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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The great phantom War

Hi! As I was bored I wrote this.

As everyone knows, when Zios disappeared Mira cried and cried, until she had almost no tears left. When her tears fell from the sky to the ground, they mixed with the elements of Jamaa, according to AJHQ. But they didn´t mix with all the elements, only with the evil ones, thoughts from scammers and hackers that only care about themselves. Then phantoms where formed and started thinking of ways to ruin Jamaa. They started driving the alphas crazy, destroying Cosmo´s plants, ruining Peck´s pictures, making Edmund and Sir Gilbert the warriors bang against things while practicing, hiding Greely´s books about magic and even throwing litter to the oceans to make Harper and all the other underwater alphas have to take it out.
The alphas got together one day in Jamaa Township. “Okay, alphas of Jamaa” said Liza. “I have organized this meeting because, as we all know, we have to put an end to all this chaos created by the phantoms. They can´t always end up doing what they want. Maybe we should try and defeat them” The other alphas absolutely agreed.
So Liza got her pet owl, and tied up a letter for the phantoms to his claw. The letter said:
Dear King of the phantoms:                         
This needs to stop. We will not allow you to continue ruining our fantastic land. Jamaa is a pawsome place created by Zios, and we don´t want you ruining his hard work. So in seven moon´s time, when the sun is in the middle of the sky, we dare you to fight to see who will take Jamaa.
The alphas.
Liza got the reply a few days later, written in an old paper stained with an unknown dark substance. It was carried by her owl, that came back. “Great” said Graham. “Let’s read it” It said:
Dear pathetic alphas:
Ok, we agree. But we warn you: You are going to lose.
Signed: The King of the Phantoms.
“Well” said Sophia, the horse alpha. “We´d better get ready.”
The next days were spent preparing for the battle. Otto the elephant alpha went stomping to Jamaa Township to find warriors. “Who wants to help us in a battle against the phantoms?” He asked. Many jammers were willing to help out, but others were too scared. Otto brought to the chamber of knowledge, were everybody was preparing, all the jammers who wanted to help. “Great” said Liza. They started distributing the work.
Greely would use all his knowledge of dark magic to attack the phantoms. Liza would make sure everything was organized. Cosmo would make medicines with herbs to cure the wounded. Harper and the underwater alphas would attack them with water – phantoms hate water. Ruby the rhino alpha would charge at them with her big horn.  Sophia the horse alpha would act as a distraction, as she could move very quickly, to make the phantoms pay attention at her and not notice the others. Edmund and Sir Gilbert the warriors would grapple with the phantoms with swords, spears and axes. Graham was preparing all sorts of contraptions to throw things at them.  Peck made all sort of armor for everyone. Otto would stomp on all the phantoms that fell to the floor. Cornelius the crocodile alpha would fight using his big teeth as sharp as knives. Marco the penguin would spy with a telescope and warn everyone if more phantoms were coming. And Amelia the fox would dig holes for phantoms to fall into. And all the jammers who had volunteered to help would fight with swords and armor.
When only two moons were left until the great battle, Cornelius said: “What is going to happen to all the jammers that are too scared to fight? We can´t make them participate if they don´t want to, but we can’t let the phantoms kill them” “True” agreed Ruby. “We must make a refuge to help them hide. We don´t want them to be in danger.” So the remaining time was used to make a safe hiding place. Amelia and Peck, the best diggers, dug a giant burrow. They started putting torches in it. “Come on, lend us a paw” said Peck. Graham immediately threw at them a false paw. “Stop mucking around, Graham.” Growled Sir Gilbert. “We haven’t got much time left”. In the end, they had made a big burrow with lots of food for jammers and pets, a play area for pets, a cinema with a  giant SBI television, a mini arcade, a play are with plushies, rocking horses and other toys, and all sort of things to keep jammers safe and busy during the battle.
The great day had arrived. In Jamaa Township, all the alphas and warriors were ready in their places. They awaited, until Marco warned them that the phantoms were arriving. The sky became a huge black cloud. A huge group of phantoms were coming. The battle started. Sir Gilbert, Edmund and the other warriors fought with all their might. Otto stamped and Cornelius snarled, some brave pets bitted the phantoms, Greely threw spells at them and everybody worked hard. A few jammers were hurt so they went into the pillow room, were Cosmo treated them with all sort of potions and pills. The battle was pretty equal, but when they had been fighting for over an hour a phantom threw a ray of electricity and hit Edmunds neck. He had to wiggle to the Pillow Room with his head down. Other jammers were there, and some came out to continue fighting when they felt better. “Owe, that must hurt” said Cosmo. He gave Edmund a strange sort of tube that help his neck, and made him drink a blue potion. The giraffe alpha suddenly felt much better and trotted away to continue fighting.
The Jamaassians were winning. Some phantoms were killed, but most of them just flew away to save themselves. But when only about ten were left, Marco yelled: “Beware! More are coming!” And it was true. A colossal cloud of phantoms dashed through the sky. The Jamaassians  tried hard, but they were very tired. The phantoms started to wound more and more jammers, and even hit Liza, who had to go to the pillow room.
In the burrow, most of the jammers who were too scared to fight were watching TV. But one particular bunny was listening to all the noise, worried about everyone out there and feeling guilty for having refused  to fight. In the end, we unplugged the TV. The others protested at him, but he said: “Don´t you see they need help out there?” the others groaned. “We must help them!” he insisted, and before anyone could do anything he hopped out, and they all followed him, without weapons, without armor.
The bunny took them to the Sol Arcade. He told them to play Phantom fighter, and with the ships, they all went out of the terrain of the game, off to Jamaa Township. They drove the spaceships and attacked the phantoms. They did a very good job and only some were left, when the phantoms attacked them and broke the spaceships. The jammers fell, but luckily they all landed in the river, so they didn´t hurt themselves.
The brave bunny was very good at controlling the ship, and soon no phantoms were left. But before they could all cheer, an immense phantom glided towards them. “The King of the phantoms” gasped Greely. They all attacked him with all the strength they had left, and the bunny threw all sorts of things from his spaceship. The King of the Phantoms threw one last ray and flew away with all the remaining phantoms.
But the spaceship´s fuel ran out, and soon the brave bunny was falling. But he landed safely on a pillow that Cosmo had brought out of the pillow room. So all the alphas and jammers had a great feast together to celebrate their victory.
But Phantoms had not had enough. The remaining ones reproduced and every October they take over Jamaa in revenge, hence the reason of the Night of the Phantom´s existence.

Hope you liked it!


  1. Great story, super creative! You're especially good at writing fight scenes. Good job!

  2. Awesome!!! I love the story so much x3
    You are great at making and writing stories :D

  3. You are the best writer I've ever seen!!!!!!! You should be an author for the stories page of my blog ^.^

  4. Yippee!!!! Those stories always make me soooooooo happy as heaven!!!


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  15. Wow that story was amazing! I loved how you listed each Alpha's roles in the war!


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