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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Last Animal Jam Days

Hey Jammers! Puppy99NMS here. Sorry Gold I didn't post for the following two days, I was on a trip. Anyways, I know Goldy didn't want these kind of posts on her blog, but I just want to let my fans know as well. KaelynKaelyn and I won't be getting on at all anymore. Yes, we're quitting. I don't care if we have haters out there that don't believe us. However, here are some extrodinarily great reasons why we're qutting. I name them A-Z, just when Free quit.

A- Asking For Rares
B- Betrayal Friends
C- Copiers (Like Impostors)
D- Denial Of Scamming
E- Equalitly (Rare Members VS Non-Rare NonMembers)
F- Fake Friends (Care Only About What We Wear)
G- Genders (Lieing About Your Gender)
H- Hiding Who They Really Are
I- Individual Attention 
J- Jasper521 (Scammer, Liar, and Cheater)
K- Keeping Secrets
L- Liars
M- Making People Believe Their Someone Their Not
N- No Time For This Game (School) / Nasser76
O- Obainia (Scamming, fake friend)
P- Puting Rares Before Friends
Q- Questions (People Asking For Rare(s))
R- RARES (Worst One of Them All)
S- Scamming / Self Pitty / Stress
T- Trust Trades (Betting)
U- Uniteing Friends (I do this everyday)
V- Vandilizing Peoples Feelings (Calling People Names)
W- Watching Friends Quit
X- "X"ing me off your list (Looking Rare-Less)
Y- Yelling At One Another
Z- Zios Drama (No Video, Sorry)

Yep, These are all Good Reasons We're Quitting.  I hope I don't upset any of our fans. I'd Also Like to tell all those people who have blamed kaelyn and I for things we didn't do and having to say sorry over and over.
Once Again, Bye.

~Puppy99NMS And Kaelynkaelyn's Last Words <3


  1. You spelled pity wrong. You spelled it like 'pitty.' Lol that sounds like a nut or something like the inside of the apple where the seed is.

  2. And the first comment doesn't even care.


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