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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Legend of Jamaa

Hi guys, I'm so, so, SO, sorry I haven't posted that much, anyways It's soon my summer and probably I could make lots of posts :) Thanks and here's the Story;

As I was waiting for my teacher, of course, I was really bored, so, I wrote this, it's a legend of Jamaa, my version..

 (Note;; This is not a true Legend of Jamaa, I am just making it up since I was bored.)

The Legend of Jamaa

Once, in a land, far away, there lived the Animal Spirits, Nio, the Father of all Animal Spirits, decided to make Jamaa, a place where everyone will be tested, this is the reason why Jamaa was created, to seperate those who do good, or do bad, like scamming, hacking, or bullying.

Two-fifths of all Animal Spirits, including Smotnahp, one of the most kindest Animal Spirits, refused to make Zios as Jamaa's Father. He wanted himself to be the one, the one and only. He would make something even more designed for Humans, but most refused saying "We are animals, and animals would live in a suitable place for animals, animals would die in terror in a place, where Human Beings will Rule!" But Cosmo stood up and said; "I agree with most of the Animal Spirits, being one of them, I have a special power, I had a vision, if Smotnahp were to rule over Jamaa, he would make us die and suffer from pain, losing our chance of living. I will go with Zios and be one of his Alphas." Everyone was amused except for the ones who followed and agreed with Smotnahp. Just then, Sir Gilbert, the Tiger Alpha, Liza, the Panda Alpha, Peck, the Rabbit Alpha and some other new Alphas we know today in this World, had led all the followers of Smotnahp to go away and be called Phantoms. They are evil ones who try to destroy Jamaa, then, the Creation of Jamaa was be continued...

Jamaa was a dark, dull, and blank place. No trees, no Animals, no nothing. No one can live.

Nio commanded Zios to make Jamaa, just before I proceed, do you know who is Nio? Nio is someone you couldn't suspect who would be. Yes, you guessed it.

It's Zios's Father.

Now, may I proceed? Yes, yes I may.. Now as I was saying..

Nio commanded Zios, and Zios had did what his Father has told him. And it lasted days, and Jamaa was created, many Jammers now live in Jamaa and are tempted by the Phantoms to Scam, Hack and bully, but you Jammer, won't let that Happen, right? Of course you wouldn't. Some just don't understand why was Jamaa was created, and I know why though. And that word is; "Rares"..

So, Thanks guys!



  1. ...Rares? Why rares?

  2. To be honest, I couldn't really enjoy the story because of spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes just ruin stories for me.


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