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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #16: It doesn't have to be RARE to be COOL

Hi Y'all.
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~Now onto the Lesson~

Well, many of you don't know this, or think you do, or just don't want to admit it. I admit that on Free I only wore outfits that had a rare in them, and only had my dens decked out in all rares. It's because I felt better about myself, I got respect, I could showoff a little, and I thought that only beta items looked epic.
I was WRONG.
Because now, on Goldfishypuppy, I do have some pretty good rares, the same kind I had on XxFreeSpiritxX, but I don't care about their rarity! I can HONESTLY say that I don't care about the rarity of items, I just care how it looks. And if you open up your mind a little, their are some very awesome items at the end of paws, that only cost 200 gems, not drama, trading, fighting, and stress for 6 months. I'm proud to say that I don't care anymore! If you don't believe me, that's alright. That just means that you haven't been through all what I have. I've only been playing 9 months, but it feels like four years after I've been through. 
Sure, at some points in Animal Jam, rares do get you a little more respect and attention, but all the time it's not good. And like snowyclaw told me last night, their are other ways to get respect. 
My main Animals, Coach Spiritmaster and Admiral Rockypaw, don't have top hats, non-member wings,  top hats, beards, blah blah blah. One has a legend glove, and worn has a worn blanket. Shabang. Epicness. 
If you keep trading, trading, trading, 24/7, like I once did, you'll get to a point in which a few days, possibly a week, you only want rares, and start bugging all your buddies for rares, and it's just annoying. Trust me, I had it like a few more times then others, but I see everyone else go through it. One time when I had it, I had a HUGE craving for top hats, and wanted all the top hats in the world, and at the end of the day I had four more top hats then I started with. But now I look back at myself and laugh.
Some top hats look so odd, I just wanted to be rare!
When all along, you can become perfectly awesome without top hats or non member wings.
I don't wanna seem like I'm showing off, but I made some pretty epic animals and a cool den without much rares at all, and some of these could inspire you to start a new, un-rare trend (If you know what I mean ;D):
Fish-like horse. Epic.
Earl the ride-loving thrill-seeking fox. Epic.
Antlered house cat. Epic.

See what I mean? You can look totally awesome, have supreme confidence, and not worry about how rare your top hat is compared to others, were all equal! Sometimes I used to cry over how much drama their was with rares. I would tell my younger buddies, who had only started a month back, and didn't know much to NEVER GET RARE. I only half-regret that now. Because as snowyclaw told me, rares are symbolic. They are, don't get me wrong. But as long as you handle them right, and don't get in too much trouble, or caught up with the wrong group, you'll be just fine. 

You could start a new trend that stands for something. Such as, 'Red stars for no scamming'
You could create awareness that rares don't matter, and if they don't believe you, send them to here.
You could focus on the whole picture of AJ, and learn more about animals.
You could give away free Journey Book hints.
You could join a clan.
You could do all kinds of crazy stuff, and don't give up!

Well, this post kinda got more off topic and different then what I imagined, but that's okay. I still feel a need to post it..

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. Good points! I don't care about how rare top hats are I think they're just cool nice looking items. (Even though I've never really had one XD) Unless of course you count a Freedom Hat, Founders Hat, and Leap Year hat. So I suppose whether they are top hats is disputable.

  2. I like the Red Stars for no scamming. :P I've never actually done it but it seems like it might be fun. I agree with TT, I've never really had a Top Hat unless you count a Freedom Hat and a Leap Year Hat. x3
    PS.Remind me never to go out running errands for 4 hours in 96 Degree weather wearing all black... I'm sick now. >.<

  3. I have so been there, i think theres that moment/period of time that everyone goes through (if they have "rares")

  4. I try not to do this. Sometimes (when I stay up to late drinking Dr. Pepper) I do this. But you know what? I'm already happy with what I have. I do still want a Solid blue top hat though...

  5. I loved this post. It taught me a valuable lesson :)
    Plus, the thing I like best about AJ is the facts.
    Any of you watched a video in Tierney's or Brady's lab? Read the facts in your Journey Book?
    Ok, back to the main topic...
    Rares aren't everything! I only have one item and, like, two achievements, but the old me would've asked: What for the legend? Lol, how much I've changed.

    MidnightBeauty ( I am TheCrystal, to whoever reads this that know me )

  6. Guys, I have a story to tell! D: It's about my worst friend and good friend. I literally cried because of the worst friend. :(
    Okay, so once. I had a friend, (the worst friend) and his name was Flubkid. I forgot what the girl was called. So, I was just chilling out in Jamaa, until these people (Yes, the good and bad) came. Then I think the girl asked me "Do you wanna go on an adventure?" I said something like "Yes, of course it'll be great," we finished that and she and he told me a special order. I can't even remember it now. I was like "OH MEH GOSH, WHY DID YOU TELL ME THIS I COULD FIND IT OUT MYSELF XD" I couldn't remember what it was, I think it was a worn. Then we did 3 more of return of the phantoms. And then we traded, I only like accepted 0 XD. I really like items. So, a couple of months ago. After all the fun we had *I mean like trading and adventures is my life xD oh and don't forget music X3 also food and lots more* my heart was broke. He deleted me (Flubkid) I was like sobbing really hard D: and then I REALLY changed and decided to quit and came back. After a long time, I still remember the dude, except the girl's name on Animal Jam. I literally cared about my friends, but they quitted on me. I mean, they were mean to me. I really sob after I get scammed I go like "OMG, my (whatever rare item) got scammed!" I literally don't understand life is horrible. >:( I hate it like that ;.( I feel like I'm miserable. I cry everytime when I lose something. It's really, REALLY annoying. :( Hope you guys understand. :c So this is what its like to change :(

  7. You are so right! I saw tons of rares or valuable items, wich look horrible (now there is a rainbow armor in the diamond shop.. oh my gosh who would wear that?) and i just shake my head when someone wearing rares trated like the british king, and the person who looks cool with store bought items treated like trash (gotta love the ribbon scarf tough xD)

  8. You are so right! I saw tons of rares or valuable items, wich look horrible (now there is a rainbow armor in the diamond shop.. oh my gosh who would wear that?) and i just shake my head when someone wearing rares trated like the british king, and the person who looks cool with store bought items treated like trash (gotta love the ribbon scarf tough xD)


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