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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lessons Of Jamaa #21: "Be yourself, Not someone else"

I was in a Game, and then My friend in AJ who quit, Was insulting herself, Saying "I'm an idi__ and I know it!" And "Just go in F_ckers! I have a Problem Ok!" She was so Mad, 'cause, Her life was Horrible, She said, Then I whispered to her (Whisper: Telling something without anyone knowing)  "Where is the (Username here) I met in AJ? This is not the Real you" and then "I'm crying, in Real, Because you are not who you are, I pray that you will be who you are and that you will Know the True Meaning in Life <3" Then Said: "Does Life Even Have a Meaning?" and I answered "Yes, It means that you Should be yourself, Not someone Else. I have to Go now, Goodbye" Then I logged out, In my Mind was "You did the right thing, But then again, Would she Be Ok?" So I logged in I saw her, Then Logged out. I didn't know what to say, I was Crying too, Good Thing I was Alone,
 But Jammers, Here's One thing you Should  Remember:
Life Does Have A meaning, To Be Yourself, Not someone you're Not.

I know, Such a Short Post, But this is the Only thing I can Give you, This may be Short, But it Has a Lesson,
Your Life is An Adventure, A Story, And many More.
And Anything Short, Has a Lesson, No matter how short or tall, It has a Lesson So here is the Lesson:

Lesson: Life Truly Has a Meaning, To be yourself, Not Someone You're Not.
~ :D DreamsOfBlue:D ~
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  1. The things that she was saying were suicidal. Just saying.


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