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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Story of a Good Phantom

Hi Jammers!
DreamsOfBlue here!
 This is a story I made up, some phantoms can be good, you know..

The Good Phantom

It was A Peaceful Morning at Jamaa, And Phantoms were trying to Plan for The Destruction of Jamaa. Some Phantoms were trying to Reproduce more Phantoms. One Phantom Reproduced a Good Phantom, Which is Typically our Subject of the Story. As he grew Older, The Evil Phantoms Became Annoyed, Even though, He was Kind enough to help Destroy Jamaa, Surprised To help Destroy Jamaa? Why? You may Ask, This is the Answer, He thought It was a Plan to get All gems in Jamaa You see, His Name is Greedy, He has this Black Part in his Heart where Greed Is Stored, And Sometimes, His Black part Gives him the
"Evil Eye" Most Phantoms are scared, Since he has a "RED Eye" You See, Again, Red eyed Phantoms are the Most Meanest and Nastiest, But Greedy here is not Nasty. "Greedy! If you want to have every Gem of Jamaa, Get that Laser Tube!" Said the Leader of Phantoms, "Ok!" Greedy Said as he Went to get the Laser Tube...
"Hmmm... I wonder what's this Laser Tube For...." He thought as he Gave it to the Leader, "Ummm... Mr. Leader, Sir, May I ask you Something?" He asked. "Not now Greedy, I'm Busy." The Leader Replied. "Don't worry, It'll be Quick" Greedy Said "Fine" The Leader Answered, "What is it?"
"What are those Parts for? Like the Laser Tube, The Magic-Repelling Gun and A protective bubble?
"Well, Uhh... Oh! It's for our Magic-Repelling-Never-to-be-destroyed-Magnet! You see Greedy, This Is a Magic Repelling Magnet that can't be destroyed by Magic, Only By The Hands of Man! And it gets all the Gems in Jamaa" Said the Leader as he was Trying not to fool Greedy, Did You know that The Leader was also Afraid of Greedy? "Oh Yes!" Greedy Was Rejoicing!
Then Weeks Later, The Machine was Finished.....

Cried The Leader, "Sir! You Forgot! Greedy!"
Shouted The Leader, Almost Forgetting about Greedy, And Soon, They Destroyed Jamaa, They were Joyful and made our ancestors Servants,
One day, Greedy asked The leader, "Sir, Where are my Gems?" With that Menacing Red eye on The Leaders Face. "Uh-oh....." "How dare you! Did you only plot for the Destruction of Jamaa, And not for Gems?!?!?" He Angrily Questioned the Leader, "Hold it Right there, Mr. Greedy Pants!" Said the Giant Phantom Leader of all Phantoms, "I have Pity on you, Rather then to Make you Disappear into ashes in front of All who is here, I will do this! I will let you Live, But rather in Jamaa! Then you will learn to Be A Jamaasian! But we will Hunt you, Day and Night, Afternoon, Every Moment And Second, You cannot get away from us. I will make you a Wolf, And you shall now be not Greedy anymore but you will be Greely!"

Then, Soon, A Stranger wolf was found in Jamaa, One of the first Wolves to come here in Jamaa, Of course, Greedy, Now called Greely, has still the red eye.. And Sometimes he is also Greedy, But, He has (And Always have) Kindness in his Heart.

Now, As what They say.
Greely, the reluctant wolf Shaman, puts his creepy cleverness to use in the study of animal magic. He is definitely on the side of good and righteousness, but he plays by his own rules. He speaks in to-the-point sentences, even to new animals, and has a certain amount of disdain for the other Shaman leaders. The only higher power that Greely respects is the Sky Mother, Mira. Greely is a powerful warrior against the phantoms in Animal Jam; they fear him most of all, because he is so much like them. He is the link to the darker side of the Animal Jam mythology. He has theories about where the phantoms came from and he may even know the location of a few undiscovered spirit stones. ~Ancient AJ Legend  
(Credits to Snowyclaw)

Read the Highlighted,
This is Why Greely is so much like The Phantoms.

And so this Concludes,
Not ALL phantoms can be Bad, And That Greely Really Did come from Phantoms.
Turns out, Once he was Doing a Good Job at Jamaa, Shamans Found him and reported Immediately to Mira to make Him Shaman. And Mira Made a Lair, A secret Lair in Coral canyons.. Most Don't know but as they Say, When you Break the Bridge in Coral Canyons, The Lair will open and Greely will Come out.

Here is a Picture of Greely's Wolf Cave:

Does he Live here? Or does he Not?
Who knows! Let it be known later on....

The End.

More Stories to come....
Like The Story, It was really hard to think, I was just Going around Jamaa, then Wham! I thought about Making a Story, About something Unusual.

Because everyone says, All Phantoms are bad, That is not True, Greedy, Is a Good-Bad Phantom.

Well that's it for Today!

~ :D DreamsOfBlue :D ~


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