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Monday, August 6, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #13: A Role Model Lost to Rares

Hi Everyone.
I've been meaning to post this for awhile.
Well, Recently our first role model, AnimalGirl58943 and I have had some issues, and she's no longer my friend.
Why?, You ask.
Well I'm here to tell yah.
So, It all started when I gave her my Founder's Hat. It was one of the most special items I had ever had in Animal Jam. I had promised myself way back in February never to trade it, ever, since they are no longer coming out. I kept it for a long, long time. When I quit, I had no idea who to give it too. I decided just to keep it, assuming I would find the right person to give it to, or it will be worth a lot in the future. In the Role Models #1 post, you can read about how I decided to give it to AnimalGirl (AG).
Why I decided to give it to her is because at that time, My old Rival, MagicDream/Magic797 had kept giving her a founder's hat, and she had to keep giving it back to Magic, so I felt bad and decided to give her mine. She was overjoyed, and promised not to ever trade it. 
I went camping. On the first night I logged onto chat using my mobile, and I was instantly spammed with:
"GOLDY!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!" AG Was saying.
She explained how Strongwo offered a black striped top and more for her founder's, and how she looked at the rarity scan #1 about founder's and how that's a fair trade. :/ I was disappointed. She posted about it on her blog: Click Here
Since even the week before, she wanted a Red top, and was offering my Founder's for a red top. She asked if It was okay, and I hesitantly only said yes because I knew she wouldn't get it, though I didn't tell her that since I was afraid to crush her spirit.
The Reason I was disappointed, was because when she had MagicDream's Founder's before, she never offered to trade it away, or anything like she had done with mine.
After I came back from camping, more and more of her friends had kept asking me about it. It was getting on my nerves. She would always flaunt about how amazing black striped top hats were, and it was seriously pissing me off. I could say more, but I don't feel like typing much.
Turns out, she begged her friends to come and beg me.
This went on and on, and I got meaner and meaner about the founder's.
She eventually sent it back, and it's now on XxFreeSpiritxX.
She made a huge deal about quitting because of 'XxFreeSpiritxX' which shows that she didn't even care about me, but more as I was only XxFreeSpiritxX.
A lot of her friends were telling me about how it was irking them.
She posted on her blog about this all, but is not quitting currently.
Her blog is Animal Jam Monitor, Click here.
I might post more about this later, speaking of that their are more details.


  1. I met her the other night when you were on free but she still had the founders. She seemed nice but after reading her blog... Well she said you were mean and making her quit. Just want you to know I'm on your side Goldy.

    ~Crazee4horses ps sorry if I annoyed you the other night. I didn't mean to.

  2. Wow... That's really rude of her >:(

  3. :/
    im sorry that AG is being kinda rude...I hope u two make-up in the future! Im sure that AG is very sorry about the founders hat...

  4. Hey Goldy! It's Magic here!

    Honestly She DID do this to herself. You didn't do anything. You where just being a good friend! Sorry to hear you and AG are no longer friends :(


  5. WOW, thoguht u 2 would be bff's forever...
    Hope u make a better choice to give the founder to
    And like magic said, sorry to hear u guys aren't friends anymore :(

  6. I don't get why people have to scam in animal jam! Someone scammed my long blue spike and I was shocked,devastated! You have no idea how sad i was. And someone said that they would trade me a nm bat wings for my rocking horse( since i had 2) but instead they crossed on me and traded me a member scary wing! Talk about meanness! I wish that everyone have good nice hearts on animal jam. We are jammers, not scammers! They need to stop all this! So many people have quit animal jam because of other people scamming them. If you are a scammer and you are reading this, please think about how others feel, I mean how would YOU feel if you were to be scammed? Change that cold heart to a nice one. That way, people will like you for your kindness and you will not be known for you scamming. Thank you if you are reading this! :)


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