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Friday, March 29, 2013

Requested Posts

So, today I was looking at the `Post Requests´ page, and there are lots of requests, and most of the requested posts haven´t been made. So, I wanted to do a post answering to some of them.
Unfortunatly I can´t answer to the Rarity Scan requests because I don´t know much about rares, and I´m not gonna do Role Model posts because I suppose Breathless will want to do them. So let´s start:
1. How do you make pictures half transparent? -requested by Charmander123.
Do you mean, for example, this?
The wolf is slightly transparent so you can see a bit of the background behind it. To do this, first choose a background and a graphic that you like, and make sure there are both saved in a file on your computer. For example, I chose Peck and the Art Studio. Then, go on Photoshop and place the graphic on top of the background.
Then, right-click on the Layer of the graphic.
This will appear.
Click on blending options and this will appear:
Click on the thingy on the Opacity thing and move it to the left to make it more transparent and to the right to make it less transparent, until you have it like you want.
2. How do you make a header? -requested by anonymous.
To make a header, first you need a background image, for example:
Then, you need the text. I suggest getting it from flamingtext.com. Once there, choose the type of logo you want.
For example, I will choose Chrome. when you have clicked the logo that you like, you can customize it, changing the font and deciding what you want it to say. You might want to change the colors or make it cast a shadow so it can be read better.
Then, save it, and place it on top of the background you chose before using Photoshop.
To make it look even cooler, you can place on it some Animal Jam Graphics, click here for some really cool ones that Sheesh4 has on her blog.
If you want, you can do just that but without background, for example, this is the header that I have on my own blog.
In  my opinion, if you have a very detailed image as a blog background, this type of header looks good because you can see the background behind, like this:
Click to enlarge, that is my own updates blog that I post on appart from posting in here. If you donĂ½ know how to create a backgroung click here for Breathless´s How To about that.
3. How do you make a signature? -requested by MidnightBeauty.
To make a signature, use flamingtext to put your username on an image, for example:
(Of course, instead of `username´ you put your username)
Click here for some good background images to use, credit to snowyclaw.
If you want you can add your blog address or your AJ animal, like I did with my own signature.
So that´s it, comment if you have any doubts or if there is another thing you want to know.
InfineteMajesty, here is the palm graphic that I used for the header on my blog:
Everyone remember to comment if you need anything!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Artic Wolves came to Jamaa

Hi! This is a legend about how Artic Wolves came to Jamaa. Enjoy!
                                                How Artic Wolves came to Jamaa
 Way past the limits of the amazing and magical land of Jamaa, there were smaller places that didn´t belong to Mira. There was a particular tundra, a snowy place, with a thick layer of snow at all times of the year and frozen lakes and high mountains full of permafrost. In this freezing land, there was a clan of Artic Wolves, normal wolves who, to adapt to that habitat, over the years had grown long, thick white fur to heklp them with coumuflage and to protect them from the cold.
In spring (if you could call it like that, for in that land even in the summer everything was covered in ice and snow) the cubs were born, and when they grew up they hunted lemmings and artic hares for food, and somnetimes they even got special treats if there were a lot of them, like caribous.
So, in that clan that had been there for centuries, one of those happy springs were cubs and pups were born, two artic wolves came to the world.
Daggerfangs was the apha male of the pack. He was a strong, fierce fighter, and could run faster and howl louder and leap higher than all the others in the clan. As his name said, he had fangs the size of daggers,This optimus male had a wife, a pretty wolf with pearly white fur and shiny, sharp claws, all the better for hunting with. Her name was Winterblossom, because she was as white and shiny and perfect as Winterblossoms, a very special indeed type of flower that grew only in the icy ground of that land. Winterblossom was the omega female of the pack.
So, one spring night, save in a den in the rocky side of a mountain, while outside it snowed and the air was alive with sleet, Winterblossom gave birth. Two pups had come to world.
Proud of being parents, Daggerfangs and Winterblossom thought about names for their cubs. They were a male and a female. In the end, they decided to call the female Frostyeyes, because she had glinting, pale blue eyes, just like the frost that formed on the licken outside. 
It was more difficult with the male. His fur was a bit darker that everyone else´s. Most of the wolves in the pack had very faint grey fur, some, like Winterblossom and Frostyeyes, had pearly white fur, but this cub, Frostyeyes´s brother, had dark grey fur.
After suggesting names like Nightsky, Stormyfur and Iceshadow, Daggerfangs came up with the name Thunderstorm, and that was how they called the pup.
From the beggining of their lives, the twins were very different. Thunderstorm was hyperactive and brave from a very early age, a cute little Artic Wolf full of courage. On the other paw, Frostyeyess was a charming pup who was always thinking about something, and a creative female who loved making up stories.
Despite their differences, the sibblings really appreciated each other and liked inventing fun games to play together. Their favourite one they called "Dare Adventure" and it went like this: Frostyeyes invented an adventure story, and she dared her brother to recreate it the best he could, a job he always did really well.
They had even more fun when they started to go to cub school. Frostyeyes was smart and could sit still, calm and quiet, listening to the teacher and solving every maths problem like if she was a calculator. She always came top at Storywriting, and was also a born artist and a talented reader.
But her favourite time of the day was Storytime, when the teacher read to them a book, always full of wonderfull lands and characters and magic creatures. As soon as she learned how to read it was rare to see her without a book, for she read and read for hours on end.
But Thunderstorm was another story. He could not sit still for two minutes to save his life, and he wasn´t half hyperactive. He loved sports.
Once in the summer, when the weather was good enough to even sleep outside, the teacher took them out for some sports. They did some swimming, and then played Pawball to warm up, until it was time to run.
They were going to do normal races, about a hundred metres, to see who was fastest. "There is no need to try and see" said Stormyhair, a male cub with unussually long and ruffled fur. "We all know for sure who will win". 
certainly, everyone knew it. Lightningclaws, the fastest cub in the pack. It was incredible when he ran, his paws moving at a tremendous speed and his claws barely gripping the ice.
So the race began. All the pups were standing behind a line, waiting for the teacher´s signal to start. Thunderstorm looked at Lightningclaws. There he stood, proud and vain, ready to show everyone (although they already knew it) how fast he could run.
"Ready, steady, GO" howled the teacher. There was a flash of shades of grey, as all the cubs sprinted across the track. Frostyeyes soon got tired and jogged along the track as she looked ahead. She thought she would see Lightningclaws, at the front, but he was second. And, on the lead, was Thunderstorm, treading along the track at the speed of a leopard, until he did one big leap and crossed the finishing line with majesty.
Everyone was quite impressed, especialy Lightningclaws, but it didn´t surprise the teacher. After all,  
Thunderstorm was the son of Dagger`fangs, the fastest runner in the pack.
So time went by until the sibblings were old enough to catch their own prey. Thunderstorm was certainly a born hunter, who used his speed to catch a great amount of preys. Everyday he proudly brought lots of lemmings and ocassionaly a caribou, which he caught with his strenght.
But Frostyeyes, even if he didn´t get a big amount of preys, used her patience and inteligence to hunt extreamly difficult to catch but tasty animals, like fish, partridges and yaks.
Years passed and Thunderstorm and Frostyeyes kept on hunting, running, reading and enjoying themselves. But one day, the sky went black. Not dark grey like at night or whenthere was a storm like the ones Thunderstorm got his name from, but totally black, without a shiny moon to howl to or starts to make wishes. Completely black.
And suddenly, some spider-like electric creatures flew down. Frostyeyes pciked up the book she was reading: Ancient legends and history of the land of Jamaa. She enjoyed it a lot and loved reading about Zios the Sky Father and Mira the heron and the alphas, and she inmediatly recognised that thise creatures were phantoms, and she was aware of what they were capable of doing.
A phantom hoovered above the others and said: "Now, we officially take possesion of this land. Anyone want to contradict us?"
Nobody did. So, sad and depressed, they moved away from their home.
They didn´t know were to go. They were used to the cold and none of the places around them were suitable. They decided to go to Jamaa because they knew about Mt. Shiver. And they were convinced they would be well recieved.
They were right. mira and the alphas were delighted to see them and let them live in Mt. Shiver. But this new kind of animal didn´t have an alpha nor a spirit stone, so AJHQ just made them a gift card animal.
And until they grow up enough to be jammers, pups always make great pets.
Hope you liked that!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zios´s phantom necklace

So, before i start you might wonder: "What? Zios had a phantom necklace? I never heard about that before!"
I hadn´t heard about that either until the amazing Sheesh4 posted about it on her blog, Animal Jam Insidersabout that. Click here for the post. So Sheesh4 has total credit for the idea for this story.
Now, in Jam-mart-clothing, there is a little sculpture of Zios and he seems to be wearing a phantom necklace.
So now that you all know what necklace I am refering to, the story can start. Grab your popcorn, although it is not that long.

Zios´s phantom necklace
Zios woke up one more day from his fluffy cloud bed. His incorporeal body, just a spirit, but a spirit full of talent, gifts and imagination, felt relaxed after a reparating sleep. He lifted the golden mask that laid on his shelf, and put it on, ready to start a new day.
The Sky Father hoovered down the stairs of the celestial mansion that floated over Jamaa´s sky and that he shared with Mira, his companion. He floated into the dinning hall, were Mira the Sky Mother was already eating some insects and other things that herons eat.
"So, how are you, Zios?" asked Mira. "It is already lunchtime, you must have been feeling very tired last night." "Oh" was Zios´ answer. "I thought you were having yesterday. yes, I am a bit tired after having to deal with those hatefull phantoms yesterday."
It was early beta. Zios had created Jamaa with Mira´s help only a few months ago. But there were already quite a lot of jammers, and some of them had mean scamming and hacking thoughts. Once,  when Mira saw what mean jammers had entered the land, she started crying, and while her loved Zios conforted her, the tears had wetted her lovely plumage and fallen to the groung, were, according to AJHQ, they mixed with the elements of Jamaa to form phantoms. But, AJHQ is wrong with this bit. If they had been mixed with the elements in Jamaa, they would have the elements of nature and magic from Jamaa, and the elements of sadness and dispair, from Mira. So if it had happened like AJHQ says, then phantoms wouldn´t have been  formed, because phantoms have not a single atom of nature. Probably weeping willows would have formed, and as there isn´t a single weeping willow in Jamaa, that proves that AJHQ is wrong.
So Mira´s tears landed on top of a SBI television, and then bounced onto a jammer who was trying to scam another one. So really, the elements that form phantoms are sadness, dispair, evilness, shelfishness and electricity, hence the reasons phantoms are evil creatures that spread chaos, sadness ans dispair and that shoot electric rays.
So, the day before Zios had had a little fight with some phantoms, with help of the alphas. But he was OK, and looked down to Jamaa.
He sighed whith relief when he saw that there was not a single black cloud. So he floated across the    
corridor, his golden mask over his head, and opened the door with his invisible paw.
The Sky mother, who had finished eating, accompanied him down the white, gleaming stairs of the Sky mansion, and they both flew down to Jamaa.
Jamaa looked normal, with Jammers chatting, playing and talking with all the guides and alphas who roamed around in beta.
When jammers saw the Sky Mother and Father walking around Jamaa, they waved at them, asked them to joined their games, asked them about future plans they had for Jamaa and suggested ideas. The gods enjoyed themselves, and soon the day had ended, and Zios and Mira were sitting around the fire pit in Sarepia Forest, telling stories about the past of Jamaa with some jammers, alphas and guides who had gaddered around to listen.
But there was a cloud of phantoms really near them, and the phantoms hated it when Zios and Mira got so much attention, for they loved it when people talked about them and respected them, though that didn´t happen often.
So the phantoms, determined to make the group of jamaasians pay atention to them, eagerly descended and started pestering everyone.
Zios, who was grand and noble and never lost his dignity, hoovered in the air in the middle of the chaotic sceene. The jammers were desparate, running to hide in the bushes and trees that surrounded the clearing of the forest. The only alphas who were there at that time, Cosmo, Peck, Greely, Sir Gilbert, Graham and Liza, tried to defeat the phantoms, and the guides helped the jammers hide. Zios said in a clear, deep voice: "Phantoms of Jamaa, let me make some things clear." The phantoms turned their heads curiously. "I created this land. I don´t want you ruining it. However, I don´t consider myself superior to you, nor to anyone, for here we are all creatures of Jamaa and we are all equal. So, phantoms, I propose we coperate. Join us and have fun in Jamaa just like all the others, and if you behave like Jamaasians you shall be treated as Jamaasians. If you wish I can use my magic to help you become jammers."
But certainly, phantoms weren´t prepare to listen to the Sky Father´s speech properly or respect him. One of the phantoms, boiling in anger, shot a  ray of electricity to Zios, who got stunned in the middle of his mask, and shook, trapped in a terrible elctric shock. He fell to the ground with a loud clank, and stood there, shuddering. 
Everyone, even the phantoms, stood there, paralised with fear, until Mira flew to him and sat next to him. "Zios" she cried. "Oh, Zios..."
The Sky Father, summoning all the strenght he had left, said: "For the ancient magic that created me that I am about to die. I would like to thanks everyone here present for making my life marvellous. Mira, I leave you in charge. All of you, please keep on improving Jamaa. Oh, and even though they have caused my eminent demise, I still think phantoms  are equal to us, and still will like you to try and make them be in unity with us. And, I almost forgot, here is my will." He handed a piece of paper to Mira. "And now" he continued weakly. "My time has come. Thanks for everything, everyone. Mira, I love you." And after those final words, Zios took his final breath and died.
Everyone sensed how his spirit flew up and mixed with all of Jamaa, until all that was left of him was his golden mask. That was his way of symbollizing his hopes for Jamaa. Mira, devastated, sobbed on top of his mask for the rest of the night.
The next day was Zios´s funeral, were everyone talked about what marvellous things he had done and what a wonderfull spirit he was. And then, Mira opened his will. She read it aloud:
"First of all, if you are reading this it is probably because I am dead. Hopefully before dying I had time to say goodbye, and, once again, thanks everyone for everything. Now I shall give away my possesions. Mira, you were the best wife ever and I love you deeply. You keep my golden mask and the Sky Mansion. Cosmo, you are an incredible herbalist and your encyclopedic knowdleged surprised me often. You keep my magic seeds, my magic herbs and all my books about plants, I am sure you will find them interesting. Peck, you are a talented artist and will sucess in life. You keep my magic paints, you will create marvells with them. Sir Gilbert, you are the best warrior I have ever met. You keep my magic armor and my pearl ring. It will give you strenght and courage, although you already have a lot. Graham, your contraptions really impress me, you keep my magic tools, I am sure you will make some inventions that will really improve Jamaa. And Greely, your knowdlege about phantoms surprise me. You will help Jamaa a lot one day. You keep my notebook about phantoms. I donate all my books to the chamber of knowdlege, for jammers will find wisdom in them. I also donate the carpet from the Sky Mansion´s corridor to the chamber of knowdlege. And I want something to be done. Mira, if you are reading this or listening to me, look behind my mask."
Curious, Mira looked. She found a carefully manufactured necklace symolizing some phantoms. The will said: "In life I wore this necklace on my neck. I hope you understand that I still consider phantoms equal creatures, and that wenever they agree I aprove on them being acepted as citizens of Jamaa. Please put this necklace under a small sculpture of my mask and place it somewere were lots of people can see it, to show my respect for phantoms. Now bye and good luck, everybody."
After the legacies were given, Mira did what Zios had asked and placed the monument in Jam-Mart- Clothing. They also put memorials of him all over Jamaa, as well as a statue in Graham´s land, who was named the Lost Temple of Zios in the Sky Father´s honour. Then the phantoms broke it, but that is another story wich you can read by clicking here.
So Zios´s phantom necklace really symbolizes how he will always approve on phantoms being citizens of Jamaa, and how he respects them and considers them equal creatures.

Hope you liked that! I know I kind of went out of topic, but in order to put what Zios´s will said, I had to explain how Zios died.

Monday, March 18, 2013

LaSalle´s legend part 2

Hi, I finished the second part of LaSalle´s legend. Click here to read part 1.

The raccoon hopelessly moved and waved his paws. He was starting to get breathless. His short live flashed in his mind, all his happy moments with his family, friends and expeditions…
But suddenly he started falling down the vertical waterfall. He took a deep breath with relief. He continued falling down, wondering what would happen when he got to the lower part of the river.  He saw a branch and clanged to it, then to a nearby one, and he continued the process until he was right at bottom of the waterfall.
He looked around. The lower part of the river was much less busy and shallow than the upper part. Around him was some grassland, a forest and some hills, and the river continued for much further away than his eyes could reach. He looked up the waterfall and the sharp rocks around it. Was there a way in which he could get back up? No, he decided. He would have to stay where he was and start a new life.
So he started by digging a burrow and lining the inside with soft liken and leaves so he could sleep. Then he went into the river, swam around, and was impressed by how calm the water was.
The raccoon alpha spent many moons there, until one day he decided it was time to go back up. He carefully climbed some vines, placed his paws carefully as so not to be punctured by the sharp rocks, then he continued until he saw the top. He was immensely happy to see his burrow and all the others, and he saw his family and friends.
“LaSalle!” gasped his old dear friend Stripedpelt. “Were have you been?”
“Well, I had a few problems with crossing the river, but I am fine.”
All the other raccoons came and were delighted to see the young explorer come back, and they all celebrated LaSalle´s return with roasted fishes and fruits.
So LaSalle grew up and explored many areas around the territory. This made his village grow and soon he was admired and known as a great explorer. But one day, he decided that it was time to face his old challenge: The river.
But now he was more mature, so he built a bridge and all the raccoons passed through it happily to camp on the new area.
One day, LaSalle was climbing a nearby mountain to see what was on the top, and he saw a heron. “Wow, herons!” He said enthusiastically. “I didn´t know they where any around here”.
He chatted for a while with the heron and they soon made friends. So the heron revealed: “You are just what I was looking for. My defunct husband, Zios the Sky Father, created a beautiful land, called Jamaa. It is a magical place with some powerful alphas, who are the leaders of the animal types who live there. Recently some of the alphas were out in a quest, and they found a Spirit Stone. Spirit Stones can be used to bring new animals to Jamaa, and they brought raccoons. I was looking for a suitable alpha, and you are the perfect one.”
LaSalle felt proud and immediately agreed to go to Jamaa. So Mira used her magical powers and transported him to Jamaa, where he met the other alphas and had a walk through all the lands. But he noticed a jungle-like valley, and asked Liza: “What is that land?”
“We don´t know” was Liza´s answer. “Well, maybe you, LaSalle, will find out soon!”

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LaSalle´s Legend Part 1

There was once a great family of raccoons in a forest, next to a river. One day, a hyperactive pup has born.

“Come to see him, he is so cute!” said proudly the raccoons mother. All the uncles, grandparents and cousins of the raccoon came inside the burrow to see the newborn member of the family. The parents were proudly leading the group, they entered their home… And found the bed empty.
“Where is it?” asked all the relatives. The parents had no idea, but suddenly they saw their child come out of the closet. Everyone laughed and said the kid was clever, cute, smart and adventurer. They had a snack all together, and someone asked: “Any ideas for a name?”
All of the raccoons in there had some suggestions. “Smarty!” “Furry!” “Killer!” “Sam!” “How about an explorer´s name?” suggested Blackypaws, one of the cousins. “Yes, an explorer´s name would be quite appropriate!” Agreed his mom. So everyone started thinking about names. “Christopher Columbus!” “Francis Drake” “Robinson Crusoe” “Marco Polo” “Alexander!” “How about LaSalle?” suggested the granddad, an old raccoon with almost white fur and blurry eyes. “I studied him at school when I was little, and he definitely seems like a great explorer with exactly the same personality as your child.” “Yes, that name suits perfectly!” Everyone agreed. “Welcome, LaSalle!”
So LaSalle grew like any other little raccoon. He was a mischievous, playful and jovial little raccoon. He was always exploring, but his first proper adventure was still a child. He decided he wanted to cross the river. This might sound like a rather easy and quick thing to do, but the river near the forest in which the raccoons lived was a fierce river with turbulent waters, with deep, shallow areas and a great current capable of carrying a small, innocent raccoon to its demise. But that wouldn´t stop outrageous LaSalle. He really wanted to explore that area, but it was dangerous.  
If you have read the legend about Liza, then you would know that Liza also crossed a harsh river when she was young, but LaSalle was much smaller and younger than the panda alpha, so it was a perilous expedition. But LaSalle soon was determined to cross the river. So one day he told Stripedpelt, his best friend, that he wanted to cross to the other side. “You see, Stripedpelt, I really want to explore that area. I just know it will be awesome.” “Oh, but LaSalle, answered Stripedpelt, worried. “It would be so dangerous. What if you fall down the waterfall?” “Don´t be such a wimp. I am going to cross the river and that´s that, even if it is the last thing I do. I must start training right now. When the time comes, I must be able to swim quickly against the current, and I also need to be able to cling to a branch if I am going to fall. I have to be able to hold my breath as much time as possible underwater, and I have to be well prepared to explore that unknown area.”
So LaSalle practiced his swimming every day in the pond, until he could swim faster and for much more time than any other of his friends. He practiced leaping onto branches, he learnt how to hold his breath for ages underwater, and he leaped, crouched, hopped and ran to be prepared to explore the are on the other side of the river under any circumstances. Soon he was the quietest, strongest and fastest raccoon in the family. And one day, he decided he was ready.
LaSalle woke up Early that day. He did some stretching exercises, and then put one paw in the river, then another one, and then he dived in. It was like being put into a blender.
The rest coming soon. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A lesson from a beautiful movie ♥

Hey! Moonlights here! I'm bored and I'm thinking of sharing a lesson from a movie I love. It's a very good movie and lots of you probably know it. I have a fan blog of it, and yes, you guessed it.

Wreck-it Ralph.

You see this picture up there? Yup, that's my lesson I'm relating to.
"I can really relate to Vanellope. I've always been told to give up, and that I don't belong, but I know there is a place for everyone in life, whether we know it or not. :)"
Well, if you know Vanellope Von Schweetz, then you probably understand what I'm relating to. Vanellope is a little homeless girl, she lives in Diet Cola Mountain, and feels her talent is racing, she finally finds out that racing is truly her talent and she won first place. She was still glitching, but this time, in a good glitching way, Teleporting. She was always told to give up no matter how she tried and wouldn't stop. She knew her life would depend because of this one race, and it truly worked.

Now, let me relate a real life story to you.

I was quietly doing a story while my seatmate (alternate, so I sit with a boy. And he's the class bully.) as he was reading my story, he said to me "Your story stinks. You'll never be a writer. Stop writing, it'll just make us go away and never go near you." I didn't mind him but he kept disturbing me, poking me and doing random stuff. As I was going to stand up and report to my teacher, he suddenly punched me. I cried and everyone teased me, saying I was never meant to exist. I was trying to be kind to them, but they won't accept my kindness. And rejected me, I just couldn't stop but wondering if I could ever find a place in my life. But I knew it in my blood I am a writer, and he couldn't stop being annoyed because of me, so he grabbed my papers (I had 14 pages already!) and ripped all of them, it made me cry and go to the bath room. I cried so hard, and walked away. I finally discovered that writing was truly my talent, I wrote stories very much and my writings were adored by many, and in the end, he praised me because of my stories! Of course, I became successful in my writing talent that I continued to do it. Just like Vanellope!

So.. Anyways, even if someone tells you to stop what you love to do, never give up, it's your talent, be who you are and don't listen to people who think you are worthless. I am a person who would never give up, for any time I want to give up, I think about Vanellope, how she was teased and many more, even if it's not as fancy as being President or Princess, you still need to not give up, it's who you are. Now go, live your dream and never give up, and whenever you feel like giving up, think about Vanellope. She will guide you and your dreams to never give up. She found a place in this world, a place where you would show your true self.

Your heart.

She's no ordinary racer, a racer with the best super power ever. Teleporting. A racer who never gave up on what she loved. What she felt on her code, what she felt, in her heart. Don't give up, it's hopeless. Never give  up. It's what in your heart that you should never give up. You should let it guide you and let Vanellope help you in your way, for she never gave up. Enough talking about not giving up, So.. I'm going to end this..

But remember this;
Vanellope is someone who would never give up, no matter what, and do that. You really should never give up. Many had thought she was never meant to exist, and she was worthless, but she never gave up. So never think about yourself worthless, you are not worthless, you have a role here on life, and that makes you worth it. 

So.. Yeah..

Since our tradition is to put GIF's, I'm going to put a set in this from the Wreck-it Ralph movie;


Bye! Sayonara Jammers!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Never Before Told Scam Story ^~^

Hey Guys (and gals, for all you feminists out there!)

So, I'm kinda surprised no one has asked me this question before. - 
How did you get so rare again? 

Again, as in after I gave away all my rares on XxFreeSpiritxX last June and became EVEN RARER on Goldfishypuppy in August/September. 

I guess everyone just assumed I had leftover/secret rares from FS. But, no, that wasn't the case. 

*dramatic music fading into a flashback*
So, flip back to August when I switched to Goldfishypuppy, and everyone by then knew I was XxFreeSpiritxX, and I was still respected although I had no rares, but I just went to parties and hung around my friends and you know, what regular jammers do. I had no interest at all in becoming rare again, but it was still lingering in the back of my mind, because I was kinda bored on AJ without trading every minute. 

After about a week or so, I walked into Lemonfreeze12's den (aka. Rh111, aka 'Bro') and he was talking with KaelynKaelyn, (Puppy99NMS/CookiezNCream's "Sister?" [Still haven't figured that out, but whatever]). Anyways, they both greeted me and I asked whats up. Well, Kae immediately asked me if I wanted to be in a trick/scam that would give me a profit. I didn't have a direct answer, but I asked her to explain more. I can't quite remember the conversation after this, but the basic idea was this: To scam Jasper521's cream beard, and maybe solid black top hat, founder hat, and black beard (red tip). Why? Because she tricked Lemonfreeze and scammed Cair's Solid Blue top hat, and hacked a Tan Top Hat from Nasser76.  She scammed Cair's Solid Blue top hat, by dating him and he let her borrow it, but she never gave it back, and traded Lemonfreeze a tan top hat and the solid blue for his cream beard. I don't exactly know the whole story behind hacking the Tan Top hat, but I know Puppy99NMS, Jasper, and a few others were involved, and the tan top hat wasn't meant for Jasper to get. Then, after that, Cair dumped Jasper, and Lemonfreeze asked her out without knowing all her scamming and hacking.

So, that was the basic idea. And I was 110% for it. Why?
*different dramatic music fading into a flashback within a flashback*
Well, I'll sum it up quick. Jasper521 and I used to be BEST FRIENDS. And by best, I MEAN IT. I can't remember the time frame we were friends in, but it was somewhere after March 2012 to Early June/Late May 2012ish. We used to share rares, borrow, wear them, give them back, tell secrets, and all that shnazz. I remember one time we tried to get freedom wings combining all our rares, but we were too unsure to make the final trade. (Thank God, because they came out ^.^) Anywho, It all went wrong when a few of my old time friends from December 2011-February 2012 who had quit to move to Transformice came back on for a week to visit. These included Tiger05430 and Shawnana98. Now, I can't quite recall the whole situation (I'm sorry its been almost a year), but I remember Tigz made a huge trade with Jas, and Jas had totally ripped her off and scammed her apparently. Now, I was furious about this. It ended up being a bigger deal than it should of. But in the end, Jas didn't trade back, a huge war 3 on 1 came to be, and I lost her to rares. After that, we constantly tormented eachother at parties, at dens, in front of friends, alone, you name it. 

*fade out into first flashback*

So, I completely wanted to do this scam, and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it work. We all agreed we wanted to do it, but we had no idea where to start. We decided to make Facebook Accounts to make sure no one else saw our plan, and so we could read our old messages. They were called "Goldfishypuppy AJ" "KaelynKaelyn AnimalJam" and "Lemon Freeze" I think, I bet you could look them up. I already felt sort of uncomfortable going into Social Networking, but I really wanted to do it, so I went with it. Somewhere down the line, Puppy99NMS (KaelynKaelyn's Sister) got in on this plan, and she made a facebook account too, and was added into our group messaging. We had no idea where to start, so I started brainstorming, and wrote out the entire plan. (I would screenshot to show you it, but issues with the account came up, we'll get to that part soon ;D) It went something like this:

Lemon should make a romantic locked den with a sweet name like "LemonandJaspy4Ever" or something like that and make it all romantic and invite Jasper into it. There they will start saying sweet things to eachother and having fun while Me, Puppy, and Kaelyn will hide in the bushes or behind a tree. We will communicate during the scam using the facebook accounts. Then, Lemon will ask to borrow jas's cream beard because he wants to try it on and he misses it. If jasper askes why, he'll be like "Why not sweetie? :) we're a couple" and say things like that. Then, jasper will send over the beard. If all goes well, lemon will keep asking for stuff and we'll wing it from there. When jasper sends the beard over, send it to XxFreeSpiritxX's member account. When she askes why lemon's not wearing it, say it's stuck in the mail and he can't open the gift. This will buy us time, and he can say "send me another thing to see if I can open it" and we'll figure out what to do from there. 

Now, I had made up this whole plan. 100% truth, ask Lemon or Pup or Kae. They both thought it was a great idea, and we started figuring out the details and making the den. I can't remember what the den was exactly called, but Pup, Kae, and I sent things to Lemon to put in the den. We put tons of hearts and torches in there, including trees for us to hide under. Now, at this time the glitch was still going on, when someone entered the room, all the items in the would flash and you could see everyone no matter where they were. We also knew the sky glitch at the time, so we planned to do that, except I couldn't learn it. So we just put the trees in the way back of the den, and the table where Lemon was going to seat Jasper down in the front of the den. 

Another problem occurred, my facebook account wanted to confirm my security, and asked for my mobile phone number. Now, I was NOT and WILL NOT give out personal information like that for Animal Jam purposes. I don't even have that kind of information in my blogger accounts, just my AJ email. I would not take this risk, even though Pup and Kae wanted me too. I made another AJ FB account, and got added back in the group, but the same thing happened. I made sure everyone was 100% clear with the plan, and we decided to use my OLD BLOG's chatbox to communicate for this scam. 

At the beginning of the scam, Jasper entered the den, she was flattered, and it was all working out as planned. Kae, Pup and I hid in the bushes, and I was looking at the chatbox second by second. At the same time, in a new tab, Lemon, Pup, and I were on Animal Jam Freedom's chatbox. In that chatbox, you can't have group chats. Pup wasn't talking in the main group, and it was too risky to talk in group because others were on. So, I was constantly IMing Lemon and telling him what to say and do. Pup didn't really care that she wasn't in the group. Eventually, Pup and Kae got logged out of Animal Jam (I guess they weren't watching the chat..) and then started yelling at me in the chatbox. They asked if they could come in the den, but I said no because Jas would see them. So they kind of faded away in the scam after that. Eventually, Jasper did send the beard! We were thrilled! Lemon sent it to FreeSpirit, and I got it and wore it because I wasn't going to be able to wear it on Goldfishypuppy (as I was a non-member). Lemon used the "it won't let me open it" excuse, and jasper did send over a legendary glove, I believe. He stalled for a little bit, but then we believe Jasper caught on that it was a scam and wouldn't send anymore, and had asked Lemon to send things over. He didn't. Lemon got sick of stalling, so we just agreed for him to log off. Before the scam, he had switched all his rares onto Rh111 because he was worried he would get suspended on Lemon for scamming. So, he logged onto Rh111 and met me, FreeSpirit in my den. During this whole scam, I was kind irked that Puppy and Kae were supposed to get part of the profit although they barely did anything. I had made the plan, guided Lemon through the whole process, and he actually DID the scam. So I asked him, "Bro, do you think its fair that Kae and Pup get part of it, even though they barely did anything?" and he agreed it wasn't fair. Before this, I had bought him a Lion Card membership and he owed me. We were planning to Split the cream beard in half, and it was worth about two tan top hats. So, I thought about a deal, and asked him for One tan top hat (to cover half the price of the cream beard) and a founder, and 3 other rares (for the lion membership) and I said he could keep the cream beard if he gave me that. He thought it was a good deal, and we agreed on it. He gave me a tan top hat, founder, a yellow rhino, some pink thing, and I can't remember the other thing.

After that, I believe I gave the founder to my friend OrcaLvr because she really wanted one. I displayed the other things on my tradelist, and said they were "secret rares" that I kept from XxFreeSpiritxX. Then, I went to bed.

In the morning, I started collecting offers for my tan top hat. I ended up getting 2 Striped black top hats, 2 founders, pink worn, legendary glove, solid black, and a few other things for it, Quite a nice overtrade from xxFashionxx. ^.^ Thank you! And I ended up trading from there.

Apparently, Lemon had told everyone that we scammed Jasper, and no one cared because everyone thought she deserved it. After that, everyone hated on me because somehow they had formed this image that I was a "perfect little innocent free spirit" and now I had turned into a "evil scammer' I was constantly admitting that I had scammed Jasper, but people still hated. Oh well.

Then, drama with Pup and Kae started coming up, she didn't know what really happened. She created and published a story (which she took down) saying that once lemon sent the cream beard to FreeSpirit, I told him I wouldn't give him it unless he gave me those items. Which isn't what happened, it was all part of the deal.

After that, we went to war for a month or so, until I found her blog, commented and apologized on it, and we made up for about two months. Then after that, she confronted me saying that "she couldn't stand me, and everyone is sick of me and didn't have the guts to stand up to me, but she does." and how apparently "i have scammed and hacked so many people it disgusts her" and all this other bs. Yes, I admit I scammed a few people of little things such as mummy gloves, and leg armor, but this was by far the biggest scam I have done.

This story ended up fading away, and no one really noticed how I suddenly got rare again. All everyone cared about was the drama between me and Cookiez, and to this day I guess we're frenemies for many reasons besides this.

So, yeah, that's the story of how I got rare again. 100% truth. No, I am not encouraging scamming by any means, I did this out of pure hatred, and Jasper still hates me, I still am not fond of her, I don't know if I quite regret this, I feel a little empathy, but I'm sorry that I'm not ashamed of myself, like I am of all the other stories on this blog.

Notice: The Truth page will be published again, I started adding more to it, but then I stopped. Why so? Because all the other stories that I would put on there are already on this blog, this story above is just the one I was going to add. :) I hope you're not upset, but that's my decision! All you need to do is use the fancy shmancy sidebar tool and click on the months and posts you want to see and read to see the truth of all my marvelous Animal Jam mishaps and adventures.

So yeah, and for the gif I usually include (is that a tradition for this blog now? xD):

Okay I'm done now. I hope you enjoyed this post!
~Breathless the creator

Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick Terrible Update Post

Hello, Jammers!
Daaaaaang.  I feel like a stranger and a betrayer to my own blog, I haven't posted in so long and I never associate with you guys anymore .____. 

Well, I'm just here for a quick update on myself and this blog. 

I'm sorry I haven't been posting a lot, and it seems like I'm always saying sorry, but truth be told I really have no interest in Animal Jam anymore.
I never really go on, I go on for about 10 minutes a week just to see how my buddies are doing. I'm still keeping this blog, however. Sure, I may not post ALL the time, but sometimes I have little ideas that I just have to post about and publish for y'all. (: And who knows, maybe some new change will suddenly happen on AJ again, and then I'll start playing more, and this blog will take off! I'm happy to see that you guys still support JWT! I know I've said countless times that I'm going to restart it, post everyday and have it be the same as it was six months. (Oh my god! I didn't realize how old this blog actually is) I'm sorry I've never fulfilled that promise, but I'm having a lot a lot a lot of issues online and in real life.

I've always kinda said that, but things have gotten severe. I just really need to clear up things in my life that are holding me back and I keep attempting too, but I never have the guts too. (Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but yeah.) 

Anyways, the point of this post is just that I feel bad, I'm not quitting, I'm just hidden in the shadows right now, but maybe someday I'll step into the light again. (Dang I just made a pretty good analogy if I don't say so myself ^~^) I'm still here for you guys, just email animaljamgoldfish if you want to chat or something. c: I apologize for not answering right away! I'm quite forgetful. D:

So yeah.
I love you guys! 

 oh, and happy birthday to justin bieber! hah, half of you readers will hate me for saying that. no, i'm not a bieber (i love heavy metal!) but i do respect him for his hard-working career and how sucessful he is. :D
please comment jammers! I'd love to hear how animal jam is nowadays and what's new, or just a little bit about yourselves. i'm interested to see who's still checking out JWT. :3
enjoy this picture of a hedgehog chewing on a toy thingy. (:

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