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Monday, September 10, 2012

Beta Pictures!

Hey Everyone!
I don't have much time to post today, so sorry that this post will be quick.
Thank Mira for Princess IcyWolf (I don't know her username)  RABBITLOVEFOREVER for backing me up and sending in these AWESOME Beta pictures!
I'm sorry that I don't really post a lot of other jammers videos and pictures, I'm very very very picky. 
Yes, I know you've seen a lot of beta pictures on the 'Beta times' page, but these are a more inside-look on what the daily life in beta looks like. I'll have to add these too our page later! :P
So here was our regular Animal Jam Logo, but they added 'Beta' to know that their under let's say.. 'Construction' of building AJ to a better place. That's why if you're confused, people say AJ has been online for 2 years, that's counting beta. But, AJ isn't going to be OFFICIALLY two years until  a Month or so.

Here is the login screen! It's more of a pop-up then the regular off to the side logo. They also broke the word 'username' into two different words, and have the same 'Play' logo. Which one do you like better? :P

Aha, an old Map! They have the 'Home' logo in the bottom left. Also, they have Mini Game icons all over the place. Mt. Shiveer and Appondale aren't released yet, so they don't even seem to exist! Their is absolutely NO landscape in present day Appondale..

A disco ball! This was in Jam Mart Furniture, and notice how they price tag is Red and White instead of Green.

Our very own Gazelle horns! Yes, Purple/Orange was the original color and it was sold for 150 gems. These happen to be one of my favorite items on AJ. :D

Gloves! The first time they were ever sold was at 45 gems, same as the Founder's hat. Wow, gloves will always be popular it seems. In the whole time I've been playing, they have been released about 3 times at over 1000+ gems.

More Jam Mart Furniture pictures! I like this wallpaper icon better, I don't know about you. It's interesting how Cami's frog was categorized in the catalog with wallpaper.. hmm.. Also, the wallpaper's price has gone up! :(

Ahh, top hats! This was later in beta, as you can see by the background change.

Also, we are having a poll for how often we should have contests on Animal Jam Goldfish, click here to see it!

I'm sorry I'm so behind on everything and busy, I try my best! :(

Ps. Did anyone see my post on Animal Jam Spirit yesterday! Aha, I was so nervous - until all the nice comments!


  1. Awesome pictures! I also liked how the wallpapers looked before. I also think a new land will be opened above Appondale some day. What do you think would be a good name? It's like a valley.

    1. I was thinking the same thing.. and did you notice all of the open space above what we have right now? Maybe one day that would also be a bunch of other lands. Who knows, maybe they're already working on it!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I think a good name would be Jamaa Valley, and it would have a river with little stepping stones and a water themed store on an island. No, not underwater stuff, just themed. The reason a RIVER is because dont you see the little river there? And the name has to be SOMETHING related to "___ Valley" Because it is a VALLEY! :P Who else likes my idea?

    4. (this is the person from the above comment) Also maybe a swamp/marsh above Mt. Shiveer, and a plains/mountains biome below appondale.. Who thinks that AJHQ may be implementing lots of more lands into aj?!? i get excited just thinking about it!!! :)

  2. Nice seeing you today Goldy, I'll always have a buddy slot open for ya. :)

  3. I liked it better in beta! D:

    1. Me too! :( the sarepia forest was probably wayy cooler
      And i WISH they would make top hats like a one hour rare item monday item so they wont be like.... well not rare at ALL anymore but people would still be able to get them :P

  4. These pictures are from RabbitLoveForever's blog.. x3 (Her old beta blog, now her main blog, rabbitloveforever.blogspot.com)
    And, RLF is making a virtual game world thing! :D

    ~Eagle (Who won't log into blogger)


    ~The really mad RabbitLoveForever

    Btw thank you Eagle for Back up :D

    1. Sorry about that my dog hurt her paw so im even more MAD XD

  6. @Rabbitloveforever I'm SO SORRY, someone sent these into me, and didn't provide their username! Here, I edited it in and gave you credit. :D

    1. Thx I was pretty crazy because my dog almost got a heart attack by falling down stairs and breaking his paw, but hes alright now :) BTW Thx.

  7. I CANT BELIVE THEY SELLED TOP HATS AND HEADDRESSES BEFORE!!! (my look after the first time looking at a video or picture of top hats and headdresses getting selled --> O3o) can someone please please please gift me a cami frog!!! its so adorable and i want one so badly! (mys username: Clammy42404) hope someone can gift me one! Best Wishes, Lexi (my real name)


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