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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snow Fort Skyway

Hi Jammers!
I can't remember who taught me this glitch..
But, if you're one of the lucky jammers who have a snow fort, here's how to do the skyway!

Step One: On the upper level, stand in the right corner.  You should feel like a little nudge. If you don't step deeper into the corner. I know it looks like I'm not in the corner, but it's as far as I can go. Make sure you're facing the same direction I am, not sitting down, or any other action. It's easier to get in the right position if you're not in a crowd.

Step Two: Pre-open a game menu, and keep in mind to use the Shell Game. Before the glitch, you may wanna test out if you can send a game request, because if you're buddy you're going to send the  game request to is on another server/world, then you'll have a different window pop-up and you'll have to restart, blah, blah, blah..

Step Three: See wall on the bottom level? Click the middle of it, somewhere in the red circle! I know it's a wierd area, you usually click the ground, and some people get more nervous if its on the wall. Trust me, this one is just as easy as when you click on the floor. It's a lot of way for the animal to walk, so it's not like you have to be lightning fast. 

Step Four: Quickly, Send a game request and CANCEL IT! If you do this a tad little to quickly, the glitch won't work. Make sure not to get in too big of a hurry, then you end up missing steps. 

Step Five: The red arrows show where you'll automatically be led if you do the steps right, but if you don't click off to where the black arrows show, you'll be directed down the the bottom level. Make sure once you're on the wall, to click off to where I am. Then, explore around the sky a little bit!

The snow fort den has a HUGE sky! I wonder why they didn't use this space.. hmm..

Skyway Tips:
  • Laptops (Especially MacBook Pros) are harder to do skyways on, so I suggest adding a mouse or switching to a home computer
  • If you're in a crowded area, maybe stay until the party is over to try the skyway
  • Patience is key, keep on trying
  • If you have a slow computer, It's going to be extremely hard to do the skyway
  • If a faster computer is optional, I suggest moving to do the faster one
  • Stay only in the sky area, testing your limits is going to end in having to redo the glitch
If you want to try this glitch out, XxFreeSpiritxX's den is unlocked and it is a Snow Fort. :)
Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Dear goldfishypupy, I tried the glitch at my den and it is pawsome! If I meet you one day I will show you a haunted mansion skyway I just did!

  2. Sorry I couldnt comment on the last post because there was a picture covering it lol. Anyways its me Pandy, I sobbed over the last post because I felt so terrible and realized the person I really am. I truly am really sorry, I should've never told my friends you scammed me, I'll tell them to stop. Although I am still quitting AJ because I don't deserve to play it, or I might not quit.. I'm pretty sure I'm quitting though. When I read the last post it stung me because I realized I'm a terrible person and I regret everything I did. I'll try to be the person I used to be, instead of complaining over stupid virtual items. If I don't quit, I'll just get my blue top back myself, which I'll probably never get again.
    I'm sorry..

  3. Goldfishypuppy... I have bad news...

    There's a blog called animal jam fishbowl and he's copying the stuff your posting...


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