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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Biggest Trading Tip

Hi Everyone!
Well, about 5 months ago I figured out a huge piece of advice for fellow traders.
This piece of advice many people are mad at me for when trying to make a fair deal, but trust me, in the end, it's worth it.
These piece of advice is: Trade by demand, not by rarity.
You may be confused, but let me explain.
Yes, make sure to do fair deals, but be conscience.

If you're a huge trader, and you are relying on trading this item for more, and keep trading and trading and trading, you need to have the right items that people want and will trade and overtrade for.

Before a trade, I always think about a few things..
Unless your for certain that you want this item with all your heart and you'll never ever ever EVER trade it, then be aware of a few things. You will want to have the right audience that will offer for your item, and will have a lot of demand.
 For example, beards and top hats are two rare items. Beards are rarer then top hats, but more people want top hats. Mostly because of the cool coloring, the design, and shape of top hats people want them more. People consider beards ugly, small, and wierd. That's why I don't trade for beards, because they are hard to trade and not in the market. Also, another example. 
You know the Purple worn blanket and the Blue worn blanket? Well, they are both one of a kind, the exact same rarity, just a different shade. Everyone knows that VisualEffects has the blue worn blanket, but not many know about Lemonfreeze12's purple worn blanket. Why?
Because people like the blue better, it's also a unisexual color, meaning both Boys and Girls like it.
It's also more of a mystery, and more people talk about it.

Now do you get it? Trade by demand, not by rarity.

Demand meaning how easy it is to trade, how many people want it, and etc.
Rarity meaning the actual count of the item, how many exist, and blah blah blah.

This also applies to den items and clothing items. There are many beta items in both categories, but  people prefer to trade more for clothing rares, because then can show them off anywhere and look nice on the virtual animal that represents them self.

Hope this helps, see ya later!


  1. ya i completetely agree goldy :D

  2. I get it...

  3. I agree. That's what went through my head for trading. C:

  4. yea, i only trade for stuff that i think is truly epic to me. i used to want a worn just because they were rare, but if you really think about it, worns are just plain weird looking! when i first joined AJ, which was this year in January, i used to think all blankets looked weird (yes, a worn is a blanket)! i have a pink worn, but mainly i just like it for its color, or for a costume. lots of times i just wear nm gloves, heart lockets, bows and arrows, and fox hats. Those items are truly epic to me. I know they aren't big rares, but still. I have my own style. I also want nm bat wings. I know they are a huge rare, but i still want them because they are cool looking and epic. I am kinda hoping that they don't come out for halloween this year, only because they won't be as rare anymore. Yes, i know i sound kinda selfish saying that, but i kinda like having rares, 1. Because they are unique, 2. Because i'm a non member, and most, not all, but most non member clothes you can buy are kinda crappy (in my opinion), so lots of non member rares look cool, and 3. Because lots of them just look plain ol' epic!

    Lots of people probably wonder, "Why does AJ even have trading if AJHQ knows about scamming and all that nasty stuff?" Well, they encourage scammers not to scam. But AJ has trading to make our lives interesting. They want us to meet new jammers. They want us to have fun. Honestly, i would like it if beta came back, becuase there were no rares. So pretty much they would have never exsisted, which wouldnt make us so attatched to rares. Plus, it makes it fair for all jammers!

  5. Yeah, I want an to do an overtrade for a purple top. I hope someone will take my trade C: My trade i think is posted on my blog (Animaljammonitor.worpress.com :P) ~AG

  6. ^-^ theres a new newspaper, and an add at the bottom of the screen for the AJ Outfitters. :D kewlio X3


  7. Hi goldy! I made new blog! I signed up with blogger today! Your right, SOOOOO much better than wordpress!! Can you check it out? The web address is animaljampawprints.blogspot.com Thanks! ~AG

  8. THX FOR THE TIP DUDE! I usually trade by rarity! now I know how tah do it ~chloeclaw

  9. Hey, I never thought of that, and I guess you're right! Sweet Blog, I love it! ^.^ ~Winter:)

  10. You trade for what YOU want not by what other people want, rarity smarity... I'd pick a purple/blackish-grey fox hat over a top any day. -Kamemeo


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