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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lessons Of Jamaa #29: You can't please Everybody

(Note: This is 9/6/12's post, I'm publishing it now because I'm just that angered.)

Hi Jammers!
Okay, it all started out when I quit on XxFreeSpiritxX.
I didn't give out my top hats until a week later. I wasn't comfortable sending them to offline people.
Well, a week later when I came back for a visit I ended up sending them anyways. I totally forgot about my best friend, Fatpanda96. I still had my favorite solid blue top hat. I offered to trade it back to the original owner, Cruiser7. He ended up doing a HUGE overtrade for it, worth more then a tan top hat. I traded all that stuff and pink gazelles I still had for Silver101's tan top hat. I kept it for a little while, played with it on XxFreeSpiritxX, since I wasn't a member yet, and told my friend on Skype who was Pandy's friend on Transformice, and she told Pandy to get on.

Once she got on, she already knew I had a surprise for her. I sent the top hat, added a star stamp, and she opened it, freaked out, but it wouldn't let her accept it. She reloaded, I was nervous, and the she could accept it. She started shouting "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!" and all that, and promised to give it back to me if I ever wanted, even though I was almost positive I wouldn't. 

After I became a member on Goldfishypuppy, I asked her if I could try it on, since I hadn't had a tan top before. She flat out said I couldn't. I didn't get it. If I was generous enough to give it to you, you can't let me play dress-up for two minutes? I was kinda mad about this, but told myself I would get over it, and respected her decision. 

After I got my beta eye, you already heard the story about that a few lessons back. Pandy traded her striped blue for the tan carpet so I could get a fair trade, because I gave her a tan top. At that time, I didn't see what was coming. I really wanted Lemonfreeze12's brown worn. I was talking to him about how I was going to ask for Pandy's tan top back, because I didn't appreciate how she was complaining so much, she's changed, she's not the old best friend I remember, and I just didn't like her new 'vibe'. He said he would trade the worn for Tan top, red top, Brown Pilgrim, and a black striped top hat. Now, I really wanted this worn blanket. Before my offer was less, and he said it was still the best trade before I mentioned this tan top hat to him. 

A few days later, Pandy got online, and I explained my situation to her. My friend, RjKingBeast was also there. She knew what was happening, and once I asked for the tan top hat back, nobody said anything. I eventually decided to break the silence and said, "...did that show?" and Pandy said "No..". RjKingBeast told me on Skype that it did show. I was mad then. After about another 10 minutes or so of debating, she eventually sent it back. I told her I was planning to trade the worn blanket for a blue striped and stuff, to get her old blue striped back in which she was complaining about.

Later that day I traded lemon for the worn blanket, but it wasn't how I imagined it. It was boring. Kind of gross. Just.. blehh. I didn't really like it, and I told that to lemon the next morning. He kept saying supportive things like, "That worn is worth more then freedom wings." "I had to trade more for it." and we started talking about trading. He said that the key to trading is patience, and if you always decline everything, people will want it more and offer more. I realized that that's what he did to me. He liked my original offer, but kept declining and I traded way more then I could have. I didn't like that feeling that he kind of tricked me. A few days later, I asked to trade back. He was overjoyed about having his 'dream' again to have Red top hat and Tan top hat at the same time again. I didn't feel really bad, I already had got him his old 'dream' of having membership again, yet I don't regret it. He said, "Oh.. there was tradebacks.. that would have been nice to know.." I got all worried, that he already traded one of the items, and started thinking about how to get a fair trade quickly for this worn. He traded back after a bit of stalling, and was super furious. "I was done with this game anyways" he said, and logged off. That whole event got me in a funk, I removed all my rares, and logged off. I wasn't really in the mood for debating no more. The next week or so, I didn't wear rares and I admit, was kind of rude. Lemon got on every now and then, still didn't act like him old self. I eventually got over it, and so did he.

A few nights ago, I traded the tan top for a good trade that I wanted. I didn't know if panda was still playing, but I was nervous. After she sent the tan top back, she went to epic wonders, said she was quitting, made all her animals black, but I had to go. I didn't know if she actually quit or not. I traded the tan top, and was 110% happy for a few days. Until yesterday night, Pandy got online and jamagrammed if I was still trading lemon. At the time, me and lemon were having a serious conversation in his den. I told him to go on my chatbox, and we both logged out. I admit, I went offline to avoid panda. We finished talking on the chatbox, he had to go, and later that night I went on again. I was in the temple of zios, and had this greyed out loading screen, so I could see what was happening in Jamaa, but couldn't do anything. I saw her say, "Why'd you trick me, Gold? :(" and I reloaded and I went to her den. Apparently, Panda's friend, Uniquelog (My old friend, yet we had no fight..) was talking to panda, and she said how "I tricked her" and Unique started jamagramming me things. I told panda to come to my den, and explained everything that happened. I had a blue striped at the time, but I wasn't comfortable nor had the willpower to give it to panda. She said, "Oh, you don't have to get me a blue striped. I'll just quit, It will be better for everyone." Now, that was why I wanted the tan top back in the first place. Because of this attention-seeking complaining, new version of her that wasn't like the panda I remember giving the tan top too. All I said was, "You're doing it again.." and she was confused. She didn't get what I mean. I didn't have the courage to tell her, and said I was just going to go off. She said, "I'll just quit.." all I said was, "bye.. see you later.. or not." And I logged off. I didn't like the situation.

Well this morning, (9/5/2012) I logged on, and I looked in my inbox. Jasper521 had jamagrammed me, "YOU STOLE PANDY'S TOP HAT, RARES HAVE TAKEN OF YOU, NOW I HEAR YOUR (Next jamagram) TRYING TO BE RARER THEN SOMEONE! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR RARES. :)" I was confused by what she said. I didn't 'Take Pandas top' I took my own one back, but if you don't have the decentcy to look from my point of view, don't judge me. I'm trying to be rarer then someone? I figured this one out. She talked to CookiezNCream, But before I say the rest, let me clear something up. Long long long story short, Me, Cookiez, and Lemon scammed a Very rare item of Jasper's, and me and lemon Backstabbed Cookiez on the deal, and we all got mad at eachother, and I just recently apologized to Cookiez and were friends now. Now to Continue.. She must have talked to Cookiez, which I don't get, because there enemies, and Cookiez must have said I'm trying to be rarer then her, because we have the same items. Yesterday morning, she said, "I have almost all the same items as you except you have extra founder >:D" Which I took as a little friendly competition thing, and I tried to say as nice as possible, "Well, I have two non-member wings, too." and she must of taken that otherwise.. 
Also, my good guy friend, who we've been through a lot, but I know he would be serious on this case, he jamagrammed me: "PEOPLE ARE PLANNING TO TAKE YOUR RARES, BE CAREFUL ON WHO YOU (Next Jamagram) TRUST" Now, I'm not going to say his user because incase these scammers he's talking about, asked him on the plan and he just agreed to get information, they would be mad about them. 

So, I don't know who actually is trying to scam me, but in these situations it seems Jasper251 and CookiezNCream and maybe Fatpanda96,  Edit: I found out that it was Uniquelog, Jasper521,and some others planning to scam me, and they were trying to convince Fatpanda96. No offense to all of them, they're all very nice once you're good friends with them. Just know, that I record all suspicious activity on AJ, that's how I got 45 minutes of HighQuality Scamming, so If you try to pull anything on me, well, good luck.

Update: Well now, the same person that starred in our 'MAKE IT STOP, MAKE THEM STOP!!!!" Post, just got in my drama. Everyone is saying that I'm the bad guy, even though they didn't hear the whole story, since I haven't published this. Don't judge me, if you don't know the whole story. I did in fact get Fatpanda's striped blue top hat back, but never showed it to her. I was planning to give it back, but now she's starting all these rumours. I showed it to this girl who was in our other story, and she said I just want to trade it for more rares. How sterotypical? She always acts like I'm just about rares. She said that I wouldn't understand whatever she was talking about, even though she's never tried to explain and still hasn't. She says I never had friends ignore me when I was non-member, and I said, "Were you there with me every single moment of everytime I've been on, even in my private me-only locked den?" She replied, "Maybe I was, you were just to busy TRADING!!!" Wow. So much drama, I can't stand it. At least I'll find my true friends, and I'm going to say what I want, do what I want, 'cause I'm not gonna hide behind a mask again.

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  1. Goldy,

    Wow, sometimes I really don't see how you can write this much in one post.

    This blog teaches me things I sometimes never dreamed of learning, never even knew could happen, and didn't even want to think of ever happening to me.

    You've been through a lot, and very often. From reading all your posts, I feel that I was probably saying mean things to people just because others said that, even though I didn't know the whole story.

    How could people change this:

    Sending all your rares away. Giving tan top to fatpanda96, then asking for it back because you wanted red worn. Regretting the trade, and trading back with lemonfreeze12. Planning on giving fatpanda striped blue top back, and just trying to do the right thing and having fights with Fatpanda96, CookiezandCream, Person I don't know, and a lot more people.


    You take fatpanda96's top away. You only caring about rares.

    It does cut it short, but it just doesn't make sense. I don't get rumors sometimes, sometimes I do. I mean sometimes they are similar and make sense, but this!? This is like the opposite of what actually happened.

    P.S. Sorry this is a long comment, just putting all my feelings into this one. Oh and, can you put my blog up on one of you're posts? I want this one in particular (I have 3 blogs)

    Animal Jam Bouncies

    (URL: Jammie263.blogspot.com)



    1. Now that I have a legend (not trying to brag), and Im a nommember, I have less fair trades. It's so unfair! Why do nonmembers have a less quality of trading then members? It's like AJHQ taught everyone to want to get a membership! I did have a membership, but it expired. AJHQ is trying to get everyone to get a membership, and I don't want AJ to be like Clubpenguin, one of those games everything is member. And, non freechatters are getting less words to say, by the minute. I think we should email the HQ about this. Goldy, don't feel bad. I had a fight with my friend-very similiar to this. See, she said this guy can ban her. So I called the guy a warthog, and I was standing up for her, and then she said, "No....I'll never be able to play AJ again!" ? Anyway, then this girl came to her den and said, "ur a scammer!" Of course, I didn't believe that girl. Jaily02, my friend, had another friend called imfao. Jailyn went to her friends' den, blabbering about mindreading stuff. Then, I tried to explain to her I didn't get what was happening. She didn't explain anything. She told me she was gonna quit, turned her animals ALL BLUE, took off her clothes, and logged off. That's the last I've heard of her.

    2. Oh, also, some buddies just don't get there are some bad days. My friend, let's just call her Jam, and "Jam" was at my friend, owlheart123's den, for my "funeral." Jam claimed she saw fire when she put her head in the water, (not real), so I dunked her head in the water a couple times, and then some people saw, and said i was trying to drown her! (On AJ, don't worry). So, they took her to Firestar222's den, and when firestar's den was finally unlocked, they yelled at me saying, "SHE'S NOT GOING TO UR CLINIC!" My friend, Claire123 was also helping me, and she didn't get any blame. Finally, she fessed up. And guess what? Everyone still hates me. Everyone unbuddied me, and the only good friends I have is princessfunshine, (best buddy ever! She's always checking on me, and is never mad).

  2. Goldy I skimmed through this post. (I will read all of it later) But, I wanted to say sorry I got mad yesterday.. I kind of get mad when ppl don't tell me the truth. I'm sorry ~AG (Animalgirl58943)

  3. Some people just need to chill sometimes... I'm so sorry that people are being rude and stereotypical. ): See ya later, Gold...

  4. This is why I've never wanted or had a top hat excpet for freedom hat.

  5. Don't worry gold, you can always trust me, I will NEVER join a scam against u

  6. I barely followed any of that. XD

    I was wanting to tell you yesterday, I witnessed a mob of some sort clamoring on about you "scamming a lot" and planning to get back at you. (When I asked how you scammed, they didn't know what to say.)

    But yeah, anyway, I wish I could help. It's just that everyone is basing their side on one story that isn't even all together.

    I'm kinda staying neutral on this, but I do lean towards you. At least you have a testimony that makes sense (though hard to follow XD )

  7. What comes around comes back around. They treated you very horribly, and now someone else will treat them horribly in the future, and one day, they will regret what they did to you.

  8. whoa, that is a long post. I barely managed to get the story. ^.^
    but I don't care what others say about you, I believe I will get the true truth from this blog!

  9. Well... panda told me on tfm, that you had scammed her, again... i was confused for a bit, cuz u probably wouldn't scam her... then cookies mentioned that you had told her that you were trying to be the rarest person on animal jam (specifically rarer than Mckelvey and Lemon) ,and i put it together, thinking they were one in the same, and i sent those jam-a-gams too you, think u scammed her, trying 2 get rarest person in the game.o3o

    I didn't know much.. all i heard was what panda, and cookies told me about you scamming her tan top, and blue top. then trying to get rarer than cookiez, lemon, and mckelvey.

    When you became XxFreespiritxX... you changed... turned into another person... , we did try and scam you....(there were a lot more people in on it) not telling who though. But i mean, it is very suspicious how you got so rare... apart from the scamming me. .-.

    So, that's my side of the story, didn't know much about all that had happened here, Panda left out a big part of the story... kinda mad at her a little bit. Chow ^_^

    P.S I still can't believe you, lemon, and puppy did that... what did i do to you... and when you scam, no one cares, but when i scam Nasser and Cair, everyone flips out. I just don't get it. Free, i wish you were the same person i became very good friends with. And i only asked you for a leaf necklace, cause the cream beard (the item you took from me) is my dream item. Think of it this way, this would be of your prospective, it would be like your boyfriend who you trusted, scamming you favorite item that took forever for you to get (and it took you a while to get you solid blue top).

    I would like to be friends with you again. It was wrong of me to decline your offer to be my friend, last time. Although, we have had our differences, we might be able to move past it. I would understand if you wouldn't like to be friends again.

    1. When did I tell cookiez this? XD I said I wanted to be rarer then my old self, but be able to manage it. I don't know where this Lemon/Cookiez/Mckelvey stuff came up, honest to God. People got this wrong about this scamming stuff. I gave her the tan top, and about a month after she traded her blue top to sam I asked for it back. I got stuff to get it back, but she still refuses, and I'm still trying. Yeah, I know she did, I'm mad at her for that too.

      I got mad at how poorly you treated me, after I opened the courage to ask you to be friends. That took a lot of courage, you know. And you just got meaner. I wasn't involved in it in the first place, I walked in on the conversation about Kaelyn telling lemon that you scammed those tops to get the cream beard. He was mad that he was dating someone who did that, and missed his cream beard. I made the plan, and I was suprised it worked. No one was mad because they think you desrerved it for being so mean. Cair and Nasser are harmless. I would only want to be friends if you clear up all these rumors, people shouldn't judge if they don't know the story. I've already lost 3 buddies to this, and everyone thinks that the tan top was actually pandy's.

    2. Thanks free, for your side of the story. I am kinda mad at Panda now, she told me so little about what happened. ._. Now, about the rumors, easier said than done, but if you look on Gladosofminecraftia's Blog, her latest post is about that i'm not afraid to admit that i've scammed, i mean we ALL have, there is no point in being ashamed, or denying it. Cookiez MUST have taken it the wrong way, it didn't really believe that you'd say that sort of stuff. o3o

      At least you too have the courage to admit that it was your plan, and i do sort of forgive you for that. Lemon could have just told me that he didn't like that i scammed, i could have stopped, and/or given the items back. I tried trading lemon back, but i remember cair saying the top was mine. Well whatever. So lemon had known about that, he could have said no to the trade, if he really cared. Panda kept saying that you had scammed her twice now, what was the first time about, i am curious.

      It was rude of me to pretty much decline your friendship. I said this though: "I will be your friend, just not a good friend." This was my reason, we had a terrible fall out, when we were 'bffz', i couldn't tell if you were joking, trying to scam me, or just wanted to be my friend.

      P.S. Me and Panda will have a serious talk, i will take care of that rumor that's spreading around.

    3. Yeah well this outside source that I'm not going to mention told me all about who and what happened in Uniquelog's den, so don't think I'm any least suspicious. You hurt a lot more people, so that's why we wanted to get back at you. You kept telling me you were borrowing.. I have no idea what the first time was about, she might have been referring to both tops.

    4. Annoymous girl,
      FORGET IT.

  10. I'm know that its hard to trust,
    Some friends turn out to be busts.
    No matter how it turns out,
    You just have to shout
    Because being there for you is a must.

    I'll be your friend.
    - chorus2010

  11. I understand what ur sayin goldyy this happens to me too but best friends can change and turn into enemies or scammers what eves but don't worry I will be a good friend to you -lilac296-

  12. Gee thanks goldy!! I really think since the day we met, you wanted to ruin my life. Oh and you think IM the complainer?!? If u REALLLY hate complainers than u hate urself. Just look at your blog, full of stuff you COMPLAINED about. How do u feel now goldy??? yeah dont judge when u do it too. Of course everyone turns against me. because im not rare, u r. Everyone LOVVVVESSSS you oh free can u be my buddy your so awesome free free ALL ABOUT FREE!! EVEN WHEN U WERE GOLDFISHYPUPPY AND HAD NOTHING, EVERYONE STILL WORSHIPED U!!!!! Oh right i forgot, its because your famous and have a blog and that crap. Oh and thanks 4 proving my point, gold. You took out most of the tings i said, again. Making me the bad guy. Well thank you! That was the most hateful thing someone said about me!! CONGRATZ ON BEING THE WORST FRIEND EVER TO ME SO FAR!! ~Supastar101

  13. 'Course most of my friends betrayed me, again. But whatever, I wish i never joined.


  15. I feel sorry for you Goldy :(

    Like you said,at least you have true friends ^.^


    Don't treat goldy like that..And no need to swear o.o
    And she never wanted to ruin your life,She's just A great, Careing jammer.And she wouldn't of done it on purpose, she just had lots of hard times that make her more angry..How would you feel if you had lots of hard times that turned you into someone your not?And friends wouldn't of betrayed you..Something you may of done..(Sorry if this is a bit confusing)Your a nice guy/girl inside..Express yourself.
    Forget about the past.. Think of your future.Just ignore the bad guys,You know your Nice. :)


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I feel for you.
    If you need a friend, add candylover12349. I am always here for my friends.
    I will help you.

  18. hey my dad bought a book for me and i thought u might want to hear a story in it ..... so this cocker spaniel cared for a baby lamb <3 since its mother did not have any milk it was really touching and it made me cry *tears of joy*

    your truly ~lol23233

  19. Are Black Pilgrims worth much? :D

  20. Hi... I know this was posted two years ago and all that, and it doesn't exactly matter anymore since top hats are no longer rare, but I still cringe over this and I feel like I really owe you an apology.
    I'm extremely sorry for acting so selfish, and complaining even though I was lucky that I still had a tan top. You kept trying to respect my decisions, but I pushed you way too far, to the point where you and many others just got angry with me. And I totally understand, I'm still angry with myself too.
    Ugh, I still can't believe that I was such a horrible friend to you, even though you were kind enough to give me your tan top, and it affected you in this way. I still can't believe I made up those rumors out of anger, because I was selfish and wanted that tan top hat back. And I admit that I said I was quitting for attention.
    Gaaah, I know this doesn't really mean much, but I sincerely mean this more than it sounds.
    I am so, so sorry for my selfish ways and I should have just stayed the friend that I used to be.



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