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Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Round of Shaman Poll

We are having our last round of the Poll!
The favorite shaman poll, that is.
It is between Greely the Wolf Shaman, and Peck, the Rabbit Shaman.
I have a feeling Peck is going to win, because all the other polls she has won.
But, Amelia voters can't vote for Amelia again, and others may change their mind..
Why did YOU pick the shaman you did?
If all Amelia's voters voted for Greely, and all Peck's voters voted for Peck again, Greely would win!
Unfortunately, my and Trickertreee's personal favorite, Sir Gilbert, is no longer there. D:
Which ever Shaman wins, I'll have a Shaman Themed party for them!
Since our ongoing poll says that at least 50 of you would try to come.
For example, if Peck won, we would all be bunnies in bunny hats, in a treehouse den. (Since that's where the bunnies only party is.)
And if Greely won, we would all be wolves in a volcano den! (That's where the Wolves only party is)
Think It'd be fun? Make sure to vote!

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