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Monday, August 13, 2012

New [Permanent] Author Needed!

Hi Everyone.
I gave y'all a heads up on this.
I need a new permanent author, that has a lot of experience on AJ, and can do well in each of our blog categories.
  • Rarity Scans
  • Lessons of Jamaa
  • Legends of Jamaa
  • How-tos
  • Role Models
Me and BlueBlueBluey girl are a little too busy to post all the time on this blog, yet I try my best. I want an author that can post at least every other day. I'll give you tips about the categories:
  • Lessons of Jamaa: Must be a good, long story, not about rares, whining, just what you have learned, and be truthful. No one is going to judge you on these stories. Use precise words, and make it detailed as possible.These posts should be posted all the time.
  • Rarity Scans: Do the ones people request in 'Posts Requests' and make sure you know the item WELL. These will be used be everyone, all the time in the future. These posts should be posted  not all the time, not seldom, but in the middle.
  • Legends of Jamaa: Fun, made-up, long stories about the Shamans and Zios and Mira. I need a second ending the Sir Gilbert's Legendary Adventure. These posts are totally fun, but keep it fairly realistic and in Jamaa. These posts should be posted whenever you want, but not never.
  • How-tos: These can be blog related or AJ related. These posts should be fairly posted a lot, but don't overdo it. You need to know how to explain things well, and be able to take clear screenshots.
  • Role Models: You don't need to posts these posts. These only come around every once and awhile, and I'll pick who it is. ;)
  • Random Posts: These are posts that don't fit in the blog category, but are posted. These can be about something important that doesn't quite fit in categories, about beta times, about AJHQ (like the intro video) and these are posts about the Jamaa Journal, with ONLY screenshots of the Jamaa Journal. If you have a question about something you can post, write it up, and save it as a draft with the title: GOLDY CHECK THIS POST OUT! And I'll know  ;)

Other Things You Should Know:

  • Do NOT write posts on Daily items
  • Label blog posts on the side bar (In 'Post Settings') If you can't, it's fine, I will.
  • Do not write posts about your personal trading or lover life.
  • When an Update comes, only take screenshots of the newspaper, Label them: (Month) 1st/2nd Update, (Update Name)
  • Please Center each post.
  • Please add a picture to each post.
  • Please add a signature to your post, you can use cooltext.com or mybannermaker.
  • Please make sure their are two posts each day, if one of us doesn't cover that, that's your cue!
  • Please make a kind of long post introducing yourself.
  • Some random post ideas are: Interviews (Ask me who the person is), Shaman Facts, Item Comparisons (Not on rarity), Glitches, Mysteries, Comic Strips, etc.
  • There will be an automatic signature after each post, put it down under your picture signature.

Note: This is the same form as the 'Want to post your story? Click here' form. It's meant for applying to one story only, but make sure to put *FULL-TIME* by your username, or somewhere in the application. Please double-read this post if your applying, or at least have it open when your applying. I'm not in a rush to hire an author, but if you don't feel like applying now, you can always click the sidebar link!

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. I'd love to join. :O

    I'm a little confused on the "write one post"

    Is this like a test on how you would write a post on here, and would it actually be posted, should I try to make it real, etc.?

    1. Sorry, I know it's confusing. The form was originally for people who wanted to write one post only on there story, i'm just using it for the authors too. So make sure to write: *FULL-TIME* by your username or something.

    2. so I don't need to write a "fake" story?

    3. Um What?! Noo... But you'll need stories/lessons to post about.. that are not fake.. unless their legends.. I'm confused.

    4. Like i don't need to write a sample post in my entry?

    5. Oh no, not at all. I've already seen your amazing work ;D

  2. Hey Goldy, I think I can be a new author. But I think I'll still continue with my own blog. Is that okay? -Random

  3. Hey Goldy, I think I can be a new author. BUt I will still continue with my blog. Is that ok?

  4. Hi Goldy! I will really like to be an author. I have a bit of blogging experience, with my blog Animal Jam Cheats and Codes. I already filled in the form. Thanks for reading this comment!

  5. Sorry I forgot to put full time and i accidently entered 3... =p so embarrassed... When will you announce the new author?

  6. are you quitting or u just need somebody else to help


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