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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bullies Just can't stop it, would they?

Hi, recently, my teacher was discussing about Bullying, it made me realize this song I haven't for like, a LONG time, but I went to YouTube and listen to it, I've been looking on my life, connecting the song to me and my friends' life. Here's the link;

It's beautiful, I could just wonder how it could be like that, to be honest, I was a bully myself, I wanted attention, but it didn't work, and for the seventh time on detention, I learned my lesson and stopped bullying, I've wondered why do people bully, why? I know, they want attention, but what is the real reason, nothing seems to give me the answer. 

Here are the Lyrics;

She has noo rares
Was a little too poor,

But that's why we love her
She's not like other ones
She could've conquered Jamaa
Until you broke her

Are you happy now?
That she's on the ground
And do you realize the words you say
Make bruises that don't fade away
Are you happy now?
That you've brought her down
And she's thinking that she won't fit in
Cuz you said something's wrong with her
Are you happy now?

He didn't like dens or clother
He knew what he stood for
He's not like you, you don't like that
15 years down the road, he could be everything you won't
But right now you're breaking him

Are you happy now?
That he's on the ground
And do you realize the words you say
Make bruises that don't fade away
Are you happy now?
That you've brought him down
And he's thinking that he won't fit in
Cuz you said something's wrong with him
Are you happy now?

I've heard that it was done to you
Is that why you do what you do
Well that's no excuse, no

And if it felt hell to you
Then why'd you wanna put them through
What hurt you

Are you happy now?
That you've brought them down
I, I don't think so

Are you happy now
That they're on the ground
And do you realize the words you say
Make bruises that don't fade away
Are you happy now?
That you've brought them down
And they're thinking that they won't fit in
Cuz you said something's wrong with them
Are you happy now?

Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?


I jammafied them though, I'm not a good Parody-Maker. But, it's worth it .-. Hehehe. And it really recreates the meaning of bullying in RL and Cyber Bullying. Cyber bullying is a very very bad problem to many, and I've been one of the victims. Lots of people always say that I'm not "Rare" Enough to have that item (even though I was overpaying.) I'm like, fine, but don't you know. But. What? Oh Nevermind, I'll find someone like you. And In the Chorus where it siad "And do you realize the words you say

Make bruises that don't fade away" Mean a lot to me, because my old username in another game is "{ W o r d s ." Yes, it's a weird name, but I made it because it was one of my book I'm creating Called "Words." Yes, weird title, eh? But it shows bullying blah blah blah. "Words can strike through someone's feelings like a sword can strike through someone's heart." (That's a quote I made in the book ^.^) Be careful of what you say, like how bullies do. Just stand up for what is right and don't bully, but Still, Bullies just can't stop it. I wonder when will they. Would they ever stop? I know almost all of us have been a victim and has been a bully before. I'm pretty sure for that. So, as I was going to say, bullying is something everyone should stop, it's gone to far and many people have been victims, would you agree Jammers, well. This is enough for me, I'm tired, and it's 2:38 AM here, I'm going to sleep, see you in the morning!

SYIJ Jammers!

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  1. My friend in real life used to get bullied all the time on her bus.. She got made fun of because she likes to read and the people are just really mean. I think she was too scared to tell her parents but I believe they found out and the kids got in trouble. I feel sorry for everyone who gets bullied because most of them are too scared to respond properly.

    My other friend only had 3 friends in the whole school (and I went to a big school). Someone else I knew used to be popular at her old school then she moved to ours and wished she hadn't.

    Also I learned something. My Aunt was talking about how she was bullied as a kid. She told me that when she got older she was fine, but they got health problems, etc. This post means a lot to me, I used to get bullied but now I'm home-schooled, though I still get called things online. :c

  2. I don't want to start another blog war thingy but...I must say that I've been partly cyber bullied by Breathless and Rj...and Dreamy/Fiery has been bullied faaaaaar more by them. So yeah...

    1. Kinyonga, would you just shut up? Not to mention, you started it all, so you can't blame everything on Goldy, kiny. Just bug off and go to another blog if you're gonna cause another problem.
      I've also gotten bullied on the bus, at school...I just was weird. kids dont like weird. they kicked my chair, i got called a slut, and I still am bullied. Its going away though, by only one kid and everyone hates him so its okay.

    2. Kinyonga, at this moment, the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem. If you don't want to remember what happened to you, pudh all of that behind. I don't care if you say you aren't trying to start a commotion, because it sure looks like you are...

    3. Please stop fighting....
      I've been bullied and cyber bullied
      Once by my best friend who isn't my friend anymore and people have called me rude words + more
      Don't worry kiny!
      Plz add meh kiny #1 fan!!!

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  5. Megan and Liz have been one of my fav singers for like 4 ever, i remember when i found them about 5 years ago :D on youtube. your right,btw

    1. BTW Macer 4ever

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  8. SERIOUSLY?? MORE SPAM HERE?!?!?!???!?!,?!?!

    I got bullied in 2nd grade. On the Busch kid was sitting next to me. Every morning or night on the bus they would make fun of my eyes. Did I have glasses and they called me four eyes? No. They made fun of my having Almoned shaped eyes ( I'm Asian). It made me really upset so I finally told my mom and dad what was happening. Thanks to them and the bus driver the kid never made fun of me again!!


    1. Sorry there are a few mistakes! In typin from iPod!!

  9. :'( Thank you song, for explaining what I feel right now.
    I've been in depression for several months because people are mean to me and hate me for no reason.
    There's one girl that says I do stuff that I don't. She says I am a liar, but I believe lying is the worst sin, even though I am not religious. Also, She says that everything I say is an excuse, but I am just trying to get her the message that this isn't right. I have looked to friends for support after she has threatened me, but she turns them against me. I need help.


    PandaPantsX3, Old username-pop20021

    1. Man, now I feel bad for saying this.
      My BFF has been bullied SO much worse.
      She is allergic to lemonade and at school someone switched her water for lemonade. She threw up many times and was in the hospital for three days.
      But guess what?
      It gets worse.
      After she threw up, the girl pushed my friend's head in the toilet.
      After all of this, every single thing, she just laughs and says that after someone tells her she could've killed my BFF, she says that she was annoying anyways.
      She has also been framed by this person before for something she didn't do.


      I don't know how to help, because I am only her cyber friend and I can not materialize in her life to stand up for her.


    2. Some things are just worse than my life was last year. And sometimes, you can't help.

      You want to, but you can't

      I want to, but i don't know how.

      I cried yesterday after all of my bullying, but she probably cried harder.

      I really want to help her, somehow, someday.

      How do I?


    3. Be kind to her, make sure she isn't bullied online and make sure she's strong.

      I was bullied in pre-school but it wasn't as bad as middle school bullies.... :( I feel hurt when people near me are hurt, and I'm not. I've stressed for them.

      This song was made for bullying and when I first listened to it, I almost cried because I thought of everyone who takes their life because of bullying...

    4. Me and spanyel11, we've been doing that. But also, how do I keep the other cyber bully away from me? I don't want to quit AJ, but she makes me want to. Also, she will pull me to her den just to make me cry and diss me. I do not want to decline going to her den, because A)It is an order, not a question; and B)She will just blow that action out of control and the next thing I know, someone's contacted AJHQ and I'm banned.


    5. Well, you could ignore her by clicking the block button and you could also contact AJHQ. Also, you could change your username and only tell a few people. I've never really been cyber-bullied, so I can't give much advice... :(

    6. I already changed my username....
      I lost all of my best buddies... :'(


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  11. Guys... I can feel a tear running down my cheek, I mega agree with this post ive been bullied D: no b ullying!


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