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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quotes for Scamming and Rares

I forgot to tell you!!!!!!
August 3 Was my Birthday!
Probably, After that Day, I quit AJ. :\
Weird Right? Quitting after the your Birthday, Oh well, We always Have weird stuff happening in our Lives
But That's Not The Reason why I'm posting, Yes I normally post about Legends and Lessons of Jamaa and Rarity Scans, But this time, Quotes,
About Rares, and Scamming,
About Rares:
1. "Rares are just computer animation items."
"If you don't live the life your in you miss it when you get older."
2. "Animal Jam was created for educational usage, not for rare trading or to scam! Be a true jammer, head on over and watch some cool videos, in sarepia's theatre, Brady Barr's lab, or Tierney Thys!"
3. Rares Are not Everything! Rares are Pixelated items that are not meant to be kept Forever!
4."Rares get you nowhere, it's the friends that make a Difference
5. Don't let rares or other intimidating Jammers change who you are, stay who YOU are.
6."If you get scammed or hacked, don't worry. rares are not everything. Its how much fun and you friendship. Remember friends foever."
7."Better to have more friends, than more rares.
8."Rares never commiserate you."
9."Don't let rares to change you."
10."Rares are computer pixels, so stop acting like they are your pride and joy.
About Scamming/Scammers:
1."Animal Jam is a site meant to have fun on, don't take it so seriously with rares, scamming and trading, just jam on!"

2."A scammer is NOT a jammer.
~ EagleEye34

3."True jammers know that Animal Jam is about having fun and meeting friends; Not about trading or rares."
4."Scammers are not Real Jammers! 
We don't Want Drama in Jamaa!
Rares do not define the jammer, The Jamming defines the Jammers!"
5."Be a Jammer, not a scammer :D"
 ~ AmygoesRawrx3
6."Scamming is a lazy way to collect hard earned rares, be persistent, don't scam, but jam!"
~ Goofy8966
7."Definition of a jammer; one who jams with friends, throws parties (not about trading, but fun), goes on adventures to explore Jamaa. Be a Jammer not a scammer. Definition of scammer; Lazy, cheats others, isn't a true friend, only wants you for your rares. Cares more about trading and items, than being a friend or Jamaa. Remember be a Jammer not a scammer!"
~ Goofy8966
8. They Say, Scamming Hurts others, Truth is, Scamming hurts YOURSELF
Because You are Cheating, And Cheating is not Cheating God or Anyone else, It's You who's Cheating yourself.


  1. Very Nice... There're all very true as-well...

  2. OMG why didn't you tell us it was you birthday? Happy Birthday, goldy! ;)

  3. These were from my old quotes page xD

  4. XD anyway... Goldfishypuppy check your jamagrams on breathless. You will see jamagrams from zenia2443 (me). I am serious about what i wrote in them. It isnt some baloney that a fan wrote, its what came from my heart! Btw remember that you will always be my aj inspirer! :D
    Buddy me IF you want to! Its ok if you dont...


  5. ------------------------WindehPaw-------------------------
    WindehPaw came here I just like my name like that.
    Anyways to the point! :D
    Aye, Hi how was your bday last time :) Did you have fun?! :3
    ----------------Not Yelling----------------
    Thx c:


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