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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dear You, (#2)

Today started out as a sad day.
I suddenly came to a party and you apparently were quitting.
You sent me your non-member bat wings.
I was shocked, even though I already had them.
You said you were giving away everything but your Solid Black top hat, that I gave you.
I knew you loved the top hat a lot.
After you gave all your stuff away, you confessed a few things to me.
You said I was acting like XxFreeSpiritxX again, trying to become like I used to be again, caring about rares. I honestly don't, you can check my old post. At least I'm trying, but today has been different.. I don't want to become the monster again I once was. You're strong to quit, I once tried and failed. I wish you best in your new life, because the two weeks I quit was the best weeks of the summer I had, even though I did nothing, I didn't have the drama of AJ.
Later you offered to give me the solid black top back, because I really wanted a pilgrim hat.
I selfishly took the offer, even though I felt bad because you really loved that top hat.
I got a little mad because you kept and keep making me feel bad about it.
I was talking about how I wanted the red top back that I gave away, because it was causing too much drama. At the time when you gave the solid black top back, I was depressed and mad. I even posted about it on my personal blog, click here.
I didn't listen to you about your lnvaderZim story, but I'm on your side no matter what. Forever.
Well just now, I traded my old Solid black (not yours) and my old wings (not yours) and stuff for a red top hat, so I could save the pain of breaking it to my friend that I wanted my Red top hat back, because it was causing too much drama.
So now, even if you wanted your stuff back, I'm afraid I couldn't give it to you..

I'm sorry for being such an awful, betraying, selfish friend,

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