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Monday, September 3, 2012

Monkeys Only Party Skyway

Hi Everyone!
I decided I'll start posting skyways I can actually do.
Today my friend, Jammie263 taught me how to do the Monkeys Only Party Skyway!

Step One: In the top left of the monkeys only party, stand here. A trick to remembering this spot is to have your face and eyes right inbetween the two vines. It should feel like a little nudge there. Don't go up higher, towards wear my mech angel feathers are - It DOES NOT work up there. 

Step Two: I always suggest pre-opening a Game menu before doing the glitches. It creates a lot of chaos to have to open the game menu in the middle of the glitch. Pre-open this menu, and I circled the game in red you should click - shell game. It's easier since it's the in the bottom of the menu, and an easier target to remember then clicking randomly. 

Step Three: If you look down towards the bottom right of your screen, you will see a little space between two branches leading off the screen. I circled the general space to click in red, and if you already know how to do skyways, there is where you will click. Click that spot!

Step Four: After you click the spot under the branch, quickly click on shell game in your pre-opened menu, send a game request, and quickly cancel it!

Step Five: If you did it right, maybe after a little practice, you will quickly jump from the first arrow off the branch, and you will start walking towards where I circled. If you don't click soon enough to where I'm standing, you will take the other arrow off to the other branch. Make sure once you're onto the claw, to click up towards the sky! Don't worry if you don't get it right, maybe it's me as a bad teacher, or you just need practice!

Skyway Tips:
  • Laptops (Especially MacBook Pros) are harder to do skyways on, so I suggest adding a mouse or switching to a home computer
  • If you're in a crowded area, maybe stay until the party is over to try the skyway
  • Patience is key, keep on trying
  • If you have a slow computer, It's going to be extremely hard to do the skyway
  • If a faster computer is optional, I suggest moving to do the faster one
  • Stay only in the sky area, testing your limits is going to end in having to redo the glitch
Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Hey Goldy today's my birthday!


  2. Hey Goldy today's my birthday!


  3. Your skyways are so much better! You actually describe them!! Unlike snowyclaw.....and my grandma has a Mac Book Pro and sometimes I use it when I'm at her house so I'm glad I'm on a faster computer because my computer is 14 years old and laggy and slow but I can't do glitches on her computer.

    1. Using that computer must suck.... My computer is new, but it's incredibly slow and stupid. It's so slow I can't even watch Netflix or YouTube on it. I have to do almost everything off my iPod. Fee have a Mac in our basement but it's my dads work computer so I'm not allowed to use it. -.-

    2. My computer is so slow that when I type I am typing like 4 paragraphs ahead of what's showing up on the computer, yeah, THAT SLOW!

    3. Yea, that happens to me ALL time. My computer is so laggy. I'm glad my grandma got a Kindle fire, it's not laggy at all. But I can't play animal jam on it.��

  4. I loved that post! It was so detailed! I think I will be able to my video sooner now since I think I learned a lot more about the glitch from you... -.- even though I taught you it. Thanks for mentioning me there, Goldy! :)


  5. Gold, I was looking around on YouTube and stuff like that and I went to a Blog link on a video. Go to this link:
    You or impostor?


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