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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #32: Who needs Fame when they got Friends?

Hi Guys!
DreamsOfBlue Here!
I'm pretty sorry to make the title long, But it's worth it.

Fame- One of the Normal Problems of AJ, Most people in Animal Jam want it, I used to want to do this, I wanted to get a blog and make it Famous.
I'll start from the Jammer who I first saw with a blog,
One day, when I was trying to find the eel in The Journey Book at Bahari Bay, I couldn't see it at all, I asked and no one Answered, that's when I finally thought to Search in the Internet, In the top Links, There was a blog called "Fauna Toughclaw's Animal Jam Rage" I clicked it then I found it. After, I viewed a few post, It looked like it was a good blog so I kept visiting it and so on. I really loved her blog, So I created one and Determined to be like her, Although, I was never ever ever to be like her, Still determining to be famous, After I quit my Thracey11 life, I learned that friends are worth more the Fame, So, Who needs fame when they Have friends? I remember the first friend I had in my DreamsOfBlue Life, She was my new Best Friend, I loved to hang out with her, Everytime She goes to me I go to her, She reminds me of my Old Life, Now I got around 30 friends, And It never let's me have the "Fame Game". You may ask, "What's the "Fame Game"?" Well, The "Fame Game" is an addiction to fame especially when you aren't Famous, I used to have it, but I realized it wasn't Important, What really was important was just to "Waddle Around and Meet New Friends" (Club Penguin's Slogan) or in Jamaasian Term "Jam around And meet new Friends" not  "Jam around and Try to be Famous" I mean What? Why would someone create a Slogan like that? Being Famous isn't important, Having fun is Best, And Having more friends is even Better! Being Famous isn't everything you know, But, You can be famous if you want, But the best way to be famous other then Making a Blog is Making friends, Friends Are the best, Friends help and cheer you up. Friends Love you, Everyone is you friend, New or Old, Rare or Unrare, Short or Tall, Black or White, Little or Big, Everyone's your Friend!

So, this is the Lesson:
Who needs Fame when they have FRIENDS?
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  1. I totally agree with this. When I made my blog, I must admit I kind of wanted to be famous like LoveLost and Gingerpawz. But later on I realized I kept on going because I loved receiving comments and just knowing there are many really nice people out there.

    Wow... what if a slogan really was "Jam around and Try to Become Famous"? That would just be sad..

    Although I care about rares, I don't judge people by their rareness or outlaw unrare people. I'm not so desperate for them to scam or hack, and my favorite thing to do once I get onto AJ is to find a thing to write about ( I love writing), host a party, or chat with buddies.

    P.S. This is not needed, but I hope we could chat and maybe even become buddies! :)

    ~Jammie263 on Animal Jam

  2. In life, it is basically about money and fame. That's how divorces happen. Especially those celebrities. .-.

    Fame or money isn't everything!

  3. I completely agree with this post. Some Jammers focus only on becoming "famous" and sometimes completely ignore their old friends, and try to only be friends with other "famous" AJ players.


  4. Beautiful post! Fame/Popularity kinda bothers me, because everyday on Snowy's blog, someone always posts, "hey check out my blog blah blah blah". I'm sick of people creating blogs! I'm pretty sure lots of people do it to be famous, but only like 15% have AJ blogs to help other jammers.

    This post inspires me, because at my school, lots of people in my grade are popular. Only like 8 other kids (including me) are un-popular. And all the other 32 kids (yes, i go to a small school) in my grade are popular. Even one of my best friends, Amiya, used to be un-popular, and now she's so popular that she has a boyfriend! She used to hang out with me at school, but now she hangs out with lots of popular kids. So now, i guess we are kinda like outside-of-school friends. Cuz usually we talk to each other at cheer practice, and sometimes hang out outside of school. Well, i don't really blame her that she has friends in school, i also have 4 other friends i hang out with in school. But the sad thing is, i can't see them much in school, because i don't have ANY friends in ANY of my classes (except for math class, only 1 friend is in it, it's accelerated math). So, i can only see my 4 other friends at lunch and recess. So i guess i don't mind too much that Amiya is popular, cuz it's like she has her own friends in school and i have my own friends in school. But i'm still kinda jealous that she is popular and has a boyfriend, lol. Sometimes i wish i was kinda popular, but now from this post, all that matters is that you have friends. And those 5 great friends (including Amiya) are one of the only things that matter to me ♥ :)

    1. I didn't make a blog to do either of the things you mentioned (I didn't really want to be famous, and I didn't do it to "help" other jammers) I did it for myself, I thought it would be fun ^-^ Although I may sound self centered, I'm happy with my descision. It made animal jam a lot more fun, I can finally share my expirences with other jammers, and I can finally express my feelings. Another question, why are you sick of people creating blogs about animal jam? I'm not, I love it when I knew jammer makes a blog, hosts contests, etc. It makes me happy to hear their opinions, and feelings about rares, scammer, and such.I guess I'm just weird like that :D ~ Peppywolf

    2. well i'm just annoyed how peoople always advertise their blogs, i see it every day its really annoiyng :\

  5. I truly agree with this post. I used to have a friend that made fun of me and thought she was popular. And when I grew older I made more friends. :D

  6. I strongly agree with this post. The first Blog I saw was Snowyclaw's.
    I don't remember how I found it though. :\
    Marethyu =3

  7. My 7th grade life was really hard simply because I was one of the un-popular girls. I don't see why everyone bullied me, I was always kind to other people even when they were mean to me. I looked pretty much just like the popular girls, tall, slim, straight hair and wore seriously the exact same kind of clothes they wore - but I wasn't trying to look like them. I guess I looked different in others view. (Must have been the bad lighting, haha. XD) Well, what I mean is that I used to have a bunch of friends but lost them because they chose to be the star in the spotlight of "The Popularity Show". I don't care anymore, I'm in 9th grade now and over it all. All that matters to me now are all the friends I have, life, laughing, and school. Later on I realized that school wasn't about popularity, it was made for education. But the path leading to success is meant to be hard. It's a lot like Animal Jam if you take time and think it over. However, I don't play Animal Jam anymore so things must be different.

    This comment was off topic with the post but I was trying to make a point. You're right, as long as you have friends you don't have to be popular.

    1. It's not really off topic to me, It was amazing, I felt your Pain in when I came in my school I'm now, When I was grade 2, I kept on being alone, Everyone keeps on bullying me, My best friend now, is one of the most popular girls in School, She kept on saying to me "Loser, loser!" 'cause I kept on having low grades. But now, I'm 4th Grade, And all of my classmates are my friends, Rare or unrare (Meaning, Popular or unpopular)I care for them, not popularity, Popularity is not Everything.

      ~D.O.B. DreamsOfBlue

    2. Ohmygod. Your only in 4th grade!!???!!! That means..... 8-10 years old 0.0 sort if that sounded mean I mean sorry not sort

    3. I'm in 4th grade too..I'm glad I'm not the only one. Also, Nice post. I admit I started my blog to become popular, but now I'm really into it!

  8. im not gonna tell my name :PSeptember 24, 2012 at 6:37 AM

    really touching post and i agree with it im concidered a nerd by sum kids but as long as my friends are there i don care

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  10. I agree! It's friends that let you have fun, not being famous! If you're famous you won't even be able to play AJ without all the people surrounding you!

  11. Yep this post is so, so true. I was searching up a glitch when i found snowys blog :) One of my best friends let fame get to them :C
    She scammed me. This is a great and true post. Its like this is real life too, cause everyones like "Hmm, Being famous, or true friends?" "Ill stick with being famous, psh, i can always get more friends" And its terrible because you may get more friends, But none of them will be true friends :)

  12. ¡noʎ ɥʇıʍ ǝǝɹƃɐ ı

  13. This is one of the quotes one of my best friends on aj came up with, "Why Need to be rich, When your always rich with friendship?"
    I love this quote, its so true. All rights go to iceprincess101 :)

  14. When I saw Snowyclaw, everyone wanted her rares, or asked her how rare somehting was. I tried to start up a friendly conversation with her, but it was impossible with all her "friends".... ugh.
    please join, comment, and follow my blog- animalsofanimaljam.blogspot.com thanks!

  15. Hi. I'm in 5th grade and the most popular girl in my class. The only reason I became popular is because everybody (girls and boys) were my good friends. I'd hang out with them daily and have the time of my life. :) Awkward times when your popular: when the teacher leaves the class for a bit and everyone comes to talk to you. I love my friends and everybody! P.S every boy in my class has a crush on me. :3 <3


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