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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Artic Wolves came to Jamaa

Hi! This is a legend about how Artic Wolves came to Jamaa. Enjoy!
                                                How Artic Wolves came to Jamaa
 Way past the limits of the amazing and magical land of Jamaa, there were smaller places that didn´t belong to Mira. There was a particular tundra, a snowy place, with a thick layer of snow at all times of the year and frozen lakes and high mountains full of permafrost. In this freezing land, there was a clan of Artic Wolves, normal wolves who, to adapt to that habitat, over the years had grown long, thick white fur to heklp them with coumuflage and to protect them from the cold.
In spring (if you could call it like that, for in that land even in the summer everything was covered in ice and snow) the cubs were born, and when they grew up they hunted lemmings and artic hares for food, and somnetimes they even got special treats if there were a lot of them, like caribous.
So, in that clan that had been there for centuries, one of those happy springs were cubs and pups were born, two artic wolves came to the world.
Daggerfangs was the apha male of the pack. He was a strong, fierce fighter, and could run faster and howl louder and leap higher than all the others in the clan. As his name said, he had fangs the size of daggers,This optimus male had a wife, a pretty wolf with pearly white fur and shiny, sharp claws, all the better for hunting with. Her name was Winterblossom, because she was as white and shiny and perfect as Winterblossoms, a very special indeed type of flower that grew only in the icy ground of that land. Winterblossom was the omega female of the pack.
So, one spring night, save in a den in the rocky side of a mountain, while outside it snowed and the air was alive with sleet, Winterblossom gave birth. Two pups had come to world.
Proud of being parents, Daggerfangs and Winterblossom thought about names for their cubs. They were a male and a female. In the end, they decided to call the female Frostyeyes, because she had glinting, pale blue eyes, just like the frost that formed on the licken outside. 
It was more difficult with the male. His fur was a bit darker that everyone else´s. Most of the wolves in the pack had very faint grey fur, some, like Winterblossom and Frostyeyes, had pearly white fur, but this cub, Frostyeyes´s brother, had dark grey fur.
After suggesting names like Nightsky, Stormyfur and Iceshadow, Daggerfangs came up with the name Thunderstorm, and that was how they called the pup.
From the beggining of their lives, the twins were very different. Thunderstorm was hyperactive and brave from a very early age, a cute little Artic Wolf full of courage. On the other paw, Frostyeyess was a charming pup who was always thinking about something, and a creative female who loved making up stories.
Despite their differences, the sibblings really appreciated each other and liked inventing fun games to play together. Their favourite one they called "Dare Adventure" and it went like this: Frostyeyes invented an adventure story, and she dared her brother to recreate it the best he could, a job he always did really well.
They had even more fun when they started to go to cub school. Frostyeyes was smart and could sit still, calm and quiet, listening to the teacher and solving every maths problem like if she was a calculator. She always came top at Storywriting, and was also a born artist and a talented reader.
But her favourite time of the day was Storytime, when the teacher read to them a book, always full of wonderfull lands and characters and magic creatures. As soon as she learned how to read it was rare to see her without a book, for she read and read for hours on end.
But Thunderstorm was another story. He could not sit still for two minutes to save his life, and he wasn´t half hyperactive. He loved sports.
Once in the summer, when the weather was good enough to even sleep outside, the teacher took them out for some sports. They did some swimming, and then played Pawball to warm up, until it was time to run.
They were going to do normal races, about a hundred metres, to see who was fastest. "There is no need to try and see" said Stormyhair, a male cub with unussually long and ruffled fur. "We all know for sure who will win". 
certainly, everyone knew it. Lightningclaws, the fastest cub in the pack. It was incredible when he ran, his paws moving at a tremendous speed and his claws barely gripping the ice.
So the race began. All the pups were standing behind a line, waiting for the teacher´s signal to start. Thunderstorm looked at Lightningclaws. There he stood, proud and vain, ready to show everyone (although they already knew it) how fast he could run.
"Ready, steady, GO" howled the teacher. There was a flash of shades of grey, as all the cubs sprinted across the track. Frostyeyes soon got tired and jogged along the track as she looked ahead. She thought she would see Lightningclaws, at the front, but he was second. And, on the lead, was Thunderstorm, treading along the track at the speed of a leopard, until he did one big leap and crossed the finishing line with majesty.
Everyone was quite impressed, especialy Lightningclaws, but it didn´t surprise the teacher. After all,  
Thunderstorm was the son of Dagger`fangs, the fastest runner in the pack.
So time went by until the sibblings were old enough to catch their own prey. Thunderstorm was certainly a born hunter, who used his speed to catch a great amount of preys. Everyday he proudly brought lots of lemmings and ocassionaly a caribou, which he caught with his strenght.
But Frostyeyes, even if he didn´t get a big amount of preys, used her patience and inteligence to hunt extreamly difficult to catch but tasty animals, like fish, partridges and yaks.
Years passed and Thunderstorm and Frostyeyes kept on hunting, running, reading and enjoying themselves. But one day, the sky went black. Not dark grey like at night or whenthere was a storm like the ones Thunderstorm got his name from, but totally black, without a shiny moon to howl to or starts to make wishes. Completely black.
And suddenly, some spider-like electric creatures flew down. Frostyeyes pciked up the book she was reading: Ancient legends and history of the land of Jamaa. She enjoyed it a lot and loved reading about Zios the Sky Father and Mira the heron and the alphas, and she inmediatly recognised that thise creatures were phantoms, and she was aware of what they were capable of doing.
A phantom hoovered above the others and said: "Now, we officially take possesion of this land. Anyone want to contradict us?"
Nobody did. So, sad and depressed, they moved away from their home.
They didn´t know were to go. They were used to the cold and none of the places around them were suitable. They decided to go to Jamaa because they knew about Mt. Shiver. And they were convinced they would be well recieved.
They were right. mira and the alphas were delighted to see them and let them live in Mt. Shiver. But this new kind of animal didn´t have an alpha nor a spirit stone, so AJHQ just made them a gift card animal.
And until they grow up enough to be jammers, pups always make great pets.
Hope you liked that!


  1. I. Loved. That. Story. The game sounds really fun. ^-^ Except I can't act. lol...

    1. MisterChunkyBuddy you should really make legends about the snow leopard,cheetah,kangaroo and the eagle (btw you don't have to do these :D)

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  7. you know, ive always wondered how the wolf wall in coral canyons got there?Can u please do a story on it?
    If you can, thanks a lot!
    If you can't, I understand.

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  10. No offense, but your supposed to spell 'Artic' as 'Arctic'.

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