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Friday, August 17, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #19: "I'm crying in real"


I only remember one time I actually cried over something that happened in Animal Jam.
Unfortunately, it was recent.
A little too recent.
Last night.

It all started about how Catsrock wanted a top hat, it was her dream item, in fact. Her best friend of all time, ever since beta times, Evilmastersam had a beta eye, she was one of the lucky few jammers AJHQ had sent it to. She had had it for two years now, and never even considered trading it. Now, she really wanted to get Catsrock a top hat. I was at a trading party, same time that me and Silver101 were being tiger twins, that I posted about on My Personal Blog. Here is the photo:
I'm on the right, if you're wondering.
Evilmastersam was dancing around with her beta eyed fox, yelling: "BETA EYE FOR TRADE, GET IT NOW WHILE YOU CAN!" and I was just like, "Why not offer, that's how you get things, right?" in my head. I wasn't planning on actually getting it, yet that would be cool. I offered a few tops and she thought about it, and declined. She said, "MAYBE." and went to ask her friend about the trade. I followed her.  I had offered a tan carpet in the trade, that I promised my friend llIIllIlL I would NEVER trade, after he quit a few months ago. "What's a tan carpet worth?" She asked me.
I replied with, "A red top." since that IS True, and for those of you who read one of my latest posts, "NOTHING will be rare in the future" y'all know that rarity can't change, only the demand of an item can until it comes out. She said, "ok." and I offered tan carpet, red top hat, striped black top hat, and a Founder's hat. She thought about it, and declined. She wanted Solid black and wings instead, but I couldn't trade those. I offered the same trade again, and she accepted. I was kind of nervous if I had done a slightly bad trade.. I asked, "Is there tradebacks?" She replied, "Uhh... the top is for my friend.." I was like, whatever, it's a beta eye. And left before she could reply, to go show my friend Silver101. I was overjoyed and fell head over heels with the beta eye. For about a day the whole trade went good, until a few people told sam she did a bad trade, and she couldn't find someone to trade fairly for the tan carpet. Rumors went around that I scammed and tricked her, and I started to hate the beta eye. Catsrock, with my old top hat, wasn't happy, yelled at me, and deleted me without letting me explain, even though sam hadn't asked for tradebacks! To this day catsrock isn't my buddy. Evil was really missing her beta eye, kept offering a lower trade then I traded her, and eventually gave up. I was really mad about how everyone was putting this on me yet I only wanted to help catsrock out, because I knew how much evil loved it. She offered solid blue, red top, wings, and spike for beta eye, yet she didn't have blue top yet. I said, "Sure.", she was planning on getting a blue top with tan carpet. She had no chance. She said she was quitting, turned all her animals black, and gave her stuff to her sister. When her sister put her stuff on trade, she took them back. We eventually made a deal that Blue striped, founders, wings, Red top, and spike collar I would accept for beta eye. All we needed was a Blue striped and founders. Jammer (I forgot the rest of his username) had both, and wanted a red top. We knew he could red top with tan carpet from VisualEffects, but he wanted directly a red top. For two hours a day ago we begged and begged him to trade, yet I had to go. Yesterday, we found Fatpanda96, my best friend who I gave a tan top to with a Blue striped and Founder's. She would only trade blue striped for tan carpet. Goofy8966 was there, and generously offered up her hard earned Founder's. After an hour of debating with everyone in the middle of my party, Fatpanda96 traded Evilmastersam, and Goofy8966 sent her founder's. Evil traded me, and we were all happy. Except Goofy is good at hiding her emotions, I could tell. I offered her Pink top, Gazelles, Legend, and Lava glove to help her get another founders but she said no, and sent it all back. Later that day, at another smallish party in Goofy's den, a lot of people wondered where her founders that she was so proud of was. She told everyone I had it, and on came the hate. A lot of people got mad at me, yet it was only part of my fair trade for beta eye. More and more people came, including Silver101 and was yelling at me. I got super mad at him, because silver101 wouldn't listen. Goofy kept saying she was fine, even when I offered the stuff, and Silver kept yelling at me. Silver is usually my best friend, we help eachother out a lot, but I didn't get this. I was screaming at him for a half an hour, and Goofy felt really bad and kept sending me pretty rare stuff, but I sent it all back. I didn't need it. I got super mad at Silver and emotions overcame me. I started bawling my eyes out, I hate to admit. I wouldn't lie about this, I hope y'all know this. I don't like when other jammers say that just to get attention and have people feel bad. I don't lie about this stuff. I mean seriously, it's pretty bad to admit your crying over someone who hurt you through virtual pixels, right? I guess silver didn't get the memo because he wasn't letting up. I felt betrayed. My bro, (Not in real) Lemonfreeze12 came and so did Supermonkeys. They are some of my super close friends. Silver kept saying "Nevermind" but still wouldn't let it go. I blew up at him, and went to my den. He came, I kicked him out, telling him he is forever unwelcomed in my den and I'm about to delete him. Apparently that slapped him right in the face, because he didn't realize what he had done. He jamagrammed me he was sorry, but I wasn't quite ready to forgive. Lemonfreeze12 eventually sent Goofy8966 his founder's, which is how great of brother he is, and I still owe him. He had to go though. Supermonkeys, (Baron) was there and she was trying to calm me down. More and more people kept coming, yet I just wanted to be alone with a few close friends. I eventually calmed down, but was still mad at Silver101. A few hours later he came to my den, after asking permission and I guess It's all fine now. Sorry this took so long to write, I've been kind of busy with YouTube Videos recently.
I'm missing a few details from this story, but:

Lesson Learned: Don't joke about crying in real life, it's serious
Lesson Learned; I can't put it into words

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  1. It's okay. Goldy... You'll be okay. *Gives Giant Panda Hug* When people accuse you of something just ignore them.

  2. Wow just.. wow.I couldn't belive it.. I'm sorta speechless so.. :/ ~Animalgirl58943 ( who can't believe this story)

    1. I agree. I can't believe the story and I have nothing to say but.. I would be crying to. :'(

  3. It's a lot of people to blame really for refusing to get both sides of the story.

    Also, you should have made it clear about how to contact you if she wanted a trade back. A trade like that is important enough to be extra safe on I assume.

    This was a big mess, I wish i could help.

    I hate complicated trades. They always end up trying to be adjusted even after the trade.

  4. I would be crying to. Especailly if my best friend turned on me. But, Don't let other people get to you. If they were yelling at you, Acrew them! (sorry for the languege) Its of there buisness that you and goofy did that. I mean, its ok that they got a little curious. But, people need to think about what they are gonna say before saying it. Like, Are you really gonna yell at Gold just because goofy SENT her founder? Goofy didn't have to! But she did, she tried telling people but they didnt want to listen. As for silver.. I'm guessing he didnt know the story, and was taking the side that most people were on. I'm really sorry this happened to you. And all the drama thats been going on, You don't deserve ANY of it. And, your my role model. I look up to you. Not for rares or anything, for your personalty. You have a really nice personlty girl, don't let it go to waste for some stupid drama. Hope i helped :).
    ~<3 XxDontStopBelievingxX

    1. I TOTALLY agree. Goldy is my role model too. She is nice to EVERYONE! I'm sorry this happened Goldy.


  5. :(

  6. I look up to Goldy and her blog. She's really nice!! I'm sorry Goldy. :( I would cry too

  7. Oh my.. I didn't realize being so rare and famous with other rare and selfish people has its backfiring.. I'm so sorry Goldy!!! It'll be okay, anyway, because you said it was okay. :)

  8. Aww...That sucks :( I cry alot in real just because of some really mean people..

  9. Hello! Did you somehow manage to execute all the settings of this portal by yourself or you got professional help?

  10. You need to stop blogging about Animal Jam and write a heart-breaking novel. Seriously, you are an excellent writer.

  11. I only cried about animal jam once, and it was a huge deal. I was shaking. Literally. Lol.
    I'm sorry Goldy. It hurts when people you know and love turn on you and won't let up. I understand completey

  12. Goldy its evilmastersam I'm sorry for all that I really myself didn't understand how you felt along with everyone until I read this. I truly am sorry I actually liked u as a close friend to be honest and I hope we can still be friends. I feel like everyone hates me now because of this..

  13. I just thought of something. I just thought that quitting in AJ is like dying in real life, and when you give the items away to your buddies, thats like giving away stuff as read in your will. Just thought I would say that.

  14. I cry A LOT in real life about AJ, but that's because I'm sensitive and emotional. There was this one time, though, that really got me. I was hopping on the ice at Mount Shiveer, trying to break it. Everyone was saying to be a seal, so I turned into one, and told other people to be a seal too. Eventually, two people came up to me and said, ''Why be a seal? Seals are ugly. Be a bunny instead.'' We started arguing about it. I was on the seal's side. They then started saying some really mean stuff then, like, ''Seals are ugly and stupid.'' A few minutes later, they started insulting me, and then I finally said that I love bunnies. (because I really do!) I kept on saying that, and they continued insulting me. I kept on saying I was literally crying, ( I was!!!!! Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and they said I was acting like a baby. I then went away. I know it seems like they were joking, but it felt like they were actually saying it to my face in a serious way. So if you are out there and you did that to me, then please apologize. I would love to see that you actually care about my feelings and regret what you were saying.


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