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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Overtaken (An Animal Jam Poem)

Guys, I really need to know if you're alive and reading...I want people to comment once in a while, even just saying Hi or Hey you're posting again so that I know there are still active readers. So, yeah. Anyways, hey Jammers, it's Despare again! Today I'm doing a poem called "Overtaken" Inspired by the photo at the left made by the wonderful Rainbow Charizard from DeviantArt! Click here to go to the post. I really like the artwork over there and I decided to make a poem out of it. So, let's do this.

Overtaken - an Animal Jam inspired poem

A journey through the online sea
Of pixels and people awaits me
I log in through my browser and
See I've landed in a place of sand.
I click to the left, I move to the right,
Trade with passion all through the night,
At last--I've gotten the items I've sought for,
And this made me want even more.
Headdresses, spikes, beta blankets,
Glitched tiaras and turquoise rings I've wanted;
And each day I'd walk into my room;
Log in and not know I was waiting for my doom.
 Some days I wouldn't go outside;
I'd stay up all night inside,
And with each piece of item successfully traded
I didn't know that I was getting a bargain;
For with every trade accepted,
Comes with greed unwanted.
Overtaken by rares I did not know;
In my social life; it started to show;
I'd twitch when I'm away from my game;
And my life was really never the same.
All that mattered to me was the sense of satisfaction;
My life was a living hell; this was a perfect distraction,
I'd went as far as hacking and scamming,
Ridding the happiness of kids that used to be smiling.
And then one day someone told me something I've never realized,
"You've hurt so many people; don't you know they've tried?
"Each little pixel, they've worked for all;
"And you just came in their life and watched them fall?!"
That night when I slept, I started thinking,
And then that night, I really started looking
At myself from a third persons view,
Oh no, I thought, all these nightmares came true?
I've been overtaken by pixels that were never real;
I didn't work; I cheated, I never did feel;
Suddenly a revelation came from a thought;
And the truth of these rares I have never sought.
Maybe it was wrong for me to let the sea
of pixels and demons drown me,
Overtaken only by the happiness I've wanted,
But never really owned it.

Well, so that's it, I hope you guys enjoyed that, and see you in the next post! Bye!

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