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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rarity Scan #7: Dragon Gloves

Hi Everyone!
There was a request to do a Rarity Scan on Member Gloves, but these are the most I know about!
All kinds of Member Gloves (Legend, Mummy, Lava, Dragon) were given out as gifts to everyone a bit over a year ago, I believe.
They were given out in a Jamagram that looks like this:
Of course with the gift attached.
It was the first 'Monthly Gift' to persuade people to become Members, because then Members were recently new. (They didn't have Membership in Early Beta). 
After that, they gave out Member Monthly gifts, sent to only members.
This is why Member Gloves are so common, they were sent to everyone.
Now, onto the specifics..

Dragon Gloves
Yes, the also known as 'Monster Glove', the chunkiest, creepiest glove of them all. 
I currently have all of them. There is usually no specific rarity for any member gloves, but only a groups own theory that can conflict when trading.
In My Personal opinion, the order of rarity goes (1 rarest - 4 least rarest):
1. White Dragon Glove
2. Black Dragon Glove
3. 'Secret Color' Dragon Glove
4. Orangeish Dragon Glove and Pink Dragon Glove tied
5. Green, Purple, and Teal Dragon Gloves tied

Yes, I'm sorry but I couldn't make up my mind. I see the three all equally around Jamaa.
Member Gloves are more in Demand now then they were in November, is what I have observed. 
The purple dragon glove was my first member glove.

What I would trade one for:
  • Another kind of Member Glove
  • A few Halloween Masks
  • A bubblegum machine
  • A wooden Tv
  • A wooden Computer
  • Pigtails (If I would add)
  • A black rhino helmet
My prediction:
My prediction is that they will get rarer as more jammers and members join AJ. Many members want these, and they are not going to be supplied anymore!

Jammers are very picky on the dragon glove. They are the 3rd least in Demand of the four kinds of Member Gloves.
In my personal opinon, this is the order of most demand member gloves (1 most in demand - 4 least in demand):

1. Legendary Gloves
2. Lava Gloves.
3.  Dragon Gloves
4.  Mummy Gloves

And that's just my opinion, from what I've seen! I know this Rarity Scan is short, I would have more text if I knew more about other member gloves, but until then, that's all for now!

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. Cool! I was wondering which Dragon Glove was the rarest... Thanks Goldy!

  2. Goldfishy,
    If it's okay, can I re-add you on AJ? Thanks!

  3. thanks for doing this! could you do it for legendary gloves, spike collars/wrist or mummy gloves? thanks :D

  4. go to: http://bullyingiswronganimaljamblog.blogspot.com/

  5. go to: http://bullyingiswronganimaljamblog.blogspot.com/

  6. Yeah, Thanks For Doing This, Btw, You Might Get A Friend Request From Me Because I Thin Ya'll Cool So My Name Is BoyBoy91509 Look Me Up Or I'll Look You Up. Thanks For doing This! Next Time I Don't Kno If You Have Head Dresses Already, If You Don't Please See The History And Share It. Thanks A lot!!!

  7. I remember when they sent that mail out, too bad I was none member.

  8. My brother has a dragon glove its the 3rd rarest :3

  9. Can you do a rarity scan of Mummy gloves please..? o.o I HAVE TO KNOW OHMEGURD! 83

    ~Ninja4977 ( Da BananaMan )

  10. i am so lucky i have rarest one

  11. I know the Golden dragon gloves are rare also, and a different type, but are they more or less rare than the nom-golden?

  12. I have the black one, but I hope it's actually the 2nd rarest. I hope, I just had someone try to trade me a white one. But I was saving up the black and red dragon glove, aka second place rarest. (I still hope it's second rarest. :P)

  13. I have a green and grey one... The one at the very bottom. I love it, and traded my headdress for it since they are at SUPER HIGH DEMAND. I luv it so ^.^ no! I am not one of those people who are obsessed with there items. I just adore how cute it looks on me. That's my opinion, btw.
    I luv dis blog!
    It's up for trade too, if you want it, reply below.

  14. I like this blog, but it says Legendary gloves are the 1st rarest?
    Those are in the diamond shop, lol.
    I know it was probably made before the legendary was finally introduced to the diamond shop, but yeah.

  15. *cries* DRAGON GLOVES CAME BACK!!!! I traded so much for mine and they are in the diamond shop! :'C

  16. Ikr! i traded my beta wooden floors and bow and arrows (rare)....

  17. Hi I got the 1 one white um im picky but if u would like u can reply ur trade for it
    And my user is jazzerwolf nthx :D

  18. Hi I got the 1 one white um im picky but if u would like u can reply ur trade for it
    And my user is jazzerwolf nthx :D

  19. Cool, what sucks is that they are in the diamond store now :l


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