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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #32: Who needs Fame when they got Friends?

Hi Guys!
DreamsOfBlue Here!
I'm pretty sorry to make the title long, But it's worth it.

Fame- One of the Normal Problems of AJ, Most people in Animal Jam want it, I used to want to do this, I wanted to get a blog and make it Famous.
I'll start from the Jammer who I first saw with a blog,
One day, when I was trying to find the eel in The Journey Book at Bahari Bay, I couldn't see it at all, I asked and no one Answered, that's when I finally thought to Search in the Internet, In the top Links, There was a blog called "Fauna Toughclaw's Animal Jam Rage" I clicked it then I found it. After, I viewed a few post, It looked like it was a good blog so I kept visiting it and so on. I really loved her blog, So I created one and Determined to be like her, Although, I was never ever ever to be like her, Still determining to be famous, After I quit my Thracey11 life, I learned that friends are worth more the Fame, So, Who needs fame when they Have friends? I remember the first friend I had in my DreamsOfBlue Life, She was my new Best Friend, I loved to hang out with her, Everytime She goes to me I go to her, She reminds me of my Old Life, Now I got around 30 friends, And It never let's me have the "Fame Game". You may ask, "What's the "Fame Game"?" Well, The "Fame Game" is an addiction to fame especially when you aren't Famous, I used to have it, but I realized it wasn't Important, What really was important was just to "Waddle Around and Meet New Friends" (Club Penguin's Slogan) or in Jamaasian Term "Jam around And meet new Friends" not  "Jam around and Try to be Famous" I mean What? Why would someone create a Slogan like that? Being Famous isn't important, Having fun is Best, And Having more friends is even Better! Being Famous isn't everything you know, But, You can be famous if you want, But the best way to be famous other then Making a Blog is Making friends, Friends Are the best, Friends help and cheer you up. Friends Love you, Everyone is you friend, New or Old, Rare or Unrare, Short or Tall, Black or White, Little or Big, Everyone's your Friend!

So, this is the Lesson:
Who needs Fame when they have FRIENDS?
Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! 
P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Biggest Trading Tip

Hi Everyone!
Well, about 5 months ago I figured out a huge piece of advice for fellow traders.
This piece of advice many people are mad at me for when trying to make a fair deal, but trust me, in the end, it's worth it.
These piece of advice is: Trade by demand, not by rarity.
You may be confused, but let me explain.
Yes, make sure to do fair deals, but be conscience.

If you're a huge trader, and you are relying on trading this item for more, and keep trading and trading and trading, you need to have the right items that people want and will trade and overtrade for.

Before a trade, I always think about a few things..
Unless your for certain that you want this item with all your heart and you'll never ever ever EVER trade it, then be aware of a few things. You will want to have the right audience that will offer for your item, and will have a lot of demand.
 For example, beards and top hats are two rare items. Beards are rarer then top hats, but more people want top hats. Mostly because of the cool coloring, the design, and shape of top hats people want them more. People consider beards ugly, small, and wierd. That's why I don't trade for beards, because they are hard to trade and not in the market. Also, another example. 
You know the Purple worn blanket and the Blue worn blanket? Well, they are both one of a kind, the exact same rarity, just a different shade. Everyone knows that VisualEffects has the blue worn blanket, but not many know about Lemonfreeze12's purple worn blanket. Why?
Because people like the blue better, it's also a unisexual color, meaning both Boys and Girls like it.
It's also more of a mystery, and more people talk about it.

Now do you get it? Trade by demand, not by rarity.

Demand meaning how easy it is to trade, how many people want it, and etc.
Rarity meaning the actual count of the item, how many exist, and blah blah blah.

This also applies to den items and clothing items. There are many beta items in both categories, but  people prefer to trade more for clothing rares, because then can show them off anywhere and look nice on the virtual animal that represents them self.

Hope this helps, see ya later!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking a Break

Hi Jammers!
Well, a few of you talked to me yesterday in my den. (Since my den is open to anyone at almost anytime). I mentioned how I was planning to take a break from Animal Jam Goldfish. I don't want to say I'm quitting, because that's such a big and intense word. No, more of a break. I don't know how long this will last, I'm thinking for a week or two but it may turn into more.

My reason why is because I just don't have the same interest currently. If I don't have the interest, I know my posts won't be as interesting and fun, and that wouldn't be fun for you guys. Theirs a certain thing that gets you going, to keep posting, making polls, contests, and I just.. lost it. Many of you agreed that I do deserve a break, and I appreciate that so much. This wasn't really planned, I just figured. Hopefully some of my authors will post every now and then, I can't guarantee everyday. I will hire a few more authors, if you're interested, click here. 

Yes, this does count that I'm not going to be posting YouTube videos very often. They take a lot of work, and I was used to doing it at 2am when nobody else was on on AJ, and now that's impossible because of School. I will also continue to help out on the Animal Jam Spirit daily posts, because they don't require as much time, emotion, and thinking as AJG does. Maybe someday I'll comeback and post about what's going on, but for now, thanks for your current and I hope everlasting support, AJG was never planned to become this big, but for now I'm taking a break.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mid September 2012 Jamaa Journal

Hi Everyone! 
The new Jamaa Journal is out!
Credit pictures to Animal Jam Spirit.

What do you think of the new update? The cake is HUGE!

Enchanted Hollow Skyway

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I didn't post earlier, I've been having MAJOR computer problems. Dx
I don't know if you know this skyway, it isn't really a 'sky' way, but more of a secret passage..?
Anyways, for this glitch you will need a fast computer, an enchanted hollow den, and of course, patience!

Step One: (Pardon all my items in the way) In the lowest level, towards the upper part of the den, stand in the left corner of the bookshelf and the wall. You should feel a little nudge, but make sure you're in the corner. I circled the spots in red of where you should click, for those of you who know how to do this glitch.

Step two: Pre-open a game menu of a buddy that is on the same world as you. Click the shell game, because it's easiest while in the middle of the glitch, and test it out to make sure someone is on the same server as you before you try the glitch.

Step three: Click somewhere in this area, and send your game request!

Step four: Send your shell game request, and quickly cancel!

Step five: If you do the glitch correctly, you will automatically head towards the upper level, but if you cancel your game request quickly, you will follow the first arrow and can go up.  Sorry for all my buddies in the way, they wouldn't move! :P

Skyway Tips:
  • Laptops (Especially MacBook Pros) are harder to do skyways on, so I suggest adding a mouse or switching to a home computer
  • If you're in a crowded area, maybe stay until the party is over to try the skyway
  • Patience is key, keep on trying
  • If you have a slow computer, It's going to be extremely hard to do the skyway
  • If a faster computer is optional, I suggest moving to do the faster one
  • Stay only in the sky area, testing your limits is going to end in having to redo the glitch
Good Luck Everyone!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Role Models #3: Supermonkeys

Hi Everyone!
Yes, I know I haven't done Role Models a lot, but I warned you they wouldn't be around a lot!
So, I chose Supermonkeys, who most of you know as the non-member rhino to be our third Role Model on Animal Jam Goldfish. At first, I admit I wanted to add HER (Not Him) because she was a non-member rhino. Then, I realized how funny she actually was. She said she added me because I seemed different, and now it turns out she's one of my closest friends.
I call her 'Baron' because in fact, she was one of the first Jammers to use the first name 'Baron' in your animal name. Some reasons why I chose Baron to be a Role model is because:
  1. Yes, she does get questioned a lot by random jammers of how she got to be a non-member rhino, but every time she takes the patience and explains to each and everyone. She got to be it because, much like clothing in beta you could chose two animals to become non-member with when you lost your membership. She indeed, chose to be a rhino. This is also the same conditions for her member lava floor in her den.
  2. She is very kind, and in facts helps me with my homework sometimes. She knows whats right, and yet can be funny and sarcastic at the same time. She's not afraid to be herself, she's not the typical mainstream jammer you'll meet, and she's proud of who she is and isn't afraid to speak up of what she likes.
  3. She has no interest for rares. None. Zero. Zip. She's played practically ever since AJ started, that means she's seen rares progress. Being close friends with two of the rarest jammers in AJ (Who shall not be mentioned) this is awfully shocking to me. She's given me a million reasons why she has no interest in them, and hopefully it will rub off on me someday.
I hope you agree with me of why Supermonkeys deserved to be recognized. I don't like to focus on certain jammers a lot, but I hope you understand as said in the first Role models post:
Hey Guys!
I know it's kind of selfish and disappointing to see yet another focus-one-only-one-jammer-they-get-all-the-attention kind of post or page, but I think I'll make mine a little more special and different then the regular 'Jammer of the Week's or 'Spotlight Jammer' pages.
This one is going to be called 'Role Models'. People who are not necessarily my best friend, someone who's super rare, famous, has a great blog, or someone that begged me to be featured. This is going to be a random bit, and I can explain very well why I chose them.

Thanks for being supportive to AJG!

Rarity Scan #12: Cami's Frog

Hi Jammers!
So, there has recently been a suprisingly high demand to know more about Beta Den items and in general, the trade for them. I honestly have somewhat hard time judging the rarity of these, because most everyone prefers clothling over den rares, so no matter how rare a den rare is, it loses about 30% market rarity just because it's a den rare.

So, I chose some random, mainstream den rares and am going to tell you roughly my opinion on them. 

Cami's Frog

Here is a picture of when the Cami's Frog was sold in Beta times: 
Cami's frog is based off a real story, here it is: (All credit to Animal Jam Spirit)

Now, you may be wondering "Who is Cami?" Cami is a young girl diagnosed with Leukemia. This is a type of cancer that lives in the blood or bone marrow and creates an increase in too-young white blood cells. There are many types of Leukemia. Before Cami was even born her dad, Pat, picked out the frog toy for her. She named it Froggy and has slept with it every night since she was born. Her dad works for Smart Bomb, so he later created Cami's Frog and sold it on Animal Jam during beta! 

 If you would like to learn more about Cami's Frog, you can go kissesforcami.com. Now, I don't know about you, but I think this item is awfully special. It's really the only item in Animal Jam that deserves to be rare, you know? 
Sure, it's not the biggest, coolest, item out there, but it speaks to the heart.

My Prediction:
I don't think Cami's frog will be released again, because there is such focus on one girl and I'm sure other Jammers now have lekemia, sadly and it wouldn't be fair. In beta it was much smaller population in the hundreds, not in the millions like now. And in beta, the only people who would know about the story is those who read the AJ Lore site, which has been taken down because I'm sure it wasn't that popular.

What would I trade for a Cami's Frog:
These are a pretty high quality item, and den rares are hard to judge, but this is my opinion:
  • A fish fountain for a Cami's frog and bongos
  • Two bongos and a small clothing rare
  • Cami's frog and fish fountain for a firepit
  • Cami's frog and fish fountain for a zios
  • Two Gecko Banners
  • A cloud
Sorry this post is short, I'm so unbelievably busy this week! :P

Monday, September 10, 2012

Beta Pictures!

Hey Everyone!
I don't have much time to post today, so sorry that this post will be quick.
Thank Mira for Princess IcyWolf (I don't know her username)  RABBITLOVEFOREVER for backing me up and sending in these AWESOME Beta pictures!
I'm sorry that I don't really post a lot of other jammers videos and pictures, I'm very very very picky. 
Yes, I know you've seen a lot of beta pictures on the 'Beta times' page, but these are a more inside-look on what the daily life in beta looks like. I'll have to add these too our page later! :P
So here was our regular Animal Jam Logo, but they added 'Beta' to know that their under let's say.. 'Construction' of building AJ to a better place. That's why if you're confused, people say AJ has been online for 2 years, that's counting beta. But, AJ isn't going to be OFFICIALLY two years until  a Month or so.

Here is the login screen! It's more of a pop-up then the regular off to the side logo. They also broke the word 'username' into two different words, and have the same 'Play' logo. Which one do you like better? :P

Aha, an old Map! They have the 'Home' logo in the bottom left. Also, they have Mini Game icons all over the place. Mt. Shiveer and Appondale aren't released yet, so they don't even seem to exist! Their is absolutely NO landscape in present day Appondale..

A disco ball! This was in Jam Mart Furniture, and notice how they price tag is Red and White instead of Green.

Our very own Gazelle horns! Yes, Purple/Orange was the original color and it was sold for 150 gems. These happen to be one of my favorite items on AJ. :D

Gloves! The first time they were ever sold was at 45 gems, same as the Founder's hat. Wow, gloves will always be popular it seems. In the whole time I've been playing, they have been released about 3 times at over 1000+ gems.

More Jam Mart Furniture pictures! I like this wallpaper icon better, I don't know about you. It's interesting how Cami's frog was categorized in the catalog with wallpaper.. hmm.. Also, the wallpaper's price has gone up! :(

Ahh, top hats! This was later in beta, as you can see by the background change.

Also, we are having a poll for how often we should have contests on Animal Jam Goldfish, click here to see it!

I'm sorry I'm so behind on everything and busy, I try my best! :(

Ps. Did anyone see my post on Animal Jam Spirit yesterday! Aha, I was so nervous - until all the nice comments!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #31: Who says you can't be what you want?

Hi Everyone!
There is a poll on Animal Jam Goldfish Contests Blog to see how often we should have contests, Click here to vote!

Somewhere in the first two months of me on AJ, I decided I wanted to change. I didn't want to be this underdog at trading parties, this AJ slut, hanging with the same five people everyday. I wanted to change, I wanted to be something different. I didn't really like who I was, it was getting old. 

I noticed how most people refer to Animal Jam in a few different categories:

  • The Rare/Trading People
  • The Bloggers
  • The Clan people
  • The lovers
I didn't want to be just one. It seemed boring to be just one. The same, same, SAME thing everyday for the rest of your Animal jam journey. If you would change, it seemed people would be mad. Who says you couldn't be them all? Why couldn't you? Can't society accept that? Somehow, I got started out in trading. I didn't do much other stuff for a few months, that was so addicting. Now I'm on Goldfishypuppy, and came back to this idea of being more then one. 
Why couldn't I be them all?
I am them all.
I have a clan that I usually visit about two times a week. They are a nice clan, friendly, and do friend stuff together as well.
I have a blog, I'm joining Animal Jam Spirit, and I post everyday about whatever I want. You people still read it, because apparently you find all my mistakes entertaining. 
I trade a lot, I have fun with it, and I've learned to keep it in moderation. 
I do date around a little bit, every now and then, you know, love exists. I can't just ignore those feeling, if you know what I mean. It usually doesn't last.. 

My point is, who says you can't be whatever you want to be? If you don't like who you are, change it. You shouldn't have to be forced to like yourself, if you don't. 
If you're friends don't like you for changing, then they weren't your true friends after all.
If you feel like you'll never ever ever in a billion years find you're true best friend on here, trust me. I've been there, done that. Turns out, I never thought I'd be her friend. She seemed so quiet, hidden. If you have a friend like that, why not open up to them? Make an effort.
You don't have to go anonymous, suddenly switch accounts, or any of that wacky stuff to change. You can slowly approach, or suddenly say, "Hey, I'm done with this clan. See yah later!" or "Hey, I'm making a blog, You should check it out!" Do whatever your little soul desires.
If you like who you are, congrats. But what's wrong with LOVING who you are? There's always room for improvement. Give yourself what you love, instead of just like. I always try to work hard on my blog. I try to ask you guys what you want to see, and then do it. That's why I have the post requests page. And for the fact that I can sometimes draw a blank when posting.. 

Back to what I was typing about. I don't get why society thinks you should all be grouped up in one  section. Aldan has practically turned into a trading center. The sarepia forest is always dominated by clans. The bloggers are always shooed off to the side to the side of parties. I don't get this. I can hang out with anyone I want. We can all be anything we want, and hang out with whoever we want.

You don't want people judging and hating on you? Then don't judge and hate on us. Simple as that.  Don't make fun of clans because people tend to dress more nature like instead of the general neon colors. Don't make fun of bloggers because we have a passion for writing. Don't automatically call me a scammer because I have a top hat. That's not fair. I could tell you who I got every single item in my inventory from, from top hats to a silver glove. 

I have had a lot of stages in my AJ life. Being a boy, Hiding my rares, Acting Boring, Deleting all my friends, you name it. I finally have decided to embrace who I am, don't try to cover it up, not put up with fake friends, and do whatever in the name of phantoms I want. 

Remember, If their happy with themselves, be happy for them.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lessons Of Jamaa #30: Every Jammer is Special

Hey Guys,
DreamsOfBlue Here!
Today, (Friday the 7th) I watched a Movie, A movie that made me cry so much, Titled:
"Every Child is Special"
The Movie was about a Child that had a Disability, The Disability was Delectia , I don't know what they call it, But it's a Disability that you think the Letters are dancing, He was Complained by A lot of People, The School, His Friends, His Neighbors, Almost EVERYONE! Even his Dad, the only one who understands him is his mom, but then His dad got angry because it was like the 99th time he has been complained, And the Dad said "If I hear another complain, your going to boarding school!" Well, He did go to boarding school, Oh this is where I felt so Sad, His mom and dad left him Alone :( The boarding school has only one rule
 Well, I only watched at to that part, but, I'll Connect it to Animal Jam before this Post turns Off Topic.

Ishaan, (The name of the Boy) Is like Newbies or Unrare Jammers, The Dad, is like People who tease or be mean to them, While the Mom is people Who are nice to them and help them to have a Good life like us, there "Disability" is having no rares, and as The "Dad" Teases and be mean to them, Will go to "Boarding School" which is Quitting Animal Jam, I have a Question in my Mind that Hunts me everytime I go in AJ,
"Why are people being mean to Newbies and unrare jammers?"
I guess some of you have the same question in your Mind, Well, I finally got the answer,
Because Rares took over there mind.
O.K. This Post is Totally Getting off topic, But I'll go back to it now,

Remember the first time you went to AJ?
Liza told you something that relates to this Topic, Guess what is it,
"Every Animal in Jamaa is Special"?
Then that's Right! But, Everyone act that only Rare people are Special, And when I'm alone and no one talks to me in the unrare bridge, I feel like one of those unrare people or I feel like Ishaan, And Yes, You might know my Feeling, I always talk to myself, doing nothing at all, Just sitting at the Bridge, Talking to myself, Yeah, I know Weird... Now, I used to had a Friend that was a newbie, (Believe me, I was mean also back them after a few weeks I came back in Jamaa) I was like "Dad" Because I Became mean and yet she never deleted me, Soon, I deleted her, Since she was unrare and a newbie, I wish I could come across her and apologize, But I guess she doesn't know me, even if I use my 1st Account, Oh Well, I can't change the Past, I should just Deal with it... Well, now, I have to tell you, All those who Tease Newbies and unrare and is Reading This,

Do you people ever Think of the "Golden Rule"? The Golden rule is like this,
(I'll make it to Animal Jam rather) You teased a newbie, the Newbie became sad, And Quit, What would you feel if the Newbie were you and you were The newbie? See, That's the act of the Golden Rule, In real life, I always say this, Whenever someone is mean to me, I say it, And I guess it worked, and if it worked in Real life, then It WILL work in Animal Jam, I know this is Crazy, But I mean it, If you want to spread the word, Go in AJ and Start making a Anti-Bullying Club or Trend something like that, Just Do it for the sake of Newbies in Animal Jam!


~ :D DreamsOfBlue :D ~

Friday, September 7, 2012

Restaurant Den Skyway

Hi Everyone!
First, before the skyway my friend informed me of a Blogger Imposter.
Well, this is rude. They copied my name and stole my picture. They have a few gaming site blogs, mostly about Animal Jam. My guess is that they made this when Snowy released the information that I was becoming an author on Animal Jam Spirit, because all the posts on their 'Animal Jam Fishbowl' are about Snowclaw. Just letting you know, this is not me.

I also need to do an 100 subscribers video, any ideas?

Also, we had our comment moderation poll that finished. 
Exactly half of you voted to have no comment moderation. Well, I'll go along with this, but I trust you guys to tell me if any mean comment comes up. I can't check every post everyday, but I will check Ask Goldy everyday and the Daily Posts. So, if you see a mean comment on any others posts or anything on this blog, make sure to tell me in the comments on either Ask Goldy or the Daily Post.

My friend Evilmastersam taught me this skyway.

Step One: Stand here, in the corner of the platform in your den, right by the entrance.

Step two: Pre-open a game menu, of one of your friends. See the game I circled? It's shell game. This is the game I suggest using for this glitch.

Step three: See the patch of grass, right by the first ground lamp? Click this patch of grass.

Step Four: Quickly after clicking the grass, send a game request and cancel it!

Step Five: With being quick enough, and a lot of practice, hopefully you'll end up where I am. The red arrow shows where you'll automatically be walking, but if you don't stop yourself, you'll cross over to the entrance pit of the den. Make sure to click somewhere's around the yellow circle to prevent that. You can then follow the yellow arrow, and go around towards the sky!

Skyway Tips:
  • Laptops (Especially MacBook Pros) are harder to do skyways on, so I suggest adding a mouse or switching to a home computer
  • If you're in a crowded area, maybe stay until the party is over to try the skyway
  • Patience is key, keep on trying
  • If you have a slow computer, It's going to be extremely hard to do the skyway
  • If a faster computer is optional, I suggest moving to do the faster one
  • Stay only in the sky area, testing your limits is going to end in having to redo the glitch
Good Luck Everyone!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lessons Of Jamaa #29: You can't please Everybody

(Note: This is 9/6/12's post, I'm publishing it now because I'm just that angered.)

Hi Jammers!
Okay, it all started out when I quit on XxFreeSpiritxX.
I didn't give out my top hats until a week later. I wasn't comfortable sending them to offline people.
Well, a week later when I came back for a visit I ended up sending them anyways. I totally forgot about my best friend, Fatpanda96. I still had my favorite solid blue top hat. I offered to trade it back to the original owner, Cruiser7. He ended up doing a HUGE overtrade for it, worth more then a tan top hat. I traded all that stuff and pink gazelles I still had for Silver101's tan top hat. I kept it for a little while, played with it on XxFreeSpiritxX, since I wasn't a member yet, and told my friend on Skype who was Pandy's friend on Transformice, and she told Pandy to get on.

Once she got on, she already knew I had a surprise for her. I sent the top hat, added a star stamp, and she opened it, freaked out, but it wouldn't let her accept it. She reloaded, I was nervous, and the she could accept it. She started shouting "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!" and all that, and promised to give it back to me if I ever wanted, even though I was almost positive I wouldn't. 

After I became a member on Goldfishypuppy, I asked her if I could try it on, since I hadn't had a tan top before. She flat out said I couldn't. I didn't get it. If I was generous enough to give it to you, you can't let me play dress-up for two minutes? I was kinda mad about this, but told myself I would get over it, and respected her decision. 

After I got my beta eye, you already heard the story about that a few lessons back. Pandy traded her striped blue for the tan carpet so I could get a fair trade, because I gave her a tan top. At that time, I didn't see what was coming. I really wanted Lemonfreeze12's brown worn. I was talking to him about how I was going to ask for Pandy's tan top back, because I didn't appreciate how she was complaining so much, she's changed, she's not the old best friend I remember, and I just didn't like her new 'vibe'. He said he would trade the worn for Tan top, red top, Brown Pilgrim, and a black striped top hat. Now, I really wanted this worn blanket. Before my offer was less, and he said it was still the best trade before I mentioned this tan top hat to him. 

A few days later, Pandy got online, and I explained my situation to her. My friend, RjKingBeast was also there. She knew what was happening, and once I asked for the tan top hat back, nobody said anything. I eventually decided to break the silence and said, "...did that show?" and Pandy said "No..". RjKingBeast told me on Skype that it did show. I was mad then. After about another 10 minutes or so of debating, she eventually sent it back. I told her I was planning to trade the worn blanket for a blue striped and stuff, to get her old blue striped back in which she was complaining about.

Later that day I traded lemon for the worn blanket, but it wasn't how I imagined it. It was boring. Kind of gross. Just.. blehh. I didn't really like it, and I told that to lemon the next morning. He kept saying supportive things like, "That worn is worth more then freedom wings." "I had to trade more for it." and we started talking about trading. He said that the key to trading is patience, and if you always decline everything, people will want it more and offer more. I realized that that's what he did to me. He liked my original offer, but kept declining and I traded way more then I could have. I didn't like that feeling that he kind of tricked me. A few days later, I asked to trade back. He was overjoyed about having his 'dream' again to have Red top hat and Tan top hat at the same time again. I didn't feel really bad, I already had got him his old 'dream' of having membership again, yet I don't regret it. He said, "Oh.. there was tradebacks.. that would have been nice to know.." I got all worried, that he already traded one of the items, and started thinking about how to get a fair trade quickly for this worn. He traded back after a bit of stalling, and was super furious. "I was done with this game anyways" he said, and logged off. That whole event got me in a funk, I removed all my rares, and logged off. I wasn't really in the mood for debating no more. The next week or so, I didn't wear rares and I admit, was kind of rude. Lemon got on every now and then, still didn't act like him old self. I eventually got over it, and so did he.

A few nights ago, I traded the tan top for a good trade that I wanted. I didn't know if panda was still playing, but I was nervous. After she sent the tan top back, she went to epic wonders, said she was quitting, made all her animals black, but I had to go. I didn't know if she actually quit or not. I traded the tan top, and was 110% happy for a few days. Until yesterday night, Pandy got online and jamagrammed if I was still trading lemon. At the time, me and lemon were having a serious conversation in his den. I told him to go on my chatbox, and we both logged out. I admit, I went offline to avoid panda. We finished talking on the chatbox, he had to go, and later that night I went on again. I was in the temple of zios, and had this greyed out loading screen, so I could see what was happening in Jamaa, but couldn't do anything. I saw her say, "Why'd you trick me, Gold? :(" and I reloaded and I went to her den. Apparently, Panda's friend, Uniquelog (My old friend, yet we had no fight..) was talking to panda, and she said how "I tricked her" and Unique started jamagramming me things. I told panda to come to my den, and explained everything that happened. I had a blue striped at the time, but I wasn't comfortable nor had the willpower to give it to panda. She said, "Oh, you don't have to get me a blue striped. I'll just quit, It will be better for everyone." Now, that was why I wanted the tan top back in the first place. Because of this attention-seeking complaining, new version of her that wasn't like the panda I remember giving the tan top too. All I said was, "You're doing it again.." and she was confused. She didn't get what I mean. I didn't have the courage to tell her, and said I was just going to go off. She said, "I'll just quit.." all I said was, "bye.. see you later.. or not." And I logged off. I didn't like the situation.

Well this morning, (9/5/2012) I logged on, and I looked in my inbox. Jasper521 had jamagrammed me, "YOU STOLE PANDY'S TOP HAT, RARES HAVE TAKEN OF YOU, NOW I HEAR YOUR (Next jamagram) TRYING TO BE RARER THEN SOMEONE! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR RARES. :)" I was confused by what she said. I didn't 'Take Pandas top' I took my own one back, but if you don't have the decentcy to look from my point of view, don't judge me. I'm trying to be rarer then someone? I figured this one out. She talked to CookiezNCream, But before I say the rest, let me clear something up. Long long long story short, Me, Cookiez, and Lemon scammed a Very rare item of Jasper's, and me and lemon Backstabbed Cookiez on the deal, and we all got mad at eachother, and I just recently apologized to Cookiez and were friends now. Now to Continue.. She must have talked to Cookiez, which I don't get, because there enemies, and Cookiez must have said I'm trying to be rarer then her, because we have the same items. Yesterday morning, she said, "I have almost all the same items as you except you have extra founder >:D" Which I took as a little friendly competition thing, and I tried to say as nice as possible, "Well, I have two non-member wings, too." and she must of taken that otherwise.. 
Also, my good guy friend, who we've been through a lot, but I know he would be serious on this case, he jamagrammed me: "PEOPLE ARE PLANNING TO TAKE YOUR RARES, BE CAREFUL ON WHO YOU (Next Jamagram) TRUST" Now, I'm not going to say his user because incase these scammers he's talking about, asked him on the plan and he just agreed to get information, they would be mad about them. 

So, I don't know who actually is trying to scam me, but in these situations it seems Jasper251 and CookiezNCream and maybe Fatpanda96,  Edit: I found out that it was Uniquelog, Jasper521,and some others planning to scam me, and they were trying to convince Fatpanda96. No offense to all of them, they're all very nice once you're good friends with them. Just know, that I record all suspicious activity on AJ, that's how I got 45 minutes of HighQuality Scamming, so If you try to pull anything on me, well, good luck.

Update: Well now, the same person that starred in our 'MAKE IT STOP, MAKE THEM STOP!!!!" Post, just got in my drama. Everyone is saying that I'm the bad guy, even though they didn't hear the whole story, since I haven't published this. Don't judge me, if you don't know the whole story. I did in fact get Fatpanda's striped blue top hat back, but never showed it to her. I was planning to give it back, but now she's starting all these rumours. I showed it to this girl who was in our other story, and she said I just want to trade it for more rares. How sterotypical? She always acts like I'm just about rares. She said that I wouldn't understand whatever she was talking about, even though she's never tried to explain and still hasn't. She says I never had friends ignore me when I was non-member, and I said, "Were you there with me every single moment of everytime I've been on, even in my private me-only locked den?" She replied, "Maybe I was, you were just to busy TRADING!!!" Wow. So much drama, I can't stand it. At least I'll find my true friends, and I'm going to say what I want, do what I want, 'cause I'm not gonna hide behind a mask again.

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Snow Fort Skyway

Hi Jammers!
I can't remember who taught me this glitch..
But, if you're one of the lucky jammers who have a snow fort, here's how to do the skyway!

Step One: On the upper level, stand in the right corner.  You should feel like a little nudge. If you don't step deeper into the corner. I know it looks like I'm not in the corner, but it's as far as I can go. Make sure you're facing the same direction I am, not sitting down, or any other action. It's easier to get in the right position if you're not in a crowd.

Step Two: Pre-open a game menu, and keep in mind to use the Shell Game. Before the glitch, you may wanna test out if you can send a game request, because if you're buddy you're going to send the  game request to is on another server/world, then you'll have a different window pop-up and you'll have to restart, blah, blah, blah..

Step Three: See wall on the bottom level? Click the middle of it, somewhere in the red circle! I know it's a wierd area, you usually click the ground, and some people get more nervous if its on the wall. Trust me, this one is just as easy as when you click on the floor. It's a lot of way for the animal to walk, so it's not like you have to be lightning fast. 

Step Four: Quickly, Send a game request and CANCEL IT! If you do this a tad little to quickly, the glitch won't work. Make sure not to get in too big of a hurry, then you end up missing steps. 

Step Five: The red arrows show where you'll automatically be led if you do the steps right, but if you don't click off to where the black arrows show, you'll be directed down the the bottom level. Make sure once you're on the wall, to click off to where I am. Then, explore around the sky a little bit!

The snow fort den has a HUGE sky! I wonder why they didn't use this space.. hmm..

Skyway Tips:
  • Laptops (Especially MacBook Pros) are harder to do skyways on, so I suggest adding a mouse or switching to a home computer
  • If you're in a crowded area, maybe stay until the party is over to try the skyway
  • Patience is key, keep on trying
  • If you have a slow computer, It's going to be extremely hard to do the skyway
  • If a faster computer is optional, I suggest moving to do the faster one
  • Stay only in the sky area, testing your limits is going to end in having to redo the glitch
If you want to try this glitch out, XxFreeSpiritxX's den is unlocked and it is a Snow Fort. :)
Good Luck Everyone!

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