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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #27: Rares are like Nyan Cat

Hi Everyone!
Okay, so today I was exploring on nyan.cat and I discovered they added what they call new 'flavors'. I arranged these flavors in the perfect order, (in my opinion) and thought that they can represent a typical 'rares' journey pretty well.

Let's set the scene. 
Nyan cat = You
Space = Jamaa
Your pace (fast or slow of movement) = Your mood/Rare status

 Stage One: So, here you go, off on your rare journey, slow, but moderate, keeping rares in a calm world, as they're supposed to be, and you keep going, trading and trading:

 Stage Two: As you get rarer, you start to like them more, and go trading more and more, and get rarer and rarer. You keep trading and trading, getting more excited about rares, a little more addicted to them, getting more and more out of moderation, and turn like all the rest of the mainstream jammers:

 Stage Three: You start getting rarer and rarer, having more rares, showing them off more, people keep begging you what for your rares, and you sit on the rare bridge all day long, thinking your a pretty cool cat. (Pun Intended):

Stage Four: After trading so much, more and more, addicted to rares, people annoying you all the time, you start to go crazy and have no idea what to do with yourself. You've turned a little rude, your friends are worried about you, and you're all stressed. Drama is the keyword here:

Stage Five: You hate on life, wish you never joined Animal Jam, think rares are stupid, may or may not wear them, but are still addicted to Animal Jam. You want more rares, but still hate them. You think everybody is annoying, and rares are worthless, but still want yours. You may have thoughts of scamming, hacking, and are more selfish. At this point, your extremely obsessed with rares:

Stage Six: Once you get out of your old little funk, you start to get better, wear more rares, and get back on track, but remember everything that happened. You start going again, a little more depressed:
And the process starts all over again. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Haha, I thought It'd be cool to use this as a cool visual post. :) I don't have a lot of words to say, but trust me, this is the whole process. I'm currently somewhere around Stage Four or Five, but not to a so much serious degree. Last time I visited Stage Five, it was a living nightmare. I'm doing my best to avoid that dark place, and I think I'm doing a good job. Enough about me, just if you go so much into rares, which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but be precautionary so you don't have to go through some of these stages, alright? :)

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Late August Jamaa Journal 2012

Note: This Jamaa Journal came out Yesterday, August 30th 2012 but for other issues I wasn't able to post it.

Hi Everyone!
The new Jamaa Journal came out today, except for no alphas/shamans :( Monkeys are back, though! Credit pictures to Animal Jam Spirit, since I still can't upload pictures. :\

Cool update, huh? What do you think of it?
Make sure to scroll down for today's Legend of Jamaa post!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Story of a Good Phantom

Hi Jammers!
DreamsOfBlue here!
 This is a story I made up, some phantoms can be good, you know..

The Good Phantom

It was A Peaceful Morning at Jamaa, And Phantoms were trying to Plan for The Destruction of Jamaa. Some Phantoms were trying to Reproduce more Phantoms. One Phantom Reproduced a Good Phantom, Which is Typically our Subject of the Story. As he grew Older, The Evil Phantoms Became Annoyed, Even though, He was Kind enough to help Destroy Jamaa, Surprised To help Destroy Jamaa? Why? You may Ask, This is the Answer, He thought It was a Plan to get All gems in Jamaa You see, His Name is Greedy, He has this Black Part in his Heart where Greed Is Stored, And Sometimes, His Black part Gives him the
"Evil Eye" Most Phantoms are scared, Since he has a "RED Eye" You See, Again, Red eyed Phantoms are the Most Meanest and Nastiest, But Greedy here is not Nasty. "Greedy! If you want to have every Gem of Jamaa, Get that Laser Tube!" Said the Leader of Phantoms, "Ok!" Greedy Said as he Went to get the Laser Tube...
"Hmmm... I wonder what's this Laser Tube For...." He thought as he Gave it to the Leader, "Ummm... Mr. Leader, Sir, May I ask you Something?" He asked. "Not now Greedy, I'm Busy." The Leader Replied. "Don't worry, It'll be Quick" Greedy Said "Fine" The Leader Answered, "What is it?"
"What are those Parts for? Like the Laser Tube, The Magic-Repelling Gun and A protective bubble?
"Well, Uhh... Oh! It's for our Magic-Repelling-Never-to-be-destroyed-Magnet! You see Greedy, This Is a Magic Repelling Magnet that can't be destroyed by Magic, Only By The Hands of Man! And it gets all the Gems in Jamaa" Said the Leader as he was Trying not to fool Greedy, Did You know that The Leader was also Afraid of Greedy? "Oh Yes!" Greedy Was Rejoicing!
Then Weeks Later, The Machine was Finished.....

Cried The Leader, "Sir! You Forgot! Greedy!"
Shouted The Leader, Almost Forgetting about Greedy, And Soon, They Destroyed Jamaa, They were Joyful and made our ancestors Servants,
One day, Greedy asked The leader, "Sir, Where are my Gems?" With that Menacing Red eye on The Leaders Face. "Uh-oh....." "How dare you! Did you only plot for the Destruction of Jamaa, And not for Gems?!?!?" He Angrily Questioned the Leader, "Hold it Right there, Mr. Greedy Pants!" Said the Giant Phantom Leader of all Phantoms, "I have Pity on you, Rather then to Make you Disappear into ashes in front of All who is here, I will do this! I will let you Live, But rather in Jamaa! Then you will learn to Be A Jamaasian! But we will Hunt you, Day and Night, Afternoon, Every Moment And Second, You cannot get away from us. I will make you a Wolf, And you shall now be not Greedy anymore but you will be Greely!"

Then, Soon, A Stranger wolf was found in Jamaa, One of the first Wolves to come here in Jamaa, Of course, Greedy, Now called Greely, has still the red eye.. And Sometimes he is also Greedy, But, He has (And Always have) Kindness in his Heart.

Now, As what They say.
Greely, the reluctant wolf Shaman, puts his creepy cleverness to use in the study of animal magic. He is definitely on the side of good and righteousness, but he plays by his own rules. He speaks in to-the-point sentences, even to new animals, and has a certain amount of disdain for the other Shaman leaders. The only higher power that Greely respects is the Sky Mother, Mira. Greely is a powerful warrior against the phantoms in Animal Jam; they fear him most of all, because he is so much like them. He is the link to the darker side of the Animal Jam mythology. He has theories about where the phantoms came from and he may even know the location of a few undiscovered spirit stones. ~Ancient AJ Legend  
(Credits to Snowyclaw)

Read the Highlighted,
This is Why Greely is so much like The Phantoms.

And so this Concludes,
Not ALL phantoms can be Bad, And That Greely Really Did come from Phantoms.
Turns out, Once he was Doing a Good Job at Jamaa, Shamans Found him and reported Immediately to Mira to make Him Shaman. And Mira Made a Lair, A secret Lair in Coral canyons.. Most Don't know but as they Say, When you Break the Bridge in Coral Canyons, The Lair will open and Greely will Come out.

Here is a Picture of Greely's Wolf Cave:

Does he Live here? Or does he Not?
Who knows! Let it be known later on....

The End.

More Stories to come....
Like The Story, It was really hard to think, I was just Going around Jamaa, then Wham! I thought about Making a Story, About something Unusual.

Because everyone says, All Phantoms are bad, That is not True, Greedy, Is a Good-Bad Phantom.

Well that's it for Today!

~ :D DreamsOfBlue :D ~

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #26: MAKE IT STOP, MAKE THEM STOP!!!

(This is Thursday, August 30th's Blog post, just early because I was up late)


I've been dying to make this post FOREVER. I don't even know where to start. 
Let's make it blunt: Animal Jam is FULL of Attention Seekers/Complainers
I just had to deal with one.
I'm not going to name names, although. This post alone will hopefully show her what I've been trying to explain to her all this time, after she dramatically changed.
Let's just make this post a story, and that will show some points.
This all just happened in the past five minutes, no joke.

She came up too me, and said, "I heard you got a red worn.. sigh." Fact: I can't STAND when people 'sigh' on Animal Jam. It drives me CRAZY! If you sighed as much as you 'sighed' on Animal Jam, I swear I would send you to the hospital, 'cause you must have something wrong with your lungs, girl. People sigh when they're a tad depressed, and just need to hold everything back and take a deep breath that allows them to refresh they're mind. To continue, she said:
"you're probably getting so much attention... you won't even notice me."
Okay, hold up, hold up, hold up. She's been doing this kind of thing a lot recently. This whole, 'You-Don't-Have-Time-For-Me-Because-I'm-So-Worthless-And-Not-Rare-Like-You' act. She has been feeling this before she gave away her rares, and even her xat username went something like: I_Should_Just-Disappear_No_One_Notices_Me. So, she said she was quitting, and gave away her stuff, which included wings and giving my black top hat back to me. And right then, I was awfully mad, I just got in a huge fight which included deleting one of my friends, so I just straight up told her: "Cut the act." and ran down to the bottom of my den and logged out to go watch some joyful YouTube Videos.

Once I logged back in, an hour later, (this was the part that was just now 10 minutes ago) she was like, "Goldy.. come to my den."  I went to her den, she sat down and said, "Come here...."
So I went and sat across from her, changed into my fancy dancy tiger and sat across from her. I tried to put a positive spin on the conversation and said, "Like my new main animal tiger? :D" She didn't really respond on that. She asked why I said that I said that she acted like I was a snob, which is what I said to her earlier when I was mad. I explained to her how it offends me when she says stuff like that, and how It makes me feel like I'm selfish. I also told her how it isn't that enjoyable to hang out around people who complain and whine all the time. Yep, that's right. I said that to her, right to her face. That's how much I don't like complainers. She said, "Well I see you've changed your main animal from an un-rare animal to a rare animal, that says something about you.."
Whoa, hold up okay. I could explain everything about my new tiger and why I chose it, and I started too, but then she had to go. I'm still going to explain why.

This is my old horse. I didn't like it because, first the name isn't really my style. I'm not a real 'Spiritmaster', that sounds like witchcraft which I don't believe in, yet I don't want to go into religion. I remember when I became a member, and I was so excited to make a horse and I had a lot of gems. I made this one, and I didn't know what to put on it since I don't like to over-use rares, so I just made this. The reasons why I don't really like it, is because I'm not a legend glove person. I don't like how mainstream and obsessed people are over them. I also don't like how washed out the colors look on this horse. The general style and apparel doesn't really suit me, either. 

Since I can't upload pictures, I'll just use this one for now, although it doesn't show what I'm wearing very well. I chose the top hat because it's my favorite top hat of all time. It was a gift from cubanboy, he traded his striped blue for it (bad trade for him) and gave it to me so I could trade red top and solid black for a tan top, which I had never had before. Turns out the person was joking about the trade. Cuban quit that night, and sent me everything he owns. I originally gave the top hat to this complainer I've been talking about in this story, and when she 'quit' she gave this exact one back to me. People yell at me that I 'took it away from her' when she really asked if I wanted it back, and I can't lie, I did. I felt it was wrong of me. I picked the black worn to wear because it's a not a big show-off item, like wearing my wings would be. It also goes with Admiral Rockypaw, which that bunny means a lot to me, even though I hardly use it. It brings back the memories (even though only a month ago) of this whole mini-(I don't know what to call it), and reminds a lot of how well it feels to be true to yourself. It also reminds me how I always have y'all here to support me whenever something goes wrong. Onto the tan/cream leaf. I've always loved leaf necklaces and this new color, (Not beta) reminds me of when I had all the leaf necklaces. I had every color on XxFreeSpiritxX when they were rare. I remember when they came out, and I wasn't that mad. I was happy that everyone got the pleasure to wear them, and match, and have their dream item and experience new colors. Honestly, I wasn't mad. It always reminds me of how rares aren't everything when it comes down to it. Dressing your animal on Animal Jam is more of how you want to reflect yourself and personality. Next, onto the teal lava glove. I remember in late November 2011 when I first became member, and I had two regular non member gloves. I started picking up on gloves, checking out everyones feet to see what apparel they were wearing. I remember seeing a orange lava glove, and was so shocked wondering what kind of crazy item it was. They said it was a lava glove, and it was for members only. I asked what for it! And they said nothing I had and went away. Since then, lavas have became my favorite member glove because of how they look and that memory. Currently I have all lava gloves, thanks to my friends who have given me member gloves to trade for them. Next, onto the pattern. I didn't want to look too mainstream, and for those of you who don't know what mainstream is, it's like the cool thing, the thing everyone else is wearing/doing. I chose not to have a solid black base, because that's what commonly worn with solid black top hats. I chose aqua/teal, because it seems to be a color that never fades, and is a mix of blue and green, my favorite colors. I chose a tan/cream bottom, because it matches my leaf, it's another color to tie into the pattern, It's not a mainstream white bottom, and It's a bright, happy color that I like using and reflects off of the aqua nicely. The black stripes are a pattern that I've always liked using. I think they look really nice on a tiger. Every time I see stripes on a tiger, I remember my old lost friend Gingerpawz. I remember when she got my old red top hat, and was so happy she could match her best friend, but that's another story.. She wore my old top on her tiger, and had what I thought was the cutest red top hat tiger in the world, and wore stripes on it. Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with me anymore. Every time I look at my tiger and see those stripes, it reminds me how I can always be a better person. I can always make improvements, and it's never too late to try again, redo, or apologize. I can't wait until the day I see Ginger again. Lastly, the eyes. At first I chose girl eyes on my tiger. I decided to change them to a unisexual eye. I remember when I met Avril70 a long time ago. She was a girl, but she used almost all eyes. She inspired me to not care what others think of my animal, or how my animal looks, or what others think of it. I also wanted to reflect if people ever 'recognize' me that it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, we can all do the same thing, and one isn't better then another, and we can all get to have a pretty well known blog and I have rares. (NO BRAGGING RIGHT THERE, I'M MAKING A POINT). I chose to have a tiger because it's not quite an awkward animal to dress, and wolves are little to mainstream. Horses were a member animal, which is something I don't stand for. Tigers are non-member, pretty popular, and aren't so unpopular that I seem I'm trying to start a new trend. I forgot to mention earlier, that the name is something really special to me because it used to my wolf's animal name that I used all the time back in February. You can check out the first Animal Jam Freedom post and see.

Anyways, to get back on topic instead of showing off my favorited tiger. I'll try to wrap this up as quick as possible. I just don't see any point in self-pity, complaining or whining. It is BY FAR My BIGGEST Pet Peeve on Animal Jam. I'm a HUGE optimist, even though both sides of my family have serious depression issues... I still don't know how that worked out. Whining, Self-pity, and Complaining are the biggest reasons I delete, ignore, or ask for items back (That I gave to them as a gift) from other people. So I'm sorry if I've done that to you, just assume that's the reason why. I have a hard time telling people that they are complaining too much, because it seems like I've been a mean friend. But the max I can really do is just say "Sorry. D:" and let you be. This is a virtual game, right? I get you're sad, but enough is enough. I can give you advice if it's about Virtual Drama, but if it's about your parents divorce, I don't think you'd want to give me your address, have me go to your house, and tell they're parents they should love each other. I neither think they would listen to a random person who showed up on they're doorstep, and yet to have you explain it's your friend from Animal Jam.

Now, don't think I have no heart. I know how some bad things feel too. I'm not an angel, I have rough things happen to me. I'd be glad to do fun things with you, instead of sit and watch you cry. I'll do almost whatever it takes to make you happy, I'll throw a party, help you get your dream item (if I can), or play games with and help you decorate your den. I like to see life on the positive side. Look at this way - At least you HAVE a computer, ACCSESS to a computer, can AFFORD to possibly be a member, PLAY this game, and have ITEMS, and friends that CARE about you. Also, be happy you HAVE PARENTS, a HOUSE, and they still LOVE you no matter what. Look at everything you do have, instead of stuff you don't.

Sorry if you don't like the highlighting. I know how it feels to not be in the mood to read something long, but only read the featured quotes, bolded, and highlighted words. I know y'all too well. ;D

~Goldfishypuppy (Who still can't upload pictures)

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Short Post

Hi Everyone! 

Sorry that I don't have something interesting to post today, I'm kinda busy and not in a typing mood.  Also blogger won't let me upload pictures. :T
I have a few short announcements...
No, I did not quit if you checked out my animals I just took all the rares off most of them, and have them all be simple because of something that happened last night that I don't feel like posting quite yet.
Also, I changed my main animal from my horse to my new tiger. More information about this is on a post on my personal blog. I hope you like my tiger. :) I will for sure keep this one.  


I'm also two subscribers away from having 100 subscribers on My Youtube channel, so if you haven't subscribed yet, click here to do so. :) When I get 100 subscribers, I'm going to make a special video. Any ideas? So far I think I'm going to do a Q & A video, yet I've already made All About Goldfishypuppy.. hmm...

Last notification, I'm going to be doing a featured blog thing everyday. It will appear after my picture signature. If you have a blog and you would like it to be possibly posted, comment with the url and I'll check it out. I know how it feels good to get more views on a blog, and I just got very lucky getting all these views in a short time, so I'm going to shout out to other blogs. 

I can't upload pictures today, blogger just has the loading sign forever, any advice?

~Goldfishypuppy (Imagine my picture signature here)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #25: Animal Jam Obsession

Hi Everyone.
I have absolutely NO idea on what to post about today.
I don't know if a lot of you read Snowyclaw's Animal Jam Spirit, but the post today mentions how I'm going to be an author on there.
So, I might not always have a chance to post everyday if I post on there, or If I don't. Last year I had to wake up very early to post on Animal Jam Freedom, and I would spend more time in the morning on the computer taking care of Animal Jam related things then I'd prefer. Posts on Animal Jam Goldfish take a lot of time and thinking then you may assume they do. So, if you don't see a post on AJG, you could check AJS to see if I've posted about the Daily Item or not. I'm sorry, I'll try to get some posts ready in advance too, yet I still have a few weeks until school.
This leads me into my next topic..

Animal Jam Obsession. A lot of people have it, and play all day long. There are two types of jamming, Jamming for the fun of it because you're bored, or Jamming because your addicted and you have to do it all day long because you don't want to do other things. From around February 2012 - June 2012 I was pretty addicted to Animal Jam, like bad. I didn't want to do other stuff, and it got in the way of my studying (Which yes, sadly affected my grades) and doing other stuff that I should really take care of. 

I mean really, the only good thing about spending all day on Animal Jam is that it gives a lot of time for trading, but if you don't have a lot of stuff to trade, I don't know what to say. I don't want to say that I've spent my whole vacation on the computer, do you? I currently don't know where I stand. I don't know if I'm addicted, or just playing because I have nothing else going on. We'll see where that stands when school starts, and you can tell me.

I once overheard a very wise comment in someones den. "I don't really care about rares, It's not like I can put them on my resume when I'm older" If you don't know what a resume is, it's a form you fill out about yourself, and all the good things you've done and the skills you have to apply for a certain job. Writing down, "I had 2 top hats and Non member bat wings on Animal Jam" won't really help you, now would it?
Didn't think so.

You may or may not observe, but 75% of what people jam for on AJ is for rares, if you have them or not, or obsess over them or not. A lot of the people who trade all day long, including yours truly ever once in awhile, it's obvious they only play AJ for rares. Others meet friends through rares. How? Well, people automatically judge others if they should be friends or not through rares, it's a stereotype. Even I do it a lot more then I'd like to admit. I don't usually buddy someone who doesn't have a lot of rares, because one, my buddy list is extremely full and two, because I'm human, and judging like that is just what we do. A lot of people trade now and then, even if they're not a big collector. Rares are a conversation starter, something to talk about.

Now, don't get the wrong message from that last paragraph, I was proving a point that rares are what most people play AJ for.  Which is a big problem at AJHQ. I am almost positive they would remove rares in a heartbeat if they had the opportunity, but they can't. They would lose a lot of money, and jammers. A lot of jammers become member so they can wear they cool items. Imagine on Thursday's update, a HUGE catalog comes out, and every single item ever sold would be in there. *Poof* No rares anymore. *Poof* Half of AJ's population quits. I don't know if it's possible to grasp our tiny minds around, because most of us are so fed up in trading (if you think you are or not) It's hard to imagine that. AJHQ would lose a lot, and rares are already out of control and they're trying to manage them by making Rare Item Mondays and releasing them every now and then. (Usually in months there are no holidays.) 

Whoa, this article got off topic. It's really hard to convince you what I'm trying to make a point out of, but trust me, at some point you'll wake up one day, log onto to AJ and be like, *Pop* OH, NOW I GET WHAT THAT CRAZY GOLDFISHYPUPPY MEANT! Trust me, It'll happen. Do you really want to spend your childhood preteenhood (is that a word? it should be) on the computer? Some of us I know hide our AJ world from our friends, including myself and snowyclaw. That's not really good. It means it's something were embarrassed of, and we can't admit it. Yet I remember in one of Snowy's Jamaasian Movement posts, it mentioned how Animal Jam is an escape. Yes, an escape. A place to live a new life, a different world. It can be a good escape or a bad escape. If Animal Jam makes you happy, go for it, go play Animal Jam! (In moderation, of course.) But if it doesn't, then why play? Most times a lot of people quit, or at least say they are quitting because of drama. They might say it's because of school, or they got scammed, but trust me, it's drama. 

Drama isn't all bad, don't get me wrong. A little bit is good. Why? Because if you don't have drama  when you're young, and you grow up thinking the whole world is perfect, trust me, you'll have a wake up call and be in tears. You may think drama is just gossip about relationships, rumors, he-did-this, she-did-that, but no. As dictionary.com states it, "any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional,conflicting, or striking interest or results:" 
See? So pretty much anything that causes you stress or a lot of TYPING IN CAPS LOCK WITH EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! On Animal Jam, is stress. Been there, done that. Back to what I was saying, if Animal Jam isn't a sweet escape (Side note - Love that song by Gwen Stefani) Then why play? Remember that post a few weeks back? It was called "I'm sorry, friends" Yeah, well, at that time I was going through a lot of drama. And I'm sorry to say, there really isn't a cure for this. I've tried a lot. And I mean a lot of different methods. I guess I suggest if you have that one friend that just NEEDS drama in their life, delete them, and be like, "I'm done with you.". I've tried that one. It kinda worked. 

Yep, I'm off topic again. This post has turned out to be a lot longer then I intended. Oh well. Anywho, I've seen this commercial on Tv, It goes something like this: *Shows picture of toddler with a tv remote that has a dull look on his face* "(Blank young age to blank young age) Is the best learning time in your child's life, do you really want them to be watching Tv all the time when they could be learning, that's why we've provided you with... blah, blah blah." I actually took away something from that. Animal Jam isn't really teaching us stuff but Faster Typing. Props to AJHQ, they tried to teach us about Animals and Plants, but let's be honest, who really reads Journey Book facts? They need to be a little more serious about educating, yet people would ignore that, and go back to their usual life of trading. I bet even I would do that. Shame on myself.

I guess if I wanted you to take anything away from this post, is to use Animal jam in moderation and try other things. Sure, you may HATE (And that's a big word) walking the dogs, but why not do it? You're bored sitting on the bridge (Hopefully the unrare right one) in Jamaa, and none of your buddies are on, why not go walk them? It will be better exercise for you, and your dogs will be very happy. If you don't have dogs, why not a walk? Nothings wrong with that. Or something else. Whatever chores you have, or activity's you really should do, or even fun stuff. Your neighbor is playing basketball alone? Why not go shoot some hoops with him/her? I challenge you to do something today, when you're bored on Animal Jam, because we all are bored on AJ sometime. I will too. I will try to do something unique everyday instead of sobbing around Jamaa. And, I'll even throw in this. If you comment with whatever you've done today besides be on AJ, I'll send you mech angel wings. (Please be honest)

WOW. *Scrolls up to see post* I've wrote all this, yet had no clue what to post about?
P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's the Little things in Life

I didn't really know if this counted as a Lessons of Jamaa, so I guess for now It's not categorized. 
I remember way back in the first week I started Animal Jam. I started on October 13th, 2011. 
A few days later, like on the 16th or so, I saw Glados135 (Who is now GladosOfMinecraftia) walking around in the Jamaa Township. She had a top hat, flag, leaf necklace and glove. I asked her, "Where do you get those things?" and she nicely replied, "They aren't for sale anymore." instead of just ignoring me as others did. She then became my inspiration, yet at the time her buddy list was full. She didn't know what she had done to me. Yet months later, I met up with her again in February. We buddied eachother this time, and I explained all she had done for me. I wasn't quite as rare as her, my goal, yet. She was flattered, and we ended up becoming good friends.

On her blog, she asked me if I wanted to be the Jammer of the week. I was stunned, shocked, and said yes! At the time, I just traded for one of my dream items, black gazelles and she took a picture of me wearing them, saying CHEEZE! :D.
Sure, it's not the most popular, well-known blog, but in my eyes it was. I was so happy, overjoyed and more.  Click here to see the post.
Months later I got rarer, and I remember the time we had matching outfits with top hats and non member wings. Dream came drew. She inspired me to keep going through all of this stress and trading, even if she hadn't done much, just the simple niceness (Is that a word?) of her on my third or fourth day playing AJ got me all the way here. 
So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you can do any little thing for someone, maybe your buddy or not, go for it. You don't know what a difference it can make.

Also, click here to see some awesome Peck Party Pictures! ^.^
I updated some of the pages, and to my shock they weren't working! You guys should tell me about that when it happens! Anyways, all the pages are up and running now. We also have a new poll, an old classic one - What is your favorite land?

That's all for now!
P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peck Party Pictures!

Hi Everyone!
I don't know if you came to the Peck Party today, but a lot of others did and we had a full house! Check out these pictures!

First, the party started out about 30 minutes before planned.

We started Chanting Peck, Excited for the shamans return!

More and More hopping.

Later we went upstairs..

Icy36 turned it into a gaming party, too!

The party was so full! Many people jamagrammed me about how they were trying to get in!

Later the party died down, and I won 600+ gems in a tough Four gem tourney.

I want to say thank you to everyone who attended! I've never had a blog party before, even on Animal Jam Freedom that had twice as many views as AJG. I've always been so afraid that no one would show up, and I'd look like a fool but clearly that's not the case anymore.  I might have another party in a few months or too, maybe once we get to 30,000 views. :)

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Non-member Rhino, Contest Winner, and More

Hi Everyone!
Today we have a quite random post about a ton of things.
Let's start off on an interesting note.
Y'all may or may not know, but supermonkeys is a non-member rhino. She was in beta, and when you became a non member after being a member in beta you could choose two animals left, and she chose her rhino. She sent me this picture awhile ago, to animaljamgoldfish@aol.com. She explained how Animal Jam counts her rhino as an Unregistered animal, and that's why she has two extra animal slots.

We have many finished polls!
I'm excited 58 of you at our Peck Party in less then an hour!
Many of you are excited about shamans returning on this upcoming Thursday, but I wonder why 11 of aren't that enthused? 
We voted on the new blog music, and many of you liked it. I kept it up for about 2 weeks, but then it started annoying myself.

And yes, our story contest poll is finally over!
Chorus2010 took a stunning lead with 105 votes.
She wins the Dragon Glove, Bow and Arrow and Mech Angel Wings.
Our second and third place winners, Blueberry1212 (Now on XxToastAndTeaxX) and Goofy8966 will receive mech angel wings. Click here to see all story contest entries.
Congrats, everyone!

Also, our Peck Party is in 40 minutes. Some of our are already preparing in my den!
Feel free to come by whenever, look forward to seeing everyone there!

Lessons Of Jamaa #24: Rares Can make a Bad Difference

As you can see, My title,
"Rares Can make a Bad Difference"
Maybe Confusing, It's Something, I will share a Story,
I heard this from my Follower, LoviAvea

Hey, Jam-Animals! ^.^

  This post is about how rares can change someone. 

  About 6 months back I had a very good friend who didn't know anything about Animal Jam. This was when she first started. She was a very nice jammer and never even thought of calling anyone any names. So I gave her some of my rares (before  I got hacked) and boom. She traded every single day. She collected clearance items. And everyday she got 2 times rarer. This kept happening for a few months, and later on she had Scary Bat Wings, 2 top hats, a tan carpet, a pilgrim hat and believe it or not - 9 worn blankets. Then she became a member. That's when I noticed she started to act differently. She started to bully me and tease me because I didn't have half the rares she had, and then she started yelling at me to send her some rares. I never sent any. She got mad. She "yelled". Cried. Eventually she deleted me. 

Rares can bring a change in someone.


This is the Story of Lovi's Friend,
How Rares can make a difference
I agree though,
 I used to be Like this, Almost Everyone (Or maybe EVERYONE) Was like this.
Believe me, I'm also Collecting Clearance items, But this time only for newbies.
I have 20+ Accounts with a LOT of Clearance Items for August. Most used to own 7,000+ Gems, But I used all of them XD
But, to tell You, We really should stop Doing this,
We are True Jammers, And True Jammers Don't care about rares.
Fake Jammers= Cares about Rares Even more then Scammers, Isn't a True Friend
True Scammers= Can Change into True Jammers then Scammers.

That photo is like
"Fake Friends are worse then True Enemies"
I also Experienced this.
Here's the Story:
Take note: This was After a month I joined.
I had a Friend, (I don't Remember the User), It was Early November (I guess before I quit)
I saw her in Jamaa near the right Bridge Sitting there, Doing nothing.
I went in front of her and said
"Hello, My name is Sakura, What's Yours"
She didn't answer anything,
"You don't have Free chat?"
She said
"Oh, You're New?"
"Yes." Again, Was she Replied
I gave her a Few of my Rares,
Later, When after I quit, She looked 4 times as rare before.
8 Non member Bat wings, 3 Worns, 7 Non member Gloves, 12 Legends, 3 Dragons, 4 Lava's and So much more.
I went to her and said
"Hi! Your so rare now!"
She said,
"Hey! Can you give me more rares?"
I said,
"Well, I don't Think so, Can you give me?"
She replied:
And immediately Deleted me.
Then I saw her, but she doesn't now me anymore, She was calling newbies [Insert bad word here that starts with a bi] 

I was so sad, She wasn't who she was, All because of Rares. I wish rares never existed, That's what I have to say.

Lesson Learned and Will be continuing: Rares Can make a BAD difference.

~ :D DreamsOfBlue :D ~
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Smart Bomb Interactive

My friend, Trickertreee gave me the idea to make this post.


Smart Bomb Interactive are the people who help National Geographic with making Animal Jam. All the graphics, glitches, and other tech-like stuff they work with. Their development studios mission is the combine talent, tools, and fun. As it says on their Website, click here. They have very skilled game developers that have artistic as well as creative and engineering talent. They also featured on their site a full list of all their products. 
I'll give you a short, brief, version.

natgeo animaljam
Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic paired up to create Animal Jam, where players become animals and explore the virtual playground of Jamaa. Players can do many things, including decorating their den, earn gems, watch videos, and learn about the animals around them! 

Smart Bomb Interactive also helped develop Sky Legends, which isn't officially released, but coming soon. It's an online, free, combat based game. Players can play with intense aerial combat, flight controls, and amazing graphics. 

The Peanuts and Smart Bomb worked together and developed Snoopy Flying Ace! In which Xbox Live players can hop online and pair up which Snoopy, Charlie Brown and other peanuts with easy to use controls and a wide variety of weapons and aircraft to sky rocket through the leader boards and become a top-champ flying ace!

Some other console games they developed are:
Bee MovieSnoopy vs The Red BaronPac Man

Bee Movie Game (for the Wii), Snoopy Vs The Red Baron (Play Station 2) and Pacman World Rally (for the Play Station 2.) 

Now, Trickertreee had been keeping his eyes out and noticed some hidden SBI (Smart Bomb Interactive) Initials all over Jamaa. 

Sbi Wooden Tv's! The Mystery is solved, now we know what it stands for! I have two of these tvs myself, and never thought of that. How Clever!

Can you see it? It's labeled SBI on these bags of Cocoa Beans in the hot cocoa hut! Neat!

Also, in the beginning of Animal Jam's Launch Trailer Video, it says 'SBI News, Incorporated) AJ must really appreciate what Smart Bomb has done for them!

Here is the Launch Trailer Video that this clip is featured from:

This was from when Animal Jam had just got out of beta times, and released officially for the first time!

I hope you found these as interesting as I did..
P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!
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