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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #11: When I 'quit'


I remember the night I decided to quit.
It was 3am, and I knew I needed to quit a month ago.
I just closed down the laptop, after being on it all night, about to go to sleep.
I was thinking about what I was going to do when I quit.
How I was going to do it, what I was going to give away, and to who.
I was thinking how I could just start sending stuff away right now, then laughed at myself.
Then actually was like, wait, this kind of willpower doesn't come along everyday, just do it.

I opened the computer up, heart pounding, determined to quit.
I hopped online. (not literally)
Snowyclaw was my only buddy online, of course, and I had just said my goodbyes to snowei two minutes ago went I was going offline.
I went to our secret den, and spammed her with letters saying 'come'.
About a minute later she came, happy to see me online again, until that smile turned into a frown once I said.. 
"I'm quitting, ok?"
After a little panic, and explanations, the begging to stop started coming.
I was very sorry, then set into action. I had 400 inventory items.
My first gift was a rhino helmet out to 0521chris. Sent.
Down the buddy list, each member got a gift and the same card:
Of course whatever their special gift was attached.
I sent the same card to non-members, and I couldn't give them a gift :(
I remember saying to snowy, 
"Don't Worry, I"ll be here I few more hours, I have 400 items to send out xD"
And she replied,
"And You know what Free, I'll be here with you sending out 400 items :)"
And that was that.
We talked about a lot of stuff, the reasons I was quitting, and so on.
Unfortunately at the same time, her other best friend, Spyro was quitting.
We all went to Spryo's den, saddened.
Us three and Random1234 and 0521chris was there.
I remember giving random a few random rares, that he was sure delighted by.
He asked for more, and chris got really mad at him and made him return the rares I already had gave him.
Chris was really sad, because we used to on and off date a few times, and said he would quit if I quit. I said, "Well I am" and he replied, "Well I am too"  and claimed he gave all his rares to his little sister, yet he still has them present day -.-
It got to about 5am, as I was still sending out gifts.
I still had a 100 items left, give or take a little.
I thought, Ahh, I'll come on in the morning and send out the rest, say goodbyes and such.
Well, I did, not in the morning, but when I woke up at about 1pm.
I went to my den, and everyone rushed in, hyped up after they got my letters.
A goodbye party formed, and I put the remaining rares on trade and accepted all trades.
People were happy that didn't knew me, but the others, heartbroken.
I learned the true colors of some of my so-called friends that day.
That they really only wanted me for rares, as, that was all they asked for.

That pretty much summed up the rest of free, along with some visits, which are for another time.
I don't know exactly what I learned, but I'm glad I switched to Goldfishypuppy.
I wonder if y'all learned anything..


  1. Snowy sounds like such a kind friend! I wish I knew her...better...or knew her at all....Anyways, I'm glad you're still sort of here. :D

  2. When I quit Wednesday, people won't care. You're lucky Free people love you. I can see why. You'll always be mine and kaelyn's role model. From the moment you added me, I was thrilled. I don't ever regret sending that friend request. It was never a mistake. I hope one day I'll have people that care about me. Bye Free :')

    -Puppy99NMS and kaelynkaelyn (Last Words) <3

  3. Are you still camping Goldy? I sure hope you get back soon, I miss your posts :)


  4. I'm almost in tears reading this, Goldy... Snowy was a true friend as-well, not one of your so-called 'friends'. You're lucky to have a friend like her.

  5. Same with me, but i didn't quit. When I Was giving away rares and THOUGHT I Would quit, I Sent my BFF Tail armor, and fox hat. All she said was "Bye, Gonna Miss you." and she left. Rares take over people on animal jam, and people betray other people just because they want rares. Internet Is NOT The only thing that matters, Friends come first. It's not all about the internet, or how many rares you have, it's based on the inside. Not on the outside. So I Totally agree with you.

    ~ ImSparkling

  6. That was a really touching story :'(


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