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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Legends of Jamaa #5: I need your help!

Hi Everyone!
I know, I haven't done a Legends of Jamaa post in a long time. D:
Well, If you have been following our First Contest on Animal Jam Goldfish Contests, you know that our last assignment was to create a small, fictional story about meeting your favorite shaman, since the shamans are coming!
Here was the assignment:

Your assignment:
Since shamans are coming to Jamaa, why don't we write about them? Write a paragraph long short story (8+ sentences, please) about you meeting your favorite shaman for the first time. It can be as crazy, suspenseful, or saddening as you want. If you need more space, enter in two comments.  Once all the entries are in, I will make a post on our main blog, Animal Jam Goldfish with all the entries and have a poll to see which story the readers like the best.

So now, I need your help judging! We will have a poll on the sidebar for which one wins, and it will be up for three days. You CAN vote for yourself, since I have no proof if you did or not, I can't see who voted for who, and it's just one vote. :P

Here are all the entries:

It was a warm day in Jamaa. I was in the Art Room, finishing a painting that I had been working on. I had made the last few touches on it, when I heard a small voice say, " That's really good!" I jumped back, startled, from the voice. I turned around and say my favorite shaman, Peck! " OMG, It's Peck!" I exclaimed " Yes yes, it's me.And, I like your painting Baroness!" I blushed and replied " Oh, why thank you!" After Peck and I talked for a while, we started painting pictures of animals and flowers. Then Peck asked me, " How would you like to be my assistant?" I replied, " Are you kidding?? Of course I'd love to be your assistant!" 
After confirming it with Mira, we went to go visit all the other shamans. They were delighted to have me on board with them. I smiled wide and said, " This is the best day ever. I will never forget this day." And that's how my story meeting Peck goes :D 

One Day I was walking in Coral Canyons, just looking for some of my buddies. I saw my buddy, so we walked around Coral Canyons, when she spotted something and asked me a question that was "what do you think those Cups, Pots, colorful items, and Chains by the Art Studio are?". Then i answered "Well I think those could be were Cosmo The Shaman might live". So she starred at me in suspence. So I decided to tell her about all the Shamans. She was amazed of what then did for Jamaa. However when I finished the story of the Shamans. Cosmo The Koala Shaman popped out of knowhere! While I was starring at him, which I was very Excited. Cosmo The Shaman became my buddy right at the scene, where I decided to tell him what I know about Jamaa and The Shamans. He was amazed of how much I know about Jamaa and the Shamans. So he gave me a necklace of wisdom. (Made out of herbs) and it sparked in Coral Canyons. I couldn't believe what I layed my eyes on. It was amazing in everyway I could think of, and imagine.Then while my friend went offline, Cosmo decided to show me where his home was inside of Coral Canyons. It was so cool when he opened a portal and we both magically went in. There I saw where his home was, and where he had been finishing his quests. To make the phantoms leave Jamaa forever. I even got to see where he made his herbs into things for Graham The Monkey Shaman to make his tools out off, without using his thumbs, and hands. Cosmo's home was so awesome, because of how he had designs on the walls, and old Jamaa furniture, and the fact that he had herbs everywhere. Which was really orignal, and I love orignality. I began to think that Cosmo was a very creative sort of Shaman in a way, because of his home, and how he built everything in his home. (Along with help from the other Shamans)Then he showed me a game that was located in his Home. It was how to make Herb related things with Cosmo! So I decided to play. It was an awesome game! I think it was my favorite game in Jamaa! However, when I was just having fun... AN UPDATE APPEARED! So I told Cosmo and he gave me a goodbye, and before you know it, Animal Jam was Offline. However, I was happy I had spent the day with Cosmo. THE END 

This story takes place in Jamaa today. 
Yesterday I was chatting with my best friend ty751, about the exciting return of Shamans. We started to talk about Snowyclaw's Jamaasian Movement. She and I were upset about how rares and scammers were taking over Jamaa. I mentioned how I wished to meet Peck and she agreed with me. I was talking about how much Peck and I were alike. We both love art and we both are creative and feisty. We laughed and I decided to go to the Art Studio. I was about to open the door to the familiar-smelling room when I heard a voice behind me. "Hello." I spun around finding myself face to face with Peck. "Peck! I… it's you!" Peck smiled and said, I heard you and your friend discussing the Jamaasian Movement. I myself am a supporter." "You are?" I asked. "Yes, I feel as if I have been away for too long. Although we Shamans have some exciting journeys that we have been on. We are coming back now and I have missed my studio greatly." "Would you like to paint with me?" I asked. "I would be happy too." Replied Peck. So we spent the rest of the afternoon making pottery, painting, laughing, and just having fun!

If I could meet Peck(the bunny shaman) I would freak out! I would probably ask her questions about Jamaa and maybe even ask what items are coming back. I would invite her to my den and have a party with her! It would be so cool if I invited her and she invited her shaman friends!!!! I would invite all my friends to the party. I would decorate my den all nature like and I would see if I could send the shaman an item. That would be awesome if they could buddy you, wouldn't it? It would be super cool if they could make you a shaman because if your a shaman you get all the cool cloths and features. What if they would create a shaman party to where you could meet all of them. Do you wanna know what would be really cool? If they would give you exclusive items when you meet them!

The story of the Goofball meeting the shamans.

I felt the grass rustle up against my toes, as I laid there staring aimlessly at the summer sky, with the crisp breeze whistling by. I was in a state of relaxed alertness, waiting... Waiting, for my chance, to be noticed... Ever since I was born, I was never noticed at all, most people just saw me as another bunny, hopping along the Jamaasian paths, but not this one bunny... As I was laying on the grass, I noticed an outline of a bunny approaching me, I thought to myself, "Oh great, just another bunny coming to put me down." However, that's not what occurred. The bunny came closer to me, and reached out a paw, as if she wanted to help me up. The bunny said, "Hello there young one, I'm Peck, the Rabbit shaman. I'm here because I've heard you've been outcasted from Jamaa and I want to change that. No one shall feel outcasted now that I'm here." The bunny said with a calm voice. I looked up at the bunny, and extended my paw... She graciously took it and helped me onto my feet. "I want you to follow me, young one." She said with a calm, yet stern voice. So I followed her. I watched the scenery as we were heading out of the countryside, where I was exiled to for being an outcast. As we approached a small town, I became nervous, heart pounding on the inside, and paws sweating like crazy. Peck grasped my hand firmly and held it as we entered in. I could sense I wasn't welcome... but Peck led me in anyway. As we were walking through Jamaa, I noticed the very bunny that kicked me out, and he was staring at me very harshly. I became frazzled, and tried to back down but Peck only whispered, "Not now my child."I wondered silently what the words could of meant, but before I could even get a word in edge wise, I saw the end, I blacked out and when I awakened... I was in some sort of room, strapped to an electirc chair, Peck no where in sight. I looked up, and the very bunny that exiled me for being an outcast was standing over me, by the button to electrocute me. He said,"Well, well... We thought we could get rid of you for good, Goof. But no... You fool! You had to return to Jamaa, with a bunny you tricked. Why you little-" Before he could finish his sentence, Peck busted through the door and yelled,"STOP! You know not what you do. All are welcomed to Jamaa, no matter who they are." Then he turned around and said,"Oh yeah? Do you not know who I am bunny girl? I am, the powerful Snotzack. I get my way, and my way only, and Goof... Well, who would want a Goofball for a bunny in Jamaa? No one. Yup." As soon as he said that he reached for the switch to electrocute me, and... before he could do it, Peck reached in and stopped it. "What?! You FOOL! How dare you try and stop me, for that you will surely pay..." He said with an evil grin on his face. My heart was beating faster and faster, I tried to free myself and escape, but it was no use I was chained down hard. As I was trying to escape Peck walked up to him,"Young one, why must you constantly try to act in control? Don't you know who I am?" Peck said with a calm voice and a smile. Snotzack looked up,"NO! You're one of those PUNK ROCK ARTISTS! You don't belong here either!" His face reddening, and voice raspy. Peck placed her paw on his and said,"Why must you seek to violence?" She said that as she rubbed his paws gently with hers. He looked at her and said,"You're right Peck... I was jealous. I wanted the 'perfect' Jamaa." She then helped him out and sent him on his way, he looked at me and said nothing then left. Peck then came over to me and untied me, and said,"You have proven yourself very brave, Goof. For that, I want you to know, you are a true Jammer, like many." Once she said that she vanished and I was left in complete awe, I had just met a friend. 

I was in the Art Studio, painting a majestic wolf, hoping it would get accepted into the Art Gallery. I heard a thump. I dropped my paintbrush and looked around the studio, but no one was there. "What was that?" i thought. This time there was another thump, but louder. I stood frozen."Phantoms, are you there?" I said nervously. I have been very parinoid with phantoms lately. Must be those scary phantom novels that I have been reading. I'm reading a book called The Phantom Curse, it's about a little koala who fell into the phantom pit at the Lost Temple of Zios, and the Phantom King sends a curse on her, a curse that turns her into a phantom. She wanders around Jamaa, randomly turning into a phantom, and she can't control it. Ok, this book is too scary to talk about. Another thump. This time, even louder than the second one. I examine the studio to see what is making those noises. I freeze in my tracks. Now I'm staring at a purple bunny. Wait a minute, that's Peck, my favorite shaman! "hi Peck! I'm a HUGE fan! I love your artwork!" I say excitedly. "Hey! You're using my art easel! You are gonna pay for this!" said Peck, clenching her fists. I turn and look at the wolf painting. On Peck's easel. "Oh..I'm SOO sorry Peck!" I say. "Hah! Just kidding about the easel! Jammers use it all the time!" said Peck. "you scared me!" I say, giggling. "What brings you here?" "Well, I was sorting through my paints, and I fell asleep. You must have walked in here while I was sleeping behind the paints." said Peck. "Why did you think phantoms were in here?" "I heard a thumping noise, and these phantom books I have been reading are making me parinoid, in other words, scared that they are coming to get me." i said, embarassed. "Oh! That thumping noise was probably me, I sleep hop sometimes! excalaimed Peck. "So you said you are scared of phantoms? I usually have something that frightens me, but you know how I make it go away?" "No, how?" i asked. "Paint your fear, wad it up, and recycle it" said Peck. I painted some wicked looking phantoms. "Nice job! I also like your wolf painting" said Peck. "Thanks. Wait, so now what do I do with this phantom painting?" I asked. Just before Peck could answer, we looked over at the phantom painting, and before my very eyes it turned into a koala! "HOLY MIRA!!!" I scream, "I have been reading this book about a Koala who is part phantom!" "I WROTE that book! I heard the rumour about the koala, so I wrote a book on it!" shrieked Peck. She walked over to the easel, observing the phantom painting that turned into a koala painting. She scooped up some sort of purple dust from a corner of the paper. "This is phantom dust! The koala must have been here!" said Peck. All of a sudden, the purple dust floated from her paw and formed a swirl design around me, and I started to glow. "What's going on here!" I screamed. "Pie (which is the name i go by) you are the chosen one! You must go find the koala and bring her to Mira, so she can break the phantom curse!" "WHAT! NO! I can't do that! I'm just a wolf, how can I capture her?" i said. "Here, lets go hang out and we can talk about it later" Peck said. Peck and I had tons of fun, we went swimming at Crystal Sands and had a smoothie. "Ok, to capture the koala, you must bring a net, so you can trap her, and drag her to Mira. But beware, it will be a dangerous journey, so be prepared." said Peck. We went to Zios to get my equipment. "Ok, I'm ready." I said. "Alright, good luck on your journey Pie, and be careful." said Peck, and hugged me. "Farewell" I said. I walked into the phantom pit to begin my journey. I guess i forgot how dangerous it was down there...

The Day I met a Shaman
One day I was sitting in Jamaa Township, minding my own business. No scammers today, and no one being mean. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I walked up to the Mira Statue, staring at Mira, the beautiful grey heron. Milk-white sparkles glistened around her statue, making her shine as bright as the sun. Her gorgeous wings spread apart, it looked like she was ready to fly. Flowers bloomed by her statue and I felt so relaxed. "Mira," I said to myself, "You are so beautiful. I wish this wasn't a statue. I wish you were here, right next to me."
"Me too," said a voice. I literally hopped and I whirled around. There was Graham, the monkey shaman! He had a huge bush of snow-white hair and and blue-black paws with a light black body.He had a blue headband on his head with red dots, and he had pale white eyes. He looked so different than I'd ever imagined! "Hello!" I called to him. "Why are you here just now? I'm not doing anything." "Oh, but you were talking to Mira!" Graham said, smiling. "She has heard what you said. She thanks you." "Oh, you're welcome, Mira," I said, staring at Graham. "What's so great about talking to Mira?" "Mira is the ruler of Animal Jam, little bunny," Graham smiled. "It's a big deal to talk to her." "Wow!" I exclaimed. "Will a shaman appear everyday if I talk to her?" Graham chuckled. "Maybe! Maybe if you're lucky, Mira will come and talk to you.""Really?" I asked excitedly. "I'll meet Mira?!" Graham slapped his knee with his ancient paw and laughed. "Just kidding! I don't know if that's true or not. But you know my sense of humor." I smiled. "Well, I will see you another day!" he called. "Bye!" "Bye!" I yelled back. Suddenly, Graham disappeared. I felt a little sad that he'd gone, but he had other things to do. I sighed and walked into Jamaa Township. I was going to tell everyone, but something inside told me not to. It felt like Graham was inside my head, telling me to not tell anyone. I listened to him, and suddenly I saw someone saying, "SEND ME A SPIKE COLLAR AND I SEND YOU A HEADDRESS!" "No!" I thought. "A scammer!" I quickly rushed over to this person and yelled, "Stop scamming!" But it was too late. Suddenly a bunny yelled, "Give me the headdress! I sent a spike!" "NO!" I screamed. Just then the scammer said, "SEND ME A BOW AND ARROW AND I SEND HEADDRESS!" "Stop it!" I cried. Just then a lion shouted, "Give me the headdress! NOW!" "DON'T SEND HIM ANYTHING!" I yelled. "He's a scam! Stop!" The scammer just laughed and said, "SEND ME A MUMMY GLOVE AND I SEND A HEADDRESS!" "Stop scamming!" I shouted, but suddenly Graham appeared! Everyone gasped, even the scammer! "Excuse me," Graham said to the scammer. "Please stop scamming. How would you like if you lost your rares? By the order of Mira, I command you to stop!" The scammer stopped dancing and said, "Yes, sir, I'll stop!" Then he took off. "Good job Graham!" everyone yelled. Graham nodded and winked at me, and then he disappeared. And that was the day I met a shaman.

The Day the Phantoms Took Over
A darkness blanketed the sky slowly, making the animals in Jamaa Township panic. Smoke and dust swept through the thick air. I looked to the sky and saw black clouds. The Phantoms had taken over.
I fled to the Mira Statue, even though most animals had fled to buildings. My bunny ears bounced as I rushed for help. I sat in front of the statue and said a few words.
"Oh, oh Mira, the great gray heron that stands before me, help us in Jamaa in our time of peril." All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Sir Gilbert's head appeared amongst the dark clouds.
"I have been summoned from my quest," boomed the tiger's voice.
"As you can see, we need help," I replied. Phantoms circled me, and I was surrounded. Tears emerged from my struggling eyes.
"So I see. I will work my powers and help Jamaa," he replied nicely, yet his voice was menacing and harsh. All of a sudden, the Phantoms disappeared and the clouds became white. The darkness turned into golden rays of glistening sunshine. The air was filled with freshness, and the animals slowly emerged from the buildings. I looked up to the sky to thank Sir Gilbert, but he was already gone.
"Thank you, Sir Gilbert," I quietly whispered. "Thank you."

Meeting Greely, the story.
It was a dark gloomy day, I was resting along the waterfall in Coral Canyons. Then a big lightning bolt strikes the canyon. It began to rain, many jammers eventually left to take shelter, I felt different.I had the feeling that something was coming, it was hard to tell if it were good or bad. I took shelter inside the art studio. It seemed like the wind rain and lightning were battering the land for hours.The wind and lighting stop but the rain continues. Curious on what damage has been done, I leave the art studio to look around. I walk up the path to the Den Depot, I feel like someone was watching my every move. There was a cool breeze about the land too cold, must be Mt. Shiveer winds. As I approached the Art Studio once more, the Sun peaks through the towering clouds. Suddenly I hear someone shout, HEY! I turned around, I see Greely! the wolf shaman.He asks me, Are you the last wolf left? I replied with a faint nnnn no. 
Good! he exclaims. Cause I need to speak with you all. "Call all the wolves" he said.
I call the wolves to Coral Canyons. Everyone assembles, Greely then shouts, "I need.."
silence conquers the land. "I need....PIE" Everyone repeats "PIE?!?!?!" Greely shouts with a menacing but goofy voice.."PIE" Everyone laughs and so does he, Greely then takes time off his experimental day to answer our questions one by one! I looked up at the sky to find stars shaped like Mira. The rays of the stars seem to reach down to Greely, One start blinks as if Mira is winking to us from above. Other jammers notice and we all shout, THANK YOU MIRA!- The End- 

Oh dear that's a long post 0.0
Anyways, please vote for your favorite story on the sidebar, and tell your buddies to vote for you, too!

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. Goofy should be an author... his story was awesome! Made me want more stories! Keep up the good work, Goof! :D


  2. I loved all of them except for one. It wasn't really a story. But I loved the rest they were SO detailed! Good job guys! I think goofy's was my favorite. It was AMAZINGLY detailed!


  3. I can't vote, since I'm not on my computer, due to a virus. Just thought I would say my vote here, and that's goofy ;) great story everyone, and good luck!!

    1. I agree! I love Goofy's story! :)

  4. I thought all the stories were great! Of course, I could only vote for one (not to be named here) jammer. Funnily though, almost all the stories had the Art Studio and Peck in it.


  5. Here's my story, alotugh i already know the due date.

    1. How I met Sir Gilbert
      I was dancing in Jamaa Township, trying to get people to come to my Weird Party. Suddenly, I saw Sir Gilbert there at my den (when I left)! He was acting all weird, and I asked him why. "Im at your weird party!" he said. Suddenly, someone came into my den and told me that he would send me a scully if I sent him freedom wings (which I had) and I beleived him. Just as I was ready to hit the Send! button, Sir Gilbert said to me, "No!It's a scam! He will just take them!" At that point, I x-ed out the jam-a-gram and told the scammer it was a scam and that scullies don't exist. The scammer said "If you think THAT'S a scam, then how about you try sending a spiked collar for the scully?" I said "No! It's STILL a scam!" At that, the scammer left and a bunch of people came, filling up my den and acting weird. I high-fived Sir Gilbert and I sent Thank-you gifts to everyone (since they helped me not get scammed). And, I buddied Sir Gilbert and it was a happy, weird day!
      The End!

    2. P.S. My favorite story was Gooify's story! It teaches a lesson! a valuable one!
      -wolfhead73601 the weird wolf who likes saying catfacecatfacecatface!


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