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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To Fight for Light ~A Poem~

Hi! It's Galaxy of Possibilities again!
I made a poem about fighting for justice (light) and it's kinda hard to understand, just hoping you like it! Here it is;

Far from the days I've wandered,
To long the trail I have covered.
Now lost in a way no where to be found,
No one hearing the screech of my sound.

Now I fall all problems so hard on my own,
No one understanding my feelings of being alone.
I see a future that lies deep within,
For it is the result for all my sin.

Wanting to see the answer to my past,
Because all the steps I take closer,
The longer how it curses me lasts.

Why did the Darkness bring me here?
Why did it bring me to my greatest fear?
Why did it made me die without light?
"No." I said, "I won't go down without a fight."

I thought so desperately on how to win,
But I couldn't stop the memories from deep within.
But then I thought how much I missed the light,
How I was so blind, to lose it out of sight.

I realized that my life wasn't  about to end,
Oh how much light I still had to make it bend.
A I thought of others who don't have light to,
And it was the beginning of something new.

'Shine!' I shouted furiously,
And all was peace and life was without curiosity.
My light had fought what I hated,
And now the darkness has finally fainted.

Now it was time for my freedom,
And I have returned to my kingdom.
Never was darkness seen again,
And it is finally said.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zippypuppy´s adventure

Hi, this is my new story.

Zippypuppy was a puppy that lived in a jammers den. He had the life of a normal puppy. His owner occasionally took him to play Disc Toss and he sometimes had a walk around Jamaa, but most of the time he was in his owner´s den with the other pets, and one day he became tired of being there all the time. “I have great news” he told to Rivernocerous, his fox friend. “I am going to leave this den, because I want and adventure, so bye, I want to explore Jamaa.” Rivernocerous wished him good luck and he left the Acacia pet tree were he always was with all his friends.
It was strange to leave the tree, because he had never explored the den all by himself, only by the side of his owner. It was a castle den, and he skipped through the garden, which had a porch swing, some plants and a swimming pool, and he entered the castle across the entrance bridge. The next room was a normal living room, with couches, and a table with a tea set. The rest of the den was pretty much a normal den. But at the top, he saw and arcade full of game machines. “Wow” he thought “I have never played one of these games that only jammers play. I will try one” After looking at all of them, he chose long shot. He pulled the string and, just when he freed the armadillo to make it shoot, he hopped to his back.
He went through countryside, ice, and even a strange place full of lava. In the end he landed in Jamaa Township, and he started to look around and thought about what to do next. Most of the jammers were too busy chatting, trading and playing games to notice that there was a puppy wandering around all by himself. He decided to have a bath in the river, but it was covered with ice. But after all, skating is also fun, he thought. So he skated across the frozen lake and ended up in the lost temple of Zios. “Now this looks like an interesting place” he thought. He looked down the Zios Pit, and a phantom came out. He got scared and ran away, and ended up in front of the chamber of secrets. “This looks extremely fun” he thought, so he went inside.
He was amazed at all the things that were in there, but didn´t touch anything, as he was intelligent enough to know that you should never play with magic. He looked at everything, and then came out. He went inside Brady Barr´s lab, and he made a potion. He wondered what would happen if he drank it, but he had heard too many jammers tell stories about strange and horrible things that happen to you if you drink a potion without knowing what effect it might have on you. He had even heard that a jammer had discovered a potion that would make everyone who drank it change color every second. “I bet Cosmo knows what all these are for” he thought. But he didn’t want to take any risk with strange potions so he just went out of the lab.
He walked to crystal sands, and decided to have a smoothie. It took him a while to climb on the machine, but he made it and grabbed a glass that was almost as big as him, and started trying to fill it with oranges, the flavor he had picked. But unfortunately an orange landed on him. He couldn’t get up, and he felt lots of other fruits fall on top of him.
He stayed there, very bored and barking, waiting for someone to rescue him. After a while, he heard a jammer say excitedly: “Oh, yay! Fruit salad!”  And for Zippypuppy´s horror, he picked the mountain of fruits up, and just when he was about to eat it, Zippypuppy jumped out. “Oh, what is a puppy doing there?” said the jammer. “Well, it must belong to some random person around here.”
So after that little incident, Zippypuppy was able to continue his adventure. He swam in the clear waters of Crystal Sands, and then went to Coral Canyons. He wasn´t very interested in that land, but he went into Peck´s Art Studio to have a look. He was delighted with the sight of lots of paint and paper. “Wow” he thought. “I am going to be an artist” He had a great time painting. He was only a small puppy and the paints and paper were big, but for a clever puppy like him that was no problem. He brought some paint tubes to next to the paper, and jumped on them until he had a nice, thick layer of paint of many different colors on the paper. He made a mess by trying to spread the pain evenly with his paws, but he managed to end up with a paper with lots of paint with grooves in the shape of a star. Then he noticed he was totally covered in paint. But he used his messy, colorful paws to make another painting, filled with paw prints.    
Then he went into Sarepia forest, had one popcorn and saw some movies. He also drank hot cocoa with marshmallows, Kit Kats and crisps in Mt. Shiver, and splashe din the hot water pool. He played in the mud in Appondale and after all that fun, he went back to his owners den.
“So, how was your day?” asked Rivernocerous curiously. “Great” said Zippypuppy. “It was a complete adventure!” 

Hope you liked that!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bullies Just can't stop it, would they?

Hi, recently, my teacher was discussing about Bullying, it made me realize this song I haven't for like, a LONG time, but I went to YouTube and listen to it, I've been looking on my life, connecting the song to me and my friends' life. Here's the link;

It's beautiful, I could just wonder how it could be like that, to be honest, I was a bully myself, I wanted attention, but it didn't work, and for the seventh time on detention, I learned my lesson and stopped bullying, I've wondered why do people bully, why? I know, they want attention, but what is the real reason, nothing seems to give me the answer. 

Here are the Lyrics;

She has noo rares
Was a little too poor,

But that's why we love her
She's not like other ones
She could've conquered Jamaa
Until you broke her

Are you happy now?
That she's on the ground
And do you realize the words you say
Make bruises that don't fade away
Are you happy now?
That you've brought her down
And she's thinking that she won't fit in
Cuz you said something's wrong with her
Are you happy now?

He didn't like dens or clother
He knew what he stood for
He's not like you, you don't like that
15 years down the road, he could be everything you won't
But right now you're breaking him

Are you happy now?
That he's on the ground
And do you realize the words you say
Make bruises that don't fade away
Are you happy now?
That you've brought him down
And he's thinking that he won't fit in
Cuz you said something's wrong with him
Are you happy now?

I've heard that it was done to you
Is that why you do what you do
Well that's no excuse, no

And if it felt hell to you
Then why'd you wanna put them through
What hurt you

Are you happy now?
That you've brought them down
I, I don't think so

Are you happy now
That they're on the ground
And do you realize the words you say
Make bruises that don't fade away
Are you happy now?
That you've brought them down
And they're thinking that they won't fit in
Cuz you said something's wrong with them
Are you happy now?

Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?


I jammafied them though, I'm not a good Parody-Maker. But, it's worth it .-. Hehehe. And it really recreates the meaning of bullying in RL and Cyber Bullying. Cyber bullying is a very very bad problem to many, and I've been one of the victims. Lots of people always say that I'm not "Rare" Enough to have that item (even though I was overpaying.) I'm like, fine, but don't you know. But. What? Oh Nevermind, I'll find someone like you. And In the Chorus where it siad "And do you realize the words you say

Make bruises that don't fade away" Mean a lot to me, because my old username in another game is "{ W o r d s ." Yes, it's a weird name, but I made it because it was one of my book I'm creating Called "Words." Yes, weird title, eh? But it shows bullying blah blah blah. "Words can strike through someone's feelings like a sword can strike through someone's heart." (That's a quote I made in the book ^.^) Be careful of what you say, like how bullies do. Just stand up for what is right and don't bully, but Still, Bullies just can't stop it. I wonder when will they. Would they ever stop? I know almost all of us have been a victim and has been a bully before. I'm pretty sure for that. So, as I was going to say, bullying is something everyone should stop, it's gone to far and many people have been victims, would you agree Jammers, well. This is enough for me, I'm tired, and it's 2:38 AM here, I'm going to sleep, see you in the morning!

SYIJ Jammers!

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The Legend of Jamaa

Hi guys, I'm so, so, SO, sorry I haven't posted that much, anyways It's soon my summer and probably I could make lots of posts :) Thanks and here's the Story;

As I was waiting for my teacher, of course, I was really bored, so, I wrote this, it's a legend of Jamaa, my version..

 (Note;; This is not a true Legend of Jamaa, I am just making it up since I was bored.)

The Legend of Jamaa

Once, in a land, far away, there lived the Animal Spirits, Nio, the Father of all Animal Spirits, decided to make Jamaa, a place where everyone will be tested, this is the reason why Jamaa was created, to seperate those who do good, or do bad, like scamming, hacking, or bullying.

Two-fifths of all Animal Spirits, including Smotnahp, one of the most kindest Animal Spirits, refused to make Zios as Jamaa's Father. He wanted himself to be the one, the one and only. He would make something even more designed for Humans, but most refused saying "We are animals, and animals would live in a suitable place for animals, animals would die in terror in a place, where Human Beings will Rule!" But Cosmo stood up and said; "I agree with most of the Animal Spirits, being one of them, I have a special power, I had a vision, if Smotnahp were to rule over Jamaa, he would make us die and suffer from pain, losing our chance of living. I will go with Zios and be one of his Alphas." Everyone was amused except for the ones who followed and agreed with Smotnahp. Just then, Sir Gilbert, the Tiger Alpha, Liza, the Panda Alpha, Peck, the Rabbit Alpha and some other new Alphas we know today in this World, had led all the followers of Smotnahp to go away and be called Phantoms. They are evil ones who try to destroy Jamaa, then, the Creation of Jamaa was be continued...

Jamaa was a dark, dull, and blank place. No trees, no Animals, no nothing. No one can live.

Nio commanded Zios to make Jamaa, just before I proceed, do you know who is Nio? Nio is someone you couldn't suspect who would be. Yes, you guessed it.

It's Zios's Father.

Now, may I proceed? Yes, yes I may.. Now as I was saying..

Nio commanded Zios, and Zios had did what his Father has told him. And it lasted days, and Jamaa was created, many Jammers now live in Jamaa and are tempted by the Phantoms to Scam, Hack and bully, but you Jammer, won't let that Happen, right? Of course you wouldn't. Some just don't understand why was Jamaa was created, and I know why though. And that word is; "Rares"..

So, Thanks guys!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

A story of a jammer

Hi! I decided to write a poem about the story of a jammer.

A jammer once joined Jamaa,
He looked for fun, so yah.
He wasn´t looking for a rare,
And had no intention to be unfair.
This jammer entered the town,
Not knowing he would soon go down,
He bought some stuff,
A table, a chair and an elf cuff.
But the cuffs came on clearance,
And although he only minded the appearance,
He wanted some fame,
So rares became his aim.
The cuffs stoped being sold,
And the jammer had got hold,
Of a few of them,
And he saw how rares came.
He wore them all the time,
And started thinking he was sublime.
He became delighted
Of with rares being sighted.
But we hadnt had enough,
And became more tough,
He had mean thoughts
His heart started to rot.
One day a hat came out
And he heard a tiger shout
"Hey, what for it?"
The jammer thought about the benefit.
The tiger had not been told
That the rare had been resold
The jammer gave him the hat
In returned for a beta mat
The tiger deleted the jammer,
When he found out he was a scammer.
But the jammer didnt care
He just wanted another rare
The jammer was now obsessed
And some passwords he guessed
He scammed and hacked
Every animal he attacked.
One of his buddys, a seal,
Didn´t think it was a good deal,
"You just want fame"
"You are ruining the game"
The seal had a lot of friends,
And and he offends
When he sees a scam
All he wants is to have fun.
But the jammer didn´t mind
He just opined
That rares were all,
He was starting to fall.
He continued, unaware
Of how important friends were
He traded and traded
And with his rares he paraded.
He just send trade requests
His buddies were less
He asked for things
Rares were his dreams
To this his buddy replied
"My friend, " he cried
"Oh but darn,
why do you want to cause any harm"
And then, like a great beam
he saw what rares had done to him
Now he had realised
He started to appologise.
He said sorry,
now he had no worry,
His friends came with him again
And he could enjoy the game.
He went to the town,
Kept friends number one,
Some rares he kept,
Buddys he started to accept.
So this is the narration,
Of how a jammer got attention,
And at the end
No more rares he yearned.
So remember, friends are first.
All over the place they are dispersed
You just have to find them
And you will enjoy this game.

Did you like that? In case you dont understand, it explains how rares can transform people, and how ou have to put friends over rares and just Jam on. :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Crystal Sands

Hi! This is my invented story about Crystal Sands.

“Okay, Sir Gilbert, so here is your land” Mira said.  Sir Gilbert, the tiger warrior who had recently been named alpha, looked satisfied at the view of a great exotic beach. “You have been given the gift of creation” The heron added. “Decorate it however you want. Good luck” said the goddess as she flew away. “Great” thought the alpha. “A land all for myself, to decorate and make sure it is fun for jammers” He smiled, thinking about some ideas, unaware of how important his land actually was.
So the tiger started thinking about ideas. He decided not to change it much, as the beach, with a volcano in the distance, palm trees, clear waters and wildlife was really marvelous. He added some games, carved some wood to make mysterious fetishes and carved in the cliffs what would be his home, a big carving of his face, with the mouth very open to create the entrance.
Sir Gilbert was happy with his land, but one day, a seal swam right out of the water and told Sir Gilbert: “Hi, my name is Captain Melville and I have an idea for a business. I would like to make a juice hut, and I think your land is quite apt. “That’s a great idea” greeted the warrior “But where is the equipment?” “Oh” said the Captain sadly “I was sailing with a ship with all the equipment I needed across those oceans over there, but unfortunately some spider-like creatures took my ship” “Phantoms” growled Sir Gilbert. “Well, as I have the power of creation, I can create all your things.”
So they became friends and Sir Gilbert created a hut following his friend´s indications. “Here would be a claw machine, here is where I would serve smoothies, were some pillows so jammers can relax with their buddies while drinking smoothies, here some hanging plates to store the food…” dictated Captain Melville. “Not so fast, I can´t create things at that speed” complained Sir Gilbert. “And there” said the seal when the hut was almost finished “an electric ukulele. Sir Gilbert smiled and did it.
So years passed and everyone was happy with the beach, enjoying the nature, swimming, playing in the sands and drinking Smoothies. But one day Liza, the head alpha, who is a panda, came to speak with the owner of Crystal Sands. “You have made an excellent job” she congratulated him. “But Jamaa is changing, and I have some plans to improve your land that you might like.” So Sir Gilbert listened politely while Liza explained him the plans. “Maybe we could make a bridge here” she explained “and a Pet wash there. And some water slides and rope bridges and a mast like a boat´s with a trickle of water.” Sir Gilbert agreed, and they changed it.
But another day, Liza visited him again. “AJHQ just told me they are going to make an aquarium for Tierney Thys, a human scientist. I think Crystal Sands is perfect for it. “Look, it fits if we move the Pet Wash over there.”
So finally, Crystal Sands ended up as the beach that we know and have today.

I hope you enjoyded that short thing. Jam on!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Items that might come out in the future

Hi! I decided to do a post on items that might come out in the future. This is a part of a den with a lot of examples of what could be future items.
Would you like it if these items came out? What other items do you think will be in stores soon? Hope you liked that short post.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The great phantom War

Hi! As I was bored I wrote this.

As everyone knows, when Zios disappeared Mira cried and cried, until she had almost no tears left. When her tears fell from the sky to the ground, they mixed with the elements of Jamaa, according to AJHQ. But they didn´t mix with all the elements, only with the evil ones, thoughts from scammers and hackers that only care about themselves. Then phantoms where formed and started thinking of ways to ruin Jamaa. They started driving the alphas crazy, destroying Cosmo´s plants, ruining Peck´s pictures, making Edmund and Sir Gilbert the warriors bang against things while practicing, hiding Greely´s books about magic and even throwing litter to the oceans to make Harper and all the other underwater alphas have to take it out.
The alphas got together one day in Jamaa Township. “Okay, alphas of Jamaa” said Liza. “I have organized this meeting because, as we all know, we have to put an end to all this chaos created by the phantoms. They can´t always end up doing what they want. Maybe we should try and defeat them” The other alphas absolutely agreed.
So Liza got her pet owl, and tied up a letter for the phantoms to his claw. The letter said:
Dear King of the phantoms:                         
This needs to stop. We will not allow you to continue ruining our fantastic land. Jamaa is a pawsome place created by Zios, and we don´t want you ruining his hard work. So in seven moon´s time, when the sun is in the middle of the sky, we dare you to fight to see who will take Jamaa.
The alphas.
Liza got the reply a few days later, written in an old paper stained with an unknown dark substance. It was carried by her owl, that came back. “Great” said Graham. “Let’s read it” It said:
Dear pathetic alphas:
Ok, we agree. But we warn you: You are going to lose.
Signed: The King of the Phantoms.
“Well” said Sophia, the horse alpha. “We´d better get ready.”
The next days were spent preparing for the battle. Otto the elephant alpha went stomping to Jamaa Township to find warriors. “Who wants to help us in a battle against the phantoms?” He asked. Many jammers were willing to help out, but others were too scared. Otto brought to the chamber of knowledge, were everybody was preparing, all the jammers who wanted to help. “Great” said Liza. They started distributing the work.
Greely would use all his knowledge of dark magic to attack the phantoms. Liza would make sure everything was organized. Cosmo would make medicines with herbs to cure the wounded. Harper and the underwater alphas would attack them with water – phantoms hate water. Ruby the rhino alpha would charge at them with her big horn.  Sophia the horse alpha would act as a distraction, as she could move very quickly, to make the phantoms pay attention at her and not notice the others. Edmund and Sir Gilbert the warriors would grapple with the phantoms with swords, spears and axes. Graham was preparing all sorts of contraptions to throw things at them.  Peck made all sort of armor for everyone. Otto would stomp on all the phantoms that fell to the floor. Cornelius the crocodile alpha would fight using his big teeth as sharp as knives. Marco the penguin would spy with a telescope and warn everyone if more phantoms were coming. And Amelia the fox would dig holes for phantoms to fall into. And all the jammers who had volunteered to help would fight with swords and armor.
When only two moons were left until the great battle, Cornelius said: “What is going to happen to all the jammers that are too scared to fight? We can´t make them participate if they don´t want to, but we can’t let the phantoms kill them” “True” agreed Ruby. “We must make a refuge to help them hide. We don´t want them to be in danger.” So the remaining time was used to make a safe hiding place. Amelia and Peck, the best diggers, dug a giant burrow. They started putting torches in it. “Come on, lend us a paw” said Peck. Graham immediately threw at them a false paw. “Stop mucking around, Graham.” Growled Sir Gilbert. “We haven’t got much time left”. In the end, they had made a big burrow with lots of food for jammers and pets, a play area for pets, a cinema with a  giant SBI television, a mini arcade, a play are with plushies, rocking horses and other toys, and all sort of things to keep jammers safe and busy during the battle.
The great day had arrived. In Jamaa Township, all the alphas and warriors were ready in their places. They awaited, until Marco warned them that the phantoms were arriving. The sky became a huge black cloud. A huge group of phantoms were coming. The battle started. Sir Gilbert, Edmund and the other warriors fought with all their might. Otto stamped and Cornelius snarled, some brave pets bitted the phantoms, Greely threw spells at them and everybody worked hard. A few jammers were hurt so they went into the pillow room, were Cosmo treated them with all sort of potions and pills. The battle was pretty equal, but when they had been fighting for over an hour a phantom threw a ray of electricity and hit Edmunds neck. He had to wiggle to the Pillow Room with his head down. Other jammers were there, and some came out to continue fighting when they felt better. “Owe, that must hurt” said Cosmo. He gave Edmund a strange sort of tube that help his neck, and made him drink a blue potion. The giraffe alpha suddenly felt much better and trotted away to continue fighting.
The Jamaassians were winning. Some phantoms were killed, but most of them just flew away to save themselves. But when only about ten were left, Marco yelled: “Beware! More are coming!” And it was true. A colossal cloud of phantoms dashed through the sky. The Jamaassians  tried hard, but they were very tired. The phantoms started to wound more and more jammers, and even hit Liza, who had to go to the pillow room.
In the burrow, most of the jammers who were too scared to fight were watching TV. But one particular bunny was listening to all the noise, worried about everyone out there and feeling guilty for having refused  to fight. In the end, we unplugged the TV. The others protested at him, but he said: “Don´t you see they need help out there?” the others groaned. “We must help them!” he insisted, and before anyone could do anything he hopped out, and they all followed him, without weapons, without armor.
The bunny took them to the Sol Arcade. He told them to play Phantom fighter, and with the ships, they all went out of the terrain of the game, off to Jamaa Township. They drove the spaceships and attacked the phantoms. They did a very good job and only some were left, when the phantoms attacked them and broke the spaceships. The jammers fell, but luckily they all landed in the river, so they didn´t hurt themselves.
The brave bunny was very good at controlling the ship, and soon no phantoms were left. But before they could all cheer, an immense phantom glided towards them. “The King of the phantoms” gasped Greely. They all attacked him with all the strength they had left, and the bunny threw all sorts of things from his spaceship. The King of the Phantoms threw one last ray and flew away with all the remaining phantoms.
But the spaceship´s fuel ran out, and soon the brave bunny was falling. But he landed safely on a pillow that Cosmo had brought out of the pillow room. So all the alphas and jammers had a great feast together to celebrate their victory.
But Phantoms had not had enough. The remaining ones reproduced and every October they take over Jamaa in revenge, hence the reason of the Night of the Phantom´s existence.

Hope you liked it!
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