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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking a Break

Hi Jammers!
Well, a few of you talked to me yesterday in my den. (Since my den is open to anyone at almost anytime). I mentioned how I was planning to take a break from Animal Jam Goldfish. I don't want to say I'm quitting, because that's such a big and intense word. No, more of a break. I don't know how long this will last, I'm thinking for a week or two but it may turn into more.

My reason why is because I just don't have the same interest currently. If I don't have the interest, I know my posts won't be as interesting and fun, and that wouldn't be fun for you guys. Theirs a certain thing that gets you going, to keep posting, making polls, contests, and I just.. lost it. Many of you agreed that I do deserve a break, and I appreciate that so much. This wasn't really planned, I just figured. Hopefully some of my authors will post every now and then, I can't guarantee everyday. I will hire a few more authors, if you're interested, click here. 

Yes, this does count that I'm not going to be posting YouTube videos very often. They take a lot of work, and I was used to doing it at 2am when nobody else was on on AJ, and now that's impossible because of School. I will also continue to help out on the Animal Jam Spirit daily posts, because they don't require as much time, emotion, and thinking as AJG does. Maybe someday I'll comeback and post about what's going on, but for now, thanks for your current and I hope everlasting support, AJG was never planned to become this big, but for now I'm taking a break.



  1. Goldy, you really do deserve a break.
    You've done things i could NEVER do with your blog.
    You wake up at 2 A.M??? I cant drag myself out before 8:00 on weekends.
    Your blog is totaly amazing and i really wish i could fill out an auther form but im not aloud to give out my e-mail DX
    If you had the time, do you think you could check out the stories page on my blog? (its definatly fine if your break includes this kinda thing)
    Ok well, anyways... Have fun on your break :)

  2. You deserve a break. Truly you do. Your an awesome blogger and writer. I admire you for speaking your mind, and always being true to yourself while being loyal to friends. I couldn't ask for a better buddy. A true AJG fan would accept your decision, and while I will miss your posts, you deserve a break more than anyone else.

    I also have a quote for you: "There is a fine line between those who work hard for items, and those who hardly work." A.K.A Scammers and Hackers.

    - I wish to remain anonymous.

  3. Well I guess you deserve a break. You kept us happy now we're gonna make you happy.

  4. Goldy, take off as much time as you want. Blogging shouldn't be a job, it should be fun! Enjoy your break, I'll be supporting you forever. :)

  5. Goldy, You do deserve a break, After how many months let's see, 3 months, Wow, But being an awesome Jammer, You do need a Break, We'll wait and see what's gonna happen in the future when you come back, Anyways I (Or WE) might prepare a "Welcome back from your Break!" Party! A true Fan/Friend Accepts the Decision of The Friend.

    Wish you a happy Day/Week/Month/Year!


  6. Goldy can you tell me what a Large Cactus is worth. I jsut want to know because since I quit I want to trade off my rares.
    I would really appreciate it if you told me what its worth.

    1. The large cactus isn't rare anymore. You can buy it at Tree Top Gardens, the store in Sarepia Forest.

    2. Ooh nvm at first I thought you meant Tall Cactus

  7. Blogs are a lot of work, and we understand if you need a break from it. Kepp up the great work!


  8. You do deserve a break but SOMEDAY was not the right word

  9. *scratches the back of neck* Huh, can't believe I almost started ranting about this. There's other blogs I like your's is just my favorrite. Not really because you seem like the most perfect person, actually if I met you in real life I'd probably not want to talk to you. I guess I like your blog because it's an interesting read~ Peppywolf

  10. Are you kidding me? You have time to update the "spirit blog for the jammers," but you won't post on your own blog? Why can't you update your own blog? Is it because snowyclaw's blog is more popular? Or is it what you're obvious response would have been, "snowy's a friend, and we has been very busy with schoolwork, and you HAD TO update her blog" Either way I'm mildly upset, and sorry for my last comment about how I wouldn't want to talk to you if I met you :P I meant because I'm shy ~ Peppywolf

  11. Arg, I keep using anonomous by accident! ~Peppywolf


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