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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rarity Scan #12: Cami's Frog

Hi Jammers!
So, there has recently been a suprisingly high demand to know more about Beta Den items and in general, the trade for them. I honestly have somewhat hard time judging the rarity of these, because most everyone prefers clothling over den rares, so no matter how rare a den rare is, it loses about 30% market rarity just because it's a den rare.

So, I chose some random, mainstream den rares and am going to tell you roughly my opinion on them. 

Cami's Frog

Here is a picture of when the Cami's Frog was sold in Beta times: 
Cami's frog is based off a real story, here it is: (All credit to Animal Jam Spirit)

Now, you may be wondering "Who is Cami?" Cami is a young girl diagnosed with Leukemia. This is a type of cancer that lives in the blood or bone marrow and creates an increase in too-young white blood cells. There are many types of Leukemia. Before Cami was even born her dad, Pat, picked out the frog toy for her. She named it Froggy and has slept with it every night since she was born. Her dad works for Smart Bomb, so he later created Cami's Frog and sold it on Animal Jam during beta! 

 If you would like to learn more about Cami's Frog, you can go kissesforcami.com. Now, I don't know about you, but I think this item is awfully special. It's really the only item in Animal Jam that deserves to be rare, you know? 
Sure, it's not the biggest, coolest, item out there, but it speaks to the heart.

My Prediction:
I don't think Cami's frog will be released again, because there is such focus on one girl and I'm sure other Jammers now have lekemia, sadly and it wouldn't be fair. In beta it was much smaller population in the hundreds, not in the millions like now. And in beta, the only people who would know about the story is those who read the AJ Lore site, which has been taken down because I'm sure it wasn't that popular.

What would I trade for a Cami's Frog:
These are a pretty high quality item, and den rares are hard to judge, but this is my opinion:
  • A fish fountain for a Cami's frog and bongos
  • Two bongos and a small clothing rare
  • Cami's frog and fish fountain for a firepit
  • Cami's frog and fish fountain for a zios
  • Two Gecko Banners
  • A cloud
Sorry this post is short, I'm so unbelievably busy this week! :P


  1. I would want to check infinitychip's blog. The post he just made. (or she).


  2. Goldy!!! Attempted imposter on snowyclaws blog!!!! Go look!


    1. Yes, u should see it. It's anonymous, but signed Goldfishypuppy and it uses some bad words....but we know YOU would actually never ever do that!

  3. I prefer den rares to clothing rares actually. And the reason why the Jamaa Lore page wasn't that popular was that Jammers didn't know where to find it! I played AJ when it was still there, but I never looked at it or even knew it existed until it was gone. I wish it was still up. I think maybe they should bring Cami's frogs back but change the name to anti-lekemia frog or something. I know that sounds silly but yeah. Oh, and I tried to add you but you declined. Should I add Goldfishypuppy2?

  4. Maybe they could still have the Cami's Frog, but say that it represents all the kids who are unfortunately sick? Or maybe they could change the name to something, like "Feel Better Frog" :) Because I think the story about Cami is so sweet and inspirational, and I think something like a Cami's Frog might be a good inspiration to the kids on Animal Jam.

  5. Goldy, this post is very amazing. :) After I read this, I got on Animal Jam and searched for Cami's frog! :D I'm never trading it because it has such a great story behind it. :) Thanks for the post Goldy!!! :)

  6. Goldy, this post is very amazing. :) After I read this, I got on Animal Jam and searched for Cami's frog! :D I'm never trading it because it has such a great story behind it. :) Thanks for the post Goldy!!! :)

  7. I remember taking a glance at these in beta and wrinkling my nose at them, they looked so shabby. But after beta, and when i was on aj-postpone quit, i did some research of my own and eventually ended up on a story about cami. It was such a touching and heartwarming story, that when i went back on aj, the item i only ever wanted was the cami's frog. i immediately began to search for them, and even accidentally declined a trade of one before i knew who cami was. But i came to regret it, i wanted one of my own so i could keep the story close to my heart. Eventually, i got one, and before my best friend quit, she donated three to me, that i still keep to remember this story.

  8. I agree Goldy. It looks really special. :3

  9. Hey Goldy, Gingerpawz is back :D She's made a new blog just for fun.



  10. I love my camis never Eva trading them!!!!!!

  11. I love my froggy with all my heart! I got it for my b-day from my buddy (who is also my real life friend) I will never ever trade it!! :*) - SpinnerDolphin

  12. I have a frog i will trade it for a cloud :) my user is SPHDZ

  13. I would trade a cami's frog for only one item and it's my favorite! I know it may not be as rare as a cami's frog btu its my all-time favorite item. Here it goes:
    I would trade a Cami's Frog for a red legendary glove.

    1. Would you still trade it for a red legend? Because there's the diamond shop now....

  14. i have a cami frog, i dont think im ever gonna trade it

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