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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Role Models #3: Supermonkeys

Hi Everyone!
Yes, I know I haven't done Role Models a lot, but I warned you they wouldn't be around a lot!
So, I chose Supermonkeys, who most of you know as the non-member rhino to be our third Role Model on Animal Jam Goldfish. At first, I admit I wanted to add HER (Not Him) because she was a non-member rhino. Then, I realized how funny she actually was. She said she added me because I seemed different, and now it turns out she's one of my closest friends.
I call her 'Baron' because in fact, she was one of the first Jammers to use the first name 'Baron' in your animal name. Some reasons why I chose Baron to be a Role model is because:
  1. Yes, she does get questioned a lot by random jammers of how she got to be a non-member rhino, but every time she takes the patience and explains to each and everyone. She got to be it because, much like clothing in beta you could chose two animals to become non-member with when you lost your membership. She indeed, chose to be a rhino. This is also the same conditions for her member lava floor in her den.
  2. She is very kind, and in facts helps me with my homework sometimes. She knows whats right, and yet can be funny and sarcastic at the same time. She's not afraid to be herself, she's not the typical mainstream jammer you'll meet, and she's proud of who she is and isn't afraid to speak up of what she likes.
  3. She has no interest for rares. None. Zero. Zip. She's played practically ever since AJ started, that means she's seen rares progress. Being close friends with two of the rarest jammers in AJ (Who shall not be mentioned) this is awfully shocking to me. She's given me a million reasons why she has no interest in them, and hopefully it will rub off on me someday.
I hope you agree with me of why Supermonkeys deserved to be recognized. I don't like to focus on certain jammers a lot, but I hope you understand as said in the first Role models post:
Hey Guys!
I know it's kind of selfish and disappointing to see yet another focus-one-only-one-jammer-they-get-all-the-attention kind of post or page, but I think I'll make mine a little more special and different then the regular 'Jammer of the Week's or 'Spotlight Jammer' pages.
This one is going to be called 'Role Models'. People who are not necessarily my best friend, someone who's super rare, famous, has a great blog, or someone that begged me to be featured. This is going to be a random bit, and I can explain very well why I chose them.

Thanks for being supportive to AJG!


  1. Cool! I bet she's a great friend. Too bad she can't help me with my homework! xD

  2. Wow that's cool! One thing I don't get though: I was there when rhinos arrived, and I also became a member then (roughly a week after they appeared) and when my membership ended I tried to keep my rhino and elephant, but it wouldn't let me. Why's that? And also why did you put "in beta" when beta had already ended? Sorry if this sounds a bit...moomphy, but you know. Thanks!


  3. Wow, she sounds like a great friend! I would love to be her buddy!

  4. I wish I had her attitude about rares...... I wish I was her buddy!


  5. I love jammers who are super nice and friendly. ^.^ Wish I knew you all<3 Have a happy day!

    ~ TheWaffleNinja ~ :D

  6. Good Job Supermonkeys! C: And goldy, I never thanked you enough for me being the first Role Model. I just want to say thanks for that C: And I'm sure Trickertreee and SuperMonkeys are saying thank you too C: ~AG

  7. Congrats Supermonkeys! Wish I had more friends like you! =D

  8. You could've chosen member animals before Crocs came out August 2011. Rhinos came out in June 2011. :3

  9. Oh my goodness Free, this is just... I dunno.

    I have felt pretty crummy lately, this made my mood turn around.

    Thank you for being an awesome friend yourself. I'm glad I could be such a good friend to you.

  10. Oh my goodness Free, this is just... I dunno.

    I have felt pretty crummy lately, this made my mood turn around.

    Thank you for being an awesome friend yourself. I'm glad I could be such a good friend to you.


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