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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No, I do NOT Own Legendary Wings!

I'd just like to clear some things up.
Many, many people ask me if I have legendary wings and a red worn blanket.
At first I said, "haha, no :P" but then people kept asking, and asking..
I eventually googled my self (unfortunately) as xxfreespiritxx animaljam, and one of the top links was this post: Click here

I remember when hayes did this. He had recently got Gimp, a picture editing service and made what he calls 'trickster' pictures and puts fake items on trade lists. He didn't clear that up, that a trickster post is a fake post with a face edited picture. Legendary wing's aren't known to be real, only in best dressed. Unfortunately a lot of people fell for this. Also in this post, it claims at first i'm a girl, then a boy :P
Just to let you guys know, I DO NOT have legendary wings or a red worn. I wasn't ever even rare enough to get them, and of course, if I did have those items, and worked that hard to get those high of items, I would show them off a little. ;D


  1. That post was from along time ago.

  2. I forgot to change it back to her but I never got to it. I will do it now and I will take the post down if you want.

  3. That looks so fake I could do better in MS Paint. :D

  4. Plus, the items are in 3D! Not 2D. I didn't fall for this.

  5. I want legendary wings!!!

  6. Your not fooling anyone really. Just sayin'.

  7. Also, I love the blog by the way! I'm JammerViolet600 if you would like to search me up :P


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