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Monday, December 17, 2012

Blog Helpers? Authors? Interested?

Hey Jammers!
Seems like I've already failed trying to make daily posts bright and early in the morning, but better late than never, right?

Well.. this isn't exactly an informative post. 

I'm looking for blog helpers, kind of like the Spirit Jammers on Snowyclaw's Animal Jam Spirit,well actually, A LOT like the Spirit Jammers. We don't have a high-maintenance ask page like Spirit, but a lot of frequent commenting. 

I know a lot of Jammers frequently re-read old posts, and pages, and I have a hard time keeping up with everything, as well. I'm looking for a few jammers who can:
  • Look for spelling and grammar errors in posts
  • Respond to comments on posts and pages
  • Email me with any remarks about things
  • Willing to help the blog out in most circumstances

I'm also looking for a few more authors. Our authors that posted months ago don't post much anymore, and I need some more help, since I'm not ready to fully give up on this blog, yet I'm unable to do what I've done in the past.

I'm looking for authors that:
  • Have reasonable, meaningful stories to share.
  • Have good grammar and spelling.
  • Maybe have their own blog
  • Can post AT LEAST once a week
  • Own and know how to work a blogger account
  • Have preferably been an active reader of JWT for awhile
  • MUST have an email that I can send author request to
  •  NOT able to advertise their own blog
  • etc.
If you're interested in any of these positions, please email your applications to animaljamgoldfish@aol.com telling me your username, why you're a good candidate to be an author/blog helper on JWT, links to your blog or any other articles you've written, some topics and brief summary of articles you would write about, and any other thing you feel necessary to inform me about.
All Authors and Blog helpers:
  • Pictures and usernames will be shown on the blog sidebar
  • Be breathless's buddy
  • Are able to make any announcements or other things that will be included in posts
  • Are able to host contests (possibly) on the blog
  • Should be equally respected as I am on this blog
Thanks everyone! I plan to keep going on this blog, and improve it as much as I can! I can't guarantee that I will pick any authors or blog helpers at all, but I would like to. :D Just need to find the right people.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Something to NEVER Joke about

Ok, well, if you don't know, most of this drama has mellowed down due to yesterday's post. If you haven't read it, you can either scroll down or click here.
I'm gonna try to have daily posts everyday to lessen down the comment wars, and not have people dwell on a topic for too long - but I'm not making any promises! >..<

Anyways, this post in NO MEANS IS MEANT FOR ANY OFFENSE TO KINYONGA , AND IS NOT A HATER POST, This is just a good example of a recent topic like this, that I'm gonna use. Any comment that states something along the lines of, "oh, there goes breathless bitchin' about kin again", or any comments relating to this old drama WILL BE REMOVED, don't say I didn't warn you.

Okay, I have had hater comments and remarks like this before. Kin sarcastically commented saying, "I'm praying for you, Goldy, you must have some problems in real life..." I have had another hater tell me, "I hope you become a better person" and "You must really be struggling in real xD" I always take it un-sarcastically, and agree with them, because I DO hope I'll become a better person. And you really shouldn't joke about someone having problems in real life, I could be in a rehab center right now, and you guys wouldn't even know. (A rehab center is a place for people to heal from depression, and become happier)
A lot of people use AJ (and other games) as a second life, where they can be their true self, have friends that like them for who they are, and have a totally new start. You never know what's going on behind that screen. I'm not gonna mention any names, but some of you may figure this out, one of my old close friends was always in very deep depression, and had a lot of troubles in real life, and I would always try to comfort her, saying even though I'm just a virtual bunny on her screen, my real heart cares for her. But, when a fan came, her and her other friend would be the happiest, kindest people alive. You really never know until someone opens up to you, which may never happen.

This is kinda getting serious, but maybe the person you're making this rude remark to has scars on their wrists from their own knives, maybe a bruise from their dad's fist, or cries their self to sleep every night due to social bullying at school. I know that sometimes I come to my AJ friends to cheer me up, or to take my mind off something if I had a bad day. But, when someone mentions something like that, It can feel like the whole world is coming down on you.

Okay, or maybe not as serious conditions, maybe they had a bad day at school, their crush rejected them, someone didn't like their new outfit, etc. This kinda got off topic, but all I'm trying to say, is you never know who the person behind the screen is, what their story is, so just try to make everyone feel the best about themselves, and don't joke about real-life problems. 

See you.. tomorrow... maybe later today...?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peace, Drama, and an Apology

Okay, yeah, this is another post responding to all the drama. People think that I directly hate all these haters because I'm whining about them on my blog. No, I don't. I honestly think Kinyonga, XxFieryWolfxX/MagicDream, Ducier, devon78303, and some other strongy-opiniated jammers who comment are awesome, I've met them before, and I enjoyed spending time with them. I think they are good people. I just don't agree with some of their actions. All I ever said was that they really don't need to crictize every single thing I do, and jump too conclusions so fast. Honestly, I read some comments, and you guys are making me sound worse than I am. All I ever said was that I mentioned Kinyonga and a few others for disagreeing with everything I do, and if this keeps up, I'm going to delete/stop this blog, which is still true. Y'all are making me sound like I'm sending death threats, Jeez.

My last post got over 200 comments, which I don't even bother reading every single one (no offense, I usually read comments on normal posts and reply to them) because most of it is just about all this this shit. But, one comment did affect me. D:
XxFieryWolfxX noticed my "The Truth" page was down, and jumped to a conclusion saying I don't want the truth to be known anymore. Now, first of all, why would I suddenly not want it to be known, when pretty much all my friends and my fans know it, and 2000+ others know it? I replied saying it is under maintenance, which it is, and will be finished when all this drama mellows down. Kinyonga on her sister's profile commented telling me it was lies. Lies? Really? You think I would make all that up? I even have witnesses, and I wouldn't poor my heart out and take three hours to type that all up if it was lies, plus, that page got my blog started, and my blog become more 'popular' 'cause I actually published and admitted all my mistakes, and you think all these fans are fans because they think I'm lying? Sorry, I'm not trying to be cocky, just prove a point.

People/Jammers don't understand, that by these last few posts, I'm trying to clear things up, and end this, which all my haters say they want to, but they can't seem to agree on anything, even when I admit my faults. Am I offending anyone here, or hating on my haters in this post? Please tell me if I am, 'cause I'm not aware of it.

Another topic came up in the comments, that I'd like to add onto a little bit. "Peace". 
 Someone commented saying, Why can't we all wish for world peace?" Well, in fact, many people wish that. Mistgaze then commented that peace is an illusion, which, if you think about all the bad things in the world, it kinda is. Kin commented "No it isn't! Don't say that!" Well, I know it's not really great to say things like that, peace isn't an illisuion, but I don't know the correct term for it. It's more of a fantasy. I then commented, and tried to explain that it's not bad not to have peace. (Sorry double negitive) I said, It's impossible in this world. The world would be boring with peace. Everyone would agree, and nothing interesting or new would happen. I'll make an analogy. When you're in art class, and you're teacher tells you to paint a picture of a penguin, you have a certain idea in mind, right? You paint a picture of a penguin standing on an iceberg in the middle of the ocean. But, you look over and see your friend's drawing, and she painted a cartoon penguin in a restaurant eating lamb chops. You would've never thought of that!, right? So in short, by not having peace, we can have different ideas and explore and have more to discover, even if it isn't always great. At the end, I added "even if it isn't always great" which apparently some people didn't read, 'cause some people commented saying I like war. NO? I don't like war! Unfortunately, war is one of those not-so-great ideas that I was referring to.
 Mentions of the book "The Giver" and "Wrinkle in Time" were in the past comments, and those are honestly two of my favorite books. I love what infinity commented, it's what I was trying to explain, but he worded it better, Peace is impossible because all utopias are dystopias in their own way. For example, if you've read The Giver, in the end it turns out to be a dystopia. The world is fair enough the way it is, because people are all unique in their own way and can explore. Peace in truth, would never truly exist. We'll have our own schisms and conflicts and there will always be changing tides. Like whats been going on in the past few posts of this blog. Its been quite a mess,the past few posts, like a war of defenders and haters... .-.
If you don't know what utopia is, it's a perfect, ideal world. The Kin commented, saying we don't get it. We FULLY get it, I also agree that if there was peace everywhere, it would be great. We're just saying that just because we don't have peace, doesn't mean the world is an awful place. We just need to know how to handle our conflicts. (Some of us don't know how to handle our current conflict on this blog..) When people think of peace and no peace, they automatically think of wars, raping, guns, murdering, and all that nasty stuff. That's the obvious downside of not having peace. But you know the different types of art, such as comics, cubism, sketching, black and white, pastels, that's just an example of not having peace, 'cause everyone's unique and has different ideas. If we respect each other's ideas, we can be happy and not have peace at the same time. Right?
 Kin commented again, saying there should be peace, and that her dad is a peacemaker. That's WONDERFUL that your dad's a peacemaker, and there are people willing enough who don't give up and want to make peace. Yes, I agree, that there SHOULD be peace, but in a world like this, it's merely an illusion. Anon commented saying that I said the world is better without peace and that I'm happy there's war and evilness and that I'm crazy. That's BS. I never said the world is better without peace, OF COURSE it would be better with peace, OF COURSE I'm NOT happy there is war, and OF COURSE I don't like evil. [But side note - just because some people like the fact that there is war and evil (*gasp* yes, some people do) doesn't mean there crazy, some people get very deep depression and there mind can change on it's own without the person wanting it to, resulting in the person thinking like that. This has happened to my close friends, and I've been expierenced through it.]
 Another mention of the Giver book. Ilovemypets8 says she would like peace, which I think almost everyone would. She gives an everyday example of how we don't have peace in this world, and Fiery and Kin agree, which I also agree with too. (Something we can agree on! :D)
Fiery then comments saying that I'm asking for this drama. How so? I'm trying to resolve it by not being too defensive, admitting my mistakes, and trying to come on an agreement with this. She says I should get over it, and then continue making my old posts. Those two things go together, I can't exactly get over it when I have so many hate comments on a blog I worked so hard on, and all these haters are a reverse motivation making me not want to make my old posts anymore. I agree that there is too much drama. She says not a lot of people read my blog anymore, which is incorrect. I'm actually been getting more pageviews everyday, from all this commenting, (150 more on average) and you shouldn't say something like that if you don't know. I know, I am part of the drama, and there is no way for me to get out of it because I am on one end of it. I agree with your last statement, saying there SHOULD be peace, but it is a mere fantasy. 
Devon then comments asking why I don't want peace, and that I like war. I think I've covered my response to that a few times in this post.

An Apology to MagicDream - I remember four months back, when you were talking to Cair and admitted that you liked him. Well, right before than, Cair had asked me out and I said yes. So, I came in, and you had just asked if he was single, and we both told you no, and said we've been dating since two minutes ago. I know, that was rude of us, I'm sorry. I've known you've always liked him, and the time recently when he told you that he was single, said he liked you, and you told him you wouldn't quit because of him, and that you loved him, then he came and layed next to me, and you felt betrayed, I'm sorry about that. D: I was feeling sad that day, and Cair and I started joking about that, then he actually did it, and I laughed. I'm really sorry about that, and It's most likely one of the reasons you dislike me so much. I don't hate you, like you said I do, I just don't agree with most of your actions. (Side note - I'll make a post later about Cair and I)

Random fact- I say "Most likely" a lot because I can never remember how to spell 'Probably' right and I'm too lazy to use spell check. xD

okay, bye.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Ok everyone.
I'm just gonna keep it real in this post.
So, we all know that this blog has gone WAY downhill with tons of hate.
I'm sorry that I'm not posting like I used to. I really don't have the time and interest anymore, and I have apologized. 

Yes, RJ has posted some very opinionated posts but I'm not going to delete them. I don't delete posts because at some time they must of been really important, that we felt the need to share with everyone. "Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted" is one of my favorite posts. This blog is all about sharing the truth, and we do share the truth, so I'm not gonna hide it.

I'm really sick of some people ( like Kinyonga ) who just comment just to disagree with me/us/authors and just start a hate war. It's not really worth winning because there is no prize. And you can't really win it. It doesn't make anyone happy. Unless you're really desperate and need to walk and say "I said mean things on Goldy's blog!" to just to try to get friends. Which I don't think you will. If you don't like what I post, don't read the blog. Simple as that, right?

Most of you will comment saying "Just moderate comments, Goldy!" Well, this blog is all about the truth, right? People comment with their truthful opinions, so I will publish it. But I think it's going to far to get into a fight, right? Sure, you can disagree. But it gets a little much when you have to disagree with every. gosh. dang. thing. i. do. >o<

ok bye. c:

Friday, December 7, 2012

We Stopped, She Won't & Truth of Rj

*If you want to skip over drama, go to the other bold text. I'm tired of hearing it, too.*
Hey, Rj here for a quick post. Yes, it's about Magic. This is the last one cause I'm tired of her getting the headlines. She just honest;y won't stop. I have no idea what's wrong with her. She recently changed to her new account "XxFieryWolfxX", but she says it's her sister. C'mon, please? You can't fool anyone with those outfits. You have the same ones you always wear. Wearing every rare on every animal again. If your sister was real, she'd be different from you. When you say "Fiery hates Brainless and Rj too", you mean that you hate them, it's obvious that it's you. Plus, when you were friends with me and Breathy, you never said anything about a sister on AJ. Who are you trying to fool?
How I found out was that my friend told me that she told him. (Not gonna say any names) You know, you told about 80% of the world? I don't even know how you still even get trusted. "I have about 23 Jama-grams every say!" she says. DUDE, NO ONE CARES. I have no idea what's wrong with the other people either, you can't fool me. Nor Breathless.
^ This is the link that ticked me off, it's from bigcatsforever's blog, posted by my friend, Imperative. ^
"Rj and Brainless" You honestly need to stop, we stopped about a week ago? Why can't you give up. This is just really a letter to you cause you won't stop. We asked, and you never did. You gave Imp the brown/pink top, we all knew you were going to give her the less rare top. When Imp asked for another top exchanged for the brown one, you said no. I've got to give you some credit for being the most heartless person in the world, Fiery/Magic. You just go out of your way to make everyone else's day turn to crap, to make yours better. 
"Brainless" At least she has more brains than you can ever get. She doesn't even post about you anymore, only when you do something that messes everyone else up. She made her own blog, you mooched off her blog so you could get attention. You just want the attention. And that's the idea. Give her no attention anymore. You don't need it. You just like to copy others. And no, we're not 17. That was a joke. If you actually believed that, the you are easily fooled. I'll admit it, I am older than I should be to be on this game. But does it look like anyone else cares? Abso-fricken-lutely not. No one cares, unlike you. If aged mattered, then put me in jail. And do you have proof that Gold is 17? No. Why does it matter?
I like how your "sister" comes in just randomly when there was no account of that name before you mentioned it. How did she know how to trade? Where is her original animals? Why does she talk and act like you when she is suppose to be different from you? Hello? Anyone else notice these things? Everyone does this that scams. They make a new a account and try to hide who they really are. 
I'm seriously just done with her. She doesn't need the attention. I don't need the drama, nor does Breathless. And guess what? Honestly, Breathless doesn't care about AJ anymore. She doesn't talk about you unless you do something that copies her or you scam her or one of her friends. But you won't stop.

*I'm giving a warning, this part has swears cause I'm just done with this. Sorry. I don't care if you judge, cause it's over and done with.* 

I am just f***ing done with this game. Everyone just treats everyone else like s*** so they can get their way of life to a prefect life. I honestly don't f***ing care anymore. Talk bad about me, go ahead. I really could care less. This is a game, get f***ing over your d*** bridge of "Oh, rares matter in life!", because honestly kid, rares won't help out in real life. But no. You still keep going so you will get noticed by everyone. You just wanna be famous on a virtual game. Guess what, sweetie. This ain't youtube. You're not PewDiePie, Tobuscus, or any other of the gaming commentators. You're not even suppose to be aloud of blogspot. You're too young to be here. I have no idea how Animal Jam blogs started, because they all say the same things; drama, new items, and advice that no one listens to. I'll admit when I see advice post from other blogs, I just skip over them or just don't think about doing what they're saying. I could care less about it. I have my mind, they have there's. No one changes anymore. No changes of heart, nothing. And who would want to see new items that you already knew about that are out in stores? It's just so boring. I'm pretty sure you are capable of looking at the shops and seeing the new items. It's not that hard. I'm just tired of sleeping like a dog on the floor when it comes to this game. Always getting treated like shit when I'm just trying to be me. It's not f***ing worth it anymore. I did try to get rare once, but then I realized how stupid I was trying to be. It's been about a year for me being on this game and I've been addicted to rares. But now, I can finally move on. Cause honestly, this game just wants the money. I just wanna hang out with my actual friends and kick back our feet. Enjoy life the way it is now, cause tomorrow we'd wish we could do it again. I just hate people who rub everything in. "Look at my new top that I got cause I scammed a few rares to get it :D" We all know you have at least once. That's cool. I have, too. I've scammed a computer, pink legend, a green worn. Never gave them back. Cause I didn't care about others. Now that I do, I wish I could take it all back. Cause this game is not worth 2 cents to anyone. It's suppose to be a virtual world with animals and friends. But now that I know the true story behind it, I honestly wish this game was never created, since now the purpose is rares. This is not how it is suppose to be. And I hope you all realize that when you get to that time when you remember how everything on this game mattered, and now it doesn't mean s***. It has driven me mad. The only reason I can't quit is; I have a heart for my friends. I care about them and I don't wanna let them down by quitting cause that would be rude. I've had the best times on here. Now rares took that away from me. Thanks, Animal Jam. Ruining kids' lives since 2010. And I have another song about it.
Pierce the Veil - King For a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn, lyric video)
Sorry about that, I just had to get that off my chest. It was stuck in my head I just couldn't hold it till everyone made it pop. I don't care, judge me if you must. Write hate comments. I don't care cause this is a game, not life. Thanks for reading, I guess.
Note: After I say truth or it gets very cold, I start to shake for days. so if you hear me complaining, this is why.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Inspiration For Animal Jam

Hello, I am RjKingBeast, again here. I've been thinking about Animal Jam. And how it's like real life problems everyday mostly. You're probably thinking "Oh boy, another post about rares!" Well, it is sort of. I'm talking about the whole Animal Jam. How you should just be yourself. I honestly can't take the whole rare business anymore. I will be glad when they all come out. Cause recently I realized I just didn't care about rares anymore. They affected me for so long and now I just don't care.
My inspiration that help me just give up on rares was my favorite hip-hop artist, Macklemore. (I know some of you don't like hip-hop, but listen to what he has to say, please. I'm not making you, just telling you it's not that bad.) He has a song that I thought really explained Animal Jam. It expressed how he was little and he got a pair of shoes that none of his friends could afford. He got a pair of Nike shoes and he wanted be to like the big stars. So he wanted what he couldn't have, but he ended up getting it and no one else could get them cool. He had his own pair and it consumed his thoughts. He told him he was so cool now and that he just could laugh at everyone else who couldn't get the same pair. He was mean to his friends and everyone else. 
One day, he saw a kid with the same pair of sneakers and he realized that he's not cool anymore. His Nikes help define what he really was. That he was just himself, and no one else really care about them. He realized it was just another pair of shoes that he paid at least $400 for. It made him think that he didn't really need to get them and it wasn't the sneakers that made him cool, it was him. 
Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - "WINGS" (Official Video)
It made me realized that what I have was just another rare that is probably gonna come out in stores anyways and that other people probably have my rare. So I just gave up and started to be me. My friends love me for who I am, not for what I have. I am grateful for what I have, though. But I will not let rares consume me ever again. 
It makes me really mad when I realized that Animal Jam makes you come back for it's rares, not for your friends. It makes you addicted for rares. When people say "When tops are out in stores, I'm going to quit!", I think of how they don't really care about their friends. They care only about rares. I'm definitely not going to quit because my rares are coming out. I have friends, not items. I lost some of my really good friends to rares because they either got scammed or their item just came out in stores. And that makes me angry at Animal Jam.
Well, thanks for reading this short post. I got tired of the Magic post cause I honestly was tired of her making it to the big headlines. She scammed, okie cool. It's been like what, 3 week weeks? I'm sure you all know that she has scammed and to not trust people like her. Thanks for reading, I'm RjKingBeast. Take it easy out there.
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