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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Smart Bomb Interactive

My friend, Trickertreee gave me the idea to make this post.


Smart Bomb Interactive are the people who help National Geographic with making Animal Jam. All the graphics, glitches, and other tech-like stuff they work with. Their development studios mission is the combine talent, tools, and fun. As it says on their Website, click here. They have very skilled game developers that have artistic as well as creative and engineering talent. They also featured on their site a full list of all their products. 
I'll give you a short, brief, version.

natgeo animaljam
Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic paired up to create Animal Jam, where players become animals and explore the virtual playground of Jamaa. Players can do many things, including decorating their den, earn gems, watch videos, and learn about the animals around them! 

Smart Bomb Interactive also helped develop Sky Legends, which isn't officially released, but coming soon. It's an online, free, combat based game. Players can play with intense aerial combat, flight controls, and amazing graphics. 

The Peanuts and Smart Bomb worked together and developed Snoopy Flying Ace! In which Xbox Live players can hop online and pair up which Snoopy, Charlie Brown and other peanuts with easy to use controls and a wide variety of weapons and aircraft to sky rocket through the leader boards and become a top-champ flying ace!

Some other console games they developed are:
Bee MovieSnoopy vs The Red BaronPac Man

Bee Movie Game (for the Wii), Snoopy Vs The Red Baron (Play Station 2) and Pacman World Rally (for the Play Station 2.) 

Now, Trickertreee had been keeping his eyes out and noticed some hidden SBI (Smart Bomb Interactive) Initials all over Jamaa. 

Sbi Wooden Tv's! The Mystery is solved, now we know what it stands for! I have two of these tvs myself, and never thought of that. How Clever!

Can you see it? It's labeled SBI on these bags of Cocoa Beans in the hot cocoa hut! Neat!

Also, in the beginning of Animal Jam's Launch Trailer Video, it says 'SBI News, Incorporated) AJ must really appreciate what Smart Bomb has done for them!

Here is the Launch Trailer Video that this clip is featured from:

This was from when Animal Jam had just got out of beta times, and released officially for the first time!

I hope you found these as interesting as I did..
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  1. The den the T.V. is in looks familiar...

  2. Huh, I never thought about that... Goodmorning! (That was random..)

  3. Awesome! Thanks for posting about it :D


  4. Woah... That was a really cool post! I never knew that! :D And I was just looking around AJ for more SBI stuff, and on The Daily Explorer, at the top it says Play Wild In AJ. Then I watched the video and at the end it says National Geographic and SBI. :D How cool.


  5. Hey is me tigertooth i was wonders if is black spike collar and black legand and black worn is a good trade for a pink top

  6. The MdcccLxxxviii means 1888 in roman numerals. Odd. -hayluc


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