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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Short Post

Hi Everyone! 

Sorry that I don't have something interesting to post today, I'm kinda busy and not in a typing mood.  Also blogger won't let me upload pictures. :T
I have a few short announcements...
No, I did not quit if you checked out my animals I just took all the rares off most of them, and have them all be simple because of something that happened last night that I don't feel like posting quite yet.
Also, I changed my main animal from my horse to my new tiger. More information about this is on a post on my personal blog. I hope you like my tiger. :) I will for sure keep this one.  


I'm also two subscribers away from having 100 subscribers on My Youtube channel, so if you haven't subscribed yet, click here to do so. :) When I get 100 subscribers, I'm going to make a special video. Any ideas? So far I think I'm going to do a Q & A video, yet I've already made All About Goldfishypuppy.. hmm...

Last notification, I'm going to be doing a featured blog thing everyday. It will appear after my picture signature. If you have a blog and you would like it to be possibly posted, comment with the url and I'll check it out. I know how it feels good to get more views on a blog, and I just got very lucky getting all these views in a short time, so I'm going to shout out to other blogs. 

I can't upload pictures today, blogger just has the loading sign forever, any advice?

~Goldfishypuppy (Imagine my picture signature here)


  1. Wow! Thanks for featuring my blog, Goldfishy! :D

    ~DoomyPanda ^_^

  2. cool! im gonna check out the blog :D and i like your tiger a lot!

  3. That's what happens when I try to upload a picture!

  4. Hai, Goldfishypuppy! I would like to have my blog featured on your epic one. ^.^ My blog is called: AnimalJam EagleEye!
    The URL is: www.animaljameagleeye.blogspot.com

    Hope you can check it out!


  5. Cool! I like all your animals... :P

    Anyways, that is so sad that you can't upload pictures, I haven't checked it I can yet!

    I hope you can put up one of my 3 blogs, your choice!

    Animal Jam Bouncies (jammie263.blogspot.com)

    Animal Jam Friendship (jammie263animaljamfriendship.blogspot.com)

    Jammie263's Life (jammie263life.blogspot.com)

    So yeah! Bye bye Goldy!


  6. Here is my blog!

    Animal Jam Fire www.animaljamfire.blogspot.com

  7. Hi! I would love to have my blog up there, here is the URL:


    (No, I did not copy you with the layout or anything, I found your blog after I made mine. XD)


  8. http://animaljamepicly.blogspot.com/

  9. Wow i jusr stumbled upon is blog, and it rocks!!!!!!!!! I will try and comment often. Please comment and check my blog which is animalsofanimaljam.blogspot.com i post everyday!

  10. I <3 Ur tiggie :D ( Tiger ) It's so unique :D P.S Your horse does not look like a guy ;D Oh and my blog is animaljammonitor.wordpress.com :D ~Animalgirl58943

  11. My blog is Animal Jam Post =d bad name but whatever i had blogger's block.. or whatever...

  12. It'd be good if you added the Cornify button to your blog. I also like your tiger.


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