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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #31: Who says you can't be what you want?

Hi Everyone!
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Somewhere in the first two months of me on AJ, I decided I wanted to change. I didn't want to be this underdog at trading parties, this AJ slut, hanging with the same five people everyday. I wanted to change, I wanted to be something different. I didn't really like who I was, it was getting old. 

I noticed how most people refer to Animal Jam in a few different categories:

  • The Rare/Trading People
  • The Bloggers
  • The Clan people
  • The lovers
I didn't want to be just one. It seemed boring to be just one. The same, same, SAME thing everyday for the rest of your Animal jam journey. If you would change, it seemed people would be mad. Who says you couldn't be them all? Why couldn't you? Can't society accept that? Somehow, I got started out in trading. I didn't do much other stuff for a few months, that was so addicting. Now I'm on Goldfishypuppy, and came back to this idea of being more then one. 
Why couldn't I be them all?
I am them all.
I have a clan that I usually visit about two times a week. They are a nice clan, friendly, and do friend stuff together as well.
I have a blog, I'm joining Animal Jam Spirit, and I post everyday about whatever I want. You people still read it, because apparently you find all my mistakes entertaining. 
I trade a lot, I have fun with it, and I've learned to keep it in moderation. 
I do date around a little bit, every now and then, you know, love exists. I can't just ignore those feeling, if you know what I mean. It usually doesn't last.. 

My point is, who says you can't be whatever you want to be? If you don't like who you are, change it. You shouldn't have to be forced to like yourself, if you don't. 
If you're friends don't like you for changing, then they weren't your true friends after all.
If you feel like you'll never ever ever in a billion years find you're true best friend on here, trust me. I've been there, done that. Turns out, I never thought I'd be her friend. She seemed so quiet, hidden. If you have a friend like that, why not open up to them? Make an effort.
You don't have to go anonymous, suddenly switch accounts, or any of that wacky stuff to change. You can slowly approach, or suddenly say, "Hey, I'm done with this clan. See yah later!" or "Hey, I'm making a blog, You should check it out!" Do whatever your little soul desires.
If you like who you are, congrats. But what's wrong with LOVING who you are? There's always room for improvement. Give yourself what you love, instead of just like. I always try to work hard on my blog. I try to ask you guys what you want to see, and then do it. That's why I have the post requests page. And for the fact that I can sometimes draw a blank when posting.. 

Back to what I was typing about. I don't get why society thinks you should all be grouped up in one  section. Aldan has practically turned into a trading center. The sarepia forest is always dominated by clans. The bloggers are always shooed off to the side to the side of parties. I don't get this. I can hang out with anyone I want. We can all be anything we want, and hang out with whoever we want.

You don't want people judging and hating on you? Then don't judge and hate on us. Simple as that.  Don't make fun of clans because people tend to dress more nature like instead of the general neon colors. Don't make fun of bloggers because we have a passion for writing. Don't automatically call me a scammer because I have a top hat. That's not fair. I could tell you who I got every single item in my inventory from, from top hats to a silver glove. 

I have had a lot of stages in my AJ life. Being a boy, Hiding my rares, Acting Boring, Deleting all my friends, you name it. I finally have decided to embrace who I am, don't try to cover it up, not put up with fake friends, and do whatever in the name of phantoms I want. 

Remember, If their happy with themselves, be happy for them.


  1. I agree completely with this post.


  2. I agree with you, I've done many things, Been a Boy, Dressed to Girly, Dated with tons of Guys and Married (No Offence, I'm also an AJ Sl--) I even marry other boys even If I already have one! And Some people call me a Scammer because of my Glove, I can tell the whole story of How I got my Glove back. I used to be in a Clan, I Wanted to hide my Blog because I'm to shy to Show my Blog out, That's why I don't want my Blog to be the Daily Featured Blog :\

    I finally Learned that one thing why I keep on Changing accounts :
    Yup, You heard me, I just Don't know why, I can only know two things Why I changed accounts, 1. I forgot the Password to my 1st Account and 2. I was about to be Banned (I thought I was, But turns out Didn't!) I used to be a Girl with a Tiara, Because I loved Girlishness (I think that's not a Word) And I remember when my Old best Friend Who Quit, Suber21 (A.K.A. Now SparklePink21) She and I were Different, But We really loved to be with Each other, We were True Best Friends, But then she became mean and stuff...

    I remember the first time I said I loved myself in Real Life, It was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE! Everyone called me a Braggart, (I was new in my School, So I had no friends) Then I became Friends and they never teased me and so on, Blah blah blah...

    I just wish I can be a True Friend, I wish I can befriend others, But there's one Problem:
    They Don't Accept!
    Yeah the normal Problem Why I have a Few Friends, I'll probably do something new rather then just hang out with the same ol' 5 Friends
    My plan is to go to Jamaa Township and befriend New People and Trade them Rares.

    This is it, I need to go, Bye!

    ~AJ DreamsOfBlue (DOB)

  3. Wow excellent post! Sometimes I get really insecure what people say about me, if i'm in the real world or the animal jam world. Like for example, in the real world, some people make fun of me because i don't have a tan, i have really light skin. I keep telling them that i have sensitive skin, so if i try to get tan, i end up getting burnt. I get really insecure, like i want to hide myself. In the AJ world, i used to have a friend named silvermoon992 (she used to be peacegirl992, but i can see why she changed that :/ and we always get in drama so i'm not gonna be her friend anymore), and she made fun of me because my animal had black eyes. She said it looked like i had demon eyes, but SHE'S the demon, she LOVES demons. And she has green eyes. So i said to her "if you are demon-like how come you don't have black eyes?" and she said "idk". She kept making fun of me just cuz i had black eyes though. How do black eyes on AJ look demon like? Plus, i didn't have the evil eye design, i had the eyelash one. I think black eyes look cartoon-y, and i'm pretty sure lots of people would agree with me. I seem to be more inscure in the real world than in the AJ world. Probably because i can change my look on AJ (i still have black eyes sometimes). But in the real world, i can't do that. I try to not care what people think about me, but on the inside, i am really bothered by it...
    Btw, i also voted on your contest poll and voted for "every other week" because i think "every week" is too much for you. I don't want you to give away all your stuff! lol

    1. Silvermoon992?
      She scammed me.
      And she even admitted it!
      When I told to give me back my fox hat, She said "I quit scamming a long time ago. GET OVER IT!"
      But I didn't get over it.
      I still see her everyday (i blocked her) chatting and all.
      I also noticed she scammed others, I heard someone in a room like 3 months ago say "silvermoon992" and when I asked them how do you know her they said she scammed us.
      She has a badddd reputation.

  4. I have no one like me on animal jam I have no group, no clan, and not a lot of friends, but I'm happy with who I am. Sure I trade sometimes, try and get rares, and I, I guess that's just me, again if you hadn't read my comments before, if you're to busy I understand, but you seem to have forgotten the "newbies" the "scammmers" and the "hackers" in your list of groups. Well anywho what I was saying is my "group" if it actually exsisted would be those jammers who work for hour's on their dens, hours IS an exageration, but I come pretty close. I also like to dress my pet, and what not, but I'm pretty sure every jammer does that... And yes if I could have a blog I would, not that anyone would read it, but for now I can't blog, but I don't really care, although I have ideas I'd love to share with jammaa. So many ideas. I also really love to decorate my den for people to host weddings in, or resturaunts. I actually had a resturaunt once, but I never used it, I had a buddy who would use it as her own, and it made me happy she liked my den so much that she liked to run it. Not that these matter but I would like to share my ideas with you, and if you think they're intresting, or dumb, please tell me ;

    Trick-or-treating: Halloween in jammaa has never been so much fun, so gather 4-10 of your buddies, and have them host trick or treating at their den, get your husband/buddy/child to announce who's dens have their lights on, and are ready to give out some candy! (instead of candy we could use plushies, and the "good houses" will give out rares. The "good houses" won't be mentioned, and are left for young jammers to learn on their own)

    Scammers anonymous: Scammers will be convinced to quit scamming once they step foot into Scammers anonymous, all stories of scams/hacks are confidentiol, and if we find one jammer gossiping about it they will have straight up hate mail for the next month. We will test scammers by sending them rares, and having them send them back, we will start with plushies, and work our way up to beta. We will also lecture the scammers who are willing to stay, and have them tell the rest of the group at least one scamming story

    School: Don't stop reading this idea IS original. First of all each class will be held in a different jammers den, or you will switch dens for each class, there will be a school play that will be practiced in drama, and a spelling be that will be practiced in english. Make sure all students are active so they won't miss out on the fun! Alsos take attendance every day, if a student missed jam-a-gram them telling them the time of their private study, and if a student is flunking assign them a tudor. This is a great way to roleplay, and just have fun, and learn! Isn't learning what aj was made for?

    Wolf/fox/any animal scouts: This is an isanely fun thing to host, have each member open up a word doc. and type up all the usernames they sold cookies to when cookie selling comes, and have them tell you when and where, and who give the member who sold the most a prize (with prizes make up a prize list, if you sell 8 boxes you get a plushie if you sell 60 you get a rare, etc...)

    The costume contest: This has been done before, but it has never been so organized. Have a side account at a desk while ur out in jammaa township. The side account will have people signing up, and you will type the animals names on word doc. or write them on a notebook, not all jammers have to sign up, but it is recomended, you can have a costume contest in a holloween party, a convention, etc... just make sure to have your side account announce the winners, and call them up to stage.

    Play ideas: Make a stage with coffee tables, use the pet castles as props, as well as plushies as props, for each scene edit the stage.

    My username is peppywolf.

    1. These are only a few of my ideas I have more if you'd like to know them just send me a jam-a-gram with a gecko, and lightning bolt :D Again my username is peppywolf.

    2. You don't need to be identified as a group. Be who you are and be proud of that.

      We can be in our special group of group-less groupies. (pfft, silly ideas galore!)

      Also, I love those ideas, I hope Goldy approves. ;)

    3. Awww thanks:3 And I know I don't need to be identified I just feel lonely because there's no one like me, I don't believe in labels, and it seems everyone else does. P.S. I have a whole 2 pages on a word doc. full of ideas for jammaa! ~ Peppywolf

    4. Also what's ur user on aj, I'd like 2 meet you :D Yay for silly ideas galore!

  5. You are right about everything! And especially about the server Aldan. It's so full and so much trading!

  6. You are truly correct! Everything is just about trading,rares,and dating!!!!! But I truly as a friend like who U are. Your friend -lilac296-

  7. Yes, you are right! Also, rares are attacking Jamaaa, and no matter how many times I try to stop it, I can't.

    I was at a trading party. A small, tiny party about trading, one thing I like to do. I was my bunny, wearing my beloved light orange fo hat. A bunny came up to me and asked, "What for the fox hat?" I said, "Sorry, it's not for trade." She walked away.
    Then she came back and said, "I'm leaving because of you!" I was so mad! I said, "Why are you getting so worked up about rares?" I told her rares didn't matter that much and that they weren't the most important thing in the world. She was silent, then left.

    I got so upset, I left the trading party. Rares are pretty much attacking Jamaa and no one bothers to stop it but a few people. I like rares, but I'm not obsessed with them. I wish everyone would stop over-obsessing over a pixelized item on a website. And I am TOTALLY against scammers, but you don't really need to cry and sob over it. Would you rather lose your favorite stuffed animal you had when you were little, or lose a purple heart locket?


    1. I Totally agree with ya! And I would rather lose EVERYTHING I own in Animal Jam then to lose my Life/Dignity!

      And I'd Rather Give away EVERYTHING I own in my AccontS (Take note there's an S) Then to Die.

  8. These posts are always so inspiring and relatable! I once was pressured into making a clan wolf.. now I have a normal wolf and a clan wolf, the people in the clan wouldn't let me wear what I wanted to wear. Someday I'm going to delete that wolf then regret it the next day. Another quick story, somebody said they weren't my friend. Because I wore the color pink. I was so annoyed at them! It was at the time when I had just first started and I thought she was my bff turns out, she wasn't!!!

  9. That.
    You are a jammer!
    I'm a mix of all those things.. but I'm a lover to my friends, not 'dem rares! ^.^

  10. im all exe
    pt the first one and the last one i am in a clan and im a bloger


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