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Friday, August 24, 2012

To Clear Some Things Up...

Okay, Guys.
A few days ago was the 1 Months Anniversary of Animal Jam Goldfish.
AJG has taken off.
It took 4 months to get this many views on Animal Jam Freedom, before.
I'm so lucky to have a successful blog like this.
My first intentions were to just to go on Goldfishypuppy every now and then.
I was very bored one day, and being my creative self I decided to make a blog, just to share some random opinions that's too much to type on Animal Jam.
What am I doing? I asked myself, knowing that keeping up a blog wouldn't help me anymore to get away from AJ.
I took it all out, all out in 'The Truth' page.
All my anger, sharing to the world what really happened.
I didn't know what to expect, if people would hate on me or feel bad for me.
I honestly wasn't that sad typing it, or proofreading it all.
The first person I told about my blog was Puppy99Nms. I eventually had a mini party and told more people about my blog, and they read it. I have no idea how this blog got kinda popular.
With this Blog, I share my stories.
A lot of you like reading them, And I have no idea why.
I'm not the best role model out there, yet everyday I still try to be.
I wish I would listen to what I wrote.
About how rares don't matter, yeah, sometimes they get to me, and sometimes I'm like, *Squints* I cared that much about THIS?
So, forgive me, I make mistakes, and the only way I can take them out is by writing, and it's a win-win because I hope you learn from my mistakes, and be a better jammer then I'll ever be.
I know a lot of secrets. I know a lot of people, even the ones you look up too, and I they're not perfect. Everyone has a secret, everyone has done something they regret, and AJ Is just a way of learning it. Yet, I'm not perfect!
Sure, I may try to be, if I ever say hi to you. Yet you guys know more about me then some of my closest friends do. In my most recent post about me hacking a beta player, you guys left some comments. Some of them hurt me, even if you didn't try too. I was quite angry for awhile, and took some of it out on others.. I regret that. See? Regrets. I have them all the time. I post about them, which a lot of people can't do, because every post I make 550 (Average) people read them a day and I can't get away from that. If you're going to hate on me, first, I dare you to write out 23 of your biggest regrets on AJ that's quite lengthy, and if You can do that, then I'll quit this blog, delete everything, and make you happy, ok? Just comment with the link, and I'll spend my next hour reading every single one. 
I'm sorry if that came out mean, I get on typing rages.. I'm starting to regret this blog. I wish no one knew about this stuff now. Yet, what keeps me going is everyday I get inboxed.
Letters of sympathy from people who have read 'The Truth' page.
Their my true friends. 
They tell me about how they read every single post I make.
They tell me about every little thing they thought was cool or interesting in my stories.
They know me better then my best friend.
They are my real friends, and a buddy slot doesn't matter.
Little things like that make my day.
The other day, 12345cat05 sent me a very nice letter and attached a giant pink turtle plushie from the Carnival. I had always wanted one of those, but never had the patience to buy one.
I put it in every den. It's my favorite den item of all time.
I would give up anything just to keep that plushie.
No, I'm not asking for gifts, or letters and stuff.
I'm not.
Yet I can't say I wouldn't like them, because that would be lying.
Everyone likes gifts and friendly letters, and if you deny it, I'm looking forward to that discussion.

(Note: There was some deleted content right here, that ended this post. I thought it sounded to whiny, and I hate whiners (Post coming soon ;D) so I removed it. I apologize if this post sounded too complainer-ish (Is that a word?) and I wasted your time. 

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. Goldy, you're not perfect; no one is but that's alright. We love you for who you are. We all make mistakes and the point is to learn from them. Goldfishypuppy, we, your true friends will always be here, no matter what.

    ~Annie/bunnyhopcarrot ♥

  2. Goldy,

    I'm so sorry if my last comment made you angry. I really didn't mean to, I guess I just wanted to put my feelings out there, even if they probably wouldn't make people feel any better. You can remove it, and you're not perfect. Neither am I, and neither is anyone else in this world. And that even includes robots. Everybody has regrets, and you are supposed to learn from them. That is something you give us on this blog. We love each other for who we are, and if someone wants you to change, they aren't true friends. (unless it's something bad... :P)


  3. I am fairly sure nobody is perfect. =)
    I support you goldy no matter what, you are my role model- you know why? because you learn from your mistakes, and correct them. And for that, I am very proud, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake just as long as you fix it and learn from your experiences.

    I know I'm not such a wonderful friend like AnimalGirl or tricketreee, but I am one of your best supporters! GO AJG!

  4. Goldy,

    I understand that Feeling, I know it almost me mad, But I could write only 2 things I regret about AJ, Because I only Regret 2 things,
    1. Giving Almost everything to A lot of People
    2. Exchanging accounts and Losing TONS of Friends.
    At least Regretting is PART of Growing up, Like Having Mistakes.
    And Actually Jammie263's Comment is True. We have to tell what we have to tell, We need to tell the Truth, And no matter what, We will Try to help you, (Thou I am to Shy to go to your den And talk to you) We will Help you not to be Someone else you're not, We'll Never let you change, Your Our Friend, Always and Forever be, No matter What, We will Forever be united.

    ~With Much Love <3 DreamsOfBlue <3

  5. ☼pielover4ever☼August 25, 2012 at 8:12 AM

    Goldy, you shouldn't quit your blog, its pure epicness! its very unique because you don't post about what the new item of the day is, you post about stories and lots of cool other stuff. i know how you feel, regretting all the secrets you have shared with us, but its also a good thing, like what Rainye said, because you learn from your mistakes and correct them. and its also kinda good because you might have people asking you, "have you ever scammed before? have you ever hacked before?" see, that would get annoying, wouldn't it? we all make mistakes, none of us are perfect. we have ALL done something thats makes us feel guilty with a knot in our stomachs. i know rares are now a big problem, how people get annoyed with them, yet they themselves have rares, and wear them. yes, i get annoyed with all the rare drama too, and i wear rares, but only because they look cool, they are unique because they aren't in the shops, and i have grown attatched to them. it would be hard for me to give away my rares, but like i said, i have grown attached to them. i don't care much for member rares, but that's because i am a non member. sure, lots of member rares are cool, like legends, dragons, and mech hats. but i only like the ones that look cool to me. i don't have much care for top hats, (1, because they are member, 2, because i usually play as my wolf, and top hats kinda look weird on wolves (no offense to others)). animal jam is a game, but a game we get addicted to, which makes us addicted to rares. but if i get membership again, i would wear lots of epic wonders clothing, because they look cool, yet they aren't rare. sometimes i wear things like the non member necklaces, moon necklaces, and sometimes tiaras, and yes, i know you can buy them, but i only wear things that are cool to me. i think you are very brave to post about your secrets and regrets, i would be scared to. lots of times when i log onto AJ, i get a knot in my stomach, i don't really know why. maybe because i'm parinoid with things, like i'm scared someone could have hacked me, or i could have been suspended, or my enemy (silvermoon992) could have sent me really mean letters (she has done that in the past). but we all get nervous, we all make mistakes, we all regret things. but Goldy, if you look on the bright side of things, you will realize that you are a beautiful wonderful person who has an epic blog. i really think you are an A+++++++++(millions of +'s) student in epicology! XD i made that word up. i hope you feel better after reading this. remember Goldy, we will always love you no matter what you do.


    1. i agree. i cant even see mah eyes when i wear a top hap on my wolf :/. also, i only like dragon gloves and legend gloves because it makes me look like a dragon and i LUV dragons <3
      but then again,ppl keep asking me for my "rares" and i keep saying no cause i like em. well anywayz, bai!

    2. and also, why is silvermoon992 your enemy? did she scam or hack you? maybe she betrayed you or convinced you to scam or hack someone? maybe suspeneded you? please tell me! i will not be mean about your answer. please be honest pielover! plz im begging u! (sorry if i sound too whiny)

  6. Hey Goldy!
    I apologize I haven't been able to comment in a while. My mom gets fed up when I use blogger on the weekdays. But still, even though I couldn't comment, I have read every single post you have made. They inspire me. You're a lot braver than I am. You're not afraid to speak your mind, admitting you've hacked and scammed and all those other things. I am. In real life, I'm a very shy person. I'm too afraid to speak my mind. I rarely talk to other kids, but I try to smile, like this: :DDDDDDDD. In writing, it's completly different. Most of the time I over write. For assignments and essays I write paragraph after paragraph, talking about a particular subject. On AJ I like chatting with my pals, DoomyPanda, Habenaromaster, perth12 and others. I have written over 20 books but none of them have been completed. -bell rings- I have an idea! I should write a story about the Lessons of Jamaa,a novel inspired by you and your lessons! But-----. It may cause unnecessary drama. And that's the reason why I'll set it so only people I trust may view it. I won't embarrass you though. I will put up rules and personal stories, simple but meaningful. If you would like....... I'm sorry. I'm chicken. Too scared to ask. But not scared to say this: I might quit AJ soon. I haven't even been on for a year, only for about 7 months. Not sure yet though. (Please don't ask why) Sincerely,
    ~Jamaasian Wizard (katgoo449)

  7. I know this is Hannah Montana.. but she once said in her song. "Nobody's perfect! I gotta work it! Again again till I get it right!" I don't know how I still remember that song XP ~Animalgirl58943

  8. "I'm sorry if this post was a waste of your time." PSSSH, Goldy you never waste our time :)

  9. Goldfishypuppy,i feel your pain, everytime i make a buddy who i don't know, i sometimes regret it. i sent you that panda plushie.


  10. well i know what you and others said but i think everyones perfect :3

  11. I admire you because you have the courage to type out your regrets in this blog. No one should hate you for it, because everyone makes mistakes. To me, you're still pretty awesome. :)

  12. Goody, please don't quit your blog! You totally inspire me!
    Your an amazing blogger and a one-of-a-kind person! I really like you!
    Please always come on AJ and check your blog everyday!
    Your my biggest hero and I will always look up to you Breathless!
    Continue to be a person people look up to!
    Until we meet again,



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