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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Never Before Told Scam Story ^~^

Hey Guys (and gals, for all you feminists out there!)

So, I'm kinda surprised no one has asked me this question before. - 
How did you get so rare again? 

Again, as in after I gave away all my rares on XxFreeSpiritxX last June and became EVEN RARER on Goldfishypuppy in August/September. 

I guess everyone just assumed I had leftover/secret rares from FS. But, no, that wasn't the case. 

*dramatic music fading into a flashback*
So, flip back to August when I switched to Goldfishypuppy, and everyone by then knew I was XxFreeSpiritxX, and I was still respected although I had no rares, but I just went to parties and hung around my friends and you know, what regular jammers do. I had no interest at all in becoming rare again, but it was still lingering in the back of my mind, because I was kinda bored on AJ without trading every minute. 

After about a week or so, I walked into Lemonfreeze12's den (aka. Rh111, aka 'Bro') and he was talking with KaelynKaelyn, (Puppy99NMS/CookiezNCream's "Sister?" [Still haven't figured that out, but whatever]). Anyways, they both greeted me and I asked whats up. Well, Kae immediately asked me if I wanted to be in a trick/scam that would give me a profit. I didn't have a direct answer, but I asked her to explain more. I can't quite remember the conversation after this, but the basic idea was this: To scam Jasper521's cream beard, and maybe solid black top hat, founder hat, and black beard (red tip). Why? Because she tricked Lemonfreeze and scammed Cair's Solid Blue top hat, and hacked a Tan Top Hat from Nasser76.  She scammed Cair's Solid Blue top hat, by dating him and he let her borrow it, but she never gave it back, and traded Lemonfreeze a tan top hat and the solid blue for his cream beard. I don't exactly know the whole story behind hacking the Tan Top hat, but I know Puppy99NMS, Jasper, and a few others were involved, and the tan top hat wasn't meant for Jasper to get. Then, after that, Cair dumped Jasper, and Lemonfreeze asked her out without knowing all her scamming and hacking.

So, that was the basic idea. And I was 110% for it. Why?
*different dramatic music fading into a flashback within a flashback*
Well, I'll sum it up quick. Jasper521 and I used to be BEST FRIENDS. And by best, I MEAN IT. I can't remember the time frame we were friends in, but it was somewhere after March 2012 to Early June/Late May 2012ish. We used to share rares, borrow, wear them, give them back, tell secrets, and all that shnazz. I remember one time we tried to get freedom wings combining all our rares, but we were too unsure to make the final trade. (Thank God, because they came out ^.^) Anywho, It all went wrong when a few of my old time friends from December 2011-February 2012 who had quit to move to Transformice came back on for a week to visit. These included Tiger05430 and Shawnana98. Now, I can't quite recall the whole situation (I'm sorry its been almost a year), but I remember Tigz made a huge trade with Jas, and Jas had totally ripped her off and scammed her apparently. Now, I was furious about this. It ended up being a bigger deal than it should of. But in the end, Jas didn't trade back, a huge war 3 on 1 came to be, and I lost her to rares. After that, we constantly tormented eachother at parties, at dens, in front of friends, alone, you name it. 

*fade out into first flashback*

So, I completely wanted to do this scam, and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it work. We all agreed we wanted to do it, but we had no idea where to start. We decided to make Facebook Accounts to make sure no one else saw our plan, and so we could read our old messages. They were called "Goldfishypuppy AJ" "KaelynKaelyn AnimalJam" and "Lemon Freeze" I think, I bet you could look them up. I already felt sort of uncomfortable going into Social Networking, but I really wanted to do it, so I went with it. Somewhere down the line, Puppy99NMS (KaelynKaelyn's Sister) got in on this plan, and she made a facebook account too, and was added into our group messaging. We had no idea where to start, so I started brainstorming, and wrote out the entire plan. (I would screenshot to show you it, but issues with the account came up, we'll get to that part soon ;D) It went something like this:

Lemon should make a romantic locked den with a sweet name like "LemonandJaspy4Ever" or something like that and make it all romantic and invite Jasper into it. There they will start saying sweet things to eachother and having fun while Me, Puppy, and Kaelyn will hide in the bushes or behind a tree. We will communicate during the scam using the facebook accounts. Then, Lemon will ask to borrow jas's cream beard because he wants to try it on and he misses it. If jasper askes why, he'll be like "Why not sweetie? :) we're a couple" and say things like that. Then, jasper will send over the beard. If all goes well, lemon will keep asking for stuff and we'll wing it from there. When jasper sends the beard over, send it to XxFreeSpiritxX's member account. When she askes why lemon's not wearing it, say it's stuck in the mail and he can't open the gift. This will buy us time, and he can say "send me another thing to see if I can open it" and we'll figure out what to do from there. 

Now, I had made up this whole plan. 100% truth, ask Lemon or Pup or Kae. They both thought it was a great idea, and we started figuring out the details and making the den. I can't remember what the den was exactly called, but Pup, Kae, and I sent things to Lemon to put in the den. We put tons of hearts and torches in there, including trees for us to hide under. Now, at this time the glitch was still going on, when someone entered the room, all the items in the would flash and you could see everyone no matter where they were. We also knew the sky glitch at the time, so we planned to do that, except I couldn't learn it. So we just put the trees in the way back of the den, and the table where Lemon was going to seat Jasper down in the front of the den. 

Another problem occurred, my facebook account wanted to confirm my security, and asked for my mobile phone number. Now, I was NOT and WILL NOT give out personal information like that for Animal Jam purposes. I don't even have that kind of information in my blogger accounts, just my AJ email. I would not take this risk, even though Pup and Kae wanted me too. I made another AJ FB account, and got added back in the group, but the same thing happened. I made sure everyone was 100% clear with the plan, and we decided to use my OLD BLOG's chatbox to communicate for this scam. 

At the beginning of the scam, Jasper entered the den, she was flattered, and it was all working out as planned. Kae, Pup and I hid in the bushes, and I was looking at the chatbox second by second. At the same time, in a new tab, Lemon, Pup, and I were on Animal Jam Freedom's chatbox. In that chatbox, you can't have group chats. Pup wasn't talking in the main group, and it was too risky to talk in group because others were on. So, I was constantly IMing Lemon and telling him what to say and do. Pup didn't really care that she wasn't in the group. Eventually, Pup and Kae got logged out of Animal Jam (I guess they weren't watching the chat..) and then started yelling at me in the chatbox. They asked if they could come in the den, but I said no because Jas would see them. So they kind of faded away in the scam after that. Eventually, Jasper did send the beard! We were thrilled! Lemon sent it to FreeSpirit, and I got it and wore it because I wasn't going to be able to wear it on Goldfishypuppy (as I was a non-member). Lemon used the "it won't let me open it" excuse, and jasper did send over a legendary glove, I believe. He stalled for a little bit, but then we believe Jasper caught on that it was a scam and wouldn't send anymore, and had asked Lemon to send things over. He didn't. Lemon got sick of stalling, so we just agreed for him to log off. Before the scam, he had switched all his rares onto Rh111 because he was worried he would get suspended on Lemon for scamming. So, he logged onto Rh111 and met me, FreeSpirit in my den. During this whole scam, I was kind irked that Puppy and Kae were supposed to get part of the profit although they barely did anything. I had made the plan, guided Lemon through the whole process, and he actually DID the scam. So I asked him, "Bro, do you think its fair that Kae and Pup get part of it, even though they barely did anything?" and he agreed it wasn't fair. Before this, I had bought him a Lion Card membership and he owed me. We were planning to Split the cream beard in half, and it was worth about two tan top hats. So, I thought about a deal, and asked him for One tan top hat (to cover half the price of the cream beard) and a founder, and 3 other rares (for the lion membership) and I said he could keep the cream beard if he gave me that. He thought it was a good deal, and we agreed on it. He gave me a tan top hat, founder, a yellow rhino, some pink thing, and I can't remember the other thing.

After that, I believe I gave the founder to my friend OrcaLvr because she really wanted one. I displayed the other things on my tradelist, and said they were "secret rares" that I kept from XxFreeSpiritxX. Then, I went to bed.

In the morning, I started collecting offers for my tan top hat. I ended up getting 2 Striped black top hats, 2 founders, pink worn, legendary glove, solid black, and a few other things for it, Quite a nice overtrade from xxFashionxx. ^.^ Thank you! And I ended up trading from there.

Apparently, Lemon had told everyone that we scammed Jasper, and no one cared because everyone thought she deserved it. After that, everyone hated on me because somehow they had formed this image that I was a "perfect little innocent free spirit" and now I had turned into a "evil scammer' I was constantly admitting that I had scammed Jasper, but people still hated. Oh well.

Then, drama with Pup and Kae started coming up, she didn't know what really happened. She created and published a story (which she took down) saying that once lemon sent the cream beard to FreeSpirit, I told him I wouldn't give him it unless he gave me those items. Which isn't what happened, it was all part of the deal.

After that, we went to war for a month or so, until I found her blog, commented and apologized on it, and we made up for about two months. Then after that, she confronted me saying that "she couldn't stand me, and everyone is sick of me and didn't have the guts to stand up to me, but she does." and how apparently "i have scammed and hacked so many people it disgusts her" and all this other bs. Yes, I admit I scammed a few people of little things such as mummy gloves, and leg armor, but this was by far the biggest scam I have done.

This story ended up fading away, and no one really noticed how I suddenly got rare again. All everyone cared about was the drama between me and Cookiez, and to this day I guess we're frenemies for many reasons besides this.

So, yeah, that's the story of how I got rare again. 100% truth. No, I am not encouraging scamming by any means, I did this out of pure hatred, and Jasper still hates me, I still am not fond of her, I don't know if I quite regret this, I feel a little empathy, but I'm sorry that I'm not ashamed of myself, like I am of all the other stories on this blog.

Notice: The Truth page will be published again, I started adding more to it, but then I stopped. Why so? Because all the other stories that I would put on there are already on this blog, this story above is just the one I was going to add. :) I hope you're not upset, but that's my decision! All you need to do is use the fancy shmancy sidebar tool and click on the months and posts you want to see and read to see the truth of all my marvelous Animal Jam mishaps and adventures.

So yeah, and for the gif I usually include (is that a tradition for this blog now? xD):

Okay I'm done now. I hope you enjoyed this post!
~Breathless the creator


  1. Can't wait for the Truth page to be back up! Also, very interesting story.

  2. A little confusing at the beginning. But I'm glad you shared this with us. I would never have the courage to post a story about myself on a blog everyone can see...

    1. Oh! I'm sorry! What exactly was confusing? I'll try to fix it!

    2. Just in general, so many names. xD I'm probably the only one here who gets confused when they don't read over things twice.

    3. I re-read it and I understand it now. :)

    4. Oh okay! No, no, no! Sometimes I have to read things over like.. five times. o: I guess it can be confusing, i didn't realize that, if you don't know the people directly.

  3. I'm so glad your posting again ^-^ I've never really got caught up in rares, it's not that I don't fantasize about having them, I do constantly- but I can't bring myself to scamming, it's not innocence that drives me away from it, it's more empathy than anything. I don't really try to talk to jammers that are that much more rare than myself (I get intemidated really easily, and log off out of shyness occasionally, which is silly considering I'll never meet these people in real life) anywho if one of my buddies does get scammed, I feel bad myself, and I couldn't be the one to cause that pain myself. Although I can see why you would do it, if it ment having rares (and it was obvious you missed them), and you'd be getting revenge, I'd of done the same things. I apoligize, you probably don't have the time to read such a monotonous comment... ^-^ But thanks if you did ;3

  4. @PeppyWolf - Ugh, I'm on Chrome, My Replies aren't working! OF COURSE I READ YOUR COMMENT. Lol, I was the exact opposite of you! I've always had a hard time having sympathy for my scammed buddies, unless they're like my super close friends. In Decemeber 2011 - January 2012, I would constantly try to talk to rare jammers and act cool. xD It wasn't so much meant having rares, I was actually planning to keep the tan top at first - but nah! I missed trading a lot, and the excitement and strategy of it, lol.

    1. SHOOT! WRONG ACCOUNT! Lol, that's me though. ^

    2. LOL! I laughed so hard when you said that comment! You were all like, "Shoot!" and I'm like, lol! I've never seen her say that before.... Ok, I need to calm down... *-*

    3. Ehehe, when it comes to the strategy of trading, I could use a few pointers. Your really talented when it comes to making deals, plans, etc... to get the items you want :3 I applaud you for that.

  5. @Cece HAHAHA. I was so frustrated. >.<

    @Peppy I'll try to organize my thoughts. xD I have kinda confusing strategies, but I'll try to write them out...somehow.. if that makes sense. what o.O

    1. I understood it though. XD And it is showing you are a good person for admitting the truth.

  6. X3 Breathless, i know this is weird but like, Im obsessed with this blog Im like, 1# Fan of yours O.o

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  8. Oh my, I read the entire thing. How do you write so much? I mean seriously, that was like super duper long. Anyways, like every single person you named are my buddies, at least before... [did they delete me once top hats came out? :/] anyways I don't really feel like deleting anyone right now.

    I'm really not saying I hate you because you are a good person I still believe, but you know that two wrongs don't become a right. Right? 100% pure hatred doesn't give you a single excuse for scamming anyone unless they are the most horrible person in the entire world who's like a murderer or something.

    Moving on. It seems you are mistaken so many times... *sigh* that only happened a couple of times to me except they were small and weren't passed on. Like, "Jammie263, how'd you get your striped blue top hat? Did you scam it? Hack it?" and others. Seriously, I earned 'em from pure trading for months and having friends who helped me.

    Okay, now I'm just wandering off topic. What I'm trying to say is, they are VIRTUAL rares. No, if anyone's asking I'm NOT giving away my rares although I've already "half" quit. Because I care their rare? I guess you could say so, but really it's because they give me pleasant memories. Even though tops came out for a while, I still love my original one most simply because I worked hard to get it, and not just by playing games and buying one.

    I have this pink heart locket which is currently my oldest item which a friend gifted me when I first started. [I wasn't a member, at that time non members could accept gifts.] I wouldn't trade that pink locket for anything, not even the rarest thing on AJ. Memories. I hold on to them because you can't simply buy them. They remind me of the days when I went on AJ 24/7 and was obsessed with it, as you probably have guessed. Do I regret ever starting to play computer games? Maybe, maybe. But not completely I guess.

    There's no point in spending so much time on trading, and I'm being serious. VIRTUAL. PIXELS. Even in real life it's not okay to scam, it's a crime.

    Oh, and just a quick question... do you know any of the other jammers in real life? Like, do you know Lemonfreeze or Jasper?


    1. Oops, didn't realize I wrote so much too... not AS much though, luckily. Right? x3

  9. O-o
    That was a LOT of words!

    I think it is good that you told that story, because even though people scam all of the time, they are just like "Huh? Scam? Me? You must be joking!"
    Not trying to be rude, just saying that it is awesome that you told that story.

  10. @Jammie - Sorry, on Chrome, replies aren't working .___. Nope, I don't know a single jammer in real life.. thank god.

  11. Every time I read one of your stories its like going down a rollercoaster! XD Your stories are very well written and planned! The story is awesome you present something that not everyone has, the drive to post secrets about yourself! Anyway, it was a great post except for the scamming bad scamming but its the past and we must let it go! It was amusing! :D

  12. Hey people I'm giving away a free member account if you want it please send me your username and password to iluvshorty0@gmail.com

  13. heya! so, i would like to know, WHY IS EVERYONE OBBESSED WITH RARES? (not you Goldy and some other ppl who comment) someone who is NOT obessed with rares plz reply!

  14. Why would you do that?

  15. Goldy, talk to me as soon as possible. I have a few words to say to you.

  16. The thing with rares is what animal jam does with them. For some people, rares are nothing except items that are overrated. For others, rares are life. They are the fuel for your imagination, your animal jam life. And for a few lucky jammers, rare items are nothing but items you want because of there color, style, and how they match your animal, not how valuable they are. There are so many jammers who need to see that. I don't like collecting rares. Intact, I quite often recycle them. Some people will scam there own REAL LIFE FREINDS OF THERE RARES.
    Animal jam is doing there best to stop rares, and I am kind of looking forward to dream items of all jammers coming out. But, animal jam is also being quite lazy with rares.

  17. I have a scam story, too! It's called: darksonic13, The Scammer!
    Here's the story:
    darksonic13, The Scammer!
    I was in Jamaa, just enjoying myself with my two first rares: Rare Clover Blanket.
    I traded both for a Bow and Arrow (when they were rare) and when I finally received the Bow and Arrow I wanted, I was SO happy!
    I worked so hard for it! One day, I decided to get adopted as my wolf, wearing my favorite Bow and Arrow! I went to The Pillow Room, and was adopted by this bunny who was older than my wolf. His name was: darksonic13.
    "I'll adopt you," he told me.
    "Thank you!" I replied, buddying him.
    I went to his den and found him waiting for me. "My, my!" he suddenly spoken, "it's late, now! Go to bed. There's your room!" he pointed at the corner of his den.
    "Okay," I replied, on bed already, waiting for the next wonderful day!
    The next day, I saw darksonic13 on a couch, drinking his coffee. "Why, hello there! Sit next to me," he greeted.
    I sat next to him (in a different couch) and ate breakfast. He grinned at me and gasped. "Wow! You have an AWESOME Bow and Arrow! Can I borrow it?" he asked.
    I got encouraged by him, so, I traded him my Bow and Arrow. My mistake! I felt like a TOTAL idiot when I did... he just left his den.
    Luckily, I got his username and blocked and reported him! Well, good thing I was able to earn: Fox Hat, Rare Bow and Arrow, Black, Elf Shoes, and a Heart Locket! Eat that, darksonic13!
    THE END!
    And that's the end of my story. Sorry if you guys thought that: "I just wasted my time on this stupid scam story -_-"
    Sorry... :(
    P.S., this is REAL. A real story. And the bow darksonic13's wearing isn't mine. I do not know why but, yeah... just believe me! :)


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