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Friday, August 17, 2012

Trading Tips

I know, I know, still not the Lessons of Jamaa, It's a super long story and for now here are some of my personal favorite trading tips:

1 . Think of the Market before the Rarity
Unless it's your dream item that you're never ever trading, think of who will want the item before you trade a whole lot for it. Not many people want all bright pink pigtails, beta hoods that they don't know if their beta, or super rare items that not a lot of people can afford. Sometimes your better off with the stuff you have, instead of uptrading.

2. Downtrading
If you don't have a lot of rares, or are kind of stuck with one super rare item, downtrade it instead of looking for an uptrade. What I mean by 'downtrade' is trade your higher item for a few lesser items, to have more rares. Uptrading is when you trade a few rares for higher rares. 

3. Always ask for more
I always do this. Even if it's an overtrade, I always ask if they can add a small rare or so. You'll be happier later, when that little rare turns into something big or just the little item you needed to add for your dream item.

4. Never 'Set up' trades
If someone tells you that if you trade them an item, and then you can trade that item for another item later, don't do it. Wait until everyone that's included in the trade is online, so you can all be on the same page.

5. Know your equal
I see a lot of people do this. People think that just because something is their dream item, they should get a better offer on their trade, or people should go easier on them. Or, the other way around. People think that just because they're way rarer then the person their trading, they should get a better trade because they have more respect.

6. Uptrading
Remember not to downtrade everything, only in times of need. If you don't uptrade for higher items, you'll never get rarer. You don't wanna be stuck with a bijillion little rares, but much rather a  hundred big rares or so.

7. Confidence is Key
What frustrates me, is people think they can't get rarer. It's possible, yet rares don't matter, it's more of a hobby. You don't need to cry over something fun. How do you think everyone else got rare? They believed, and succeeded. Don't give up hope, I did it, and did it again.

8. Set the bottom Line
If you're dealing with a difficult trader, that wants your item but is expecting you to overtrade, set the bottom line. Say, "____ for ____ and ____, Final Offer. Take it or leave it." If they still say no, and leave your offer, walk away and show them what they could've had. They'll regret it, and come runnin' back saying 'Fine.' and trade you what you wanted. Works every time.

9. Just keep trading
You'll never get anywhere expecting people to trade you, set yourself out there. Just keep trading, and you'll eventually get what you want. Never give up. Just keep trading, Just keep trading, Just keep trading.

That's all for now!
I'll promise I'll finish the Lessons of Jamaa soon!
Remember, trading is a fun hobby, but rares aren't everything.
P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. They `Take it or leave it´really works. The biggest overtrade I have gotten, by using the `Ask for More´ Is a Rocking Horse and a orange gecko for a Small Table.

  2. Hello! Just to say everyone I am having a contest on the Animal Jam Times. Here is the URL:


    So it would be great if you could enter! The Qs will be up tomorrow. Also please post on your blog that I am having a contest. Thanks!


    P.S Sorry I couldn't enter the contest I didn't have enough time. Next time hopefully!

  3. Firstly, I love your new video! Secondly, these work very well. Thirdly, I love your 'Just keep trading' banner. (:

  4. One time when I got scammed the same person tried to scam me that same day. She said to send her a cami frog and a snowflake for my nm glove back. I knew she was trying to scam me again so I said no. Then she said she would leave forever if I didn't trade her in the next 10 seconds. I let her leave.. then I flash traded her the cami frog and the snowflake. She came running back XD. I remembered that when I read the 8th tip.

  5. blahblahblahblahblahme/xerxes10000August 18, 2012 at 8:37 AM

    I used to love to trade but i GIVE UP......
    Ever since i was hacked....................
    AJ is so frustrating, i wish it was never invented.
    Goldy, i was your buddy on blahblahblahblahblahme.
    Can you add me again? I'm now xerxes10000

  6. thanks! i will try the part where you walk away and they will come running back! :P

    thanks for making this! it will really help me with my trading! :D


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