away I was thinking, "No way!" So, I told the Jammer no and he got really mad at me. He started saying this, "Hello Youtubers! I am at an insane person's den. This is the insane person's den." We knew he was faking the Youtube part but he was trying to bully me. So, this Jammer tried scamming me and bullied me. What has Animal Jam come to? Be a Jammer not a Scammer! By the way, check out my blog, Animal Jam Epicly! Have an EPICLY EPIC day Jammers!


  1. Even if that scammer was actually doing a video, it wouldn’t get many views and the people who did see it would think the person was a jerk.


  2. wow that guy overacted

  3. lol, probably was not recording, once a nonmeber said to me "trust me your spike wrist for 5 seconds so i can decline" and then i said "no" then she said she was gonna record, and she said "hey jammers, this person scammed my rare spike" and then i accidently went to crystal sands, and when i went back to the lost temple of zios, we were in different servers, i wish i remembered her username, i think it was 'awesomesauce' and 3 numbers


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