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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #9: For who I am

Hello Jammers. 
Well, I just wanna share something with you.

If I ever get as 'well-known/famous' as I was on XxFreeSpiritxX, I want it to be for who I AM, not the items I HAVE.

You might think, 'Whaaat?!' But I'll explain.
On XxFreeSpiritxX, I was only kinda famous I guess you could put it, for the rares I had. Not anything special that I actually did.

You might say, 'But what about your old blog, Animal Jam Freedom?'
Well, that Blog wasn't THAT Famous.. The only reason it got a lot of views was because people knew me for my rares. They would search me to find my password, if I was a scammer, and it had been around since January.

But If I get that well-known on Goldfishypuppy, I'd actually enjoy it this time, instead of hiding in my den. I wouldn't creep away like I did on Free. I would be proud of myself, because this time it would be because of what I've done, such as maybe my blog, or my YouTube Videos.

I mean, like the only reason people liked me was for my rares. They barely ever knew me, or read my blog, and called me their idol. Now, If I gave all my rares, EVERYTHING away to one specific person, all my so-called 'Fans' would go to whoever that is.

I know many, many people tell you, "Rares Are Just Pix elated items, and their not important" like, everyday, I know how it is. But once you get to that high of rarity, trust me, you'll start to understand. It might be annoying reading all these posts about myself, and how I gave everything up, blah, blah, blah. But someday, SOMEDAY, mark my words.. you'll get it.
Get what I mean.
Wether it's tomorrow, or in a year or two.
You'll get it.
Even if you don't have all the rares I had.
If you quit, you'll know what I mean.
I'm glad I didn't fully give up Jamaa, because then I wouldn't have the chance to educate 3,000+ viewers about the things I learned in Jamaa. I'm Glad I switched to Goldfishypuppy.
Because now I can be who I really am, not having rares blinding me.

I'm Goldfishypuppy.
Loud and Proud.
Nark nark nark. ;)



  1. i feel somewhat the same way too. although i haven't been as rare as many have, i can understand and sympathize with much of this. well i guess even if no one reads this long comment, i still should post it.
    i am meowlive/nyanstar. i was a beta tester, and i'm not proud of it like most are. my aj story is long.
    i started just barely before beta ended. at that time, i thought aj was too calm for me, no excitement at all. i quit within a few days of joining. i was wrong.
    i rejoined november, 2011, with a jamagram containing a dragon glove as my only memento of my beta days roots, along with two palm trees.
    i was unrare. i didn't care.
    i made friends with my first buddy, vicic5. we had fun, we hung out and i was happy. i hadn't caught up to the trading craze yet.
    time passed, and i made more and more friends. the first couple were vicic5, theplushiemerchant, emu94,firemasterwolf, and cartoonwars. i made more and more friends. i was really happy.
    the new year drew close, and then it passed. i watched theplushiemerchant grow in rarity, and i felt happy for her. i traded for a fox hat, and i slowly grew in rarity too.
    then, between march and april, something happened. theplushiemerchant's account was suddenly abandoned, the day after pirate swords became known.
    I was sad. theplushiemerchant had been one of my best friends. why would this suddenly happen?
    the day after, i got a buddy request from celeneforest. feeling uncertain, i checked her player card. it was theplushiemerchant, now wearing a pirate sword. i felt shocked. but happy my friend was still on, still going. we became very close, and she always would ask me for advice when things got bad. i felt perfectly happy.
    Celineforest became ceiene, and we were still perfectly happy. i watched her get bat wings, watched her trade higher yet and higher. but as she got rarer and rarer, more people came to ask her to trade all the time.
    the day came when ceiene got hacked. she told us all she was quitting. it was a huge blow to me, for i considered her one of my best friends. i felt like a huge hole had opened up in my heart. was this the real definition of rare? a life of sadness and heartbreak?
    Then, i got a worn. at first, nothing went wrong. i stayed in aldan, in my friend's dens. They didn't mind, and in aldan, i fit in.
    i traded the worn for a rarer worn. wherever i went, people would ask me what for it, the buddy requests would never stop. once, i had dreamed to be rare. now that i knew how it felt, i didn't think the same anymore.
    i traded the worn for two spikes, kept one and gave the other to emu94. we were happy, for a long time.
    i decided to try to trade higher and higher. i met many new friends in the effort.
    the day came when i recieved a long spike from trade, the same day when animal jam opened up my dragon glove gift, and also the same day i got a beta blanket. it opened up a new terror, a new frontier of trading torture and speech bubbles. within minutes of them on my trade list, the long spike had gotten too many trades. i felt sick, and took my trade list down.
    i traded even higher, to the long red spike i have now. every day, members ask me for the spike, and lash back at me with insults and cruelty when i don't trade. nonmembers ask me for my bow and other items, and respond with the same cruelty. i miss the time when i was unrare, when i was innocent of the trading terror that had gripped me.

    Being rare to me is a torture. with it, comes great happiness, but also the greatest pain. Sometimes, you wish you had never caught onto the trading frenzy and just stayed normal.

    whoever read this, thanks for reading my long comment.

    1. Know what you feel like. I know what you feel like when they insult you for not accepting their trades. Sorry this had to happen to you, I wish I was normal too. Ever noticed that when a non-member with no rares goes on Aldan and sits on the bridge with everyone else... they ignore him/her? I wish it would stop.

      MidnightBeautu ( TheCrystal )

    2. I hate people who just follow me around: 'What for bow? What for fox hat? What for tail armor?' ITS SO ANNOYING!!

    3. THIS IS DA LONGEST COMMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. You should start your own blog! I loved reading that comment XD.


  3. I agree with you Goldy! I don't want o be famous for being rare, I work hard on my blog, and I hope people appreciate me for that.


  4. I agree with all of you. I get trades everyday for Spike, Legend, whatever. When people get rares and become popular they become Selfish. I started during Beta, Quite, Re-joined. Rares don't matter. My friend got hacked and most of her items were taken. She cried. Whatever... She was more worried about her AJ account and all her so called "hard work." It got annoying after a while. Most of my friends were hacked, even me. I didn't cry or make a big deal of my hack. Most of my friend didn't notice, when they did they kept bugging everyone. When I had first started, I knew nothing abbot rares. Being Scammed didn't hurt me. It may hurt you but, Scamming shouldn't make you cry. Hacking shouldn't make you cry. Animal Jam is a virtual game with animated items. The items don't matter, friends do.

    1. I agree. In fact I gave my friend my extra fox hat in Jamaa today! It IS a virtual game.

    2. Even though everyone says that 'rares are just pixels'. That is true, but the way you said, ''She was more worried about all her 'hard work''', they way you put the quotation marks, it makes me think that 'hard work for rares' doesn't matter. It may seem like that is true, but it's not. Rares are just pixels, I agree, but people put hard work and time into trading for the rares. Let's say I got hacked. I would probably cry, but I would only cry because all the items I really liked would be gone, and I also SPENT HOURS TRADING FOR THEM. I SPENT ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD GETTING THEM. THAT MATTERS. Now, let's say I got hacked (once again), and I just got a cami frog. Currently, a cami frog is my dream item. I have been trading for FOREVER (BASICALLY LITERALLY) TRADING TO GET IT. I HAVE WANTED IT FOR THE LONGEST TIME EVER, AND I JUST GOT IT. I AM DEVASTATED. IT IS GONE AND I SPENT FOREVER GETTING IT. PRETEND YOU ARE IN MY SHOES. Would you feel sad too?

  5. Wow.... I totally agree with you!!! I don't have any huge rares like top hats and nm wings, but when I was a nm, no one talked to me or traded with me just cause I was a nm, even though I had rares. Then, I Became a member. I get more than 20 jamagrams a day, and people are constantly trying to trade with me. When I refuse a trade, usually that person will pretend to cry and call me mean to try and guilt trip me into doing their bad trades. Ones when I refused a trade, the girl reported me and told everyone in the township that I was mean. Some people can be so messed up...

    1. Lol, true. I've been through that. I had a discontinued tiara on trade and when I didn't accept a trade for it, the person called me a "derdy rare rat". I just don't get people. Glad SOMEONE gets my point of view!

      MidnightBeauty ( TheCrystal )

  6. Yeah, I have rares. Several rares. Not amazingly huge rares but enough to be traded all the time. So that's why I hang out in my den most of the time. To try and get away from buddies saying "ooh, what for non-member bat wings?! What for worn?! What for scarecrow?! What for this, what for that?" Those people just bug me. Today though I had a nice, rare-free day with Infinitychips. I wish everyone would stop bugging me about "rares"... My main account is Kinyonga, but now most of the time I go on my other users, as people keep wanting my rares. They're flash trading, scamming, trying to get my password, and so on. The reason I have rares is because I find they look better on my animals than the stuff in Jam Mart Clothing nowadays. In beta it was better! ;) So yeah... I wish people would just get a grip about rares! And also I'm not saying this because you've put it on your blog and so on, I'm saying it because it's TRUE, I don't lie. Several of my buddies have asked for my non-member bat wings (of which I had 6 at the beginning), so I traded the wings to them for a fox hat or something un-rare. Now I have 1 set of wings left, and I'm happy because my buddies are happy. But they still bug me... :( I think some day I'll just go through my buddy list and delete those I don't really know, those who only care about rares and so on. Thanks everyone who has bothered to read this long comment! :P
    Keep up the good work on the blog goldfishypuppy! :)

    ~Kinyonga (From the Animal Jam Times)

  7. "Nark nark nark. ;)"
    Ok, that's like my favorite quote now.
    And I totally get the post, Goldy.
    I swear, you're like, so inspiring, I want to explode.
    I might have had a roll of Rolo's, and they may or may not have made me hyper.

    ~EagleEye, Who is too lazy to log in :P

  8. am i the newest commenter here i mean like i am liek a lon34 xc


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