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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A story of a jammer

Hi! I decided to write a poem about the story of a jammer.

A jammer once joined Jamaa,
He looked for fun, so yah.
He wasn´t looking for a rare,
And had no intention to be unfair.
This jammer entered the town,
Not knowing he would soon go down,
He bought some stuff,
A table, a chair and an elf cuff.
But the cuffs came on clearance,
And although he only minded the appearance,
He wanted some fame,
So rares became his aim.
The cuffs stoped being sold,
And the jammer had got hold,
Of a few of them,
And he saw how rares came.
He wore them all the time,
And started thinking he was sublime.
He became delighted
Of with rares being sighted.
But we hadnt had enough,
And became more tough,
He had mean thoughts
His heart started to rot.
One day a hat came out
And he heard a tiger shout
"Hey, what for it?"
The jammer thought about the benefit.
The tiger had not been told
That the rare had been resold
The jammer gave him the hat
In returned for a beta mat
The tiger deleted the jammer,
When he found out he was a scammer.
But the jammer didnt care
He just wanted another rare
The jammer was now obsessed
And some passwords he guessed
He scammed and hacked
Every animal he attacked.
One of his buddys, a seal,
Didn´t think it was a good deal,
"You just want fame"
"You are ruining the game"
The seal had a lot of friends,
And and he offends
When he sees a scam
All he wants is to have fun.
But the jammer didn´t mind
He just opined
That rares were all,
He was starting to fall.
He continued, unaware
Of how important friends were
He traded and traded
And with his rares he paraded.
He just send trade requests
His buddies were less
He asked for things
Rares were his dreams
To this his buddy replied
"My friend, " he cried
"Oh but darn,
why do you want to cause any harm"
And then, like a great beam
he saw what rares had done to him
Now he had realised
He started to appologise.
He said sorry,
now he had no worry,
His friends came with him again
And he could enjoy the game.
He went to the town,
Kept friends number one,
Some rares he kept,
Buddys he started to accept.
So this is the narration,
Of how a jammer got attention,
And at the end
No more rares he yearned.
So remember, friends are first.
All over the place they are dispersed
You just have to find them
And you will enjoy this game.

Did you like that? In case you dont understand, it explains how rares can transform people, and how ou have to put friends over rares and just Jam on. :)


  1. Wow this story gives a really good message! And a lot of people have experienced this, so hopefully they put friends over their rares instead.

  2. Awesome! By the way, i found this cool website that shows a NEW way to gain gems quick! It actually works, i started with 2134 gems and now i have 34643 !


  3. nice very inspiring dude yay

  4. So, so true....

  5. Wow! I love this poem/story. It's awesome! How long did it take you?
    I have someone on my buddy list who is one of those people... She was kind of annoyed that one of the items that I was wearing, wasn't rare. :\
    It's sad how fast AJ is turning into a 'rare' site. People think it's all about rares, AJ was made for friendship, and education! Not rares and being cool. -.-'

  6. This is awesome! I used to be like that, honestly, but then I read this, and didn't really care. I made some people happy, and that's all I care for. =) Thank you
    ~Zeldatologist - The Eidolon~

  7. I know I wasn't able to see the BETA Days but I DO know how it all looks like and how it has been before on AJ. This reminds me of the BETA Ages. How every Jammer was fair... to be honest, I wanted to scam.
    But I knew it was ALL wrong. So, I didn't scam--at least I HAVEN'T scammed anyone, anyway (mostly like Goldy's story :p).
    But anyway, I just wish every Jammers would BE like that Jammer, learning a lesson from their mistakes. Without mistakes, we wouldn't learn from them... wait, when did I get to THAT topic?
    Well, I confess that before I wanted to scam but I STOPPED. So, forgive me! I didn't scam anyone yet though. Like what I said, it's a little bit-y like Goldy's Scam Story.
    Anyway, thank you, MCB! For this awesome poem, teaching us a lesson from all of Jamaa. Thanks.
    P.S., would you forgive me for trying to scam? Or not? D': I regret ALL of that! :( Please don't report or block me... :( I learned, okay? :( Thanks, again. :( ..so many sad faces :(. To make ya'll happy, :D XD


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