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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #9: Sometimes I regret it

Sometimes I regret it.
Regret what?
Giving up on Free, giving away all my items, my blog, everything.
Then why'd you do it?
To make me a better person.
How so?
I'll explain...

Yeah, you know about this if you have read 'The Truth' page.
But sometimes these days, with all my friends having all these rares, I miss being with my special items, being able to get whatever I want, and now I can barely get the last (tan) worn blanket that I need!
Every now and then, I get this little feeling that I should try a scam. But I hold that back, knowing that I didn't have to scam anything to get all the rares I had on XxFreeSpiritxX.
Don't misunderstand me, I don't want rares anymore, and I'm positive about that.
I know that without rares, I won't turn into the jammers you hear about in Lessons of Jamaa #7.

Rares made me more selfish as a person, jammer, or any other thing I could be, I would've been a selfish one if I didn't give all my rares away.

People treat non members with no rares differently. I know that some of the same people who I was friends with on Free, would've never said the same things that they said when I'm on Goldfishypuppy.

Now, I could say more but this is all I have time for!


  1. Hey dude! You're awesome! Your videos i luv them =3 Well..i was asking how u do yah vids? =3 If u r telling....i wolud like to know cuz i got vids too..yuhhh so add me on AJ mah user is spiritwolf372!

  2. I agree with this. I went through the same thing were you stand in township yelling "Best trade win an artic wolf code!" and so on but just like you I relized rares are not everything so now I stand in township saying true things. I know now that scamming gets you nowhere. also just like you I sometimes get the feeling scam this guy! but most of the time im in a bad mood because I just got scammed.
    Be a jammer, not a scammer!~tailsthefox81011


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