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The Truth

I am XxFreeSpiritxX.

I admit it.

I can prove it to you if you really deny me.

You're most likely thinking, But I thought you quit?

I did.


About 3 weeks ago (Today is 7/19/2012) I I told everyone I quit. I gave away rares, deleted everyone, etc.

I did, actually for about 2 1/2 weeks.

Visits were too tempting.

Everyone was FURIOUS I deleted them.

I 'made MagicDream quit' (long story).

So a few days ago I switched to this account.

I barely had anything to switch though. xD

I told a good handful of my old buddies that I was free, and made them promise not to tell anyone.

It started out fine.

No one suspected anything, or even brought up XxFreeSpiritxX's name.

But eventually a few people that I didn't even tell, or ever knew, were jamagraming me saying they knew I was XxFreeSpiritxX.

I know most of you won't see this post, so that's why I'm publishing it.

Why did I give up XxFreeSpiritxX? I'll tell you the whole, long, story. Get some popcorn.

So, I started my AJ adventure on October 13th, 2011. At about 2pm.
My friend introduced it to me.
It was boring at first.
My user was InfinityEepdOutPaw.
I didn't have much interest.
My first 'rare' I remember was  a clover blanket, which I traded store bought different color items for.
I did that trade again, and had two clover blankets.
A yellow and a green.
I traded them both for a purple heart locket.
I can't remember what I did with it.. or what I traded for it..
I kinda left the game behind for awhile..

My brother, who is 10 years old joined Animal Jam.
His username was MisterArcticClaw.
He really enjoyed AJ, and became a member.
He got quite rare. Headresses (but he bought them)
A couple worn blankets, member gloves, but thats about it.
I thought it looked fun having all those friends, unique items, and more.
We started sharing the account.
Soon after, I begged my mom for my own member account. She wouldn't pay for two.
So, I started playing more and more on MAC. My brother, less and less.
I eventually took it all over, and he quit.
I hate to admit that I was kinda an AJ slut.
Cheating, dating, all that nasty stuff..
I met cubanboy.
Married him.
He gave me a lot of stuff.
Anything I wanted.
I remember my dream item then was a mech angel helmet.
He traded everything for a pink one and gave it to me.
He was still rare, though.
That kept continuing, the item getting rarer and rarer..
Viking hats (when they were rare)
Planet walls
Leaf necklace
Worn blankets
Solid black top hat
I traded a worn blanket for my non member wings that I still have today.
I left him behind..
Went to other guys..
On MAC, I wasn't as 'famous' as I was on XxFreeSpiritxX.
Only a few of my current friends knew me on MAC.
I got sick of people picking on me about the 'Mister' in my name.
They judged.
Wouldn't add me.
So I had a poll, on my old blog, animaljamfreedom.blogspot.com.
What should my new username be?
Some of the options I remember were...

And others..
XxFreeSpiritxX won.
I liked that one the best anyways.

I switched to XxFreeSpiritxX.
Instantly more people were friendlier, nicer, and gave more respect.
I remember I met RJKingBeast, one of my best friends, the minute after I switched.

I became rarer, my blog had more views each day, and life was just generally better then. (This was in mid March.)

Months and months later, I got a few overtrades including tan carpets and red top hats.
I wasn't just super rare anymore. I was ultra rare. It kinda scared me.

A couple months later, I was even rarer. Since I had joined in October, everyone thought I became rare way too quickly. A few people spread rumors about me hacking. That was just the start.

People accused, judged, blamed. I was in hiding for about a week.
I hid all my rares.
Deleted many.
Not fun, if you're wondering.

In the past two months on XxFreeSpiritxX, It was chaos.
People couldn't handle their seflishness. Begging, lying, trying to hack me!
Friends were dropping like flies, due to rares, drama, 'famousness'.
My blog was pretty popular, and way too hard to handle.
When I deleted someone, their would be a rampage from them.
Hate would be automatic from all their friends.
Magic797 drama didn't help either.
Rares were too hard to handle. I could literlally get almost any item on AJ I wanted.
I had too much, and it was going to my head.
All top hats, 2 founders, 2 non member wings, Tan carpet, Mira statues, Fire pits, zios sculptures, Member gloves, Rhino helmets, Royals + and all leafs before they were rare, A LOT of stuff. ( I don't mean to brag )
It was too much, and AJ was creating to much drama in my reality.
I was on AJ too much.
I couldn't go in Jamaa Township without people attacking about 'What for my items' and they couldn't respect if it wasn't for trade.
But no one wants to stay cooped up in their den all day, am I right?
It was too much, I eventually quit my blog.
Sometimes you just want to hide.
I hid 90% of my rares.
I only wore my favorites.
Some friends were posting mean stuff about me..
There's more, but I think you get the point.

AJ was also taking over my studying time, which caused a lower grade in math.
I had written a post that I was going to publish about why I want to quit in April.. but I never finished or published it.
Here it is, directly copied from Animal Jam Freedom.

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Here is an A-Z to list of mostly why I want to quit:
A. Animal Jam is a game.
Animal Jam is an online website, meant for fun and games.
More and more jammers everyday are exchanging Phones numbers, Skype adresses, planning to meet each other and giving away REAL life information. I admit to doing some of it, but it is already going to far.
B. Blogs.
Blogs! Just like this one you are reading right this very instant. Everyone feels a need to make a blog, trying to compete for a bigger and better one. LoveLost's blog take for example, nothing against her but everyone wants to be like it. Everyone gets overworked in trying to create a popular blog, and if they don't get enough views then they think they are lame! :(
C. Codes.
Codes, simply. Animal Jam brings out codes to get free stuff, but that hasn't been happening very lately.
Think of it this way..Kids are learning codes, which can be described as a form of Cheating. Codes can be very effective, and if some kids learn this way, Imagine what real-life things they can accomplish (Not in a good way) by using codes?
Yes, we all can admit to doing it. But that's not the soul purpose of Animal Jam, like many people use if for. I bet you if you log into AJ Right this very minute, there will be at least 2 Jammers in Jamaa chanting "If you Like me say I" or "If you like me come to my den", "I need a guy", "I like naughty girls" or something like that. Also, it can be very socially awkward, I would know. If you really want to find a relationship, use eHarmony or something, seriously. I am not saying there is something wrong about it, it's just overrated.
Playing games all the time doesn't provide for much energy. You and I both know we need energy to get thru the day. In science class we are learning that energy makes things GO, RUN, or HAPPEN. Don't we need things Happen in life? Don't we need things to run? Or to Go? Exactly. I know I am ALWAYS about to fall asleep after being on the computer for 3+ hours after school. This topic leads me onto my next one...
I can't focus anymore! I have been spending SO much time on the computer, staring at a screen. I am in honors classes, and gets a's. I have to read a whole lot, and when you can't focus, you can't read. I also play sports. Including Hockey, Basketball, Track, and Volleyball. If you can't focus, you cannot play sports. This is probably affecting my lifestyle most of all. In school, I tend to zone out a lot :|
Gaming alone takes up much of our daily lives, a little too much. I always prefer outdoors, and I can't believe how obsessed I am with this game. It makes me mad at myself, feel alone, and feel bad about myself. I don't like spending half my nights on gaming websites, let alone get addicted to another game. I don't like how I am just staring at a screen. It is a scientific fact that you tend to eat more in front of a screen, which is bad for our health if you don't the exercise to be equivalent to it.
H.Haters :(
Yes, the Unfortunate truth. Haters most commonly go with clans, clubs, cliques, and rares. People become  way  to Jealous over rares. Which if you scroll down to 'R' you can see my wonderful, practical description of what rares REALLY are. Which I know that Spino11 agrees with me. Also, Haters come with 'Fame' that is usually developed by blogs, or then again rares. Greenfun told me which is a true statement, that not a lot of us realize is that - On Animal Jam, everyone is equal. None of us are more important then another, which a lot of us think we are. Yes, there are Hater DENS made, Hater POSTS made, hater CLANS made, and much, much more out-of-the-box and unnecessary ideas and things made against another Jammer.
I recently just got an impostor, thank you to ilovekats for telling me. xXFreeSpirtXx is their name. Do you guys have any idea how indescribably rude this is? I Have my own individuality.Now, if you want to be like me, you don't have to make up a name that is almost like mine. You can copy my patterns, dress like me, design your den like mine, or something. I don't care, I take it as a compliment. But when someone goes around PRETENDING to be me, that's just obscure. Actually, in the Adult world ILLEGAL. You can be put in JAIL or PRISON for having a fake identity or stealing someone's Identity, which again --- What is this teaching children?
There is Jealously all around as I have mentioned before in this post. Mostly between rares, like Freedom items, top hats, nm wings and worn blankets. Also, I have seen horrible friendships spilt up including my own with Crystal82 broke up, and now she can't even stand to look at me ;( I miss you, darling. Anyways, it also commonly happens between Jammers 'Boyfriends' and 'Girlfriends' friends become jealous of each other's partner, and how rare they are, handsome, pretty etc. It's disturbing, because we are all equal.
K."Kill them!"
As in Clans. In my opinion, clans are gangs. Gangs in real life never turn out good. Their is excluding, violence and bullying. I have been in a few clans before, and it never turned out well. I have had a whole clan against myself, for a reason that wasn't even my fault. I have been in the 'famous' Madjaster's clan, and he is overrated too. He added me, and no offense to him, but he sure has an ego. Wonder how it happened? Fame. So now this poor guy is probably also stuck-up in real life, and again, What is this teaching children? I deleted him.
Their is so much lying going around Animal Jam it sickens me. Even the HQ has lied to us. The one time I specifically remember it is when Animal Jam published it's last December 2011 newspaper, saying that horses will come in 2012. We didn't get horses until two weeks into the new year. Also, lying has to do with scammers. Scammers lie to say that " I swear to God why would I scam you? " "My parents work for AJHQ so I can't scam you " " I have never scammed" "  I have been scammed before""It's my birthday send me rares" And so on and so forth.
M.Money/ Membership
You have all probably heard your parents or another adult complain about the Economy, or just money problems in general. LIFE comes with a COST. My dad has retired, and pensions don't come with a lot of money. My mom, me and my brother were also all in a car collision two years ago. That means a lot of money is spent on Physical therapy, lawyers, law suits and much more - along with the regular things we have to spend on regular life. I AM a member, and addicted to the privileges that membership allows. This does cost money, maybe not a lot but it's sad that I am paying for this, when all it really provides is addiction, debates, and coordination loss. This does lead me into my next topic...
These Jammers are treated AWFULLY! My great friend BeautifulBlackWolf who is an author of Fiery, is treated terribly by the other Moderators! It is not non-members fault that they can't afford membership, or their parents are strict. Or, just maybe did some wake up to reality, sorry to say. Also, Animal Jam is being WAY too pushy and unfair in new updates, which are mostly fo members. On my non member accounts, I get 5 jamagrams a month telling me to get a membership, and how great is to be a member.
Overrated! This whole site is overrated! Friends forever, turns into real information. Love, turns into meeting each other in real life, which I know a couple who is planning to do {Won't mention any names}. RARES! SCAMMING! BLOGS! FAME! CLANS! Everything! It's so indescribable it's hard to put into words. This is an online game, wake up to reality!
Everyone always says the are going to quit, make it dramatic and want to seek attention, to feel special. (Again, Jealously, Attention Seeking, Lying, What is this teaching children?) I am so sick of my best friends saying it, and I know they won't be back. Yet if I don't seem like I care, or cry and stuff then I won't be considered a good friend when they WILL/DO come back. It is so irritating, I just want to go and hide in my den. Also, people give out their items and rares to their friends as a 'Remembrance of Me' gift. I have gotten many of these gifts, and people always want them back. Some I have given back, considered if it is important or special to me. Also, it is so Judgmental that these 'quitters' give out their rarest items to their closest friends, their partner they are dating, etc. It's just rude :| I will be keeping my 'rares' to prevent that from happening. (No offense to my good buddies)
You most likely knew I was going to do 'Rares' for R. Well, first of all I sometimes don't want to be 'Rare' after all. It wrecks your whole Animal Jam life for you, and gets you hooked up in pixelated clothes to be on an ANIMAL that you are pretending to be in a VIRTUAL world. See how sad that is? I mean, sure I love the cool clothing but it gets depressing. People so desperate...so...so desperate.
Of course, we all know them don't we? I have been friends with many nice, kind and caring Jammers that have turned into scammers. I cry whenever I hear there is a new scammer clan. By the way, Solidblue02, Silverstein, InfinityMagicHeroisback a few other Jammers I didn't get to see have started a new scammer clan, and aren't afraid to admit it. I have described scammers many times, and I am not that good at hate speeches. But they apply all around this post. Careless, rude and and famous. Famous, Rares, and Cool they become known as... Again - What does that teach young jammers - If I steal and cheat, I become cool and known. Not a good life lesson!
U."U Were not Hacked"
Sorry, I have to be kinda clever for these end-of-the-alphabet letters. Anyways, Jammers DO get hacked. But it's very uncommon to guess someone's password. Also, people fake this all the time. "I was hacked send me rares" or "I'm sorry for being mean I was hacked" But, if you WERE actually hacked, why wouldn't the person who was being mean to you steal all your items? Huh? Need to think it thru before you guys try to trick us.
I'm sorry, but the humans that work at Animal Jam Headquarters seem to not have a care in the world about our problems in the Game that we are playing. I ordered a lion gift card about a month ago, thru Animal Jam Outfitters, and I never got emailed my code or sent thru the mail. I sent AJHQ an email about it, and of course they sent a robot reply back, not having anything to do with my issue. Once I told them that I never got their confirmation email, they never replied. Ace97 emailed AJHQ about this mail glitch he has been getting, that has caused him to loose a very rare brown beard and hasn't got some of my letters that I KNOW I did send. Tiger05430 supposedly sent me 20+ letters one day, but I only got about 4. Sorry that kinda of got off topic..
So yeah.. that's a lot, I know. Some were cheesy x3
I'm kinda tired of typing right now..
That's why I kinda quit.
I guess I'll kinda be on AJ, but not as much.
I don't need rares, for my blog to be famous, or to have fans again.
I don't need it.
I just need my friends.
Shout out to all my friends who have stayed with me this whole time..
Snowyclaw, Fatpanda96, RJKingBeast, Puppy99NMS, Moonbeam1, DarknessAkia1, Nikisongs, And many more..

If you read this, please don't hate. A comment would be nice.I Don't know what you could say.. but ok.


Note: A lot of important events have been skipped in this biography, but those are for another time.

Okay, so here I am starting on 1/16/13 adding on this autobiography of my Animal Jam life. So I guess I started back when XxFreeSpiritxX ended.. which was around hmm what... June or so? DANG  I GOT A LOT OF LIFE TO COVER LOL
Well here we go typingtypingtypingtyping

Gawd, It already makes me sad looking at my list that said
'Shout out to all my friends who have stayed with me this whole time..
Snowyclaw, Fatpanda96, RJKingBeast, Puppy99NMS, Moonbeam1, DarknessAkia1, Nikisongs, And many more..'
Most of them have either quit, left, or we got into an argument and no longer speak.
Here's the updated list!:
Shout out to all my friends who have stayed with me this whole time..
Snowyclaw, Fatpanda96, RJKingBeast, Puppy99NMS, Moonbeam1, DarknessAkia1, Nikisongs, Cair, Supermonkeys, Goofy8966, Feelers, Cece, XRawrX, And many more..

Geez, well before I start explaining what all happened with those friends, let's just backtrack to June, ok?

So, around the middle of June (I think I've told this story in other posts) I was up late on Animal Jam one night, at around hmmm... 4am? Talking to snowyclaw, and I only had a few buddies on. I remember saying, "Nite, Snowei! See you tomorrow!" Then logging off my computer, off to sleep, pondering life. I remember thinking, "huh, I really should quit AJ sometime soon before the next school year, I'm far too addicted." Then thinking, "Wow, I could just quit right now, but naaaaah." But then, my brain suddenly said, "Why not?" So, I logged back onto to AJ, broke the news to snowy, and she started questioning me, of course. I explained everything to her, started sending away my rares, got tired, and decided to finish in the morning. (I think you can check out one of my old posts to see more of this story) When I came on in the morning, everyone had received my jamagrams and started crowding me in my den.

I quit for about two weeks, then returned.
I kept visiting and visiting, and in July I decided that I just can't lose this game that has taught me oh so much.
I remember my and my best XRawrX who I still talk to to this day, always had a fantasy of switching to secret usernames, being anonymous, keep our rares, and have our old rare friends never find us again. We just wanted to be regular jammers, you know? My username was going to 'Goldfishypuppy' and is the user that I stored my second tan carpet when I had one. 

On XxFreeSpiritxX, I still had my tan carpet, Famous blue top hat, non-member wings, a few spikes that meant a lot to me, and a lot of crappy/wasteful den and clothing rares.

I switched a good 50% of those items to Goldfishypuppy, where I created my now popular 'Admiral Rockypaw' bunny and my old seal, Wretched somethingclaw. I only told about five or so close friends (who aren't so close anymore -_-) that I was XxFreeSpiritxX, and they promised not to tell anybody that I was.
I admit, it was fun being so anonymous around people who I knew, but they didn't know me. Hearing them gossip about me, and say good things, and how they act without me there. Hah, I had always wanted to do that.

I took my Solid blue top hat, that I had no use for anymore, and I never had sentimental value to it, I had always faked how much I adored it, I took it to the original owner, Cruiser7, who had traded it to AlexiaJade(numbers), who had then 'gave it' to me. (Have I told that story yet?) Anyways, I went to him, explained that I really don't want it anymore, and I'd be willing to trade it back to him. He was shocked, knowing how much I had liked that top. He overtraded it to me, for a Red top hat, Solid black top hat, red legend glove, striped black top hat, and a black with red tip beard. I felt rich after that trade, thinking I'd maybe be able to start a trading career all over again, but that wasn't my intent.

My heart was setting on getting a Tan top hat, which I had never ever ever owned before, and give it to my best friend that had stayed with me forever, because I forgot to give her one of the eight top hats I owned when I was on XxFreeSpiritxX, and I felt incredibly bad. I took my new top hats to Silver101, who owned a tan top hat, and I offered all of those items to him including pink gazelles. (I can't remember how I had those..) To my joy, he accepted!

I was so happy. I didn't think this dream would come true. Oh, how I was excited to give Fatpanda96 her new top hat, I knew she would be overjoyed. I knew she didn't get on much anymore, after I quit, and I knew she switched to play Transformice. I went on Skype, and talked to my buddy Iloveaj5678/Shawana96 who also plays TFM a lot, and asked her to get Fatpanda on. After lots of waiting, FP finally got on!

I was literally SHAKING with excitement. Fp got on, and I said, "I have a surprise for you!" and sent her the top hat. I remember her saying, "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" but then I questioned her why she wasn't wearing it. She said it wouldn't let her accept it, and I immediately got scared. But, she reloaded, and accepted it, and it all worked out. :) "Are you sure? You can have it back if you want, whenever you want, I Promise!" She started exclaiming. "No, no, I'm sure." I guaranteed.
(skip forward two months to september, the post "you just can't please everybody" was published, and this is how I lost panda, due to my selfishness.) 

Hi Jammers!

Okay, it all started out when I quit on XxFreeSpiritxX.

I didn't give out my top hats until a week later. I wasn't comfortable sending them to offline people.

Well, a week later when I came back for a visit I ended up sending them anyways. I totally forgot about my best friend, Fatpanda96. I still had my favorite solid blue top hat. I offered to trade it back to the original owner, Cruiser7. He ended up doing a HUGE overtrade for it, worth more then a tan top hat. I traded all that stuff and pink gazelles I still had for Silver101's tan top hat. I kept it for a little while, played with it on XxFreeSpiritxX, since I wasn't a member yet, and told my friend on Skype who was Pandy's friend on Transformice, and she told Pandy to get on.

Once she got on, she already knew I had a surprise for her. I sent the top hat, added a star stamp, and she opened it, freaked out, but it wouldn't let her accept it. She reloaded, I was nervous, and the she could accept it. She started shouting "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!" and all that, and promised to give it back to me if I ever wanted, even though I was almost positive I wouldn't. 

After I became a member on Goldfishypuppy, I asked her if I could try it on, since I hadn't had a tan top before. She flat out said I couldn't. I didn't get it. If I was generous enough to give it to you, you can't let me play dress-up for two minutes? I was kinda mad about this, but told myself I would get over it, and respected her decision. 

After I got my beta eye, you already heard the story about that a few lessons back. Pandy traded her striped blue for the tan carpet so I could get a fair trade, because I gave her a tan top. At that time, I didn't see what was coming. I really wanted Lemonfreeze12's brown worn. I was talking to him about how I was going to ask for Pandy's tan top back, because I didn't appreciate how she was complaining so much, she's changed, she's not the old best friend I remember, and I just didn't like her new 'vibe'. He said he would trade the worn for Tan top, red top, Brown Pilgrim, and a black striped top hat. Now, I really wanted this worn blanket. Before my offer was less, and he said it was still the best trade before I mentioned this tan top hat to him. 

A few days later, Pandy got online, and I explained my situation to her. My friend, RjKingBeast was also there. She knew what was happening, and once I asked for the tan top hat back, nobody said anything. I eventually decided to break the silence and said, "...did that show?" and Pandy said "No..". RjKingBeast told me on Skype that it did show. I was mad then. After about another 10 minutes or so of debating, she eventually sent it back. I told her I was planning to trade the worn blanket for a blue striped and stuff, to get her old blue striped back in which she was complaining about.

Later that day I traded lemon for the worn blanket, but it wasn't how I imagined it. It was boring. Kind of gross. Just.. blehh. I didn't really like it, and I told that to lemon the next morning. He kept saying supportive things like, "That worn is worth more then freedom wings." "I had to trade more for it." and we started talking about trading. He said that the key to trading is patience, and if you always decline everything, people will want it more and offer more. I realized that that's what he did to me. He liked my original offer, but kept declining and I traded way more then I could have. I didn't like that feeling that he kind of tricked me. A few days later, I asked to trade back. He was overjoyed about having his 'dream' again to have Red top hat and Tan top hat at the same time again. I didn't feel really bad, I already had got him his old 'dream' of having membership again, yet I don't regret it. He said, "Oh.. there was tradebacks.. that would have been nice to know.." I got all worried, that he already traded one of the items, and started thinking about how to get a fair trade quickly for this worn. He traded back after a bit of stalling, and was super furious. "I was done with this game anyways" he said, and logged off. That whole event got me in a funk, I removed all my rares, and logged off. I wasn't really in the mood for debating no more. The next week or so, I didn't wear rares and I admit, was kind of rude. Lemon got on every now and then, still didn't act like him old self. I eventually got over it, and so did he.

A few nights ago, I traded the tan top for a good trade that I wanted. I didn't know if panda was still playing, but I was nervous. After she sent the tan top back, she went to epic wonders, said she was quitting, made all her animals black, but I had to go. I didn't know if she actually quit or not. I traded the tan top, and was 110% happy for a few days. Until yesterday night, Pandy got online and jamagrammed if I was still trading lemon. At the time, me and lemon were having a serious conversation in his den. I told him to go on my chatbox, and we both logged out. I admit, I went offline to avoid panda. We finished talking on the chatbox, he had to go, and later that night I went on again. I was in the temple of zios, and had this greyed out loading screen, so I could see what was happening in Jamaa, but couldn't do anything. I saw her say, "Why'd you trick me, Gold? :(" and I reloaded and I went to her den. Apparently, Panda's friend, Uniquelog (My old friend, yet we had no fight..) was talking to panda, and she said how "I tricked her" and Unique started jamagramming me things. I told panda to come to my den, and explained everything that happened. I had a blue striped at the time, but I wasn't comfortable nor had the willpower to give it to panda. She said, "Oh, you don't have to get me a blue striped. I'll just quit, It will be better for everyone." Now, that was why I wanted the tan top back in the first place. Because of this attention-seeking complaining, new version of her that wasn't like the panda I remember giving the tan top too. All I said was, "You're doing it again.." and she was confused. She didn't get what I mean. I didn't have the courage to tell her, and said I was just going to go off. She said, "I'll just quit.." all I said was, "bye.. see you later.. or not." And I logged off. I didn't like the situation.

Well this morning, (9/5/2012) I logged on, and I looked in my inbox. Jasper521 had jamagrammed me, "YOU STOLE PANDY'S TOP HAT, RARES HAVE TAKEN OF YOU, NOW I HEAR YOUR (Next jamagram) TRYING TO BE RARER THEN SOMEONE! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR RARES. :)" I was confused by what she said. I didn't 'Take Pandas top' I took my own one back, but if you don't have the decentcy to look from my point of view, don't judge me. I'm trying to be rarer then someone? I figured this one out. She talked to CookiezNCream, But before I say the rest, let me clear something up. Long long long story short, Me, Cookiez, and Lemon scammed a Very rare item of Jasper's, and me and lemon Backstabbed Cookiez on the deal, and we all got mad at eachother, and I just recently apologized to Cookiez and were friends now. Now to Continue.. She must have talked to Cookiez, which I don't get, because there enemies, and Cookiez must have said I'm trying to be rarer then her, because we have the same items. Yesterday morning, she said, "I have almost all the same items as you except you have extra founder >:D" Which I took as a little friendly competition thing, and I tried to say as nice as possible, "Well, I have two non-member wings, too." and she must of taken that otherwise.. 

Also, my good guy friend, who we've been through a lot, but I know he would be serious on this case, he jamagrammed me: "PEOPLE ARE PLANNING TO TAKE YOUR RARES, BE CAREFUL ON WHO YOU (Next Jamagram) TRUST" Now, I'm not going to say his user because incase these scammers he's talking about, asked him on the plan and he just agreed to get information, they would be mad about them. 

So, I don't know who actually is trying to scam me, but in these situations it seems Jasper251 and CookiezNCream and maybe Fatpanda96,  Edit: I found out that it was Uniquelog, Jasper521,and some others planning to scam me, and they were trying to convince Fatpanda96. No offense to all of them, they're all very nice once you're good friends with them. Just know, that I record all suspicious activity on AJ, that's how I got 45 minutes of HighQuality Scamming, so If you try to pull anything on me, well, good luck.

Update: Well now, the same person that starred in our 'MAKE IT STOP, MAKE THEM STOP!!!!" Post, just got in my drama. Everyone is saying that I'm the bad guy, even though they didn't hear the whole story, since I haven't published this. Don't judge me, if you don't know the whole story. I did in fact get Fatpanda's striped blue top hat back, but never showed it to her. I was planning to give it back, but now she's starting all these rumours. I showed it to this girl who was in our other story, and she said I just want to trade it for more rares. How stereotypical? She always acts like I'm just about rares. She said that I wouldn't understand whatever she was talking about, even though she's never tried to explain and still hasn't. She says I never had friends ignore me when I was non-member, and I said, "Were you there with me every single moment of everytime I've been on, even in my private me-only locked den?" She replied, "Maybe I was, you were just to busy TRADING!!!" Wow. So much drama, I can't stand it. At least I'll find my true friends, and I'm going to say what I want, do what I want, 'cause I'm not gonna hide behind a mask again.

So, yeah, that was how I lost pandy. The last time that I spoke to her was on TFM, two weeks ago or so. I said, "haaay buddy me it's goldie!cx" and she said "okay" and added me. And that was it. :/

Anyways, let's skip back to July. I was feelin' pretty good about myself, I gave pandy a tan top, no one really knew who I was, AJ was all good, no drama or anything. So, I got bored one day and started missing my blogging adventures. I opened up a new blogger account, and just decided that I would design a blog that I wouldn't use. Psssh, no biggie, I won't start another blog, right? Wrong.

Well, you know the feeling when you get really angry, and you feel like you have a big knot in your stomach, that just keeps getting tighter and tighter? Yeah, then you tell someone about it, and just let it out, and it feels better, right? I guess that's what kinda happened to me, 

~~~~I didn't finish from here~~~~

Notice: The Truth page is published again, I started adding more to it, but then I stopped. Why so? Because all the other stories that I would put on there are already on this blog, this story above is just the one I was going to add. :) I hope you're not upset, but that's my decision! All you need to do is use the fancy shmancy sidebar tool and click on the months and posts you want to see and read to see the truth of all my marvelous Animal Jam mishaps and adventures.



    1. And you're being very dramatic with your comment.

    2. And you're being very dramatic with your comment.

    3. Dude I said NO OFFENSE do u hAve a life??? Of no just saying

    4. yea "madision" do u even have a mom? cause u have nooo life just saying >:D

    5. dude you weren't being alittle mean yo were being REALLY MEAN!!

    6. REPORT EMAN1213 FOR SCAMMING MY SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. be quite u bully. (to anomous) and "madison" DOES HAVE A LIFE! at least shes not being mean like u are -.-....

    8. Gold,

      is cubanboy still your friend? love? just wondering you aren't talking about him. i know that it would be off-post-topic, but i wonder


    9. @Anonymous (the hater)
      Dude, Gold's been through A LOT. And Madison HAS a life! Think about it .-.! Maybe it's YOU (to the hater Anon, okay? 'Not talkin' to anyone but that hate-Anon-dude) who DOESN'T have a life.
      Sorry for being a little bit-y rude, but seriously O.o

    10. If she didn't have a life, she would be unalive. If she was R.I.P, how would you feel? How would you feel if she came from the sky after R,I,P and switched it to where YOU went R,I,P and YOU couldn't switch. Maybe YOU don't have a life. (Going to all the haters commenting such as Anonymous) And since I want people to know who I am, here is my signature. -d66864 on AJ (or -D6 on AJ)

    11. Btw, R.I.P, Rest In Peace. -d66864 on AJ

    12. How many Anonymous PEOPLE LIVE HERE?

  2. Well, Friends are Probably The 3rd Best Gift God Has Given Us, and Like I said in the 'Quotes' Section (I'm Thracey11) Friends are Worth more then Rares!

  3. Hey I wont tell anyone i miss you alot and though i ust to use your blog to look up what was new and i loved the music please we all miss you

  4. I didn't know you were freespirit. Lol I remember when you asked me how do u get clovers on meh blog.LOL Wow I can't believe how many people are so so.... jealous. I have many friends like you but I never envied them. Im a patient person so basically all I say is.. Ill just wait for AJ to release the item. Also I agree with the everyone is equal thing. I had snowyclaw as a buddy I never really cared how famous she/he was just the fact that they were a kind nice person to speak to.Well it's always good to start fresh. Oh and one more thing thanks for the tip on that scammer clan. UGH scammers urk me-good luck with your fresh start-infinitychips

  5. That's the way my Animal Jam not very known ended... Ah, I also used to date.. And sometimes I atemppt to date when I meet the right guy..


  6. Oh, Free.
    We all miss you dearly.
    You always prove perfect points.
    I miss you so much, and I totally understand this.
    I'm even thinking of not getting on AJ for a few months.
    I would normally have some huge, heavily-worded paragraph to comment, but there's a whole lot on my mind.


  7. o_o
    I gotta say, I completely agree with you.

  8. i was never mad at you when you came back D: i was so happy to see you! and magic797 drama was her own fault. i agree all the way with you, people are getting too crazy on this game! you do prove really good points, and people that were mean to you, they're just mad that they don't have great friends, they feel the need to make you feel bad because they feel bad about themselves. i hope to see you soon, and i will deffinetely be checking out this blog daily :)

  9. Hi ill try to edit my blog into a blog like this about aj but can u help me wtith chat? ~XxBaconMonsterxX

  10. True, these ABC's!


  11. I hve to say you did the right thing. I like having rares.....but even with just a few .....jammers asking still get out of hand

  12. Everything on this list I agree with. I think that quitting freespirit was a really good thing to do.

  13. I agree. I would quit if I were you. Summer's almost over.. time for school, I won't be on AJ much now but I'm not quitting. (I guess I'm addicted to AJ!)

  14. I feel sorry for the stuff that happened to you, Goldfishy. If I were you, I know I'd feel like quitting too. :(

  15. I have not been on animal jam f or a while while cuz u know why I'm beta and I have 2 reall nm swords 5 nm wings and all top hats

  16. Seriously Anon? If You have nothing good to say, Just don't Comment. And Goldy is NOT a loser, If You say She is, YOU'RE the Loser, 'cause what you say is what you are.
    ~DreamsOfBlue (Sorry 'bout the harsh Words, I really had to say it)

  17. Exactly its true what dreamsofblue says

  18. I completely agree with everything that you said! People are paying too much attention to rares and not enough to trying to establish true, meaningful friendships. I remember back when I didn't have any rares, and I was just as happy as I am now, but since I have rares people pay more attention to me. Rares shouldn't change the way you are, and a virtual game shouldn't be this dramatic. Thanks for pointing all these things out and keeping it real Goldy/Free!
    ~SalamiSpoon06 <3

  19. Im jus wondering when should we be at the peck party cause we might have different times where everyone is...

  20. I never knew u (as XxFreeSpiritxX) that u were so rare

  21. sad story and all of this is really happening on aj
    i also used to scam /).(\ but i gavc all the i tems i scammed back to thier owners

  22. i really feel bad for you. i wish i could help. can't we all just be normal? people go on and on about stuff like this. not you. whyare there famous jammers? why are there rares? why do memberships matter. its all unfair. i know most people have answers to these questions, but really... why?

  23. my username is babygirlcait( you might now me as Little Happywolf) for all who were wondering, don't make fun of my user. i wrote the comment above ^ and i think that we should all forget about this. it will be hard, and i have to admit that im a little adicted too... ok, alot. but why IS Aj so addicting? why is it?

    1. AJ is addicting simply because the so called AJHQ made it that way. They did that to make you get a membership.

  24. babygirlcait again i like goldfishy, i think she really deserves a good life. . . don't let things throw you down like that! you get back up, bite life on the scruff and toss it to the dirt! yeah! i get worked up sometimes. therian.

  25. wow, this is true, your really cool golodfishypuppy, remember that, and I WILL NEVER HATE YOU! i love your blog, i read all the long posts(im not being mean) i LOVE the lessons in jamaa, i love your stories too!
    your cool, hope you remember that, and if anyone says your not. remember what I said, i think you cool and awesome. peace out, and thanks for checking out my blog!

  26. I totally agree with ALL of it! It's sad,Really because scammers are just attention seekers that are trying to get attention by scamming rares. They think it makes you all cool, But to me it looks like you are desperate and rude.


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  28. I still think your amazing.

  29. I feel so bad for you after all you went through. And just so you know I am not being sarcastic

  30. Your a piece of dung free! POOR LITLE GIRL!!!!!!! YOUR BRAGGING "i am ultra rare on aj" CLANS AR ECLANS!!!!!! WE ARE role PLAYING!!!!!!!! HIDE AND COWAR ALL YOU WANT FRIENDLESS NOOB!!!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Your just a bully. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. I bet your just jealous of her so why don't you shut up.

    3. Me Jealous that ***** Is Unrealistic A ALPHABET About blaming animal jam for her math s Being Ultra rare and sassy!!!! STOP BLAMING THE LITTLE KIDS PLAYING THE GAME!!!!!!

    4. yea, just, shut up anon -.- and u probally dont know what dung is :p and that would be u... (the anon that said that goldy was a piece of poo)so there you go. what you say is what u are...

    5. Why would u say something like that!!!!!!??????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!??????

    6. Anonymous is the mean one!!!!!!!!!! Gol

    7. and with the why wound you say that comment,were you talking about me or the person that said that about goldy?
      P.S. Im not trying to be mean...


  31. I'm not trying to be mean in this comment but...i don't really think it was very nice how you blamed AJ for everything (like bringing your math grade down). It's not AJ's fault that you loved/love their game. And maybe AJ does care about us...they at least care that we have a good education because they put a bunch of facts all around Jamma! And if you wanted to quit why didn't you, without making a super long post of why you quit. It's your opinion, i know but still...this might want other people to quit. And if you don't like having rares then get rid of them without complaining! I know you've been through a lot but your blaming it on other people which isn't right. And if you have a busy schedule then why even play AJ for that long? You could play it for like 30 min, finish all your homework, play for another 30 min, study, then play for as long as you want! Anyway i'm sorry if i offended you in some way but this is just my opinion. Everyone has one.

  32. Hi, goldfish puppy I agree with everything you talked about on your post. well, most of it anyways...I don't like how people only add you for how "rare" you are. And also your friend should come first not your rares..Plus I agree with the clan thing about the whole fighting and stuff, it's a game i mean come on? plus non members should be treated better =) I have best friend that are non member I hope people on aj learn it's not about the fame, or the rares, or member or non member, it should really be about the friends and the fun in the game. ~goldfish24711

  33. I knew Nikisongs, when she was Tinkluver55... D: I miss her.

  34. Wow that's really a lot of great reasons you have there! I never knew you were FreeSpirit either and it is true that many people get unfocused because of Animal Jam >< To me there's way too much Drama for SOME people that I just can't help T^T

  35. I'm Rebekah age 10. Good reasons. There are TONS AND TONS AND TONS of ciber-bullies on AJ. I want to quit now.

  36. Great post, Goldy!! I agree with all of your reasons....the only reason I don't quit is because I'm addicted....hmm, thats terrible that I'm addicted~but I have tried to quit!! you said in one post you used to be addicted, too~how did you get unaddicted!?!?!

  37. Hey goldy, i honestly dont care if you put my name in it now because thats gone and way back long ago. I quit anyways so you can put it in the story because it IS the truth, and this blog is about truth right? ^-^

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  39. You clearly have no life... lol

    1. Are you talking to me?! MAYBE YOU HAVE NO LIFE!

    2. your rude maybe you should get a life instead

    3. Oh anonymous. Let's put this into a few sweet words. GO GET A LIFE AND STOP BLAMING OTHERS THAT THEY DONT HAVE ONE. YOU NEED A LIFE DUDE!! -d66864 on AJ, btw I'm laughing because I put this so sweetly for you :DDD

  40. I used to be friends with some of those people back in the day, and I remember hearing them gossip about you lot. I never really took part, I just kind of did my own thing and got into enough drama already. I always thought that the ultra-rare people on AJ just traded, acted kind of snobby and maybe even scammed. O well, thanks for showing me that everyone has their own troubles, and that I should never judge until I get to know everybody's side of the story. I don't know if you remember me from your XxFreeSpiritxX account, but I remember meeting you a few times. Remember Piggythewolfman? Gosh, that was so long ago .-. I hope you can get everything back to normal! :D
    Best of luck, artemis22

  41. Aww I feel so sorry for you like that.
    You have went through a lot of unneeded drama.
    Sorry that this isn't on the subject :P but can you please add me.
    I'm Olympics2008 :)

  42. this font is hard to read

  43. Long. but worth reading. I miss you on AJ though, you were a lot of fun. ^-^

  44. I feel really sorry for u wish we could swap lives

  45. Wow UR so tots awesome free. I wish I were u, except when you mentioned the whole stupid drama with all those desperate derps. Happened with me before, and ended up giving away my rare for free to shut em up.

  46. awwwww i feel bad 4 u!!!!!!!! ik how it feels to have a friend that used to be "the friend you always count on" then suddenly turns into "the friend who is annoying and begs for stuff, and threatens to quit"
    :( im talking about Chelseagtv when i say that. she has had a membership before on HeartlandLoverchelsea, then it ran out, or her mom canceled it around christmas because she was apparently "dating" someone -.- then she made MOnsteraliengirl1. a copy off of monsteralienboy1, her boyfriend, (they are now apart, i think..)
    and then her mom found out it was similer to monster's, and locked it. then she made Chelseagtv. her mom randomly got mad at me at that time, and said i cannot have any further contact to her. we just recently made up, but im sure its all gonna go back to the way it was. we fight 3 times a day, about membership, she screams "I JUST WANT A MEMBERSHIP!" then she wil find out i got a arctic wolf membership.. and burn me. and say "YOUR SO SELFISH WHY DIDNT YOU GIVE IT TO ME??" wow wow. i used to give her EVERYTHING i even sent her a rare bow once, and this is how she pays me back.. im not so rare as i was right now. my tail armor got scammed yesterday, (i had 2 tails) but i am RICH AS HECK. i got like 66,390458 gems. yep, sold most of my epic rares for that much! totally worth it. i got alot of den "holliday" betas. well im drifting off into my own selfish stuff, =.= back to chelseagtv. we have fought before, one time we fought and it was the first time it was back to back yelling, and screaming, and she kept saying i was "copying" off her grammar, but my friend mochas4me, (who is now emocupcakes) was COMPLETLY MAD at her. because on another lame game, chelsea had stole her username. and mocha, was so mad. because "mocha" was her thing!. they eventually stopped being friends after that after mocha called her the Big B word. -.- then Ilovemyponyboy (jazzy boggs) and chelsea fighted about who likes rainbow dash (mylittlepony) more!!!
    i just want some friends who don't fight, or make up drama. ive been suffering with drama attacks ever sience i met wolffang432 (about the time when i started animal jam again, last year) she was my "sister" and she pretended she was in army eventually after 5 days tried to kill me, and then left me. that had stuck with me the whole "wolffang" thing killing me. i was DETERMOND to meet her again, and fight. i eventually did meet her again after 7 months of drama, we became"friends" but didnt talk much, -.- WELL ALL OF THAT SUFFERING FOR (----) MUCH ATTENTION??? -.- my friend who always stuck by me, threw thick and fynn, seallady, also was left in the dirt by wolffang. after i met mochas4me, and chelseagtv, me and seal just stopped talking, after a while she unfriended me. i miss her, shes the only friend who didnt ever pull drama in my life. :( she probely doesnt careabout or remember me now... then daniel02929 came along, and "saved me" but actually caused MORE drama in my life. and mochas drama, me and mocha have only fought once. -.- about something stupid, i had went on my enimes account (we r now friends) who chelsea had forced me to hack into unless she said she would hack into ME, and then unfriended me chelsea and mocha threw my enimes account. -.-..... she got furios when she found out i did it. but i took all blame for it, because i didnt want chelsea to get in trouble. (am i a good friend or a bad friend? im so confused.) well now most of my bffs just IGNORE me. i have a best friend who never has drama, and always is fun. never asks for stuff, and when she gets left out, im always there for her. threw thick, n thin. ;) thnx evilgummybears101. :D - PennyStroke

    1. PennyStroke, I hope that life gets better one day! Remember, everything WILL work out.

  47. Hello I just wanted to say that I started around the same time. My friend showed me the game I also thought the game was boring at first but then I saw the items and I started playing in July 2011 right before beta ended I think. So yea.....

  48. ya, i mean REALLY? are u kidding me???? if u dont like goldy, dont comment :/ also, shes NOT a loser and if anybody was, it would be u, anon :P (not to be mean) oh and btw goldy is admitting her faults, i would be totally scared to do that, so there you go, goldy is being very brave. would never have the guts to do that :/

  49. Dear Breathless, Goldfishypuppy, XxFreeSpiritxX,
    I agree with you 110%. You can quit if you want to! We won't be totally crushed. Your post makes sense. I agree especially with R, D, and S. Who needs to be cool? Famous? Rare? Sure, i like rares, but i don't need them 24\7. Rares are kind of like... (DON'T HATE ME FOR THIS!) friends. You like them, you don't like them when they come back out, you trade them for others, you do so much with them, and then BOOM over. Scammers are horrible this time of year.... it's so annoying! There's a scammer in every server now. <='( I always report them, saying they scam. And when i say scammer to the people who did something, they're always like: YOUR the scammer nuttyness! And everyone just scams now! It's liek your best friends are scamming, you allies, your neighbor. Everyone has to date, or scam, or have a blog or Youtube channel! And then the people who are good, innocent, get blamed! And then there's just the people who get scammed, get in trouble, and GET OUT OF THERE! Bystanders. Non-members. Members. Everyone is mistreated! Truthfully, i don't know why i play... oh yeah... because it's still sorta fun, and i have friends... but that's it by now. Now, i'm just in tears because whenever i log on it's always a scammer or someone who "wants a GF or BF" or someone whose like "I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! FRIEND ME BECAUSE IM POPULAR!" What the heck is going on???? Why? I don't know. How? I don't care. Who? Who should, should be the question. Everyone who's reading this comment, think. Are you a scammer? Do you just want attention? Do you just want rares? Just think.
    Hopeful for all,
    nuttyness. =3

  50. Dear goldfishpuppy (or whoever reads this),
    I know what you're going through. I'm going through it myself. I have a blog, a reasonable amount of fans, and I have done some things on AJ that I'm not really proud of. I have become rarer than I care to admit, and I think that it's starting to go to my head. I kind of have an addiction to this game, and I tell myself that I will quit, but I can't bring myself to do it. My grades have been suffering lately because I've been so distracted with Animal Jam. I know the problems of this game and I am starting to hate both it and myself. I started my blog thinking that having so many rares and fans and things would be good, but it's not. I'm not going to complain about all the scammers or the people wanting dates, because honestly, it's not my problem, and I just don't want to worry about it. If everyone cared about everyone else's problems, there would be no happiness left in the world. Just... Remember that there are still good people around, and I support you, even though I don't know you. I have sympathy for you.

  51. An M to add-
    MATING. This is stupid. I recently, being the leader of a special force of Jammers called the A.J.A.R., found 2 incidents related to this topic. Someone (not going to say who) WAS my friend until I caught them "mating" and speaking innapropriatly (spelled wrong ik .-.) to a girl. I'm considering not renewing my membership ever after it expires, but still playing. AJ is becoming way overrated. I myself own a Clan, but we aren't a very violent one. We sort of just roleplay occasionally, and my Clan is just one that's.. THERE. Just a THERE Clan, not one that everyone wants to attack like madjasterx. I let in my friends and close friends of the people I know for a reason- fighting, quitting, bragging, and just plain over-roleplaying. Such as dog attacks every darn day..anyways, enough said.. =\ (to join AJAR you have to know me really well)

  52. O.O
    *gives standing ovation*

  53. Your list was an eye opener. My sis is adicted to AJ. I will share it with her. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Just so yo know I am not adicted anymore I only play on Fridays and weekends I:O

  54. And you will never ever guess who this is it is fatpanda

  55. Breathless, your blog gave ME the insperation to make a blog. Sheesh4's blog is sweet, but your graphics and background resemble AJ. Wild. Cool. I recently lost my membership, so my sister was nice enough to share her account, giving me a fox and a seal. I'm totally addicted to my laptop, but it started being a little wonky and running updates and won't turn on. It makes turning on noises, like 'fweeeeeeep' which is normally a good thing. A few months ago, someone (being me) spilled water on my keyboard. I'm suprised it isn't broken! It's my dad's old mini Dell. I think it needs to charge
    Lucky Coolcat
    PS I wish you happiness :)

  56. Maybe I'm overreacting a bit on a headdress I really want. Thanks.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Scamming doesn't seem very cool anymore, I'll stop doing that. :)

  59. I understand, i feel that way too... not with the friend dealing stuff, where i want to quit but i just cant!
    Like i want to stop all of this computer time! (i'm almost on like about 24 hours on here! i think your right but i just want to be with my computer friends also..
    All of this confusion in my life is dealing the way your's is. But i been promising i would stay on longer or give my friends some stuff. i think rares just makes you turn into a different person, (getting careless, not sharing, selfish, and not caring for others) that is kind of normal but i want to keep normal!
    sometimes when I am just in jamaa saying ''trade me!'' i decine a lot but people say this to me ''your so mean!'' or ''Dont trade this girl!'' or ''Why you decine? just accept RIGHT NOW!'' and ''maybe thats why no one doesn't be your friend because you decine all the time!'' i get out of control!
    Every single time someone decides to start arguing with me! im tired of all that none sence! also my eyes are getting worse and worse. sometimes i wish i never came on Animal Jam but other times i wish that thank goodness i came on here...
    You get the point thanks for the advice!

  60. I dont remember seeing you around XxfreespiritxX but... That was sweet about what you said about your friends! Im pretty sure you touched their hearts with the friends thing. ( i dont literally mean to TOUCH their hearts!)

  61. wow............. really dramatic......
    but on ur abc junk my name starts with "r" D'': why did u do that??
    ok i understand that u did dat because u don't hav a life -.-
    ur life is messed up dude......
    so realize wat ur doing never make a blog in the first place! rares destroy people
    all the drama scamming hacking for rares rares rares.......
    i might not be making sense cuz i just woke up.

    1. OMG. YOU MUST BE SO DRAMATIC U HAD TO SAY THIS. Everything YOU just said is reflected onto YOU. For saying things about others, you must be the EXACT SAME WAY. At least some people have SENSE enough not to bully Goldy or anybody else! -d66864 on AJ

    2. Oh, and im sorry if you woke up just now and I just randomly blamed you. Sometimes ppl wake up and don't know what they are doing cuz they tired. -d66864 on AJ

  62. Guys at the end of the day,its her decision her account.No affence but she doesnt need a reason to quit.

  63. dude for the "K" (again im not saying ur a bad person and u can hate this comment all u want) it KINDA bothers me since i just spent like my whole year reading the warrior cat books its not bad when u read at least ONE of em. then my next reason DUDE WHY DO U ALWAYS COMPLAIN??? (yesh i like callin ppl dudes for some reason X3) like da one bout panda DUDE STOP HIDING IN YO DEN AND GET OUT IN JAMAA AND JUST LIKE DANCE AND SAY "BACK OFF PEEPS DE NEW VERSION OF ME IS HERE" -.-

  64. I feel so bad for you! If I was a was one of those people who hated you i would owe up to my mistakes and start a new. Thrust me, I have one person who hates me on AJ and said she quit. SHE DID NOT. Anyway, add me i am minecraft3907 (sorry for all my drama about a friend and other stuff XD)!

  65. am i the ONLY one who red the full thing,it was so long XD (im just jk im sure everyone red it all)

  66. I know how ya feel! I got hacked and became a nm thn all my friends were gone! I was hoping to get new ones with my new account starting with u CUASE UR my role model if u can PLZ buddy me I'm dubstepjello ��

  67. Dude.... Goldy ISN'T a loser and I agree with DreamsOfBlue :PPPPPP

  68. Rares are no fun, i use them to get a few items i want because i like them/they fit my animal. Not just because they are rare. I can't believe how much drama you went through, i want to hang out with you to make you feel better :3

    Jamagram and buddy me if you want some kindness ^^


  69. Animal Jam Rocks! There. I spammed it! XD Lol jk :T

  70. People thought I was all about rares till I gifted my bff a long rare spike :D

  71. Gtfo this blog if u can't comment nice.

  72. I get so annoyed when someone begs me for rares, I only have a few but a lot of jammers really like my scarf apparently.

    I'm also sick of the membership advertisements I'm getting constantly, at least I can go without spending my money without reason.

  73. http://Epic-Rewards.com/?ref=1773306

  74. dat was a long post

  75. Ah, Ajhq, They do want their money.

  76. Oh, this again? I thought the first comments were the end of this targeting! -d66864 on AJ, btw, for everybody here, read my comment in the first row of comments. It's meaningful.

  77. Last supportive comment from me. I hope you read what I said to the bully, Anonymous, AKA Anon. (Anonymous ppl who didn't do it, I don't mean you.) Please respect this blog and STOP bullying Goldy in the comments. What goes around comes around, and you might get cyber bullied too! -d66864 on AJ

  78. This makes a lot of sense, but the only two I disagree with are:
    Clans. Most clans are not that violent. The books that they originate from, Warriors, upholds honor, respect, and love over anything else. I don't like how you say the clans who kill are the norm, because they aren't. Clans are truly a way to bring people together.
    Blogs. I made a blog because I like blogging. Not to compete with Lovelost, Snowyclaw, or anyone like that. I made an AJ blog because I wanted to start fresh. That's it. Otherwise, this is quite true, although a little harsh.

  79. I am nice, I accept it. Next author is saying that he can do Everything. How Spoof Pokemon Which things he don't know, he is learning about that. I downloaded movie.


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